Surfing Community Generosity Shines Through once again

We knew from partnering with the surfing communities at the Surf Show and Shine that the Owen, Naomi, Rod, Julie and the Sunshine Coast artists, and of Jody and the folks at North Shore Board riders were an amazingly generous bunch, but the Surfing community really out did themselves last Friday at The Board Meeting "Legends of Surf Lunch".
A certain scribe was there to see it all, and also our roving reporter Save Newton filed this report on the proceedings. 
The place was "jumping" with a great community feeling all happy to help The Board Meeting"....helping kids in need. 
From our reporter at the event...
"What an amazing long lunch with Occy - a very humble and at the end of the lunch a very generous person as well.
Mark Occhilupo came from the Cronulla area, a Southern Shire Of Sydney where they breed 'em tuff. The male surfers were tough and the female surfers even tougher - watch the movie Puberty Blues when you get a chance.
I only surfed there a couple of times when I was with a local that I knew - localism of the surf tribes were rife. 
Occy lives on the Goldie, his son Jade is following in his Dad's footsteps and is Junior Queensland Surf Champ. Great stories even if you are not related to surfing.
There were approx 350 in attendance, a full house.
The auction was amazing - 40 items sold and reaping tens of thousands of dollars.
Approx $120 bottles of aged scotch selling for $900 etc. Surfboards selling for $2000-$3500 - approx twice the value.
However the knockout came at the end when Occy auctioned a full days surfing with him at his wave machine park for 2 people up at Yeppoon, the winning bid being $15,000. Knocked everyone out including Occy.
Mark mentioned the RCAH twice in his speeches and the support provided by the club."
Official RCAH long lunch reporter
..and here's the twice world champion himself Mark Occholupo auctioning off his board...Hard to believe he is 54 year old...
Mark also spoke well about mental illness and our very own Sunshine Coaster, Mark Skinner also organised a Mental Health speaker at the lunch which was great to see.
Not surprisingly surfing is one of the best activities for relieving anxiety and improving mental health according to all the experts. And as my mate Owen says, if you can't surf just get on the beach and listen to the every time for me!