Tricky words

It appears that some of us are having trouble with our principles. I'm not referring to the ability to tell right from wrong, or should I say write from wrong? ..I am observing that the ability to spell is becoming rare. Or I am wondering if its deeper than that, is it that we are confusing the meaning of words? I blame social media...let me give you some examples...
Principal or Principle? If you were the Principal, would you have principles? 
Effect or Affect? What affect do I effect? 
Or I was just so happy I was wrapped? 
...and some words to improve your vocabulary from Douglas Adams..practice using them in conversation. 
Abeline (adj) - The pleasing coolness on the reverse side of a pillow. 
Wike (verb) - to rip off a sticking plaster quickly in the hope that (a) it will show how brave you are (b) it will not hurt
Scamoge (verb) to cut oneself while licking envelopes
Scullet (noun) - the last teaspoon in the washing up.