Year               2017 -18 
President       John Malloy 
Secretary       Joy Cowan
Treasurer      Bob Lane
Location of meetings:
For my year I wanted to move to an Alexandra Headland location, so after much discussion (and angst) and help from the Alex SLSC we moved he club meetings to the Alex Surf Club. This wasn't without lengthy discussions but there really was little choice as the Headland Golf Club arrangement was on a "Take or Pay" arrangement whereby we had to guarantee 20 buffet breakfasts as a minimum to cover Headlands Golf Clubs cost. This was proving to be quite a drain on the club as we often had considerably less than 20 members at club meetings, so club was losing money every week. After some teething problems with breakfast logistics and not a little effort by our treasurer Bob, we settled into a level of breakfast normality.
We also wanted to give the members greater opportunity to be involved in the running of the club, so we held the Club Board meetings in the Alex SLSC straight after Fridays breakfast meeting. This proved to be quite popular with members, bu I did miss the glass of wine I'd enjoyed in previous years wih Peter and Linda Darnell and the rest of the previous board.
I was also keen to have vocation meetings and so we arranged to meet at different loacations around the community to show our support for other organisations and for a bit of variety. So we met at Scootty's "Sructures" office, as well at "The Shack" and at community cafe in Newspaper Place.
New members inducted
I don't recall inducting new members, but what gave me the most pleasure in this area was awarding PHF's to Peter Darnell and Prue Byrnes at my changeover the end of the year. Two great servants of the club. Peter for his steadying hand over 2 years, and Prue for her fantastic work with the social side of the club and her tireless youth activities.
The saddest part of my year was when Libby Schick passed away after her long batle with cancer. Libby was a lovely lady who bravely fought her illness and was always willing to help in whatever way she could.
Major projects, fundraisers and other activities
I'd received great support from the club with my passion to help youth transition o work, and so we were able to publish a "worklife" book and associated courses at Sienna College during the year 
Also we tried valiantly with Bill Bradleys help to hold a golf day for the club but it was difficult, and after not getting enough golfers to fill half the field we gave up. We later found out that most golf days were unsuccessful, and the club resolved not to run one again.
Also ran a "Surf Show and Shine" at the Mooloolaba school oval which was started a couple of years before and was growing in popularity. We were able o raise $20,000 which wen to Bill and Melissa Close's Care Outreach organisation, as the state was still in the grip of a drought that was in its seventh year. he money went to the farming community in the form of pre paid debit cards to be used locally.
he club also started the "Solsice Swim" which came from an idea by Bob Lane, one of the morning swimmers on Mooloolaba beach. 
Exchange students 
Prue took most to do with this...... Bianca?
Candidates for RYLA, RYPEN, RYDA, TSE etc
Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Peter Darnell, Prue Byrnes and Paul Morton