School Project Getting Nearer

School Project Getting Nearer 

On Wednesday President Skye will be having her follow up meeting with Brightwater School to explore how Alex Rotary may be able to support them with a few projects they have in mind. Suffice to say that these potential projects fit very well with a passion that one of our members has to "make a difference" to our community.
Now I know that a certain scribe has always been winging about how various clubs in the region seem to have difficulty in staying with and supporting their nominated schools, and in this case, just to be clear we will be checking in that other Rotary clubs in the region are aware of this project, and if they are interested may join in the club activities. 
The club did the same check around at Nambour when we were invited to help with the Smith Family school mentoring program there too. We checked in with them as we were working on their patch (by invitation.) All good. 
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Exciting news from Skye's host father in Germany

German Club Hanau- Maintal gets in touch 

The club has received an invitation from the Hanau- Maintal Rotary club to become involved in Beruwala Housing Project in Sri Lanka.  Skye will tell us all about it, but in involves helping out and here's a short summary of the status of the area where the club has been helping.
"For weeks now, former District Administrator Karl Eyerkaufer, the initiator of the "Main-Kinzig-Kreis hilft Beruwala/Sri Lanka" campaign, has been receiving bad news about the island state's worst economic crisis in decades. "Mismanagement by the family dynasty that has been in power for 20 years Rajapaksa and the collapse of tourism due to the corona pandemic have meant that the heavily indebted country lacks the money to import important goods," reports Karl Eyerkaufer. You have to queue for days for petrol and gas, and you spend hours chasing survival goods afterwards, like rice, bread or medicines." what do they propose we help them with?
Skye will tell us on Wednesday. 
Trivia Question..what does Sri Lanka mean in English?
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Bob's waiting on the raffle prizes

Bob's waiting on the raffle prizes folks

While the swim registrations are coming in our mate Bob is collecting the donated raffle prizes. 
While prizes donated by members are really great and much appreciated, its also hoped that members will spread the word about the Solstice swim among the community and through those conversations with businesses, receive small raffle prizes, and the club will promote their business. Win - win laugh. The more prizes the better. 
By the way Bob, nice touch ...... taking the meeting for a wander down your street during Zoom meetings (??). Nice to meet the neighbours too. It was a bit like 60 minutes street interviews. 
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Alex Rotary on the move

Alex Rotary it's on on the move

Our logo is on the Bash Car which is currently being driven down to Melbourne for the convention 🙂 Great promotion for the club whilst also supporting Variety - the children's charity. 
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Art Show Postponed

Art Show Postponed 

The "Ocean as Art" show that the club had planned to boost the Solstice Swim weekend activities has been postponed. It will instead run as a stand alone event, which Naomi and teh team thought might be a better introduction to this initiative. Discussions will start soon on a revised timing and date, and whether we can retain the same amazing venue (Alex SLSC) and then start planning to get this community event off the ground. 
Stay tuned.
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Young Parents Centre gets a makeover

Young Parents Centre - revisited for makeover

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a few hours the Alex and Mooloolaba tradition continued at the IFYS Young Parents Centre in Maroochydore.
Its been a few years since both clubs had a few working bee's at the centre and did up the front yard for the mums and dads and kids, way back pre- Covid.
So it was back to the future when our mate Tanya mentioned to a certain scribe, who was at the centre having his 6th or seventh attempt to erect a "easy to assemble" bookcase, that Tanya mentioned that the yard and side area were looking a bit tired and she had a few ideas. 
So on Thursday Tony and Craig had lots of fun with a power washer, getting ready for the makeover on Friday and Saturday mornings. 
Donna from Mooloolaba was first on the scene on Friday morning (does she ever sleep?) and did a fantastic job on the cubby house (see pics) while Harry, Greg, George, Craig, Tony, Skye, Pam, John and not forgetting Val arriving with her delicious ginger slice.
On Saturday morning Greg arrived with a few aches and pains (no doubt due to his efforts on Friday where he just never stopped) Harry, Craig, Michelle, Graeme, and a certain scribe finished off the painting, while Tony took some pics.
Naomi checked in on Friday to see what could be done to make the centre a bit special, so ideas are buzzing around there, and Harry and a certain scribe had a bit of a think about what we might be able to do in phase 2 when we fit out the shaded area and the renovate front grassed area in July. 
We also want to make a BIG shout out to Nicola and Cam at Bunnings Maroochydore for their amazing help (the Bunnings BBQ proceeds are being well spent) and their interest in what Rotary are doing in their region, also to mention the Bunnings staff who were so helpful when John & Val and Craig went back after we ran out of paint a few times. (doh!)
So we'll be back in early July to fit out the shaded area, and put up murals, and some furniture etc, to help the kids with a shaded play area where they can be supervised by their mums and dads. 
Here's some pics..
The cubby house in 2019.......
....and at the weekend with Skye renovating... 
Graeme explaining to a certain scribe how to use the paintbrush !
Michelle...she's a champion..adding a coat of varnish after George's work on Friday 
George and Tony at the front gate - looks good guys !
Brilliant help from Harry ......the shaded area is a lot brighter ...looks great  yes Pam was too busy with the paintbrush to stop for the photo. laugh
Greg - who never stopped all weekend - he's got to be Volunteer of the month 
The wall that John S & Val prepped and painted (.....over to you Naomi to weave your magic on the wall)
...and guess what's going in here?......
and the finished Ibrox Blue ..with freshly painted fence in the background
and Tanya's team (Gaby & Aleesha) have a video of the " before " to add to the "after" and we'll have a get together after the July makeover with the two clubs to celebrate the great work done at the centre and to admire the fantastic efforts from the two Rotary clubs.
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Bunnings on Sunday

Bunnings BBQ - love it when a plan comes together 

Big thank you too everyone involved in Bunnings BBQ on Sunday, especially a certain treasurer who bravely did a double stint, when lesser folk would have had a rest.
Also special mention to a certain scribe who master plan came together superbly well . In charge of ordering gear fo rthe BBQ he managed to over order massively as we ended up with over 30kg of unsold sausages. But, the plan came together as your club donated these to Brigit at Urban Angels and to Graeme took a few kilo's to the local food bank that he supports as well.
Well done John S for advertising the swim...yesyes
Also, on Bunnings, big thanks to major general Craig, who managed the BBQ logistics and also attended the Bunnings community forum. This is a new initiative from Bunnings and has led the club into a possible partnership / support with the Young Parents Centre working bee's.
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Founder of UniSC Community fund represents Alex Rotary at Awards Dinner

Founder of UniSC Community fund represents Alex Rotary at Awards Dinner.

The Alex club was well represented at the ScUni Community fund dinner on Wednesday night. Dave Woodrow is one of the founders of the University community fund, and Wendy Gilson - long serving secretary of the fund were there, mixing with the current Rotary and University executives. 
Here's some pics of your favourite people..
Both Wendy and Dave have overseen the awarding of over 60 research bursaries and community grants to post graduate students to allow them to continue their studies. Well done both of you. 
Ian Barnett from Mooloolaba Rotary and Chair of the Community fund, did the honours as MC for the night, and 3 post graduate students were awarded with their grants from UniSC Vice-Chancellor Kate Evans, and DG Tim Keeler. 
The grant recipients were Juliette Savage, for studies into creative writing, specifically revisionist female mythology. There's a novel coming out as part of Juliette's studies on the role of women in mythology.
Grace Smith accepted a bursary to support her studies into peat's eco structure, which apparently can be identified almost 10,000 years into the past. So we can see how the climate on the coast has changed over the year where these peaty areas have preserved the past. Also a certain scribe found out how important those crustaceans provide homes for the other animal life in the ocean. 
Ashley Williams received her bursary for studies into biomedical science in the area of the placenta, specifically how oxygen levels in the placenta cells affect fetal growth and infant development. 
All the students spoke enthusiastically -  and interestingly all women. This theme continued after dinner with guest speaker Kassie Bromley who gave a talk about the teenage brain and her passion of delivering workshops to teenagers and educators called "Brain Charger Workshops".
We were given an overview of how physical growth of the brain structure has been shown to affect behaviour in teenagers. Specifically how the teenage brain doesn't reach full maturity till 25 years old when the limbic and pre frontal cortex structures stops growing. Reassuringly neurons within the brain structure can be regrown by drinking moderate amounts of red wine. (This may have been misheard. Ed.) 
Overall, a very interesting evening, topped off by Wendy and Val grabbing goodies from the raffle run by The Caloundra Rotary Club.  
Well done to everyone involved. 
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New club initiative ?

New Club Initiative?

New member Anisha is keen to continue an initiative from her past Rotary Club in Logan. This was in the form of providing breakfast to kids at  schools. We know that there are some kids who go off to school with out breakfast, and of course we are only a small club, but that doesn't stop Anisha wanting to "make a difference" at least some of teh time. 
It didn't look good for a while, as initial investigative work by Graeme and a certain scribe indicated that most schools had something in place and while thats fantastic news and something we should celebrate, it left us wondering what to do. 
The good news is that we may have found an avenue for the club to help Anisha with her passion. 
News's also looking promising for another club Project..stay tuned..
Stay tuned.
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Not where's Wally ?

Where on earth an I?

Members may recall President Elect Geoff...well apparently he has been spotted on his boat...but where on earth is it? 
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DG Tim comes to visit,  Tanya officially new member

DG's visit see newest member of Rotary inducted 

and what's the caption for this meeting?
DG Time Keeler and ADG Bernie were in attendance at our previous club meeting, which was much appreciated by the members as Time has a HUGE area to cover, and still had about 20 clubs to visit before his term is up at the end of the year. Time is well known to the club, and especially his school master peer David Woodrow, as both Tim  and Dave taught at Toowoomba, way back when. 
Tim gave an inspirational talk on making sure that the club was meeting members expectations, and especially making sure that your Rotary Club is known in the community for their projects and activities. (and that DOES NOT mean Bunnings Tim was at pains to say). 
Tim's observed that Rotary Clubs that do well are engaged with the community and looking for community activities to keep members engaged and wherever possible "making a difference" to those who could do with a helping hand, not handouts, but a friendly face and words of encouragement are much more valuable in many cases. 
So the visit was very timely with the new Rotary Year coming up, new Club President taking over from teh amazing Skye (a hard act to follow) and a few more club projects on the horizon for next year, its looking like another good year for Alex Rotary. 
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Puzzles for your mental health 

Catherine Eagleson - Mental Health and the benefits of Puzzles

Catherine was our guest speaker on Wednesday morning by the wonders of zoom. Catherine suffered mental health issues from a young age, and has an amazing story nohow she used her situation to create a business and a resource for other mental health sufferers - with means more than 20% of the population who suffer from depression and / or anxiety.
For Catherine it was he grandmother who got her interested in crosswords and puzzles, and so when n 2002 she was diagnosed with bi-polar manic depression and told she would never hold down a job she took matters into her own hands and has devoted her skills to creating 4 series of books on puzzles and articles for The Sydney Morning Herald to help folks with mental health issues to focus there energies on problem solving like crosswords, code breaking, and wordsmithing which all have a beneficial effect in calming the brain and building mental resilience. 
Catherine's website is a portal used by libraries and organisations giving them access to specially designed puzzles, and an initiative called CUSP - catch up solving problems which\h provide fellowship to sufferers as a platform to problem solving. 
Catherine joined Rotary in 2006 and is a generous supporter of Australian Rotary Health and of course "Lift the Lid" ...a derivitaove of the coast "Walk for Mental Health" started by our very own Vicki Stewart, ably assisted by our very own Gary Walsh, back in the day. 
and here's a few words from Catherine,
I have been in Rotary for nearly 17 years, and my vocation is Crossword Compilation/Library Services. I am a member of the Rotary Club of Glenferrie, and hold the position of Secretary of the District 9800 Committee for Australian Rotary Health. Over the last 20 years, I have built a small business called the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency which has led to me creating a niche that I call puzzling for mindfulness/mental health. My aim is to demonstrate to people how the enjoyment of solving puzzles can alleviate anxiety. The presentation will  include information about my lived experience with bipolar disorder, creating Clue Detective and highlighting how puzzles can be beneficial for mental health; including Rotary club service/fundraising project opportunities. 
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Young Drivers awareness - who knew?

Great turn out from the club at Young Drivers Awareness

HUGE thanks to Patrice, Graeme, Charmaine, Val and John and a certain scribe for helping out at RYDA, and not forgetting the groundwork by Doug and Graham in putting it all together. A fantastic program and most if teh team admitted (not me!) that they will be better drivers because of their assistance to the young kids from Burnside who attended on Monday. 
Apart from the exciting professional driver demonstration, who knows who's the safest on the road (i) Learner (ii) Provisional or (iii) experienced driver?
Well, some might guess it is actually the learner. Maybe you figured out that they are the most careful and always supervised so the stats are bound to show them as the most safest. Maybe you also guessed that the most dangerous are provisionals in their first year. 
BUT did you guess that you NEVER get back to the level of driver proficiency that you had when you ended your learner period?
Volunteer to help a RYDA program and you'll find out why?
Great modules in the RYDA course, a lot about finding out your personal risk profile, and the things to look for in safety systems, roads, cars, heavy vehicles, peripheral vision, music (yes),  driving techniques and brain feedback while you're driving ...well done the RYDA folk. 
But the star of the program was undoubtedly Meghan who gives voluntarily of her time to speak to the young drivers about how she was involved in a horrific crash and suffered terrible injuries.
She talked about choices we make, and her talk from the heart is all about the kids learning from her experience and making the right choices when they get behind the wheel. An amazing lady. 
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Blazeaid - can you help?

Blaze Aid - can you help?

A certain scribe heard from Charmaine, who's been doing volunteer work up all over the pace and is now back on teh Sunshine Coast. Well done Charmaine, and we look forward to hearing about your adventures. Meanwhile here's a plug for a raffle that will help the Blalzeaid community and maybe get you a new TV to replace the one you've worn out watching the coronation...
The aim of this raffle is to raise funds to assist BlazeAid to continue doing their awesome work throughout Miles, Queensland and other flood and fire affected communities in Australia and help rebuild communities that have been affected by natural disasters.
A reminder that the draw is on 1 July 2023 and winners will be advised telephonically and also through various Blazeaid Facebook pages.
There are 3 options to purchase your Blazeaid Raffle ticket :
1. Follow the link on the URL as follows :
2. Scan the attached QR code which will take you directly to the booking site to purchase your ticket or :
3. Old school - phone Charmaine on 0478095759 - transfer your $20 directly into the BlazeAid bank account, phone head office and either Debbie (Co-founder of Blazeaid) or Melissa (CEO) will advise Charmaine that your $20 has been received - then they will send Charmaine a copy of your bank deposit and she will write out your ticket and phone you with your ticket number and email a copy of your raffle to you.
The prizes are as follows :
First Prize - 1989 Gold Coin (1 oz gold)   - Kruger Rand Valued at AUS$2000  
Second Prize - 2 nights family accommodation at Ingenia Noosa Resort, Sunshine Coast, Qld. 
Third Prize - One 40 " Smart Blaupunkt TV
Fourth Prize – 2 nights family accommodation Ingenia Holiday Resort, Byron Bay
Blazeiad is a labour volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, our volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.
Price per ticket : $20 each
(sale of one ticket helps Blazeaid erect approximately 4 metres of damaged fencing or supports the running of a Blazeaid Camp)
Ticket drawn :  1 July 2023
You do not have to be present when the tickets are drawn and winners will be announced telephonically and also on our Blazeaid Facebook page.
Kevin Butler (Founder of Blazeaid) recently spoke at one of our Rotary conferences and hence most Rotarians know of this project and will want to help.
P.S. Another THANK YOU for the recent Alex Headland Rotary Club donation to Blazeaid early in December 2023.
Blazeaid Miles Volunteer 
BlazeAid Raffle QR Code.png
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Inviting Signs 

Whats not to love, a recycled sign (saving the environment) and a classic SunnyCoast Beach invitation at the winter Solstice 

It's getting close!!
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Words - what do they mean?

Tricky words

It appears that some of us are having trouble with our principles. I'm not referring to the ability to tell right from wrong, or should I say write from wrong? ..I am observing that the ability to spell is becoming rare. Or I am wondering if its deeper than that, is it that we are confusing the meaning of words? I blame social media...let me give you some examples...
Principal or Principle? If you were the Principal, would you have principles? 
Effect or Affect? What affect do I effect? 
Or I was just so happy I was wrapped? 
...and some words to improve your vocabulary from Douglas Adams..practice using them in conversation. 
Abeline (adj) - The pleasing coolness on the reverse side of a pillow. 
Wike (verb) - to rip off a sticking plaster quickly in the hope that (a) it will show how brave you are (b) it will not hurt
Scamoge (verb) to cut oneself while licking envelopes
Scullet (noun) - the last teaspoon in the washing up. 
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Events creator extraordinaire Tara 

Tara's amazing background and passion comes to the Coast

Great talk an Wednesday from Tara McKean who spoke about following your passion no matter where it leads to. For Tara that meant all round the world, helping to stage major events in Europe and the States, before Covid, which turned out a blessing for Australia and the Sunshien Coast, because that led Tara to return home, and eventually find her way to teh Sunshine Coast.
Still actively involved in organising major business events, Tara has launched self events co, which organises events that help empower young women to realise their goals and promote their passions. Self events are for women who want to be surrounded by other like-minded women and Tara has strong links to teh Sunshine Coast business community as well as women organisations on the coast. 
On a lighter note, regular Jerry Sienfield viewers will recall the story about public speaking. It's true that public speaking generally ranks very high on people's fears. Often higher than fear of dying. Sienfield remarked, "That means at a funeral, your average person would rather be in the coffin, than giving the eulogy!"
It turns out that while Tara is very capable not to say brilliant at events organising, she is a newcomer to public speaking. Indeed this was teh first time she had spoken in public.
She aced it. 
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Here's why you should join a club

Why join a club?

Most folks I know give to charity. Couple or more dollars often on an irregular basis. But if they are like me they struggle to know which ones to support. And if they are like me they can let the donations slide. 
So why am I telling you this? 
Because a club doesn't forget, and in Rotary we don't have to decide what charity to support.
Because we have folks in Rotary who run the Rotary Foundation, one of the top 5 most effective charities in the world. (Effective means that more of their dollars go directly to the folks in need).
So delighted to let you know that YOUR CLUB FUNDS have donated $1,000 to the Rotary foundation this week. 
That's a benefit of being in a club. 
Lesson ends.
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Charmaine helps out 

Did you notice?

Eagle eyed readers would have noticed that Charmaine has stepped up to help out with RYDA. Pleased to say that after volunteering with Blazeaid, she has recently been working at Miles for over a month now and helped on 16 fire damaged farms and she says it's definitely time to head home now.
and on that subject here's an old photo with past members helping out at Murgon farms after the 2013 floods. 
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Ideal time to join Alex Rotary?

This email went out to all 500 contacts, past swimmers, kombi owners, supporters and helpers. We're a healthy club at the moment above average membership, but if you know of someone who is keen to "make a difference"...and we all know that its easier to make a difference with club support, then maybe let them know that the Rotary year is about to begin, and to think about membership?. 

Thinking of joining a community club?

The Rotary Year starts on 1st July. This would be an ideal time to join Alex Rotary club if you’re thinking of joining a busy community club. 

Why should I join Alex Rotary? Whats in it for me? 

Well you get this……. and all for the price of a of cup of coffee a week !

