Another Project from Box Hill 

An unintended consequence of Bruce's talk, was that he also mentioned that his club were also supporting "Operation Toilet" in India. Its worth a watch as it has a really positive ending and next time you're having a wine about washing your hands for the fourteenth time...well, lets just say after watching this video, you'll change. 
A Club member, Rotarian Mark Balla, visited India some years ago and discovered that many girls there don't complete secondary education because they stop attending school when they reach puberty. Why?  Because many schools don't have adequate toilet facilities and so the girls don't have the facilities or privacy to deal with their menstruation at school.  Our Club, working in partnership with the We Can't Wait Foundation and the Rotary Club of Nasik Road in India, started building toilets in schools in India and our Club has now been joined by other Melbourne Rotary Clubs who are bringing additional funding, capability and enthusiasm to the project.