  1. Weekly club meetings at Alex Surf Club (Wed 7-8am) ...attend as many meetings as you like. 
  2. You'll be invited to our monthly club socials
  3. You'll hear from our breakfast guest speakers about community issues on the coast
  4. You'll be part of a wider Rotary community and be able to attend Rotary meetings and join specialist Rotary groups such as caravanners, motorcyclists, golfers etc.
  5. You'll help other community associations, such as the one here at Alex, and provide a smile on kids faces at their wonderful "Christmas at Alex" celebrations
  6. You can pass on your work experience to school students and help them transition to work, and you can join us in doing "mock interviews" with students to help get that all important first job.
  7. You can join in Rotary community events such as Solstice Swim and Kombi shows
  8. You'll collaborate with community service provider IFYS on small projects to "make a difference" to the folks doing it tough on the coast. 
  9. You'll help make kids better drivers by mentoring an amazing road safety safety program for local high schools. Google RYDA. 
  10. You'll have opportunities to help local sunshine coast amazing charities, such as SalTy Souls Legacy, Care Outreach and The Board Meeting surf charity
  11. You'll be invited to "Pride of Workmanship" awards night dinners where we recognise local sunshine coast exceptional employees
  12. You'll meet some of the top students at the University of the Sunshine Coast, where we sponsor bursaries
  13. You'll be invited to a huge trivia fundraising night to support medical aid to PNG and surrounding islands
  14. You'll hear from, and be able to question, local VIP's guest speakers from the Sunshine Coast Community at our breakfast meetings
  15. You'll be part of a group that sponsors local kids on International Youth Exchange.
  16. You'll learn new skills
  17. You'll Keep in touch with Sunshine Coast infrastructure developments 
  18. You'll receive regular Rotary "Down Under" magazine, and "GIST" Queensland Rotary community news
  19. If you bring your passion to help others ... we'll find a way to help you.
  20. You’ll be invited to help at Bunnings BBQ …Really? Sorry, wanted to get to 20!!

Contact if you want to know more. Or let us know if we’ll see you at Alex SLSC on Wednesday morning. 

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Who is going to be our VIP Solstice swimmer this year?

Email to all swimmers

This email went out to all 400 past Solstice Swimmers, in case you missed some impressive news from Alexa
Hi Folks,
The Solstice swim is only one month away now, and we're drawing in swimmers from Victoria and NSW's always nice to be able to show them the beautiful Sunny Coast and amazing Alex Beach on those crystal clear, glorious mid winter days. 
Also we'll be announcing our "personality" swimmer soon. As our regular swimmers know, we always have a VIP taking part in the swim and showing their support for the community. A certain local "pollie" and Surf Club supporter is also joining us this year. 
In the past we have had Olympians, Cross English Channel swimmers, Community leaders, and last year you might remember the "MoveforLex" campaign and the amazingly inspirational Alexa Leary. 
...and last month case you missed it is Alexa with her parents Russ and Belinda after being announced as a member of the Australian Dolphins team for the World Para Swimming Championships. 
Wow, great work Lex. What an amazing achievement. smiley
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RYDA by Alex Headland Rotary 


Next RYDA session team: a reminder of the next RYDA day session at Nambour…here's the latest ..we'll review again in Wednesday, but please check you diaries as we will likely need more help. 

15th May 

Graeme Hight

John Malloy

Patrice Robinson

Angela Quigley

Val Saunders

Charmaine Wheatley

Here’s the most exciting presentation from last months program by the Road Safety Team. The car is travelling at speeds up to 80 km/hr. The yellow model called “Dolly” is demonstrating to the kids the importance of judging stopping distances, and suffice to say Dolly collected a few knocks during the day, much to the joy, and hopefully education, of the kids. 


The 90 students were chaperoned around the Nambour Showgrounds to the various modules of the Road Safety Education modules, from topics such as driver awareness, car design and ability, mental attitude, limitations on peripheral vision, and all the presenters were excellent. Some video presentations were also used, and you could see that their messages struck home.  

The signs show where some of the students guessed where the car would stop. The car is stopped where the professional driver was able to stop with full brakes and ABS.

Meghan, a crash survivor, with subsequent brain and body injuries from a car accident, gave a very powerful message to the kids on road safety, and the Queensland Police Officer spoke very candidly about the carnage sees every day on the roads, and through his career.

All in all, a brilliant day of volunteering to “make a difference”, there’s no doubt that RYDA will save lives and prevent the lives lost that still exists on the road.  A certain scribe wished that all drivers could attend this course. Brilliant course and well done everyone involved in delivering important messages to the students of Nambour State High School. 

RYDA by Alex Headland Rotary 2023-05-06 14:00:00Z 0

Grab life by the Balls - revisited

Being pro-active about mens mental health 

Excellent talk from Sam Parker, founder of the Sunshine Coast (and heading all over Australia) mens mental health group. Sam is clearly an accomplished and passionate speaker, and also a deep thinker about how to address the ongoing mental health problems of men in particular. And its all about connections, and particularly MATES. Scientifically men need 3 mates to lower their anxiety and mental health issues, particularly as it affects suicidal thoughts. 
Here's some slides from Sam's presentation, (Thanks Tony & Sam) the first outlines the problem, and makes you think about the current situation, and the second clearly identifies where the various mens mental health groups occupy in the support area. Makes a certain scribe think. 
Thank you Sam for your presentation and for all the great work you lead and have inspired in mens mental health. yes
Grab life by the Balls - revisited 2023-05-06 14:00:00Z 0

Club News


USCCF Dinner 

A call has gone out register for the University / Rotary community fund dinner. If you haven't already replied, please let Skye or Wendy know if you can make it. 

Rotary and University of the Sunshine Coast Community Fund



Advancing  tertiary education opportunities through a partnership between the combined

           Rotary Clubs of the Sunshine Coast & the University of the Sunshine Coast


Presidents, Secretaries and Committee Members,


Just a reminder that bookings for the combined meeting at the USC close next Wednesday, so far we have very few bookings so I would appreciate it if you could please make sure that your members know about the deadline and ‘hurry’ them along.

If it is easier you can do a club group booking on line (this might be a way of galvanising the troops), please see Invitation attached and if you have any problem registering please give Ian Barnett a call on 0419 796 290



Next Bunnings BBQ Sunday 21st May - what's your T shirt size?

For those at next months Bunnings BBQ, can you please email the secretary with your T shirt size. The current roster is:
Morning shift 7.30 - 11.30
John M
John S 
Val - front table 
Standby if needed Tanya F, Angela Q
Afternoon shift 11.30 - 3.00
John / Craig
Standy if needed, Rae S, Sean L

A certain scribe attended the Bunnings induction for the club and the key message, its that there has been a relaxation of the COVID requirements. However there are still quite a few things that our “newbies” nee to be aware of:

  • Start at 7.30 precisely. Don’t be early and don’t be late
  • Parking is strictly 2 hours undercover - so park outside
  • Ice is no longer available at Bunnings
  • Same rules as pre-covid - No cross contamination between money handler and food
  • Prepare bread layers and onions the day before to save pain on the day

T shirts

Would all the volunteers below please let a certain scribe know your shirt size as we’d like to offer all BBQ participants a Solstice Swim T shirt to wear on the day. 

We’re not allowed any advertising at Bunnings except aprons or T shirts. 

Although COVID requirements have been relaxed, we will still require 6 per shift…

Young Parents Centre

We took the opportunity on Wednesday night when we met with Liana, to ask whether the Maroochy State High School Art department would be open to an offer todo the murals at the Young Parents Centre Tanya is planning. Liana was supportive, so we’ve sent a call out for budding artists at the school to join with Naomi at a working bee later in May/ early June and create something amazing for the cherubs at the Young Parents Centre in Maroochydore.


Solstice Swim 

Naturally the club took advantage of the Pride of Workmanship awards dinner to plug the Solstice Swim fundraising for the club. 

It was good to see the boss of Structures, and Past President Scott B at the function. Scott has been a strong supporter of the club for many years, and has sponsored the Solstice Swim again this year.

It was also good to see that the Scott has not lost his sense of humour and his acerbic wit. For those who remember, hilarious speeches were a hallmark of Scott’s reign at the club. Scott's employee Summer took Scotts recollection of her initial job interview in good part, he’s obviously got a great team there at Structures.


Long Covid testing at next Wednesday's 3rd May meeting

By popular demand of the members, the club has arranged a GP to attend next weeks meeting to test all members for long covid. This will be particularly helpful for members who "forget" when the meetings are on, members who "forget" what they have volunteered for, members who have only a loose acquaintance with the Roman calendar, never mind the club calendar, folks who have trouble with the initials of the Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland, and a certain scribe whose navigation skills are rapidly diminishing. If you want to book an appointment, there's no ppoint if you have long covid, you'll probably forget. 

A Dog’s tale

We all know the calming effect a pet can have on kids with mental health and disability issues, from horses to companion dogs, the results are quite amazing. 

During the week a single Nambour mum reached out to the club for assistance with a companion dog for her son, who has some serious mental health issues. It was something I knew our mates at The Board Room Surf Charity had helped with in the past, and many others where NDIS support fell short. Unfortunately this level of support had to be withdrawn a 4 years ago after a nasty legal stows that the Charity was drawn into.


But some good news has been received today, and the club has now heard that a dog has been found for her son, and she is now seeking a lower level of support for the associated costs with developing a companion dog, including training, maintenance and vets costs. Stay tuned. 

Club News 2023-04-27 14:00:00Z 0

Pride of Workmanship 

Pride of Workmanship 

What a GREAT evening at Alex SLSC for the initial Pride of Workmanship awards evening. I say initial because after such a successful night, we can confidently look forward to more in the future. Well done to everyone involved, and a BIG thank you to the Alex SLSC for looking after the full house so well. 

The award recipients with Fiona Simpson/From L to R President Skye Miller, Liana Gerbo, Helen Vincent, Colin Hope, Summer Woodland, Komang Infrawan, Bradley Brown, David and Cheryl Giles and local member Fiona Simpson MLA. 

..and a big thank you to our amazing club photographer Tony for the photo’s and this media release, where you can see more about our community and more photo’s of the event at My Weekly Preview. Thank you Caitlin. 

Recognition of pride in work!

Local employees recognised with Pride of Workmanship Awards by Alex Rotary.

Alexandra Headland Rotary has launched a programme in the Sunshine Coast business community to recognise staff who show outstanding work ethics and a wonderful pride in the work that is done.

The Rotary “Pride of Workmanship” Awards have been presented to about 30,000 Australians since their inception in 1976 in Sydney where awards recognise wonderful employees who contribute to the well-being of their employer.

On Wednesday 26th April, Alex Rotary conducted a Pride of Workmanship presentation evening at the Alex Headland Surf Club to recognise the efforts and contributions of 7 Sunshine Coast local recipients. The awardees represent a good cross-section of the business community and come from teaching, structural engineering, surfboard manufacturing, automotive spare parts, creation and sewing of school uniforms, grocery, and food service and hospitality.  Alex Rotary approached the business community to encourage the recognition for employees who are worthy of recognition.

The awards were presented to:

Summer Woodland, an undergraduate engineer with Structures Engineering Design in Kuluin; Summer juggles her university lectures and course requirements with her work commitments to fit in as a valuable team member.

Komang Indrawan is the Head Laminator and colourist at Surman Surfboards in Kunda Park; Komang worked in many areas of this family business and now leads a team who produce work that is described as “the best in the industry”!

Liana Gerbo Head of Department Life Technologies and Vocational Training at Maroochydore State High School. Liana demonstrates outstanding service in the areas of Vocation education for a wide range of students in a broad list of “non-traditional” and “hands-on” subjects that focus on career development for so many students

David and Cheryl Giles own the Grill’d restaurant in Sunshine Coast Plaza and have been nominated by a customer who saw their business grow through dedication and hard work and the skills they have imparted to the many young people employed and trained in food service, hospitality and safe working practices.

Colin Hope was Grocery Department Manager for the Whites IGA group. Colin shows great attention to detail, he is a great trainer and mentor to encourage the staff under his leadership understand customer service in a demanding role.

Helen Vincent a skilled machinist and dedicated employee of Seaborne Clothing Manufacturers based in the Sunshine Coast Airport industrial area, supplies school and sporting uniforms to all parts of Australia. Helen has been working in the industry since she was 16; she is a great believer in the concept of “get it right” the first time.  This is an attitude she shares with other machinists she trains.

Bradley Brown is Spare Parts manager for Cricks VW in Maroochydore, where he started in a junior role and during his 36 years with the business has worked his way through diligence, hard work and creating efficiencies which benefit the whole dealership. Having the right spare parts is important for delivery of new vehicles, the service department and customers outside the dealership who require the right parts from filters, brake pads through to replacement panels.

Alex Rotary is pleased to present these Pride of Workmanship awards that follow the theme, Do it Once, Do it Well and build a better Australia.

Alexandra Headland Rotary is one of 34,000 Rotary clubs around the world; the team at Alex Headland raise money through various projects to ensure those in need have a better future. 

In recent years Alex Rotary has runs two major annual events the Surf, Show and Shine Kombi and Surfboard show and the Solstice Swim.  The annual Swim, which will be held this year on the weekend of 24-25th June will also incorporate a major surf art show. The event will be held at Alex Surf Life Saving club.  The swim invites participants to swim 1, 3 or 5km under the watchful eyes and support from the Alex Surf Life Savers.

Alex Rotary has a mix of male and female members across a wide age group and they meet each Wednesday morning at 6.45 for a 7am start and they finish around 8 am to allow business people to get to work.  For fore information about Alex Rotary, contact John Malloy ( 0447 300 753 ) or Tony Freeman (0412 373 381)


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Multi Draw Help 

Multi draw raffle  - Big thanks To Anisha, Mark and Dave W, who need your help 

The swim registrations are open, and that means swimmers are supporting your club by buying raffle tickets in the registration process for the Solstice Swim multi draw.
So please get out there are source some amazing prizes for our multi - draw on Sunday morning.
Minimum prize value is suggested at $50 and we're hoping for at least 20 prizes for the run down from our major prizes.
So that means each member can help the club raffle by bringing one prize. So the contacts for your prize notifications are Anisha, Mark and Dave who are standing by to offer suggestions, let you know how the multi draw prize collections are going. 
Multi Draw Help 2023-04-16 14:00:00Z 0

Request from Ukraine

Letter from Ukraine

The club secretary receives fairly regularly emails from Rotary Clubs around teh world. This week we received one from Ukraine. 

We are the Ukrainian Rotary Club Korosten.

There is a war going on in Ukraine now.  The population of Ukraine found itself in a very difficult economic and humanitarian situation.  Our Rotary Club helps about 500 people with disabilities, families of migrants from the places of hot fighting in Ukraine.

The help of our club is as follows:

-In the purchase and delivery of food rations, medicines, essential goods.

- In providing individual assistance to people who find themselves in a difficult life situation due to the war in Ukraine.

Due to the difficult economic situation in our country, business and incomes have fallen hundreds of times.

Now our Rotary Club cannot independently provide humanitarian assistance in the required volume.

 We are confident that your Rotary Club has already helped Ukraine many times over these months, but still, help is needed constantly, hourly, every minute, until the war is over.  Therefore, we ask your Rotary Club to provide any financial assistance to our Rotary Club, even in the amount of $100, since this amount will cover the cost of food and medicine for one Ukrainian family for a whole month, and this is a significant support!  Your support will serve to save the unprotected needy Ukrainians!  In turn, we guarantee a full report on the costs of financial assistance.  We will definitely write about you in Rotary International so that your Rotary Club will be marked with a badge of honor for your contribution to the cause of peace.  All of us Rotarians of the world are one big family.  Each of us is the most important and all good things start with each of us.  Real happiness is helping others.

Our Rotary Club Korosten Ukraine expresses its deep gratitude to your Rotary Club for mutual understanding and support!

We wish you a peaceful sky over your head, health, stability and prosperity!

With respect to you!

Let's glorify Rotary with deeds!

Treasury Oleksandr.

The club is looking into this, and as you know Rotary has set up a support network at a District level in Ukraine and at many other places around the world where various man made and natural disasters occur. 
The club is only able to make these donations from the contributions of our members and supporters. So just say, thank you for helping out with the fundraising and support that you give on behalf of the beneficiaries. 
Request from Ukraine 2023-04-16 14:00:00Z 0

Caboolture Rotary Bush Bash 

Rotary supports Variety Bush Bash 

Caboolture Rotary Club are entering the Rotary Car in the Variety Bush Bash, promoting various Rotary clubs in the District. Its all following on from the R100 Australia Project. Readers will recall that Alex Rotary tried to get a recognition of Rotary's 100th birthday on the coast without success, so this is a good way of acknowledging the great work that Rotary has been doing on the Coast for the past 100 years. 
Caboolture Rotary Bush Bash 2023-04-16 14:00:00Z 0

Solstice Swim - More support coming in 

Solstice Swim community support comes in from Scott, Anthony and James

Following on from last weeks support from the Mooloolaba Yacht Club, who are supplying the large. oversize buoys to provide a highly visible course to our amazing swimmers, we were delighted to hear from our mate Scott Brimelow at Structures (Past President) and James Brownsworth and Sheree Lyons at Innovative planning Solutions in Maroochydore and of course Anthony Miller at Miller Sockhill lawyers, who have all taken up Bronze sponsorship of the Solstice Swim. 
Scott, James and Anthony are well known to the club as past sponsors, and we are very grateful for their past and current support. 
Big thanks also to regular supporter Cameron at Evolve Accounting for their contribution towards a nipper program for a disadvantaged child. We hope to see Cameron and some / all of his staff at the swim. 
There's also a strong rumour that we have received a valuable silver sponsorship for the swim...stay tuned for more details. The gold sponsorship has been taken up by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, so that means there's a place on the swim T shirt for a community minded business who would like to take up the opportunity. 
Solstice Swim - More support coming in 2023-04-16 14:00:00Z 0

District Assembly - Can you attend ?

District Assembly 29th April at Rothwell, Brisbane 

AG Bernie Wilson has put out this reminder and plea for club members to attend this years District Assembly 
"DGE Paul has asked us to write to you as the incoming Presidents for the coming year I need your help.  
As you know the District Assembly is a key aspect of training for the incoming club board members. It would be reasonable to expect that the Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, and Directors from each club will make every effort to attend to take advantage of the training opportunity.
You would also be aware that our District Trainer and his team of presenters have put a great deal of effort into organising the Assembly.  This not only includes a varied program of breakout sessions, but also a superb new venue with catering. And all for a small cost of $10 per person. 
I also plan for the attendees to receive an important update on the Regionalisation Project, with this week’s RI Board approval of a business case and related funding for the project moving forward.
While the assembly is two weeks away, we need you to encourage your club members but especially your board members to register as soon as possible, to help John with the catering arrangements and in planning the various breakout rooms based on interest/size.
The link for registration is included below. Would you please contact your club officers and seek their support by getting them to register asap. It only takes about 2 minutes.
Please also note that one of the members from each club is required to vote at the General Meeting that precedes the Assembly, and advice of this persons details needs to be provided to the District Secretary asap as well."
District Assembly - Can you attend ? 2023-04-16 14:00:00Z 0

Want to volunteer to save a life?

Call out for volunteer to help with teenage driving skills  RYDA on 26th April

Important message from Geoff, on the upcoming driver awareness workshops...if you can help, email the club secretary Skye has put a call out at the local cluster so hoping for some help from other Rotary Clubs in the district. Meanwhile if your availability has changed, please let Geoff or the club secretary know. 
We are 2 persons short for RYDA on 26th April 2023.  So far I only have the following:
RYDA Schedule of Volunteers 2023
26th April 
15th May 
Peter Deane
Craig Laidlaw
John Malloy
John Malloy
Rae Smart
Wendy Gilson
Patrice Robinson
Mike Storkey 
Graeme H 
Patrice Robinson
Help needed
Angela Quigley
Help Needed
 Val Saunders
We really need 7 volunteers plus me as there will be 220 kids on 26th.  With only a week to go, its getting tight.!!!
Want to volunteer to save a life? 2023-04-16 14:00:00Z 0

Call out for community minded flooring supplier

Young Parents Project Update - Do you know a flooring supplier who would be interested in helping?

The club funds are a bit short to complete the Young Parents shaded area upgrade, so if anyone knows a supplier of outdoor flooring that would be suitable for a kids shaded area, we need about 48m2 of material to turn this barren concrete base into an inviting play area. 
If you know of anyone, please email the club on 
We've tentatively set a working bee date for the Saturday 27th May, so please put a few hours in your diary to help out at the centre with painting / general odd jobs around the centre. 
Call out for community minded flooring supplier 2023-04-16 14:00:00Z 0

Youth Exchange Program Back on 

Youth Exchange Program - The club tradition continues

The great news is that the YEP is back on, but unfortunately we only received the information last week from AG Bernie with cut off dates for applications being the end of April.
We are doubtful that we will get an applicant this time round given the rush and also that the age range has now changed with the emphasis being on year 10 students. 
But we really want to find suitable candidates and potentially sending and accepting a student in 2024 for YEP.
So great news, that things are returning to normal, and hopefully we can make a life changing influence on a local student. 
Youth Exchange Program Back on 2023-04-09 14:00:00Z 0

Thank you Mooloolaba Yacht Club 

Big Thanks to Mooloolaba Yacht Club for helping out with the Solstice Swim

Once again the folks at Mooloolaba Yacht Club have joined in to help with staging the Solstice Swim at Alex Beach. There oversize buoys will be on show as swimmers are guided through an avenue of buoys, clear of the surf to commence their 1km, 3km or 5km swim. 
The oversize buoys are complemented by the HUGE buoys from Surf Life Saving Australia and Alex SLC to guide our swimmers through the three courses. 
While on the safety bandwagon, just to note that for your safety this year the swim will be limited to the first 300 swimmers registered. 
The predicted long range weather forecast is for calm conditions and a bright sunny morning. 
The courses and details are shown on the club webpage, and here below. The courses will be manned by the great Alex SLSC volunteers on paddle boards, jet ski's and rubber ducky's. A big shout out to Chris, Lex and their team of volunteers.
This amazing Sunshine Coast Charity Swim could not happen without the great folks at Alex SLSC. 
Register for the swim on THIS LINK 
Thank you Mooloolaba Yacht Club 2023-04-09 14:00:00Z 0

Cllr Natoli, Marilyn Keely and Eve catch up 


Councillor Natoli, Marilyn Keely, and Eve Fraser Catch up at the club breakfast meeting

The breakfast meeting last week had the above distinguished guests, and we heard first from Marilyn who has been the driving force behind the learn to swim and surf awareness programs on the Coast. This was a personal journey for Marilyn who has first hand knowledge of tragic drowning and a lengthy history in helping migrants and refugees on the Sunshine coast. Councillor Natoli got behind this effort and we recently saw graduates from this brilliant initiative. 
"Here is the photo of our first excited graduates from the swimming program for international students on the Sunshine Coast. They attended the wonderful surf awareness program at Maroochy SLSC and attended eight 45 minute learn to swim classes at Cotton Tree pool. Now they can join the surf club and enjoy our beautiful beaches."
We also heard from our Eve Fraser on how the Solstice Swim will help support the program she has developed following her work on the Rotary Water Safety Project and her experiences in Asia in delivering train the trainer and learn to swim programs. We'll hear more about thi sas we get near the sharp end of the Solstice Swim, meanwhile the club is focused on sponsorship, and of course helping with the HUGE Multi draw raffle and selling raffle tickets in future. 
Cllr Natoli, Marilyn Keely and Eve catch up 2023-04-08 14:00:00Z 0

Letters to the editor

Editorial - Controversy Corner

Club members have noted that getting old brings with it certain super powers, and one of them is invisibility. Unfortunately this super power is a bit unpredictable, but it always works when you are in a queue waiting to be served in a certain chain store.
You'll generally find that when you approach the shop counter the (usually) younger staff are engrossed in a deep philosophical discussion on human relations, and their discussion will be punctuated with lots of phrases such as "I was like" and "he was like" and "she was like" etc. etc. 
Anyway,  its certain that our human need is to be recognised and relevant, and to "have our say" is fundamental. So its incredibly frustrating it is when this right of recognition is taken away. 
A certain scribe was reflecting on this during the weeks "development" on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament (not sure development is the correct word?. ed).
This lack of respect for others, does not affect only old people and First Nations people. I first noticed this at very senior business meetings where those women who held senior positions at the table, were nevertheless struggling to have their voice heard. Often when they came forward with good ideas, the conversation was highjacked by politically driven senior managers. Just saying. 
There is no doubt in my mind that lack of respect has gotten worse over the past few years. But the response to the Voice threatens to take us to a new low. 
How much worse then is it to politely request your say, only to be told that "we think we know better and will get back with you with our ideas" and "we really care for you" and "we'd love to help you if it wasn't so complicated" etc. 
Now I am not in any way comparing the old people's invisibility with the plight of our First Nations people. Just saying that the lack of respect for others cannot continue the way its going in the community. 
I also wonder what the situation would be if the First Nations people had the power of governance, and they refused a voice to the privileged minority? 
I can think of quite a few folks who should have their megaphone removed, and made to sit quietly in the corner, well before First Nations People. I'd do it respectfully. Just saying. 
Dear Ed,
I totally disagree, old folk are not invisible. I get beeped and waved at all the time when I am driving around. I always acknowledge this, and wave back to my new friends, most of whom who seem only to have one finger in their left hand. 
Alex Heads
Thanks Freddy,  I have forwarded your details to an optician. Ed
Dear Ed,
Politicians should not have a voice on matters of science. They should NOT be allowed to talk about pandemics, vaccine's or climate change. Most of them would struggle to explain the 4 stroke cycle, never mind a complex eco cycle. 
Underwater islander, Fiji.
Agreed. Added. Ed.
Dear Ed,
People who think Facebook and Twitter are research tools and use them to voice their opinion. 
Agreed. Added. Ed.
Dear Ed,
Radio shock jocks who promote community divisiveness should not have the voice to the public.
Shirley, Noosa
Agreed. Ed.
Dear Ed,
Noisy children in business class.
Privileged business traveller, Mooloolaba
No, just turn up your B&O headphones, and enjoy the flight. Ed.
Dear Ed,
Folks who accost me in the shopping mall with "can I ask you a question?" and then flog me some subscription or other.
Sue, Maroochydore
Suggest you change your appearance. Make yourself look older. Old folk are invisible. It's a known fact. 
The views expressed in this column are the personal reflections of a certain scribe and club members who may contribute, and do not reflect the views of the club, or Rotary. 
Letters to the editor 2023-04-08 14:00:00Z 0

Women in Rotary," making a difference " through action 

International Women's Day 

Who knew? On International Women's Day we found out a couple of things. (i) That Alex Rotary became the home of Rotarians who resigned from another Rotary club in protest against them refusing membership to women and (ii) there's also an international mens day. 
So on Wednesday President Skye reminded us that we have a female Rotary International President and women are playing a much larger role in Rotary, and in our little patch of teh world Alex Rotary doing our bit and  fast approaching 50% female membership. who - hoo. On that note, we welcome new corporate member Tanya Frazer from IFYS. 
A certain scribe couldn't let International Women's Day pass without noting that Rotary founder, Pau Harris, married hi Scottish bride in early 1900's and in a very romantic gesture, built a home for her and named in Comely Bank after Jeanne's home district in Edinburgh. 
Chairman Bob and President Skye in relaxed mode. 
Women in Rotary started as  Melbourne initiative, but as you can see from their website have gone international with many countries now part of the program ..
..and from an earlier edition of  Rotary Down Under ...

Homelessness on the coast: A Noosa Daybreak Project  makes a difference and gets a thank you from The Salvo's

From the latest Noosa Daybreak newsletter....well done folks...

The Salvation Army Homeless Fund Project Update;


February news;

A homeless couple, had been sleeping in parks and under bridges in the Sunshine Coast area. Whilst sleeping under a bridge, they got bitten by spiders and a snake, and the couple faced a range of vulnerabilities. The Department of Housing granted temporary emergency hotel accommodation, but this didn’t last for long, and ‘they no longer met the eligibility for this program’.

The Salvation Army Homeless First Response Team stepped in; the couple were granted urgent accommodation, for a week of respite and safe haven, to allow them to connect with various agencies, and apply for private rental accommodation, ie to self-fund hotel accommodation from their next payday.

This couple are extremely grateful for our help! Their health has dramatically improved with short-term, stable accommodation. Plus, they gained quality time with their daughters in a safe environment, and time to plan the next steps in their lives and avoid the risk of sleeping rough again.

“Thank you Noosa Daybreak Rotary, for bringing hope to this situation!” Matt G (Salvation Army)


Turkey earthquake - The media has moved on but Rotary keeps giving 

Regular readers will recall that your club made a donation to Shelterbox to provide temporary accommodation to folks affected by the Turkey earthquake. Here's an update. 

Imagine fleeing a war zone only to be hit again by an earthquake. That’s what happened on 6 February 2023 when a series of powerful earthquakes ravaged northern Syria and Türkiye (formerly Turkey).
The region where the earthquakes struck is home to significant numbers of Syrian refugees and internally displaced people.

In northwest Syria many buildings were already damaged by years of civil war, and that’s where some of the worst damage has been reported.
17th February 2023; Crucial supplies from the international disaster relief charity ShelterBox have arrived in Türkiye and Syria to help people affected by the devastating earthquakes that have claimed more than 40,000 lives across the two countries.

“Our tents have arrived in Türkiye on free flights by Turkish Airlines from Panama – where we had stock pre-positioned. We strategically pre-position aid all over the world to help get crucial supplies to disaster

affected communities as quickly as we can.
“A truck of aid, carrying thermal blankets has crossed the border into Syria and has reached our local partner, Bahar, who will be distributing our aid. We’re expecting more trucks of our aid to arrive in northern Syria in the coming days and weeks, containing more vital supplies.”


Club Fundraising 

A valiant attempt by member Steve to get a Car Boot Sale project up has hit a bit of a setback, so its on teh back burner till end of year. Meanwhile we're pushing along with the Solstice Swim preparations, and will soon have the online registration desk up and running and be looking for sponsors and volunteers for the fundraising through sponsors, prize donations, etc. A certain scribe has been busy with event and grant applications, so fingers crossed for a positive outcome. 
Also we've been honing on on where we can really make a difference in saving preventable deaths, and learn to swim and community education around suf awareness and being safe in the water will feature strongly as our beneficiaries of the swim. Meanwhile here are a few pics to whet your appetite...
This classic photo epitomises what the swim is all about. This lady has just driven up from NSW to take part in the swim and her mate was there to get her out of the water and across the finish line...Missing part of my leg? problem!!. What a woman.
We'll also be having a Zumba community and swimmer show and warm up with a stage at Buhk park. Here's an earlier one with our mate Gary as cheerleader.
.the start does get a bit serious....nobody wants to be last...

Pride of Workmanship 


It's getting close, and we have an amazing line of of employees...
Women in Rotary," making a difference " through action 2023-03-12 14:00:00Z 0

Dragonslayer, Books changed this celebrities life, 4 way test for politicians?

Olympian "Dragon slayer" Duncan Armstrong signs up to help Alex Rotary with the Solstice Swim

Great news. 
As members would have seen there has been huge media focus on swimming and surf safety in the past few months. Some members took up Councillor Joe Natoli's invitation to attend the launch of the Sunshine Coast Councils new initiative to save lives through a program on Surf Awareness and safety in swimming. This program is primarily aimed at USC & TAFE international students and was on ABC TV news.
A certain scribe grabbed Dragonslayer Duncan Armstrong who was keynote speaker fo rthe program launch and explained what Alex Rotary was proposing to do in a similar vein for kids through the Solstice Swim. 
The great news is that we caught the attention of Duncan Armstrong who launched the SCC program and Duncan has said he would like to know more about what we are doing and is happy to help. Brilliant and a BIG thank you to this outstanding olympian who lives on teh coast.
Stay tuned for more information on the swim.
Now does anybody remember why Duncan gained the nickname "Dragonslayer?"


Report from our reporter at teh ROMAC Quiz night...containing a generous portion of sour grapes "we wiz robbed" but a great night and well supported by Alex who also made an ex gratia donation. Well done Caloundra Pacific Rotary and the team. 
From our reporter on the spot.....
No photos from ROMAC quiz  ... they all escaped like the school bell had rung at the end of the night.

Alex had two teams and we (on table 6) finished one point head of our second team (on table 7).

One point also being the difference between us and Caboolture which won "our" trophy.
We should have won .... there were three answers we changed and had we left them we would have won.

Numbers were smaller .... there were 24 tables of 8 so about 190 people whereas a few years back there were generally a total of about 280 people!

We did not win the hair colouring or Bunya Mountain holidays this year!
The raffle was a load of fun as normal.

I just phoned Greig lee-Archer who was the organiser and he believes they have made approximately $11,000. (They will have more accurate or final figure at tonight's club meeting).
Thanks TF.

Clean Up Australia Day 

Sunday Morning saw the club members at Wilkes Park at Alex Headland, continuing our tradition of hosting the "Clean Up Australia Day". Members reflected on how the community had changed over the years, and how in the "good old days" we would collect 10 wheelie bins of stiff, plastic everywhere, cigarette butts, old rusty bikes etc. Nowadays we're struggling to fill a handful of bins...which is really great, and gives us more time for Wendy's morning tea. 
Big shout out to everybody who helped out. You're champions.  
The new hessian bags from our mates at Australia Day. org

Young Parents Project?

Big thanks to Melissa, a good friend of Mooloolaba Rotary, who dropped off toys, books, and nappies at a certain scribes apartment as he was making his second run to the Young Parents centre.
Here's Tanya and friend getting ready to sort out the donations, many will go to. other IFYS youth programs. 
Keep up the good work guys.
Meanwhile Mooloolaba Rotary are considering our invitation for them to join us in upgrading the outdoor area at the Young Parents centre. We should know soon if they are able to help. Fingers crossed.

What famous writer / comedian said this?

"I had no money growing up. My dad was a labourer and mum did everything to make ends meet. Men worked hard. Women worked miracles. But education was free. As was the local library. I know books were a passport to a better life. Happy #World Book Day"
Who am I??

Two things will change your life

1. The books you read

2. The people you meet.

Just saying....

Message from Charmaine

Good morning Tony, friends and the rest of the Alex Rotary Club,
Thank you so much for your very kind words of comfort during this sad time and the loss of my dear husband.
I am currently working as a Trainee Camp Coordinator at Blazeaid in Victoria and this has been a time of great reflection and thought.
The plight of the farmers here is critical and some of the volunteers have even moved on saying that it is just too traumatic to be constantly reminded of their plight.  It seems that once the media hype is over and the next "big" story hits the headlines - people forget what is happening in our own backyard here in Victoria.
My son is racing in the BIG DESERT RAINBOW RACE this weekend and I will only be 200 km away - so please keep us in your thoughts and trust that he lands on his 4 wheels right side up this time !
Kindest regards from a very cold Victoria.
Dragonslayer, Books changed this celebrities life, 4 way test for politicians? 2023-03-05 14:00:00Z 0

Club news, Inner wheel, Club Projects and an unexpected email

Nambour State College and Worklife

For the last couple of weeks, Alex Rotary volunteers have been helping the grade 11's at Nambour State College following an invitation from The Smith Family to augment their "Growing Careers Program. 
And who better than Rotary with their background in Youth and Business to manage the gap between education and work. So Craig, Geoff, Tony and John have been providing some mentoring workshops on getting ready for work, and doing well with job applications and that all important job interview, as well as some guidance on how to approach career selection.
In total the group spoke to 180 kids over 2 days and while some of the students excelled, its clear that this sort of external support "makes a difference" to the students, no matter their academic achievements. 

Saturday Garden


Inner Wheel & Birthing Mothers - a small group making a big difference

Every week...Suzanne and Leanne and this team of ladies get together and assemble birthing kits for the island communities. The kits provide basic sterile aids to help expectant mums deliver their babies in very primitive conditions. It's a major logistic exercise from here, to get the kits to the Rotary redistribution centre in Brisbane and then ship to PNG and islands, for the volunteers there to distribute the kits onwards to the mums in need. 
Its a very practical way that these ladies are helping the health of Mum and Bub arrive safely in the world. 
A certain scribe recalls seeing many "birthing trees" in Zambia when he was a younger man, and expectant women from the village would go to the village tree and hold on to the tree though the pain of childbirth, in very unsterile conditions. So these kits of a clean sheet, and wipes, pads and medical thread would have been a great help to those women. 
Our mate Craig, came up with a brilliant suggestion to include a pictorial with the birthing kit on instructions on how the kit components were to be used. Might be particularly helpful to the men of the village who apparently steal the medical thread used to tie the knot for their fishing purposes !! doh!

Caloundra Pacific - what else do they get up to?

Cal Pac is famous for organising the ROMAC trivia quiz, but what else do they get up to? Here's theirs newsletter...interesting their speaker Mark MacArdle was an early member of Alex Rotary a few years back!

Smarty pants Bob

On Wednesday morning a certain member set the sartorial dress standard for future Rotary meetings...

Saturday Garden 

Rotary's good deed on Saturday morning
Thanks to the Mooloolaba Rotary scribe for this article...
"When a call for help was received from the The Board Meeting Surf Charity, Rotarians from Rotary Mooloolaba and the Alexandra Headland Rotary Club mobilised to clean up the yard at a house which belongs to a single mum who cares full time for her 4 autistic children.
The yard clean-up was a small part of a project to extensively refurbish and repair the home both inside and out to make it liveable for the family.
The “before” photos show the task the team were confronted with and the “after” photos show the result of 12 Rotarian’s hard work. This project was certainly a case of “many hands make light work”."
Mark, Geoff and Roger and team from Mooloolaba, Ray. Michelle, Craig and Geoff and John from Alex.
..and not forgetting Wendy's morning tea which was very well received..
We'll done to everyone involved and a BIG thankyou to The Board Meeting Surf Charity who invited the Rotary team to help. Mark and his team to a great job in the community and its a privilege for Rotary to support such a great cause. 
The great news is that the home is expected to be handed back to mum and kids in 3 weeks, with new internals and a freshly landscaped garden. !! 



Young Parents Programs - Alex / Mooloolaba Rotary Project ?

Following on from a delivery of books and bookcase to the Young Parents centre, the club is considering helping out with a refurbishment of a shaded area that could be transformed into an exciting all weather play area for the toddlers of the young mums and dads who attend this centre for support and advice on bringing their precious cherubs. 
We've also reached out to our mates at Mooloolaba Rotary who have been partners in helping with the larger projects in the past. 
Stay tuned for more news..
Apparently a certain super artistic club member has a few ideas for those blank walls ! 
Some of us recall that both Mooloolaba and Alex Rotary clubs refurbished the front garden pre-covid and the front of the centre is in good condition with teh soft play and mud sinks in good order..
..a certain club treasurer's painting prowess, is still evident in the above play area. 
Inside the Young Parents centre, its very welcoming, this is where the education and support takes place from Tanya Fraser and her team..

Solstice Swim - Now looking for ideas for sponsors 

OK members, so the club is having only one major fundraiser this year, the Solstice Swim, so get your thinking hats on and help Bob and his team find some sponsors..any ideas...drop Bob a line on The theme is "community education" especially saving kids lives through learn to swim so anyone with an interest in this should be on your list. 

Clean Up Australia Day - Sunday 5th March 

Attention's your chance to support your community. Register for a local clean up and do your bit to maintain the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Craig will have details on Wednesday...
btw, did you know that we have 2 turtle nests on Alex Beach for the first time in years...!! it's their backyard too.. 

ROMAC Trivia Quiz - Thursday 2nd March 

Just letting you know there are still a couple of places available for the Caloundra-Pacific ROMAC Trivia evening at Unity College, next Thursday 2nd March.
We have two tables of 8 (total 16) and we have booked in a total of twelve – 2 tables of 6. Partners definitely can be booked in … we have a few partners within our booking of 12.
Please contact me pretty quickly if you’re interested in being a late starter.
Cost is $35 per head and that includes a “light supper”. The is a cash bar and an opportunity to buy raffle tickets which, if like previous years, will have MANY prizes!.
Start time is listed in The Gist as “Doors open 6.15pm and trivia starts at 7.00 PM”
Unity College is at 47 Lomond Cres, Caloundra West QLD
If interested, let Tony know and copy Wendy in as she is collecting the money and making a single payment for the club.  If you’re a late addition, please also advise any dietary issues.

Email we were not expecting 

Every so often the club secretary gets an email out of the blue. here's one that came this week...
Dear President/Secretary
Rotary Club of  Alexandra Headland
Namaste from Rotary Club of Dhulikhel From Nepal.It  is our pleasure and honor to contact your club for friendship and cooperation.
Regarding, the Rotary Club of Dhulikhel , it is one of the most active clubs in Nepal with many service projects . We have 30 members at the moment . We would like to take this honor to introduce my club visual presentation . 
Thank you for your cooperation and looking back at your response. 
With best regards,
Ranjeev Shrestha-Past President
Rotary Club of Dhulikhel
RID3292 Nepal-Bhutan
What's App/Viber-9851175960
"Rotary is in more countries that MacDonalds" 
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Club news, community projects, and a look back in time

Welcome back Amy and Heidi

On Wednesday we welcomed back Amy Fris from Denmark. Amy was our amazing exchange student a couple of years back and she returned this time with her mum Heidi. Also present Stuart and Karen Aird who are no strangers to the youth exchange program with boarding Amy while she was here and of course their daughter Bianca who spent a year in Spain as a Rotary exchange student before returning to her studies. 
...and here's what Amy looked like when she was a Rotary Exchange student at Sienna....
Memory Lane
..and while we are on memory lane, look what we found when looking for Club pennants...a very youthful Fiona Simpson and Chris Baker, and Scott B looks like he's just out of high school...but what's with the Scottish dancer and piper?
Fiona doesn't look a day older...
..whats the go here with the Scottish connection way back when??...
and did anyone notice the portrait on the wall that the Queen donated to her beau at the Chinchilla B&S, her majesty's last night of freedom ??

Mooloolaba Garden Project 

A certain scribe brought in a project without notice at Wednesday's meeting. Here's some more details of what the clubs up to by helping out our mates at The Board Meeting Surf Charity with the garden of a mother of autistic children. We're collaborating with Mooloolaba Rotary to do a bit of a clean up to allow the landscapers to jump in and make a full garden makeover, similar to what we did previously with Casey's Yard project in Currimundi. 
The yard needs a good clean-up before landscaping work can be undertaken & repair trampoline if possible.
Address: 33 Mooloolah Rd, Mooloolah (its on the right side heading to Mooloolah township)
Date/TimeSaturday 25th February / 7am (Trying to beat the heat of the day. If too early for the majority we could make it 7.30 or 8)
What to bring: 
Work shoes or boots
Garden Gloves
Garden tools if you have them: Spades, Shovels, Rakes, Maddock, Wheel Barrow, Whipper Snipper, 1 push mower.
I believe with 9 volunteers we should be able to complete the clean-up 2 to 3 hours.
Kind Regards,
Geoffrey Hopkins
M # 0438 865 888
Mooloolaba Rotary Club
Mooloolah Yard 7.jpeg

The Smith Family "Growing Careers" 

If anyone knows of a good therapist, would they please let Craig know.
Following two sessions with Grade 11's at a certain High School where he delivered two sessions on preparing high school students for first steps towards work Craig is a little bit frazzled and in need of some TLC. Skye knows from her previous experience. 
..and great news, we get to do the coaching all again next week with 2 other groups. Big thanks to Geoff for helping Craig and me, and a big big thanks to Craig and Tony who have volunteered for this weeks coaching sessions. 

Book Donations

The club continues its help to the community with book donations to the Young Parents program starting up in Maroochydore under the auspices of IFYS. 
A big thank you to everyone who contributed, in total over 200 books were donated, and a certain scribe has delivered them to the Young Parents centre. The older reader books will find their way to support the youngsters in the Foster Care program at IFYS. 
Also a big thanks to Tanya Frazer for facilitating this. 

Full card for the RYDA saving young drivers lives program 

Message from Geoff on the RYDA program,
I now have a full dance card for both RYDA days as below:
RYDA Schedule of Volunteers 2023
26th April 
15th May 
Craig Laidlaw
Craig Laidlaw
John Malloy
John Malloy
Tony Freeman
Wendy Gilson
Rae Smart
Graeme Hight 
Mike Storkey 
Mike Storkey 
Patrice Robinson
Patrice Robinson
Angela Quigley 
Angela Quigley 

Helping out in Turkiye

Further afield Rotary is known for its international aid and its endurance in providing aid after the media spotlight has gone..

Rotary Convention - Melbourne 27 - 31 May 

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Confirmation that Sunshine Coast Drivers are in a trance behind the wheel

Hypnosis - what it says about you

On Wednesday we had a really interesting talk from local mind works guru Bob Lane, who has helped thousands of folks lose weight, stop smoking and reduce their anxiety and other mental ailments.
All through his self help hypnosis techniques which allow folks to remove the latent and deep brain path ways of thinking. Bob explained that hypnosis has been used for thousands of years and helps correct behaviours in a harmless but permanent way by delving into the subconscious and removing goal / reward links that in some cases have built up since childhood. 
Bob with one of his colourful shirts 
Bob also confirmed that Sunshine Coast drivers drive using their subconscious, ie. effectively in a trance, until their conscious brain kicks in when they realise that they are about to run onto the car they have been tailgating for 5 kms...usually mine!
Later Bob demonstrated to the club how a simple 2 minute meditation technique could help empty the mind and stop "the chattering monkey" that is our brain at times when we are inundated with day to day life noises. By emptying the mind and focusing on breathing and a simple goal the mind blanks out the noise of every day thoughts and produces various levels of calm in folks.
Bob without a shirt 
A certain scribe noticed that some members of the club were quicker at emptying their mind than others. Not sure what that says about their brains? Anyway, you know who you are. 

Social BareFoot Bowls

Barefoot Bowling  April  2nd 3.00 to 5.00pm at Maroochydore Bowls Club
You and your partner and children are invited to enjoy a Sunday afternoon playing lawn bowls
No experience is required - there will be coaches available to help you.
Cost :  Adults  $12 per person    Children   $10 
Flat soled shoes to be worn and tidy casual clothes.
 You may like to stay on for a drink in the bar or  dinner  in the Chinese Restaurant (Our experiences have been very good eating here)
Numbers will be collected at next week's meeting to make the booking

Work Life Coaching at Nambour State College

The club has been invited by the Smith Family to help their "Growing Careers" project at Nambour State College. This complements our "WorkLife" program with the same theme as helping youngsters transition successfully into work. 
So next Wednesday and the following Wednesday we need a couple of Rotarians to talk to 300 grade 11 kids about the first steps to transitioning to work. ie. Job application and interviews. 

RYDA looking for help 

As mentioned yesterday RYDA dates are now finalised, and I am seeking volunteers for Wednesday 26th April 2023 and Monday 15th May 2023 as attached.
I need 6 volunteers for April and 7 for May as I will be away sailing in May.
Could all members express their interest to me via email by the end of February 2023?
So let Geoff know on

ROMAC Quiz...are you in?

Caloundra Pacific Rotary organize a really fun trivia night each year and we have attended most years …. Sometimes with two tables competing for the major prize.
We are putting together at least one table and if numbers permit, we will have more!!!
It’s a ROMAC fund raiser …. Cost is $30 per person and that includes a two course meal … historically a cold meat salad and a desert.
Drinks are available to purchase and they have a fun raffle with LOTS of prizes …. John Malloy won a hair dryer a few years back!
Can you drop me a note if you’re interested in joining us … partners are welcome too!!!  (Marilyn will be joining us too)
Can you advise any special dietary needs so we can register them!
It’s down at Unity College in Caloundra,  6pm for a 6.30 pm start and it’s generally finished about 9 pm.
It is normally attended by about 180 people …. A mix of Rotary and non-Rotary …. With sponsorship, raffles, entry fees, drink sales etc they have made around $13,000 to $15,000 from the night … Alex Rotary usually makes a donation as well.
For new members, ROMAC is Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children …. Bringing sick and injured kids into Australia and NZ for life saving medical treatment they can’t get at home. There are some wonderful stories I will happily share!
ROMAC has brought over 400 kids in during the last 30 years …. Just two stories:  
  • The youngest child was a few days old from up in the hills in East Timor and when she arrived in Brisbane she was just about on her last breathes! A tumour was removed from her esophagus  and she is now a normal 6 year old kid running around and going to school.
  • The oldest was diagnosed at 15 with a tumour in the roof of the mouth and she probably would have died by mid-20’s!!  She is now approaching 30, married, her own kids and has a “normal life expectancy”  ….. she was from Cambodia.
  • Others have been kids with nail embedded in the head (Solomon Islands), herniated brains (quite a number); burns (Fiji, Indonesia and others); cleft palette (many); kids born with facial deformities (Vietnam, Korea) and many kids from Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands.
Remember Alex Rotary has won the big Trophy a number of times and last year it was won by the team from Mooloolaba who beat one of our teams from Alex by only 2 points!!!

Pride of Workmanship - new date 26th April ... so start networking 

Tony has been busy re-writing the invite to potential recipients of businesses who would like to reward their employees....its in your email, along with an application form for anyone in your circle?

Photo recognition

The editor has been asked to trail a "photo recognition" column similar to what our mates at Caloundra Pacific are doing. So send in a phot that you think may cause a few folk to scratch their head. It can be a person, or event or thing. preferably not too hard. So here's the first one. Prize will be offered to best answer. Judges decision will be arbitrary and capricious and final. 
There's probably several hundred in your cupboard....but what is it?

The GIST of it - what's happening around the Rotary District

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Ashley's column and what's the most important job at the club meeting

Ashley's column..... and what's the most important job at our club meeting?

Our Honorary member Ashley writes a column in the Sunshine Coast News that's usually informative and always very amusing, and this week with an important message.
This weeks column reminded a certain scribe to thanks those folks who perform club duties at breakfast meetings.
Steve is doing chairmans duties this month for the first time in 2 years, but I particularly wanted to thank those members who do the "meet and greet". This is I think the most important job at our meetings, as we rightly pride ourselves on being a welcoming club. If you don't agree maybe you haven't been to some of the gatherings I've been at.
At Alex it's noticeable that a few of members actively keep an eye on folks (usually visitors or guest speakers) who may be a bit lost before meetings and on their own. They go and engage with them prior to the meeting, making them feel welcome. So well done you. You know who you are.  

Here's honorary member Ashley's column from SCN, printed without the authors permission.  smiley

The importance of saying hello by Ashley Robinson

"At the risk of repeating myself, I want to revisit my favourite topic.

I touched on some of this last week but I need some help getting my head around people who either can’t say “hello” at 5.30 in the morning or say it sometimes but not other times.

I find it quite baffling.

Sure, the three-abreast walkers and cyclists pretty much send a clear message: “Hey, it’s all about me.”

The runners are another interesting group. Some are running an Olympic marathon and have no time to say hello, while others are trying to beat Usain Bolt’s 100-metre record and fear saying “hello” may cost them the record.

Then there are the walkers who beautifully time looking at their phone just as you cross paths. I like to consider that an accident rather than a strategy.

The easiest to understand are people who simply don’t like me (a rather large group).

That’s fine.

“But how can you tell?” you may ask.

Well, the grimace or shake of the head as they pass is a pretty fair indicator and at least alerts me that I don’t need to waste a greeting on them.

I am quite comfortable with people who don’t like me. I don’t need to know why. What they think of me is no business of mine.

The confusing one is the “hello” one day, then ignore me for the next few days.

I find it thoroughly baffling as, again, I don’t want to waste a “hello” if I get ignored (I usually chuck one in anyway).

The thing is, though: how hard is it to say “hello”?

I am not trying to entice them into some cult. I am not trying to sell them something and I have no intention of following them home for breakfast. Just “gidday” or “hello” – that’s all I ask.

In a world that seems to be moving faster every year, in a region that has always been a mix of rural and seaside (and up until that past few decades, like a big fragmented country town), we must be careful not to lose our laid-back lifestyle that has appealed and appalled our migrants from the south.

If I want to be ignored at 5.30am, I’ll go for a walk in Sydney or Melbourne.

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What happened at Board Meeting  and club news

Feedback from Board Meeting

Welcome back to President Skye who briefed the club on her first board meeting since her return from chilly Europe. Here's the main points from the meeting for your edification..
  • The club confirmed donations of $500 to blazeaid and $250 to "Share a Meal"
  • The Pride of Workmanship dinner date has been pushed out to 26th April. More details and updates coming from Mike's team. 
  • The club is always interested in members suggestions for community projects, if you have one, please be sure to let other members know. Anisha and John are going to investigate the situation with our 5 schools in regards to making sure schools have support to help with school breakfasts. 
  • Mike is investigating Volunteer Fair opportunities in the region.
  • Tony is working on a new "coffee and chat" listing for the club. 
  • Bob L is working on the Solstice Swim preparations. We'll be looking for help from sponsors soon. 
  • Steve N is reaching out to the MSHS on the car boot proposal now that term is underway
  • The club approved the "All Rounder" award for each of the 5 schools we have relationships with in the region. (Grammar, Chancellor, Sienna, Mountain Creek, and Marocchydore SHS). Graeme has agreed to approach the schools with this offer. 
  • There's a social event for the club coming up, probably involving rolling round balls on grass towards an impossibly small ball in the distance. To add to teh difficulty the balls seem to be incapable of rolling in a straight line. Sounds like fun?
  • Dateclaimer. Clean up Australia Day is on 5th March. The club has registered with the Clean Up Australia Day Council. Volunteers needed.

There's a club board meeting on Tuesday, so if any member has had a brainwave during the week, be sure to let the secretary know....

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Thinking and memory - try it out for yourself

The club had a very interesting presentation and activity from Marylin Freeman on Wednesday morning. It involved thinking and more importantly, how we use our memory. A certain scribe supposes that memory is a filing system where you put things that you might need one day. Like his garage. 
Anyway Marilyn took some of the Canadian research into this area to demonstrate that our memory works most strongly with images, and not text. We were given 15 images to draw and 15 words write down. This was to aid the recall activity we would do a few seconds after the lists were taken away.
Then in recalling them after a few minutes it was clear that most folk could remember at least 7 of the images and a lot less words. Some scored zero memory of words - eek, you will need to stop drinking out of the aluminium cans Wendy. 
Anyway, a great demonstration and thank you Marilyn for very entertaining activity. Much appreciated.
Here's part of the problem for moi....
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Dave's travels

Dave Woodrow travels to PNG to honour and remember Australian Service 

No doubt we'll receive a full briefing from Dave on his return, meanwhile here is a few. pics he has sent through when he was on Kiriwini Islands. He has been to Milne Bay and is expected back on the coast  on Monday. ....
Some services memorabilia
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Members Profile - Mark Dodge

Members Profile - Mark Dodge

Last year we welcomed Mark into the club and a few weeks ago he was invited to talk to the club about his life and interests.
Mark has a long history of "making a difference" to communities he's worked in around Australia, and clearly has always been in the business of "giving back" wherever his career took him. His work life in sales and communications has seen him now in account management with the local radio station. 
Of particular interest was his volunteer work and his lengthy service in Rotary is to be commended. Of particular interest was his volunteer work as an Lifeline telephone counsellor, receiving calls from folks often in desperate circumstances, with issues that hopefully none of us have to face. 
So after a career around Eastern Australia and Northern Territory we're delighted to have Mark in the Sunshine Coast community .....and especially to have him as a member of Alex Rotary. 
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Scottish RI International President talks to Alex Rotary

Message of Bravery, Peace and especially Hope and a new logo from the new incoming RI President

We had a really inspirational talk on Friday from the incoming International President. Its not often that (in fact its the first time we believe) that all the various nationalities that make up Rotary hear the new theme in their own language. And its not often that you hear courage and bravery associated with Peace. But that was Gordon's message to Rotary. That Peace is not a passive thing, it requires action, to be courageous and brave an hard work. So it is with mental Health, seeking out help for mental health is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of bravery, courage and strength. 
Gordon has clearly a history of international aid and related an experience with a woman who suffered really badly from the Tsunami. He reflected that the greatest gift we can give to folks in desperate circumstances is not always material things, but through practical help to deliver Hope, and so our logo and challenge is to "Create Hope in the world"
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New Year resolutions, club challenges, and topical discussions

A bright New Year start from Alex Rotary

A certain scribe has been reflecting on the year ahead for the club and New Year resolutions.  Suggesting that on a personal level (and maybe at Club level) there is value in words calling for a simple call to action.
The best NY resolution that he has heard (and that he can remember - because its only two words)  is "Do Better"
This challenge has resonated with a few, including President elect Peter who is having a think about what it could be at club level.
One person who has already taken this on board is our very own Angela did well by providing confectionary at the meeting to sweeten our early morning temperaments while celebrating the year of the rabbit. Good onya Angela. 
And big shout out to our resident GP, Phillip,  who did well to remind the meeting that Wednesday was also the day that's celebrated all over the world to mark the birth of the worlds greatest poet, Robert Burns. 
Also as a certain scribe noted in regards to the date of Australia Day, what was our reflections on the current community views about the date of the celebrations....could we, as a community "do better"?
and would the date of Australia Day pass the 4 way test?
What do you think?
Club meetings
A reminder that before next weeks meeting there are two ZOOM meetings.
On Monday Mike is charing a meeting on Pride of Workmanship project, and on Tuesday the first Board meeting of the year. As always all members inputs are welcome. 
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Collage - did you see?

Our club artist has been busy

Always one to put his artistic flair to every project our mate Steve has been busy creating a collage for our new Club pop-ups showing off some of the activities Alex Rotary has been up to over the years. Some great memories here...Well done Stevo. 
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Bonnie & Belinda making a difference to lives on the coast

Thank you Bonnie and Belinda

We had our first Wednesday morning meeting, and special guests from Caloundra Pacific members, Bonnie and Belinda. Bonnie is the driving force (force is the right word) behind "Share a meal" initiative started several years ago by Judeth and Maureen, and taken up by the amazing Cal Pac club volunteers, to ensure that every Thursday the folks who would appreciate a chat and a meal have a place in Caloundra. 
 Unfortunately, as is often the case with folks who need a hand, mental health issues are all too common and it was personal tragedy that Bonnie related to the club that made Bonnie and her teams efforts all teh more meaningful.
Well done to everyone involved. 
Wendy rounded up the fines and donations and we were able to match the funds from fines session from CalPac as a gesture of Alex Rotary's appreciation for the great work that these folks do every week. 
In some ways the social side of helping the community is equally important, and Bonnie shared some heartwarming stories with us. 
Love the graphics
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Charmaine and granddaughter helping after the floods in Tasmania


Fire and Flood seem to be the new norm in Australia, what with fires in WA and Tasmania and floods in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. One of our members has taken to he road over Christmas to help out.  
Member Charmaine went off to join Blaze Aid help and help out the community in Tasmania. Her amazing story below. 
Members might recall that the club has a history with Blaze Aid, that you can see on the club photo albums on the website. Not sure exactly where this farm was, perhaps one go our readers could advise?
So here's some more photo's to add of Charmaine and her granddaughter and helpers reinstating trees that were lost during the floods in Tasmania, and a report from Tassie, below.
Hello from TEAM GALS at the Blazeaid camp in Rappville. I have the wonderful opportunity to work with my 14 year old granddaughter. 
We planted 150 trees for a macadamia farmer who had all his 1 year old trees washed away in the floods, repaired many broken fences and erected many new fences. The gratitude from the farmers has been overwhelming.
Attached photos of our amazing Blazeaid experiences.
Kindest regards from Rappville,
Charmaine and granddaughter helping after the floods in Tasmania 2023-01-13 14:00:00Z 0

News from Madagascar


Madagascar - who knew?

New member and world traveller Narelle dropped us a line to let us know that she was not able to make Wednesday's breakfast meeting as she was teaching English to the community in Madagascar. Fair enough we thought, and its a great opportunity to bring you an more detailed update from Narelle in future newsletters. 
Meanwhile here is some Madagascar questions to test your general knowledge.laugh some more relevant than others...
What is the name of the dejected Zebra in Central Park in the original Madagascar ?
What is the name of the King of the Lemurs?
What is the capital of Madagascar?
What is the currency of Madagascar?
Get all 4 questions right to be in the draw to win $50 Bunnings voucher. Winner decided from readers responses tomorrow. 
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Get Involved

The Year to get involved?

On Friday Secretary Val invited new members to think about ways to get involved with club meetings and activities. We're always welcoming of new ideas and although a small club we like to think we can make a difference when we work together. Some of the activities we have on the agenda for this year are:
  • Pride of Workmanship - celebrating the best employees on the Sunshine Coast. If you know of a community minded business who would benefit by having one of their employees contributions recognised and celebrated, let Mike know.
  • Car Boot Sale - a new project. If you want to help Steve out with getting a community car boot sale going and helping out Maroochy State High School Students with some valuable experience, let Steve know.
  • Solstice Swim - Did you know that kids drowning is the biggest preventable cause of kids deaths in Australia. Whats more surprising to you? (i) That 25% o deaths are from migrant families?  or (ii) 75% of deaths are from Ausiie born kids?
  • Clean Up Australia Day (TBC) - One of Rotary's key aims is improving the environment. What can we, as a club do?
  • Mock Interviews (TBC) - Rotary occupies a key position between Youth development, Business and Education. We're always happy to support improving the skills and relationships in this space.
and we know that certain new members have a history of community activities that they're looking to bring to the club. So if you have a new idea for a community project, don't keep it to yourself, let the club know.
Meanwhile, here is a short video with a powerful message describing what Rotary is all about. Its also available on the club website.
Get Involved 2023-01-13 14:00:00Z 0

Alex Rotary Worklife book - going international ?

WorkLife Book you have?

We've had a request for a printed copy of the WorkLife book that was created by the club with support from Sunshine Coast Council a few years ago. The club printed 50 copies of the book, as reference material and "door opener" for discussions with schools on how Alex Rotary could help bring the gap between leaving school and starting work. We included lots of advice and experiences from our members worklife and how they started their working lives and what was their advice to the younger generation. 
The book content is available in module form on the club website  CLICK where you can see some photo's of the initial contributors. 
We've had a request for a printed copy and there's none left.
In fact we've not had any spare for years, as copies were taken up by Rotary clubs in Qld, NSW, Victoria, as well as the UK, USA and Alaska following an article in Rotary Down Under. So if you have a copy that you're happy to hand back, please let a certain scribe know as our old mate Bob Thompson would appreciate one for a family member who's doing great work in Argentina. 
Alex Rotary Worklife book - going international ? 2023-01-13 14:00:00Z 0
What did Rotary International do in '22? 2023-01-13 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Toastmasters

Thank you Steve for new club montage

Rotary and Toastmasters

On Friday Marilyn Freeman spoke to the club about her experiences with Toastmasters and Rotary and how both organisations are working together to increase personal development. To be able to speak well in public speaking is a great "soft" skill and one that can be learned with practice and dedication. It can change lives and make a difference. An inspirational public speaker can move an individual or group to greater things. Thank you Marilyn for your reflections on your amazing journey with Toastmasters. 
Toastmasters and Rotary have combined to provide tools to help individuals improve their public speaking. Here's what you need to know.

A Strong Alliance 

In May 2019, two long-standing organizations, Toastmasters International and Rotary International, formed a unique strategic alliance, drawing from the strength of their many similarities and complementary differences. The opportunity for Toastmasters members is primarily to establish fellowship and make new connections, contribute more to communities, and potentially elevate clubs. Rotary members have the opportunity to develop new skills and may ask to visit Toastmasters clubs or receive evaluations. Toastmasters also developed eight educational courses for Rotarians and Rotaractors, available on Rotary International’s Learning Center, which can be accessed by their members in nine languages.

Check it out HERE

Did you know? 

What famous orator said..."Ask me to speak for an hour then give me 30 minutes notice, ask me to speak for 5 minutes, give me 24 hours notice?"

First correct answer to secretaries email wins this weeks lucky prize.
Rotary & Toastmasters  2022-12-17 14:00:00Z 0
Recognition for Vicki 2022-12-17 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary and Mock Interviews

Rotary - a unique position in the community 

There are many clubs around Australia doing the mock interview programme.
First time I encountered it was probably 28-ish years ago in Sydney where we helped Pennant Hills High and Normanhurst Boys High and at the same time our neighbouring club Epping conducted mock interviews at Cheltenham Girls and Epping boys high.
Rotary and Mock Interviews 2022-12-17 14:00:00Z 0

Christmas HARD Quiz

Christmas HARD Quiz

As if Friday's Christmas quiz wasn't hard enough for some is a version of HARD Quiz for those who perhaps might be surprised at the answers
1. Xmas is a modern trendy abbreviation for Christmas for lazy folk who can't spell. True or False?
The term "Xmas" dates back to the 1500s
a church with a large christmas tree outside lit up at night

Contrary to popular belief, "Xmas" is not a trendy attempt to take Christ out of Christmas. "Christianity" was spelled "Xianity" as far back as 1100. X, or Chi, is the Greek first letter of "Christ" and served as a symbolic stand-in at the time. In 1551, the holiday was commonly called "Xtemmas," which was later shortened to "Xmas."

2. Who sent the first Christmas cards ...

a. President Herbert Hoover

b. Henry VIII

c. Queen Victoria 

d. The pope

Queen Victoria was the first official person to send a Christmas card, but the first commercial card came in 1843 when Sir Henry Cole produced 1000 and sold them for one shilling each. There are currently only 12 of these cards left in the world with one going up for auction a couple of years ago for £30,000.

3. The genus name for mistletoe is Viscum album which in English means

a. White Berry

b. Glossy holly

c. Dung on a twig

d. True bush

Mistletoe, or as it is more well-known Viscum album (kidding), means “dung on a twig” in the Anglo-Saxon. According to the National Wildlife Federation, it spreads through bird droppings. Think about that during your next kiss.

4. The first song played in space was...

a. Happy Birthday

b. Jingle Bells

c. Rocket Man

d. Homeward Bound

On the 16 December 1965, the song 'Jingle Bells' made history by becoming the first song to be played in space during NASA’s Gemini 6A space flight. At-least… we think it was the first…maybe Santa sang to Rudolph on his trips??



Christmas HARD Quiz 2022-12-17 14:00:00Z 0

Club meetings on Wednesday in 2023`

Club is trialling Wednesday morning breakfast meetings in 2023, please take note...

Our first club meeting in 2023 will be on Wednesday 11th January. We'll give it a try and see how that works for everybody. The primary reason is that Friday mornings were getting busy at the SLSC so trialling this for a while. 
Meanwhile, check outage club calendar its on teh top right hand side club website and if you have the club website on your phone, its the first thing you will see when you open the link.
Joke: I am a bit worried about the calendar. Its days are numbered!laugh
What is it about Wednesday?
Trivia quiz from a certain scribe.....What is the relationship between Chris Hemsworth and Wednesday?

Club Dinner at SLSC 

Friday: Great night enjoyed by all, at SLSC Bistro.  Unfortunately president Skye couldn’t be there as had a bad back, but Tony was again called on to step in as deputy. It was nice to see our 3 new members there with their partners. No photo's? 
Club meetings on Wednesday in 2023` 2022-12-11 14:00:00Z 0

BBQ weekend

Saturday and Sunday BBQ's

This was the scene at "Christmas at Alex" on Sunday night. A great community event that Alex Rotary is proud to be part of. 
..and somewhere among this crowd is a guy in a red suit who makes it all happen.. the sun sets over the stage... so the demand ramps up for sausage "with" ...
and there is commander in chief Craig and his offsiders slaving away in the kitchen ..meanwhile....
....the prima donna's  on the front desk bask in the crowds admiration.....
But seriously, a great afternoon and evening, thanks Alex Headland Community Association , and many thanks to everyone who helped out and made the whole event such a success..
BBQ weekend 2022-12-11 14:00:00Z 0

Charmaine’s Masquerade Gala and the Community Corps

Masquerade Ball Success

On Saturday 5 November 2022 – the Sunshine Coast Rotary Community Corps held their fifth annual Masquerade Gala to raise funds for a local Sunshine Coast charity and the other half to be sent to South African Rotary Clubs for their various projects.

The theme for 2022 was “Alice in Wonderland” and previous themes were “Once upon a Time, ABBA, Rocky Horror, Beauty and the Beast” all of which created much excitement and fun and the support of the regular festival goers of the local Sunshine Coast Community.

Over the last 12 years, Rotarian Charmaine Wheatley has escorted 55 self-funded Australian volunteers to various South African destinations to build 6 classrooms, 8 playgrounds, deliver over 500 wheelchairs, medical and education supplies,10 000 pairs of recycled LIONS spectacles in two x 40-foot containers (which were then also used as classrooms at their final destinations) through the RCC.

Two members of SCRCC Christine Radcliffe and Wendy Davis

Raffles, silent auctions, and ticket sales raised a substantial amount of money and the local Sunshine Coast charity this year was the local Bloomhill Cancer Care Centre. Previously the Orange Sky Laundry was also a local chosen charity.


Alice and friends arriving

More details to be found on: Rotary-Community-Corps-2047558988865806

or ueradegala

Charmaine has just been appointed as a BlazeAid Camp Coordinator and is leaving the Sunshine Coast on 17 December for BlazeAid Training in Victoria. You can follow her progress on: 48533

and make donations to BlazeAid on:

with the reference: #Sunshine
Please give a TOOT if you see her on the road.

On 1 December, A Current Affair featured: BlazeAid organisation helping flood-ravaged communities calls for more volunteers 6639-4f59-9ab9-2243b3ca1d2b

Cynthia and Charmaine Wheatley

Charmaine Wheatley, RC of Alex Headland (from DG Newsletter)....well done Charmaine and team....


Charmaine’s Masquerade Gala and the Community Corps 2022-12-11 14:00:00Z 0
Morning Tea at SLSC 2022-12-11 14:00:00Z 0

News from our ROMAC friends

Message from the ROMAC Chair

ROMAC ChairWe welcome back Maggie Alexander to produce this E-Newsletter after a 4-year absence and extend our many thanks to retiring editor, PDG Gina Growden, for her tireless efforts, not only with this newsletter, but with all the many other tasks she has undertaken since 2019.

Life continues to be exciting and hectic for everyone associated with ROMAC. In the last 3 months, we have brought in 4 new patients, made a presentation at the Rotary Zone 8 Conference in Canberra and conducted a large planning workshop in Brisbane. The Brisbane workshop included a professional development session and workshop for our doctors from around Oceania. Our Medical Director provides more detail below. There was also a special two day workshop for our key ROMAC office bearers and volunteers.

Our newsletter contains patient updates from our Deputy Chair and our Canberra Regional Chair on the progress of 4 patients MelenaiteWilliamVinna and Jasminah and I am pleased to say the progress has been positive and encouraging. Our Treasurer writes about our information booth and presentation in Canberra at the Zone 8 Conference, which showcased our work in ROMAC.
We have commenced a process to update our strategic plan, by laws, referral process, risk matrix and our communications and evaluation plans and Brisbane provided us with an excellent opportunity to make a significant start on these tasks.
An important outcome of our meetings in Brisbane was that, with our new committee structures and all the tasks we are trying to undertake, we desperately need more volunteers to join our ranks at the District, Regional and National levels. We are specifically looking for Rotarians or Rotaractors with skills in areas like fundraising, marketing, communications, producing newsletters and maintaining databases, liaising with Government and Hospitals, paediatrics, finance, recruiting, hosting to join our committees. ROMAC is a wonderfully rewarding project to be involved with and appeals to all ages so give it some consideration and let us know how you would like to help by emailing me at
As 2022 comes to an end, it is a great time to reflect on the year and to thank the many people who have helped and supported ROMAC over the last twelve months. We are most fortunate to have come through the pandemic relatively unscathed and with the resources and enthusiasm to again embark on providing life-saving / life changing treatment to children from our neighbouring countries. 
I would specifically like to thank all our hard-working ROMAC volunteers for all their efforts and the Rotary Clubs, Rotarians and friends who have continued to support us.
All the best to you all for the festive season and for the New Year.

Ian D'Arcy Walsh
News from our ROMAC friends  2022-12-11 14:00:00Z 0

Christmas Card Ideas


Don’t know what to get someone this year? Got a really small Kris Kringle budget? Or a family member who ‘has it all’? 

We have a beautiful, thoughtful and heartfelt solution – Operation Cleft gift cards. All profits from each beautiful card go to supporting cleft palate operations in Bangladesh.

Christmas Card Ideas  2022-12-11 14:00:00Z 0

Wendy's Soccer founding father  - who knew

The beginnings of Soccer - Wendy's Dad was ether at the start - who knew?

We all enjoyed the fantastic run of the Socceroo's in Qatar, but who knew the soccer connection to our Past President Wendy?. 
The year was 1956 and Australia was host to the olympics. Great. But there's a problem. As hosts, Australia has to provide a Soccer team for the games that will do us proud. We need an international coach. Where to find on? Look no further than Len Young, Wendy's dad, who had a short career with "the Hammers"..aka West Ham before coaching at club and international level. 
So Len came emigrated to Australia, and the Olyroos won their first game against Japan, only to lose to eventual 4th place India in the next game. 
You can learn more about Len and soccers beginnings CLICK HERE and HERE
Wendy's Soccer founding father - who knew 2022-12-04 14:00:00Z 0

Welcome new members

Friday at Tide Recreation Centre

On Friday we met at the Tide recreation centre, and apart from the AGM which lasted all of 5 mins, the main business was to welcome new members, Naomi, Anisha and Mark. The great news is that the clubs membership is growing strongly and particularly pleasing to not only see the average age of membership declining, but also the enthusiasm and experience of the new members who have a strong history of giving back to the community. 
Anisha and Skye...Skye showing off her jewellery. 
Naomi and Mark with their new badges and shirts......Mark being the highly organised person he is, first ever member to be inducted while wearing a club   "work" shirt. Could this be an omen?
Finally, thank you Val and John for hosting the meeting, and for the breakfast goodies...

New Board

So the new club board positions have been filled and we're all set for the new year, (commencing July) with :
President : Peter Deane
President Elect: Geoff East
Treasurer: Wendy Gilson
Secretary: Val Saunders
Director: Tony Freeman
Director: Rae Smart
Director: John Malloy
Big thanks Mike Storkey, retiring director who has been valiantly pushing the "Pride of Workmanship" program along, and also to Michelle who is now back in Oz after a very busy time returning to work. Great to see her back on the coast. smiley

Reminder - No club meeting this Friday 9th - See you at dinner at Alex SLSC 


Club Donations

The club has added to the presents donated to Care Outreach with a $150 donation, and also donated $500 to Blaze Aid (where Charmaine is going off to help in Tasmania next year) and also the club has a history if volunteering with (see pic from Murgon 2013) , and we've also donated $500 ROMAC to help the great work they do in critical health care in our region.  

The Calendar

Don't forget to check out the Calendar
Wed: Morning Tea with Alex Community 
Friday, no meeting , but club dinner
Saturday : Ojinka BBQ at Buhk Park 
Sunday: Xmas at Alex at Buhk Park
Sunday: Have a lie down. 

Update on the Namayingo Water Safety Project  

Eve is to be congratulated on administering, (and persevering), with the water safety project, which is now complete. Here's a short update and as you can see the team exceeded the planned 50 first responders by a significant margin, 
From Moses and Eve, 
It is very exciting to finalise this project you kindly supported.  By now you are aware of the impact of the training on the community with newspapers and television broadcasting the training across the district in Uganda.  The response to the training was incredible and as we have seen before not everyone could complete the rigorous program required.  Our goal was to train 50 first responders and a total of 68 graduated.  There were several communities involved in the training as per the report attached.  These trained personel will now train others in their local area to provide a more efficient response to an aquatic emergency.
Good work!!

Roster for December

Chair person is Wendy 
Set up is Ray Burton
Rotary minute is Craig
Sergeant is Bob
Maitre D  is  Anisha
Standby is Val
Welcome new members 2022-12-04 14:00:00Z 0
Your Rotary Down Under 2022-12-04 14:00:00Z 0

Two types of neighbours ...

Have you got a neighbour like Cid?

A certain scribe had a neighbour called Cid, many moons ago. The scribe used to love it when Cid borrowed things from him. Especially if Cid borrowed the BBQ. Why? Because Cid was one of those rare neighbours who returned borrowed things in better condition than received. The BBQ would come back bright and shiny, and a certain scribes had avoided food poisoning, until the next time Cid borrowed it. 
BBQ before
BBQ after
Why is he telling you this?
Because our neighbouring Rotary Club has borrowed the clubs BBQ trailer, and have offered to fix up the lights and the wheel bearings, which were well overdue some attention. So. BIG THANK YOU to the amazing Geoff and the Mooloolaba Rotary Club. It is very much appreciated. Cid would be proud of you.
Two types of neighbours ... 2022-12-04 14:00:00Z 0

We've made a difference at Christmas..but what about the pic

Care Outreach Christmas appeal - amazing response from Club - but what's wrong with this picture??

President Skye and Judy dropped off these pressies at Care Outreach with Melissa....but our resident photographer has spotted something wrong...can you guess?
We've made a difference at Christmas..but what about the pic 2022-11-27 14:00:00Z 0
All your Rotary News 2022-11-27 14:00:00Z 0

RYDA volunteers step up

Alex Rotary saving young folks lives on the road

**Just a reminder that next year Alex Rotary are the main organisers and Geoff will be looking for approx 10 volunteers to assist with the life saving program**

Big thanks to Geoff for organising the volunteers to facilitate the RYDA workshop to make youngsters aware of what can happen on the road.  Truly a great program that shows new drivers what can happen, and the consequences of poor driving choices. We are all aware that between 17 - 25 years old is by far the most "at risk" period for a driver. This program actively reduces the carnage for that age group. 

The program shows real life speeding incidents, speakers who have been in car crashes and the impact on their lives. It's life changing, and life preserving. 

Charmaine, Mike and Geoff with the kids who are a bit safer on the road thanks to the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness program.

RYDA is more than a program, it’s partnership which supports teachers on the journey as they provide their students with the tools and understanding they need to see themselves as active, responsible road citizens. Taking, largely, a student inquiry learning approach, RYDA becomes part of the school culture from the first to last day of a young person’s high school life. Beyond that, RYDA provides students with the tools, habits and motivation to take action and stay safe on our roads as both drivers and passengers throughout their lives.
RYDA volunteers step up 2022-11-27 14:00:00Z 0

AGM at TIDES community centre on Friday 

AGM, inductions, and scrumptious muffins at TIDES community centre on Friday

No point in going to Alex SLSC on Friday, we won't be there. Instead we're having our special meeting, including AGM and new member inductions at TIDES community centre in Maroochydore. The AGM is usually a very short affair, I think the record stands at 1minute 20 secs, so we'll see how we go this week.
How do we pick the new board ?
New board members are drawn by ballot of those members who are NOT at Friday's  meeting. Then if that doesn't fill all the vacant Board positions there is a count back from the meeting attendance records until all positions are filled.
* IMHMTU - Really??
AGM at TIDES community centre on Friday 2022-11-27 14:00:00Z 0

Artie Beetson - there's more to the story..

Surprising end to the Artie Beetson Story

A certain scribe has been trying valiantly to raise the knowledge with the club for the past few weeks. Not sure how successful - its a bit early for deep and meaningful at breakfast time. 
Last week there was a bit of controversy over what aboriginal mob Artie Beetson came from. So the scribe did some research and came up with this interesting and important but sad story from the Courier Mail.

"Artie dies before finding family"(December 2011)

"GUBBI Gubbi elder Eve Fesl has revealed how rugby league legend Artie Beetson was keen to reconnect with his lost family when they met only a month ago.

IT was only a month ago that I first met Artie Beetson when he came to me at an indigenous function where I had been a speaker.

Artie told me he was a Gubbi Gubbi man and named his mother and relatives whom I knew to be related to me (I even had a photo of his mother with mine).

We agreed to meet before Christmas to fill in the family tree.

It is so upsetting to know of his death.

I only met him briefly but he was a very friendly, nice man. I came away impressed by him. I am proud he was my cousin.

Gubbi Gubbi is based on matrilineal descent - rights to speak on land are through the female line, so Artie through his mother was an important man in our culture as well as a sporting great.

He was very keen to reconnect with his family and it is sad that he has left us without probably knowing that our great-great-grandfather, James Crowe, was a member of Australia's first cricket team (all Aboriginal) that toured England.

Our cousin, Bill Monkland, who Artie probably met, played rugby league for Queensland and I, whom he met for the first time a month ago, captained Queensland women's netball and athletics teams and was Queensland discus champion and a member of the 1956 Olympic training squad in Melbourne.

My brother, Nurdon Serico, was all-schools champion in the 100 yards and high-jump champion and also played rugby league.

We will decide on a traditional memorial for Artie after speaking with all the family"

Artie Beetson - there's more to the story.. 2022-11-27 14:00:00Z 0

Strong and fearless by name and nature

Empowering women ...Bella's story

We were promised a talk about empowering women and an amazing young woman on the Sunshine Coast who is at the forefront of bringing women together to achieve their best. 
But Bella's story could equally apply to us all of any gender and any age. Be strong and fearless, is the message, and told with enthusiasm and passion. 
We also welcomed Bella's support team Rosie, Maddy and Lisa. (Are Alex Rotary folk really so intimidating?)
Seriously a great talk, thank you Joy for arranging such an inspirational speaker, it is always great to know that the future is in good hands with young women like Bella in the community. 
Pretty in pink. Little known fact that until the 18th century pink was the colour preference of menfolk. (you're welcome)
Pause for thought, and Bella's community event on screen.
Strong and fearless by name and nature 2022-11-26 14:00:00Z 0

Club Meetings and news 

December 2 AGM meeting is going to be a Christmas cracker!!

Our December 2 meeting has some surprises in store, the first one being that it will NOT be at Alex SLSC. It will be at "The Pines" community centre where Val has organised the community room. Its just of Bradman Avenue in Maroochydore. Stay tuned for more details. 

Invitation to join Alex Community Association Morning Tea

We weer delighted to receive 4 invitations to complementary morning tea with The Alex Community association on Wed Dec 7th. Its your oppurchancity to meet the volunteer folks who care for the beach foreshore 365 days a year and stage the "Christmas At Alex". Let the secretary know if you can make it. 

Saturday 9th December - BBQ for the Early Learning Centre

We've been invited to provide a BBQ for the families of the future generations at Buhk park on Saturday 9th December. Our mates, Craig, Geoff, Peter and Wendy have stepped u for this new relationship with Alex Rotary. 

Club Website - have you noticed?

There's some interesting photo's on the club website, ( ...and its not a certain member queuing up for his THIRD helping at Skye's buffet below that photo carousel, there's other photo's of something going on with water you know where this is ......and its significance?
Club Meetings and news 2022-11-20 14:00:00Z 0

Naomi's art class

Some amazing artists in the Alex Rotary Club

The club had some amazing talent on display at Naomi's "Sip and Paint" on Saturday arvo. It was a brilliant afternoon, and Naomi was absolutely correct, we were all nervous that our paintings would like like #*$# half way through the session, but be totally transformed at the end...which as you can see ..was what actually happened....there was some amazing paintings of beaches, seahorses, Kombi's dolphins, etc. 
Thank you so much Naomi, great fun, 5 stars.
So there's some new wall art to some of the members homes (apparently)...
Some critical expressions here..
The torment of a talented artist he looking for inspiration? ..or just another wine ?
Every group has a show off....
......But outdone by his mate..
Naomi's art class 2022-11-19 14:00:00Z 0

RV Club comes to visit

Ross and his wanderers come to visit

It was a full house on Friday morning when the Rotary RV club members paid us a visit. Great "vibe" in the room of Rotarians and everyone really appreciated the visit and Tony had arranged the dredge to put on a show for our guests.. 
The room was a bit busier than normal but Wendy and the Alex SLSC coped admirably. 
RV Club comes to visit 2022-11-19 14:00:00Z 0


The NYSF needs your help in Brisbane in January for our budding scientists

National Youth Science Forum, Celebrating 35 years in 2018

Dear Rotary Clubs across Australia,

In 2023, the NYSF Year 12 Program will again deliver a mix of interactive digital and in-person sessions between 10 & 24 January. 

We have volunteering opportunities in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, from 16-19  January. We are particularly in need of volunteers in our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Hubs.


Volunteering with the NYSF ensures our students get to make the most of their time on the Program. In turn, you will get to meet and spend time with the next generation of STEM experts, while visiting some of Australia's most cutting edge STEM facilities.

You can register to volunteer here.  We appreciate your completed expressions of interest by 30 November, so we can onboard you  and provide all our volunteers with online training and information sessions ahead of January.

To find out more about the NYSF and what we do for our STEM students, please visit our website. You can also read about how students have rated the COVID safe NYSF Year 12 Program format here in our report (PDF). We encourage you to share this with your fellow Rotarians.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at if there’ is anything we can assist you with over the next few weeks.

Kind regards,

The NYSF Team.


NYSF News 2022-11-19 14:00:00Z 0
BBQ for The New Leaf Early Learning Centre 2022-11-19 14:00:00Z 0
Solstice Swim Date - Put it in your diary 2022-11-19 14:00:00Z 0

While we're on about donations....

Alex Rotary Giving Locally to Outback Kids

This year we're asking members, friends, complete strangers, anyone, to give a gift to the Care outreach Christmas appeal. 
Late News: Tony received this email from the amazing Bill and Melissa at Care Outreach...its something for you to think about when you are out shopping for your Christmas act of kindness....don't forget to bring your wrapped gift with you to Friday's meeting. !! 
HI Tony, 
Great to hear from you.
This year our specific shortfall has been the boys 13-15 and girls 10-13.  
With the other age categories for the children, we have done ok this year.
We are always scratching to get enough goods for the Adults - male & female that have been allocated a gift. This is another option.
Thanks to you all at Alexandra Headland Rotary.
Bill & Melissa

Rotary "Giving Tuesday"  has turned philanthropy into an international event for everyone

Meanwhile at Rotary International....In 2019, the philanthropic event known as Giving Tuesday raised nearly $2 billion. And eight years after its inception, what began in the United States as a day focused on monetary donations has expanded across the globe and transformed to include volunteering, finding ways to show gratitude, and educating people about the value of altruism. For Rotary, as for many other nonprofit organizations, Giving Tuesday has become an important part of the philanthropic calendar.

In 2019, Giving Tuesday saw:

  1. $511 million

    in online donations in 24 hours

  2. 20.1 billion

    social media impressions worldwide

  3. 27 million

    U.S. adults who participated in some way

  4. 7.6 million

    U.S. adults who performed volunteer service

  5. 60

    countries that had an active #GivingTuesday movement

Rotary has embraced the concept, encouraging the use of Giving Tuesday as a fundraising opportunity for clubs and for The Rotary Foundation. Since 2017, Rotary has also used Giving Tuesday to reach out directly to prospective and current donors, and the campaign has grown each year. In 2019, Rotary raised over $550,000 from donors all over the world in response to a Giving Tuesday email campaign.
While we're on about donations.... 2022-11-13 14:00:00Z 0

You're never too old to donate

If you could save 8 lives with your signature...would you??

Brilliant talk on Friday from Shona MacDonald on organ donation. Such an important topic and to hear the issues from someone on the front line of this life saving work was very thought provoking and hopefully will spring some of us "oldies" into action. 
Thank you Shona, and keep up the good work. 
The slide below says it all, and although some folks have genuine reasons for not donating, it certainly makes those of us who do offer to donate, realise how important, indeed life changing,  this can be to others. 
Australia has some significant problems with organ donation, not least the relatively small number of donors, but also our geography makes it extremely difficult to deliver donated organs in time. And not so obvious is that while folks can survive heart and kidney problems with medication and sport equipment, this is not so easy with lung transplant requirements. 
...and if you would like to on this...
You're never too old to donate 2022-11-13 14:00:00Z 0

New Club calendar - in colour 

President Skye and the Calendar of Many Colours

Super excited to see the new club calendar in colour on website and on your phone....can you find on the website menu?
New Club calendar - in colour 2022-11-01 14:00:00Z 0

Community Policing

Jake talks to club about his experience with community policing

The Queensland Police Service have been having some bad media and a tough time of it recently. What between mysoginistic comments and culture, shootings of citizens with drug and mental health issues, and inadequate responses to domestic violence situations, its been a worrying time. 
So it was good to hear on Friday from a local detective about his career thus far with the Queensland Police Service. The stories highlighted some of the difficulties faced by officers in responding to community issues. (or as sometimes wrongly reported, the Queensland Police "force" called to "deal" with the perpetrator.
Straight away we learned that "police ain't police" the same over Australia. Jake hails from Victoria where his family his dad also served in th ePolice service, and if Victorian policemen want to transfer to Queensland (why wouldn't they) there is a reasonably lengthy program to train up on the differences. So now Jake is responding to community matters on the Sunshine Coast. 
We know that at the root of all crime there are two issues, and they have nothing to do with the police service.
The two major issues are poverty and mental health. Intervening early in these issues dramatically reduces social problems and crime. Avoiding these issues, and increasing penalties ...well, we'll get what we always get, high levels of incarceration (percentages haven't changed in 50 years, and more unfortunates in jail, coming out to create more social problems). Lesson ends. 
Unfortunately the police have to deal with the outcomes of these two issues and as Jake reflected, the situations that police find themselves in, often affect their mental health and well being. 
So next time you're talking to a policeman, be kind, you don't know what they've been dealing with just a few hours before. 
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Republic of South Africa

Clive and Cathy with 50 years of Rotary Service in South Africa

( Warning ....Distressing photo at end of article) 
On Friday Clive and Cathy from the Rotary Club of Uitenhage South spoke to us about the Eastern province of SA and som eof the amazing community work that Rotarians do in that part of the world. The work they do is a million miles away from the world of clamping in the game parks, and gave us some insight to the daily struggles of the folks in that part of the world. A big shout out to the Rotarians for the work they do to "make a difference" to their communities. 
The club has several connections to Southern Africa, through our members Sean and Charmaine, and of course our support of Rainbow House in Zambia, and now our connection to Uganda via Eve's life saving programs, and many of us have travelled there to see this amazing country first hand. For those who have seen the spectacular land behind the tourist veil, its a land with huge problems.  
A certain scribe lamented how in his 45 years of contact with Southern Africa since he worked there in the early 70's how he had witnessed its gradual decline for the average citizen. It's a sorry tale of a region is serious decline and makes this scribe very grateful for the part of the world that he now lives in. 
Here's Clive and Cathy at one of their clubs fundraiser, where a bunch a friendly bikers turned up to lend a hand. Goodonya Bikers!!
PS...while still in South Africa, teh club received the following email, which we're following up with a ZOOM meeting...
Good morning Sir/Madame,

My name is Torriano Salamba and I am the current President of RC Dar Es Salaam Mbezi Beach in Tanzania. I have lived in Australia for the last 40 years but I have been back in Tanzania for the last 6 years, I became a Rotarian 4 years ago, servicing as club secretary before becoming the club President for this Rotary year/

Im reaching out hoping that you could assist us in building some toilets for a school and hopefully we can do the same for the many government schools that are suffering from a hygienic toilet and drinking water.

I have attached the concept note for your reading and I hope to hear from you club.
Warning ....Distressing photo 
This is the toilet the school is using..

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Board Meeting this Tuesday  etc. etc. 

  • Board Meeting this Tuesday

Just a reminder if any member wishes to contribute to the Board meeting, we welcome any input, just drop the secretary an email.
  • Friday's speaker is from the Queensland Police Service

  • Don't forget to RSVP to Skye's lunch date

  • Don't forget to let Geoff know if you can help with the Rotary defensive driving program for kids (RYDA). Its a life saver. 

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Words from Wisconsin 

..and further North from Texas, in Wisconsin, Rotarians are also helping their community

This from this months "Rotary in Review" this article reminds us that you don't have to look into Africa or Asia to find worthwhile causes that will improve your community..
How amazing is this, with clubs from USA and Europe joining forces to help the folks in La Crosse, Wisconsin
Words from Wisconsin 2022-10-22 14:00:00Z 0

Tales from Texas

Two stories from USA

We've probably seen in the news where the state government on Texas have sent parents of school kids emergency DNA kits, which sent a shiver up the spine of this scribe. So here's some positive news out of that troubled state. 
As regular readers will know, we also have contacts with USA and subscribe to The Arlington Sunrise newsletter, where our amazing and hard working director, Peter and Jayne have family. So here's something positive from that part of the world where these Rotarians are making a difference to their community. 
Tales from Texas 2022-10-22 14:00:00Z 0
Dateclaimer - SalTy Souls Legacy annual fundraiser  2022-10-19 14:00:00Z 0

Miscellaneous Club and Rotary District News

Meeting times changing, and other...

Club meetings will be changing over to WEDNESDAY mornings for a trial period starting in November. Stay tuned. 
Club is renewing its acquaintance with Maroochydore State High School and The Smith Family on Wednesday night at the VERG dinner.
Surf Show and Shine has been put on hold for now, stay tuned for more details. 
..and from the wider Rotary Community (click on link)
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Summit for Sarcoma Andrew and Tom set off

Update on support for fight against children's Sarcoma.

Folks will remember Tom Handyman's loss to childhood sarcoma and the amazing support the family received from the Sunshine Coast Community.
Well, I am pleased to let you know that on Saturday Andrew and Ben flew out of Australia for the Himalayas. They are now climbing Mt Mera in remembrance and fundraising for Tom.
It's been a long few years but Andrew and Tom never gave up and now join a band of climbers in the Himalayas to complete their commitment.
We wish them well.

Summit for Sarcoma - sad news (30th April 2020)

Many of you will remember Andrew O'Connor coming to the club to talk to us about Children's Sarcoma and how it had affected his family. Andrew, and his son Ben, decided to do something to support the fight against this terrible disease that had affected Ben's cousin Tom Hardyman. They put together the "Summit for Sarcoma" funding call out, intending to raise $60,000 by climbing Mount Mera at $10 / metre. 
I'm sad to let you know that Tom succumbed to the disease last Thursday and that his funeral  is being held today.
Andrew and his sin Ben raised almost twice their original target  for Sarcoma research. Here's the link if you wish to donate to help eliminate Sarcoma. Everyday Hero. 
Summit for Sarcoma Andrew and Tom set off 2022-10-16 14:00:00Z 0

The most preventable deaths...and its not what you think

Alex Rotary shows its support for a life giving cause

On Friday we renewed our friendship with Eve Fraser, Director of OzSwim Aquatics. Members will recall that a few months ago our club was successful in getting a $4,000 grant to help Eve and her team save lives in Uganda though a water awareness program. Since that time, Eve has been super busy and has created a Rotary e-Club that has tasked itself with engaging with Rotary to save 2,500,000 lives around the world. That's the number of lives that the United Nations estimate are lives lost in water incidents, that could have been prevented.
So Eve, being a "can do" sort of person has set out a plan of 6 project clusters to break down this mammoth task into achievable parts. ..
The club is delighted to have Eve as a neighbour on the sunny coast, and a friend of Alex Rotary and already we're exploring ways of supporting this worthwhile cause through club projects. The Solstice Swim is an obvious collaboration that we're exploring. 
The most preventable deaths...and its not what you think 2022-10-15 14:00:00Z 0

Murgon Music Muster

Murgon Music Muster

On Friday Rex gave his former Rotary Club a big plug for their amazing Murgon Music Muster week. Any caravaners or country music fans out there (and who doesn't love a "pub with no beer?" ) are guaranteed an entertaining week at Murgon, in support of this great event.
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Christmas at Alex Dateclaimer 

Christmas at Alex - Sunday 11th December at Buhk Park

The Alex Community Association folks are again hosting the iconic and world famous (really?) "Christmas at Alex" on Sunday 11th December. The weather is guaranteed to fabulous, and there is a rumour that a man in a red suit will be there to spread some joy and create some bedlam among the kids (well done JH) ..after a few tough years. 
Christmas at Alex Dateclaimer 2022-10-15 14:00:00Z 0
Get ready for Sip and Paint at Naomi's 2022-10-15 14:00:00Z 0

Walk for Mental Health 2022

Lift The Lid Walk for Mental Health 2022

The day started a bit dull, overcast and with a few rain showers but the day brightened -- suitable for walking from Mooloolaba, through Alexandra Headland and on to Maroochydore.
The annual Walk for Mental Health happened on Sunday with 400 pre-registrations and about 100 “show-ups”. After the event Vicki Stewart confirmed there were 550 in total that started!!!
Alex Rotary creates an encouragement point and the 4km turn around point; we also wave the flag to provide encouragement to those walking the full 8km to Maroochydore and back!
We saw lots of people, colourful costumes, quite a few dogs, kids in strollers and prams, people with walking aids and at least one “walker” in a wheel chair!  
Delighted to see a past president of Alex Rotary, Prue Byrnes, with husband Chris and their wonderful guard dog!
Andrew Wallace MP is a keen supporter of the event and a regular “walker” and this year he ran the 8km.  Fiona Simpson, our local member of Qld Parliament is also a regular at the event and promotes the walk to colleagues and the community.
The event raises much needed funds for Australian Rotary Health which allocates all of the funds raised from the walk into research to understand Mental Health and the hope of finding a cure.
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Angie Mansey PHF

Recognition for Angie

At the Rotary District 9620 conference in March, Angie Mansey was a guest speaker who captured the attention of all attendees and mostly because her story was so natural and one with which we could relate. Not that we had been down her path but because of her life experiences and how she overcame them to move forward.
PDG Patrice Robinson making the PHF Award to Angie Mansey
Angie's second son required bucket loads of medical attention which drained all their cash reserves and more!!
When Angie and Luke were able to get their head above water, they established a charity to support families in need.
When then District Governor, Wendy Protheroe heard the full story she made Angie a recipient of a Paul Harris Fellow -- an award that recognises great contribution to the community. It involves quite a story but the Award was delayed and became available only a couple of weeks back. Wendy was not able to attend and present the award which was made by Past District Governor Patrice Robinson at Alexandra Headland Rotary just last week.
A "Paul Harris Fellow" Award is named after the founder of Rotary and requires a contribution of $1,000 US to The Rotary Foundation which uses the money in humanitarian projects around the world. The Rotary Foundation has all-but eliminated Polio; has installed water and sanitation in developing countries, built low-cost housing for people in need, worked on drought and emergency relief projects, built schools, educated kids in need. 
Rotary Foundation projects are mostly completed by Rotary volunteers which means very low administration costs are incurred.
Angie Mansey PHF Tony 2022-10-08 14:00:00Z 0

Angie Mansey - an amazing story

Angie Mansey has lived an interesting life with a few “ups” and many “downs” and then established a charity to help provide support for families in need!
We have talked about Angie’s story … homeless at 14; pregnant at 16 and gave birth to her son Rhyz; they escaped domestic violence; lived in a caravan and she studied to finish her schooling.  She subsequently married Luke and they added three wonderful boys – but not without a few “hassles” on the way.
Their first boy, Corben, was born with a few medical difficulties including missing a piece of his esophagus; born with 3 kidneys and a problem with liver ducts and spent an amazing amount of time in hospital in Qld, Perth and Melbourne.  Corben underwent 22 surgeries and the medical teams made sure this little boy survived – even when the medical monitors “flat-lined” a few times. The family sold everything to pay the bills.
When they returned to the Sunshine Coast with four boys, they bought a “dead business” using ‘vendor finance’ and built a nursery in the back so they didn’t have to pay daycare fees.  They were amazed how well suppliers and customers accepted the need for baby feeds and disruptions while they built up the business.  They worked hard to pay the business bills and pay off the collection of debts.
Now, Rhyz is in the Army and visits whenever possible and especially when Corben was enduring some of his times in hospital; the other three boys are all at school and doing well. Corben still has some medical issues but is “doing OK”!
Angie and Luke’s business, Kuluin Mufflers, has grown and built an export business and then a year ago, purchased their nearest competitor which suddenly saw their staff grow from 4 to 13 over two workshops that are only 3 minutes apart.  Angie shared some of the experiences with staff and how she is able to guide their attitudes … reminding one young man he should get back to work because this was his second lunch break!
The growth in the business has meant that Angie has also been able to become Founder and Charity Director of their charity called “Driven by KM” which quietly supports families who have gone down the same roads as they have …. Children with medical issues; children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Driven by KM has paid medical bills or school fees to help make sure that families in need can survive financially while caring for kids who require special attention.
Angie Mansey - an amazing story Tony 2022-10-08 14:00:00Z 0

Ashleys Mental Health Article

It's mental health month - and here's Ashley's story

(Reproduced by kind permission of My Weekly Preview)
As Ashley mentions he is a regular at the "Lift The Lid" walk, but what he didn't mention is that he is a also a great supporter if so many other mental health and community causes on the Sunshine Coast.
He is an honorary member of our Club along with another wonderful community advocate, Fiona Simpson, also a regular "lift the Lid" walker.
Ashleys Mental Health Article  Tony 2022-10-07 14:00:00Z 0

Angie Mansey Guest Speaker 7 October

Remember this week we get to hear an incredible story .... How to turn lemons into Lemonade!
We will be in the Training room at Alex Surf Club.
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Black & White to overcome problems

The magnificent simplicity of Black and White
Last week’s guest speaker at Alex, Judy Bates, shared an interesting life and her “escaping” and recovering from mental health issues through the power of pen and ink drawings!
Judy mentioned a domestic violence situation from which she escaped; her son being abused in boarding school and the trauma associated on the whole family from her son’s abuse. She explained, “When we send our 11 year old kids away to school, we expect them to develop and be nurtured, not abused while in care that has such a devastating effect!”
Affected by the trauma in her life, Judy moved around living in such diverse places as Melbourne,  Port Douglas in one end and on a large cattle property in NW Western Australia where she rode as an observer/radio operator on mustering helicopters before she moved back to civilisation in Perth and more recently to the Sunshine Coast.
Her artwork is detailed and delightful …. Some simple and some very detailed ….
Judy says “I am producing this type of art to improve mental well-being.. it is very detailed .. so calming.” She believes anyone can do this.. no artistic ability needed. (Even I might have a chance of drawing something that is recognisable!!). Judy says that art of this type builds self esteem as it is non confrontational … only one piece of paper and one pen needed.
It can be used to create friendship… she is meeting with a large group of women on a wellness weekend to demonstrate her art but also threading laughter through it all.
Doctors have given a lot of encouragement to continue  this.. .. she says “I would like to get small groups together and demonstrate with lots of laughter… the calming effect of this particular style of my art… As we know there are many broken souls amongst us.. I would like to help from my heart.”
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Angie Mansey PHF

Don't miss next week -- 7th October  How I Made Lemonade: A Memoir by Angie Mansey | Goodreads
Some of us heard Angie Mansey at the Rotary District Conference where she made us laugh, cry, understand and share and incredible journey.
In brief, Angie left home at 16, pregnant at 17, left an abusive domestic violence situation while still a teenager!  She wanted to grow, so lived in a caravan, studied part time and then fell in love with a great guy. Their first boy had medical issues so they sold everything and went to Melbourne where they lived in Ronald McDonald house for a while. Returning to Qld, they purchased a dead business and built it up looking after the business and now with 4 boys! 
BUT, that's not all ... she went on to establish a charity to provide help to parents in need as they were!
At the Conference (then) DG Wendy Protheroe awarded Angie a Paul Harris Fellow  ... and we have the privilege of presenting that to Angie next week. It's not a surprise presentation, Angie was so excited I expected her to jump out of the phone!
Bring your partner, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend to hear this amazing story!  
Please let us know numbers so the club can be prepared.
Angie Mansey PHF  Tony 2022-09-26 14:00:00Z 0
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Rae Smart empowers many

Rae Smart is a new member to Alex Rotary however she has been a member of various Rotary clubs as her work commitments moved her around the world. Rae first joined in 1989 and has taken many leadership roles including President of her Noosa club twice and most recently at Sunshine Coast Central.
Her life experiences were interesting ….. she spent a lot of time in the Papua New Guinea area including the troubled and war-torn area of Bougainville – which at one stage was considered part of the Solomon Islands group.  She was seen as a leader and had the skills to empower women and girls and was “accepted” by both sides of the warring parties.
Helping and empowering women took her to about 20 different countries and all the way to United Nations in New York! Some of the many places she visited or lived during those times included:  Japan, Beijing; Honk Kong; Cambodia; PNG; Solomon Islands; Cook Islands; Fiji; Vietnam; Chile and the South Americas.
She and her husband had one child, a daughter who contracted encephalitis as a young child and the medical advice was cruel  …. she will be a vegetable and die within two years! Their daughter has developed into a fine young lady and overcome many of the medical issues.
Rae has been widowed for a few years … her husband was found deceased in his car in the car park of a medical centre on Anzac Day 2016 – it’s believed he was unwell and seeking medical help at the time.
In 2020 Rae was lucky enough to travel to Argentina to see their youth exchange host son, his wife and two boys and arrived back in Australia on one of the last flights before Covid-19 shut all the borders.
Rae has held many portfolios in Rotary Clubs and at a District level. She has been a keen supporter of the RYDA teenage driver education programme and in recent years has been very active in the Rotary International Youth Exchange programme .. and she is looking for help in this area as she builds a team working on the allocation of allocating YEP students to local families.
Alex Rotary is lucky to have her join us recently as she brings her passions, experience and an incredible desire to help many others.
Rae Smart empowers many  Tony 2022-09-26 14:00:00Z 0

Cooking more at Urban Angels

Last week saw a great celebration at Urban Angels …. They have been in their new premises exactly one year! It was also a celebration as they have been able to expand upstairs with more assistance from people like Peter Hall and donations from Alex Rotary!
Wendy Gilson and Tony F represented the Alex team at the celebration, inspecting the expansion and checking out the new upstairs meal packing arena that includes two new freezers.
Urban Angels are currently pumping out 10,000 meals a month to the homeless and needs, PLUS they run the kitchen at the IFYS Hub for Homeless at Kawana that we have visited a few times. The new facilities will mean an initial increase to 12,000 then to 15,000 and hopefully allow expansion to 20,000 meals a month.  It’s incredible that in an affluent society there is such a high demand and Birgit, Emma, Michelle and the team do a marvellous job.
Birgit spoke of the successes, the expansion, the support within the community – especially from neighbours “The Men’s Shed”  who build things, fix things and grow fresh vegies!
They were keen to share the success and hard work of the team plus many volunteers to achieve a defined growth.
The additional work and storage space means they can take advantages …. Such as the 250kg of chickens last week which is in the new freezers; the van load of UHT Milk on the new shelf units!
The wonderful afternoon tea included home made treats, fresh fruit platter and the celebration chocolate and beetroot cake!
Birgit and IFYS CEO Tony Pinata both mentioned the great support from Rotary.
Rumour has it Wendy was shy when offered the piece of celebration cake but was delighted to take home a piece so she could have it for dessert!  The cake looked like a black forest cake without the cherries, but it was actually a very healthy chocolate and beetroot cake, layered with cream filling and hand decorated for the occasion!  It tasted great!
Cooking more at Urban Angels Tony 2022-09-18 14:00:00Z 0

Strength and Purpose at Sunshine Coast Grammar

Anna Owen Principal of Sunshine Coast Grammar gave a most interesting speech as Guest speaker
Last week we were delighted to have as our guest speaker Anna Owen, principal of Sunshine Coast Grammar. Anna enlightened us about her school and its values, curriculum and the focus of Staff and students, on creating a nurturing and challenging school climate, that promotes equity and engages students, “to be the best they can be.”
Anna talked about building a community within the School that fosters a supportive systems and positive relationships between all members of the community and promoters a strong ethos of mutual care and concern.
There was a most interesting question and answer component of Anna’s talk in which the audience of Rotarians were given an opportunity to learn more about the “passion and purpose” of the school. Anna addressed each question fully. We learnt that the students had access to specialist teachers in a variety of their subject selections.  There was an emphasis not only in attending to a wide range of theoretical components that addressed subjects within the Australian curriculum, but also the students were introduced to the practical components that accompanied each section of the curriculum. The latest advances in teaching technology were employed at Suncoast grammar with a great measure of success.
A wellness programme that addressed aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all students was an essential feature of Sunshine Coast Grammar.
The students had access in developing an empathetic “hands on” approach in  serving the local community based on their identified needs.  Sunshine Coast Grammar also linked in to help established projects like Rainbow House and Bloomhill Cancer Help, The students were given opportunities to attend oversea camps in their senior years, in sporting endeavours  and in so doing ,develop an active knowledge of different cultures.
Anna said there is an emphasis in grammar in identifying the goals and aspirations of students and in helping them in an individualized way to achieving their goals. 
Anna spoke about the Aquatic facilities that Grammar had at their disposal. The 50 metre pool that the school possessed was the only swimming pool in the Sunshine coast that was recognized by the standards set by FINA. Theses facilities were open not only to the Grammar students , but made available for the community.
The holistic approach to Learning and Well Being that Grammar promotes, goes a long way I feel in developing a student that can progress with  Passion and Purpose in the 21st century.
School is very different from our school days …. Sunshine Coast Grammar School offer a total of 70 subjects including the choices to specialise within many subjects …. English, maths, sciences, business studies, humanities, arts, technologies including computing and design,, sociology, psychology; the choices also include options for trade training which lead to Certificate 11 or 111 for some trade course to prepare students for life, work and university.
Strength and Purpose at Sunshine Coast Grammar Tony 2022-09-18 14:00:00Z 0
September Basic Education  Tony 2022-09-11 14:00:00Z 0

Forever Young at heart - Jason and the Theme Parks

Our guest speaker last week was Jason Todd who runs a local business that provides serious advice to owners and managers of Theme parks around the world!
Jason started work at the old Australia’s Wonderland which was developed in western Sydney during 1980’s, and became the centre of the universe for many teenaged kids who lived west of Parramatta. Jason picked up rubbish, sold tickets, dressed up in costumes – in fact did a million things to provide pocket money and then keep him going as a young adult at university.
He had great experience that allowed him to understand them parks and what made them tick. He had career experiences with an impressive list of parks running individual rides, running parks, before moving into the management area where he created strategic and start-up plans; developed training programmes and then subsequent testing of employees to make sure the employees understood the rides’ characteristics and emergency detail.
The pre-ride and technical checks for any ride are important for the safety of all customers.  Jason discussed the importance of safety and, in answer to a question, offered some comments in relation to the DreamWorld accident that claimed four customers and closed the theme park for a period of time.
His business, AP Attractions International, offers support to theme park owners, operators and builders around the world; they concentrate on getting everything “just right” in a dynamic and ever changing business environment.  How did he get to offer the advice …. through hard work at places like Australia Wonderland, Luna Park Melbourne, the Disney organisation, Johore racetrack plus parks in Singapore, Hong Kong, China.  His life of global travel and fun now operates from his own central location of Buderim …. right here on the sunshine coast.
Forever Young at heart - Jason and the Theme Parks  2022-09-11 14:00:00Z 0
Walk for Mental Health  Tony 2022-09-11 14:00:00Z 0

PNG School Desks

Rotary Club of BOROKO  (in Port Moresby area) reports there are some simple solutions to a major problem for many schools throughout Papua New Guinea.
The Need-Urban Drift into Port Moresby together with a birth rate of over 3.5% has seen the population of Port Moresby increase by over 2% a year. The result of this has been that primary schools have 60 or more children in a class. Many classrooms have insufficient desks in them and in some all the children are sitting on the floor. All schools are expanding and all schools are short of desks.
Rotary Clubs in Australia have been bringing in surplus desks from their local schools to DIK/RARE and very generously paying for the freight of the containers to ship them to PNG. However, shipping costs have and are increasing all the time and because the desks and chairs are ‘free’, ‘smart’ and ‘single’ they are easily movable and disappear off to the children’s and teacher’s homes. Moreover, it is difficult to repair these desks.
The Solution-  Rotary Club of Boroko has been trialling the building of double wooden desks designed by Rotarian Graham Rowe, diagram attached. The plywood from which they are built is grown and manufactured locally in PNG. Using templates provided by Graham the parts for the desk are then cut and parcelled into “kits” for the schools to assemble and thus we hope there is a sense of ownership by the school. Importantly, being double desks with seat attached they are less movable and having helped construct the desks they will also be able to repair them if and when they get broken.
The “Kit” or Materials–To build the desks The Rotary Club of Boroko would provide the schools with the “Kits” of the required materials already cut and ready to assemble who with the help of our Carpenter and Interact Club members would show them how to put them together. A “kit” consists of:
1.  Ten sheets of 18mm ply
2.  Two Desk Patterns
3.  One bag of 1-inch nails
4.  One bottle of Wood Glue
5.  One 4 litre tin of Varnish
6.  Carpenter’s wage
COST OF KIT:     PNGK2000 AUS$800 A “Kit” will make 20 double desks and seat 40 to 60 children
Support Our Desk Project–  Is this a project considered worthwhile for Alexandra Headland Rotary??
PNG School Desks 2022-09-11 14:00:00Z 0

School Desks for PNG

The Need-Urban Drift into Port Moresby together with a birth rate of over 3.5% has seen the population of Port Moresby increase by over 2% a year. The result of this has been that primary schools have 60 or more children in a class. Many classrooms have insufficient desks in them and in some all the children are sitting on the floor. All schools are expanding and all schools are short of desks.
Rotary Clubs in Australia have been bringing in surplus desks from their local schools to DIK/RARE and very generously paying for the freight of the containers to ship them to PNG. However, shipping costs have and are increasing all the time and because the desks and chairs are ‘free’, ‘smart’ and ‘single’ they are easily movable and disappear off to the children’s and teacher’s homes. Moreover, it is difficult to repair these desks.
The Solution-  Rotary Club of Boroko has been trialling the building of double wooden desks designed by Rotarian Graham Rowe, diagram attached. The plywood from which they are built is grown and manufactured locally in PNG. Using templates provided by Graham the parts for the desk are then cut and parcelled into “kits” for the schools to assemble and thus we hope there is a sense of ownership by the school. Importantly, being double desks with seat attached they are less movable and having helped construct the desks they will also be able to repair them if and when they get broken.
The “Kit” or Materials–To build the desks The Rotary Club of Boroko would provide the schools with the “Kits” of the required materials already cut and ready to assemble who with the help of our Carpenter and Interact Club members would show them how to put them together. A “kit” consists of:
1.  Ten sheets of 18mm ply
2.  Two Desk Patterns
3.  One bag of 1-inch nails
4.  One bottle of Wood Glue
5.  One 4 litre tin of Varnish
6.  Carpenter’s wage
COST OF KIT:     PNGK2000 AUS$800 A “Kit” will make 20 double desks and seat 40 to 60 children
Support the Desk Project–If you are interested in helping our club in providing our Port Moresby children with a desk to sit at, please sponsor one or more “Kits”   .
This was first published in the D9620 District Newsletter, September 2022
School Desks for PNG Tony 2022-09-06 14:00:00Z 0

Cardiologist keeps club spell bound

Alana keeps club informed and entertained

Listen to your Heart (Doctor)

Our Guest Speaker last week was Dr Alana Harris who is a Cardiologist on the Sunshine Coast.
Having told us there are three critical areas of the heart - the electrical/wiring; the plumbing; and the structure,  she then described herself as a electrician who specialises in the "wiring" with the heart and how it works.
She showed us heart beat mapping and took us through the process of what happens following a referral from your friendly GP and showed us pretty pictures of how the heart pumps and beats!  From the stories and discussions later we think there are a couple of members who might take more notice of medical comments, diet and exercise suggestions!
Cardiologist keeps club spell bound 2022-09-02 14:00:00Z 0

Club visits the TIDE residences community centre

Thank you Val and John 

Sometimes Alex Surf Club gets busy and has trouble providing facilities and catering for our meeting.
Welcome home Val and John (from UK and Spain) just in time to organise our meeting in the recreational club at the complex in which they live.  We all really appreciate your speedy organising of the meeting space and while we were listing to the heart doctor, John was busy preparing a batch of muffins and croissants!   It was just as well Dr Alana didn't stay to see what we ate as many of the members attacked the croissants with lashings of strawberry jam and thick cream .... low in dairy fats and cholesterol of course!!
The Rec Club has space, tables and chairs and a great BBQ area which might be good in summer if we have a location problem again!
Club visits the TIDE residences community centre 2022-09-02 14:00:00Z 0

Dave Woodrow receives another award

Dave Woodrow recognised for services to Panel Beating Industry

In recognition for his support in keeping the panel beating industry alive during COVID our very own Dave Woodrow has ben recognised in the Premiers Award list for services to industry. There is also unconfirmed talk that the Insurance Council of Australia is considering a meritorious award for Dave.
We are all aware of Dave's reversing expertise, whether its a moving obstacle or a stationary tree, none are beyond Dave's accuracy behind the wheel but last week these expoloits were surpassed by a lady (who shall remain nameless) but who has clearly been studying the master behind the wheel and managed to reverse into her OWN car. Now that's an exceptionally difficult manoevere, well done Cherie. I'm sure you will also be receiving a certificate to go with Dave's.
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RUSSCF  Dinner

2022 Rotary and University of Sunshine Coast Dinner - well attended by a mix of Rotarians and Academics from SCU.

The Rotary Clubs of the Sunshine Coast have provided funding for PhD candidates at Sunshine Coast University. This scholarship award and dinner at the University has been on the Rotary calendar for a number of years and, needless to say, the funding is greatly appreciated
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The LONG lunch for surfies and community minded folks

Garden makeover shout out has been postponed - but here's a long lunch with a world surfing champ

Hi Folks, we're on hold with the garden makeover - so stay tuned with your wheelbarrows and shovels...meanwhile the team at The Board Meeting Surf Charity continue their good work.

Legends of Surfing Long Lunch tickets selling fast

This is our 10th Annual Charity Long Lunch and to have 1977 World Surfing Champion, Shaun Tomson as our guest speaker is absolutely brilliant.

Shaun is such a legend of the sport and helped create our modern international surfing culture. Whilst born in South Africa Shaun is a world resident having lived and competed on every continent. He is recognised for his amazing tube riding ability and master of the Hawaiian breaks, which he dominated during the mid-70s.

When not surfing, Shaun is an author, movie-maker, world-class motivational speaker, brand maker and a truly inspirational family man. Now a resident of California, just having Shaun here for our lunch is a major achievement for the charity.

Shaun has stated:
“I am so excited to be coming to the Sunshine Coast to help raise funds for local kids with disabilities. I am hoping that the wonderful Sunshine Coast surfing community turns out to support this amazing charity lunch and I get to meet you personally”

Charity auction and raffle with 100% of proceeds going to local kids with disabilities. 
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for event updates and auction items.

Tickets on sale now 

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Fancy a cruise?

This little snippet came into the club secretaries mailbox...

Join us on this Fabulous Rotary Adventure

Hello Fellow Rotarian

My name is Sue Walker and I'm the Secretary of the Global Nurses & Midwives Rotary Club. 

We are organising a Rotary Conference Cruise sailing from Rome in June 2023.

This conference provides Rotarians the opportunity to join in fellowship, to share information about successful projects, and to learn from each other. 

It is by sharing information that our communities benefit from our knowledge, innovation, creativity, resourcefulness, and enthusiasm. Through Rotary we make the world a better place. 

It will be fabulous!..Go to their website for more details...

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Indigenous Workstars come to visit

Alex Rotary - on top of the big issues !!

Just last week our meeting topic was Polio, and we know how the emerging virus story has developed in the media, and this week we gained some insight into the state of affairs with putting indigenous workers on the path to that all important job and making a difference to their outlook on life. 

Lachlan Anderson - Indigenous Workstar 

The club was treated to guest speaker Lachlan Anderson from Indigenous Workstars on Friday morning. Indigenous Workstars specialises in the placement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into meaningful employment throughout Australia. As a full service recruitment agency, Indigenous Workstars offers a suite of services for both jobseekers and employers to ensure the very best outcomes for both our candidates and clients.
Indigenous Workstars helps businesses find the right candidate for the job from our ever-growing database of over 11,000 skilled Indigenous workers, and it was uplifting to hear from Lachlan about his enthusiasm and professionalism in working between employers and candidates to place indigenous youth (predominately) on the path towards a successful career in various industries. 
We also heard some of Lachlan personal story and his family background, including the forced relocation of his grandmother, and their struggles. Lachlan also addressed the club in his mobs language and gave us an insight into how the legal system is working in Queensland, and the differences to NSW.
It was a very moving and thoughtful talk from Lachlan and we are grateful for sharing some of his story with us. 
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Disaster Aid - Founded by Rotary 

Rotary and Disaster Aid

Sometimes its hard to keep up with the various community aid organisations that Rotary has founded, and apart from being at teh start of the United Nations conception, Rotary started the fight against polio that was later taken up by the World Health Organisation etc...and here is another ....and not forgetting the Noosa Rotary Club here in the Sunshine Coast that works very hard to provide safe drinking water around the world...and of course the great work that Charmaine and her team does with teh water hippo's. 

An international project for your club

As an organisation founded by a Rotary Club, Disaster Aid Australia has a commitment  to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world.

Safe water for every child

Probably the greatest humanitarian service is to ensure that people have access to safe drinking water. This is particularly relevant to young children, who are the most vulnerable to water borne infections.

Why partner DAA

International Partners; We have strong links with Rotary and Non-Rotary organisations in the countries we help, that install our Skyhydrants at the lowest possible cost.

Projects Ready To Go; We currently have Safe Water Projects ready to go for schools and communities in Bhutan and the Philippines that can be completed within the next twelve months.

Proven Technology; The SkyHydrant removes 99.999% of all Bacteria in water sources.

Known Costs; $5,000 will sponsor a SkyHydrant Installation; This delivers an International Project that makes a real difference to a community of over 500, or over 1,000 children.

Opportunities for an Ongoing Relationship; Our ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ installation can be the first step of a long-term relationship between your club and a school, or community, in a developing country.

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Medals and miniatures 

Are you a medal citizen?

Past Senior Citizen of the year, and golf aficionado Dave Woodrow spoke to the club about acknowledgement of community service and particularly the awarding of medals in recognition of going that extra yard as a citizen. Dave has been recognised for his community work in various fields and encourages anyone who knows of a deserving citizen to put their name forward for recognition by the community. 
Here's some of Dave's medals
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Director of Rainbow House in Africa invites you to tea

Not too late to take up this invitation - but hurry

Hi all
You are probably aware Alex Rotary has supported Our Rainbow House in Africa for a number of years. For our new members, Cherie was involved in the establishing of the little school in Zambia for orphans (whose parents have died due to AIDS or TB). The project is supported by several Clubs.
Alison Ray, from Emerald, (who is the founder and Director of Our Rainbow House), would like to personally thank members of Alex. She will be on the Sunshine Coast on Tuesday 30th Aug with the African manager of the school.  
Club members are invited to afternoon tea and drinks at 1600hrs at the home of Garry and Jenny Cant: 
70 Lindsay Rd, 
Garry is Prior of the Sunshine Coast Priory of the Order of St John which also supports the school.
If you are able to attend, please let Jenny know on 0412989811.
We hope to see you there.
David Woodrow
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Can you help with Bunnings BBQ on Sunday 4th September?

Bunnings BBQ Sunday 4th September

Possibly the biggest news this year (outside of pandemics, war, election that fact that Bunnings have increased the cost of sausages for the first time in 10 years.
Over that time the amazing teams at Bunnings all over Australia have helped communities raise millions of dollars for their communities. So a big shout out to the Bunnings workers who help clubs set up for their rostered BBQ's. 
If you can help let Craig know and if you CAN'T help, also let Craig know as he's likely to "voluntold" you what you're helping out with on the day . smiley
Late Extra: At the Bunnings induction the team were advised that it is now permissible to put onions on TOP of the sausages after several years of having to put them on the bottom. We're not sure how that will go as from memory it took one member in particular several attempts to be trained to put the onions on the bottom. Old habits. smiley
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Skye's in the news - See My Weekly Preview

My weekly Preview promoting women's leadership roles in the community 

Readers of My Weekly Preview will have noticed several articles celebrating the leadership role of women in the Sunshine Coast Community. If you check this weeks magazine you'll also see that our President Skye gets a mention. 
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Eve's great news

Club helps Eve with her passion for saving lives

The club has had a positive indication that our assistance with the District Grant in support of Swim Safe Uganda is likely to be successful. This is great news for Eve Fraser who has been in the forefront of "The Global Aquatic Project" and saving lives in Uganda through volunteer swimming and life saving programs. Here's an earlier note from Eve, who we hope to be catching up with in a few months...
"I am really looking forward to meeting your members and presenting our journey and the transition into the proposed RC Global Water Safety & Drowning Prevention and now we can add the contribution your club has made as well.   This is the most exciting venture and the positive ripples is evident when you attend our meetings.  We have only had 4 EOI meetings for our proposed club and we have over 20 countries sitting around the table.  We have some of the most influential players in the aquatics industry who have already committed sponsorship funds and support.  Thank you for supporting us in the meantime.  It would be very special if we could continue to work together and share some projects in the future."
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We walked for Polio awareness 

Polio Walk - Thank you all  

Not entireley sure whats going on here..something about starting bell for the walk...
..and a note from the prescient Joy..

A lovely Day to Participate in a Walk For Polio at LA Balsa Park

Sunday the 14th of August saw The Rotary Club of Alexandra headland engage in a successful Walk For Polio at LA balsa Park , at Point Cartwright. It was a brilliant day with representatives from The Rotary Club of Maleny; The Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific; The Rotary Club of Brisbane; and the Rotary club of Alexandra Headland  join together  with members of the local community groups,  with the purpose of raising awareness about the affects of Polio and the need to raise some funds, to eliminate this devastating disease, that targets children under the age of five. Our thanks also to the Rotary club of Nambour who gave a most generous donation in support of the Rotary Club of Alexandra’s  Headland’s Walk for Polio.

With some experienced Heart Foundation walkers and a Sports physiologist from the University of the sunshine coast, the walkers set off at a comfortable pace on the wide council path to the end of the breakwater wall.

A lot of interest was generated by costumed walkers one of whom was a Santa Claus.

Dogs came well attired by their owners with colourful collars or a knitted coat. One gorgeous toddler came in a bright yellow jump suit. There were prizes galore for many of the participants. Excitement was the order of the day especially when Santa Claus was spotted by the board riders. 

It was a day which lent itself to making friends and creating bonds with Rotarians from different clubs. 

It was lovely to see families spend time with their children in brilliant Sunshine with spectacular scenery , 

The Rotary club of Alexandra Headland sends out a voter of thanks for the visiting Rotarians from a variety of clubs and hope this event won’t be the last we all get to meet again.

Thanks also go out to the visitors who attended this walk  who  represent our local community.

A vote of thanks goes out to the high proportion of Alex Headland Rotarians who came together and set up for this event in the early hours of Sunday morning, to ensure a great day was had by all. 

Lastly thanks go out to President Skye and Past President Wendy who without their help this walk would not be able to occur.

It was a bonus to have at our walk the District Chair of Rotary Foundation for Polio-  Bruce McNaught, who himself is a survivor of polio. Also thanks to Sue Mackenzie who is  president of New Farm .Sue is also a polio survivor and is on the Board of Polio Australia.


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About club fees

About club subscriptions

There's been quite an increase in new members recently so its probably a good time to explain about annual Rotary subscriptions...or perhaps this should be "How does Alex Rotary manage to keep their annual subs so low?"
The short answer is that many years ago the club decided that members costs would be kept as low as possible to avoid any obstacles to membership. The club recognises that everyone in the club is a volunteer and all members devote a lot of time, and money, to Rotary initiatives, and the club wanted members to be free to make their choices. 
Essentially that means that none of the annual subscriptions goes to the running of the club. The annual subs are those charges from the bigger Rotary Organisation (Rotary District and International), where it is put to work all over the world, in community projects and reinvested in clubs through district grants and the like. An exception was made a few years back where the club subsidised some South Pacific clubs that were struggling. 
The club running fees are met internally by the club members activities. 
If any members have any queries on this, just ask any of our board, or longer serving members. laugh
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Breakfast Meeting at Aqua Vista 

Club meets at the Aqua Vista 

We had been booted out of Alex Surf club because of the Marathon, so Wendy and Craig organised access to the Library and Meeting room in their complex …. Which was compact but a great “Plan B”. Wendy was up all night cooking Croissants and Muffins and setting up tea and coffee!  A great light breakfast to solve the problem!
Visitors …. Naomi Pettenuzzo, our local artist and Narelle Wockner. Rumours of an increase in club membership abound.
Charmaine's Rotary Minute subject was the formation of the Rotary Community Corps programme …  a team of locals who want to help but they don’t want the formality of a “normal” Rotary Club.
While in WA Steve Newton visited the Royal Australian Mint and was able to have a “Happy Dollar” minted, complete with smiley face and letters RCAH!!
Chairman Geoff  introduced "new" member and Bendigo boy, Ray Burton … who had joined the now folded Satellite Club and then transferred to Alex.
Ray has extensive experience in local government at senior level in both Victoria and Queensland and has a big family that keeps Lee and himself busy with grandparents duties. 
Was instrumental in the successful merger of Caboolture, Redcliffe and Pine Rivers to create the new Moreton Shire Council …. Third largest Council in Australia. Ray was appointed CEO of the newly merged Council …..until new mayor was elected ….bit of a theme there. 
Ray retired, but was appointed by Local Government Minister to the role of Acting CEO of various Councils in need when the CEO left …. To sort out operations and culture and implement stability (after changes) in some of the Councils when changes were to be introduced by new Mayors!
Ray was awarded PSM (Public Service Medal) for services to Local Government …. so if Ray was not so modest his badge should say Ray Burton PSM.  
Coincidentally Ray and Tony were both members of Samford Rotary at the same time; Ray was a Director of Pine Rivers Community Finance which owned the Brendale and Samford branches of Bendigo Community Bank …. And when he moved to Townsville, I was asked to join the Board!!!
Thanks Ray for your profile talk. 
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Club donates $4,000 to Urban Angels

Club donation to Urban Angels - will it go into the Cauldron?

The club was delighted to donate $4,000 to Brigit and the amazing team at Urban Angels to let them know that the work they do every day for prepare and distribute food into the community is much appreciated by ourselves.  We hope our donation helps make their lives, and their clients lives a bit better. 
So what's this about the cauldron? Is it 
a) Something to do with a staff bus to Lang Park (aka "the cauldron") 
b) Some diabolical device for making heaps of pasta?
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Meeting this Friday at Aqua Vista Maroochydore 6th Avenue

Sunshine Coast Marathon this week, so meeting transferred to Aqua Vista Resort conference Centre
Message for You...
The Marathon that is taking place this weekend has unfortunately commandeered out meeting venue for Friday as well. However, fear not as Wendy has been able to secure the meeting room in her unit complex and has arranged for a tea, coffee and a light breakfast at $10 per person. 
Address:  64 Sixth Avenue Cotton Tree (Aquavista), please ring either Wendy 0437 747 462 or Craig on 0407 966 440 if you have any trouble getting in the front door. 
Payment will be as normal on eftpos 
Guest speaker is our very own Ray Burton who is presenting his life profile. 
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A significant members (and Australian service) story of service

David Woodrow's story

Every so often the club invites a member to tell the club their story. On Friday David Woodrow took us on a 100 year journey of his family and his service to Australia and Queensland in the fields of education, public service, armed forces, community service and local history. 
It was an amazing story of tradition and service. Although we knew a bit of Dave's background from his work at Rotary and the origins of the Helicopter rescue service, we were also treated to anecdotes from his mum and dads time and other work that Dave has contributed to the community through his armed forces and emergency services work, and (this stunned a certain scribe) .... his leadership in bringing computers Australian classrooms, for which he received acknowledgement at the highest levels of government. This also involved trips to USA when computer learning was in its infancy. 
Dave did not restrict his community work to Queensland, he has also been very active in supporting "Rainbow House" in Zambia, where he coordinated support from various groups on the Sunshine Coast to help with kids education.
Dave has already received many community and service awards, including AM, Honorary Colonel of cadets, Sunshine Coast Citizen of the Year and Fisher Electorate Senior Citizen of the year.
Thank you Dave for your story.
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Backyard blitz at Mooloolah

Back yard blitz at Mooloolah - Saturday morning 27th August - details coming

Hi Folks
Thank you for your positive responses to this call out for volunteers. We will have more information from The Board Meeting Surf charity in a few days, and I'll pass them on to the garden volunteers (which include our mates at Mooloolaba Rotary Club)
Mark Skinner from The Board Meeting Surf Charity sent the club this note during the week. Thankyou to those who have already responded, please keep this in your diary.
"We support a family that consists of a single mum and her 4 boys who all have ASD including a little boy who drowned (& was resuscitated but now has delays) in their backyard pool. The family has not used the yard since the drowning, I believe as a result of the trauma, and it has become significantly overgrown and they can't even go out there now. The boys have become very socially isolated throughout the pandemic and I'm very concerned that they are indoors all the time and the littlest, with the delays, does not have a safe and open space to practise his therapies at home.
The family now has a wonderful Therapy Assistant who is going to provide in-home assistance and she would love to enable the boys to have a safe outdoor play space and for the littlest to have a space for this therapy equipment and exercises. "
Thank you Mark and team for the work you do, and thinking of Rotary for assistance. Always willing to help. 
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Angela's story 

Meet the team at Maroochydore High ..

Delighted to be able to help out at the Maroochydore High "mock interviews" which is something we inherited from Maroochydore Rotary following some great work by Steve Hind, and where the Mooloolaba Rotary club members also have a long history.

..and apart from wanting to be part of the amazing work that Liana and her team does, you might notice a wonderful morning tea which may also have something to do with the smiling faces.  

Angela's story 

Nw member Angela educated the club on Friday about some of teh significant issues around Chines New Year on Friday as she related her story of a young girl in Australia who had a career as a radiographer, and a few hilarious episodes as a young girl in boarding school in Australia. 
I guess Angela's story can be summarised as "Always say YES to life's opportunities" as she became what is probably the first sea ranger who could not swim. 
btw Did you know that fish and prawns were happy little creatures? apparently they are leaping around the water though joy. and btw, and lots of information about beliefs and superstitions, and good and bad spirits and luck, including when to sweep the floor. 
A certain scribe has been trying out these ideas on his good far without success. Still makes him run around with the Dyson. 

New? Member Ray

We also welcomed new? member Ray on Friday. Really. it was just a shirt and badge as Ray has been a member of our Satellite club and joined us during the week at the Maroochydore High school mock interviews. 
A special prize if you can identify the photo bomber from his wrist strap in the pic below. 

Helping out Toastmasters

The club is delighted to be able to help out the local Toastmasters for a conference grant. They applying for the grant in their own name, and our club will be auspicing for them (first time our treasurer and a certain scribe ever heard that word) form from the Council, that goes with their application, to say that we agree to basically manage the grant for them.
Very happy to help. 

Keeping your hours up

Treasurer Wendy has offered to maintain a register of hours "worked" for Rotary. So please email her with details regularly. 

Rotary Down Under Issue

Please click to see the magazine
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Surf Show and Shine is coming 2022-07-20 14:00:00Z 0

Helping The Smith Family

The Smith Family looking for help

Recently a certain scribe and his mate were invited to a Smith Family breakfast, and we received this lovely note afterwards. Its worth reading and reflecting on how Rotarians are helping the community...and there's a video link worth listening to at the end. 
Hoping that yesterday provided you with some insight around the work of The Smith Family and the importance of local businesses and individuals supporting our young people to excel at school and work.
There are a number of ways in which you, as an individual or as a business, can get involved and we welcome an opportunity to talk to you in more detail about these:-
  • Host a group of students in your workplace for a tour. Groups of 10-20 students can spend half a day or a day at your workplace and learn more about your business and industry. Find out more about our Work Inspiration program here
  • Be a guest speaker.  We have opportunities to engage with students so that you can share your career journey and profession.
  • Become a mentor. Help inspire a young person to achieve their education and career goals.
  • Participate in mock interview programs.
  • Recruit a school-based apprentice or cadet. It’s a win-win for businesses and young people. Contact us to learn more about these initiatives.
  • Showcase your business/industry at school expos.
Please reach out to me if you would like to support any of the above initiatives.  You can also assist by spreading the work to others within your business networks who may be interested in supporting local young people.
Here is a story from yesterday that our MC, Rosanna Natoli, posted on the Channel 7 Facebook newsfeed  Please feel free to share this around.
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The Scouts still powering along 

Scouting - making a difference to youth of today

Big thanks to Sean for stepping in a week ahead of time of schedule to talk about one of his passions - Scouting

Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement employing the Scout method, a program of informal education (recognised by the UNHCR) with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities.

The purpose of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

Scouting is based on three broad Principles that represent the movement's fundamental beliefs. They are known as: Duty to God, Duty to Others and Duty to Self.


Scouting was founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell.  

BP won a scholarship which gave him entry into the British Army, where he was sent to India and served for many years. Baden-Powell's personal experiences in India led him to adopt Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book as a major influence for the Cub Scouts.
As a soldier, Baden-Powell rose to public prominence during the war against the Boers in Africa at the end of the 1800s. In 1896 he was assigned to Matabeleland and Matobo region (about 50kms from where I grew up). His friendship and work with Chief of Scouts for the British Army and also Frederick Selous, both internationally known heroes, renowned for their outdoor craftsmanship. He had the time of his life commanding reconnaissance missions into enemy territory and many of his later Boy Scout ideas originated here.
Most noteworthy was BP’s leadership of the defending force in the siege of the South African town of Mafeking and he returned to England as a national hero in 1899. 

While he formulated his ideas over many years, Sc4outing acknowledges the 1st of August 1907 as the date when the Movement was founded. 

Scouting soon spread throughout the world, with Scout Groups starting in Australia in 1908. In 2007, Scouting and Guiding together had over 38 million members in 216 countries.

Baden-Powell wrote ‘Scouting for Boys” – which ranks fourth in the best-selling books of the 20th Century: after the Bible, the Koran and Mao’s Little Red Book.

The Girl Guides were formed in 1910 by Baden-Powell’s sister, Agnes.

BP came to Australia three times, in 1912, 1931 and to the first Australian Jamboree in 1934-35.

He is now buried not far from where he and his wife retired near Mount Kenya.

Australian Scout promise:

On my honour, I promise
To do my best,
To be true to my spiritual beliefs,
To contribute to my community and our world,
To help other people,
And to live by the Scout Law.

The Australian Scout Law

Be Respectful        Be friendly and considerate, Care for others and the environment, 

Do What is Right    Be trustworthy, honest and fair, Use resources wisely

Believe in Myself    Learn from my experiences, Face challenges with courage


Famous Scouts:

Neil Armstrong (Of the 12 men that have walked on the moon… 11 were Scouts) Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, David Beckham, Venus Williams, Mariah Cary, Neil Armstrong, Sir Paul McCartney, Peter Garrett, Billy Connolly, Harrison Ford, Celine Dion, Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, Patrick Stewart, Bear Grylls, Michael J Fox, David Attenborough, Tony Blair, Michael Parkinson and David Bowie.

Prominent Aussies influenced by Scouting: Dick Smith AO, Peter Beattie, Rove McManus, Peter Garrett, Sir Jack Brabham, Jamie Durie, Shane Jacobson, Bert Newton and Adam Spencer.

Some quotes by Baden-Powell:

“Nobody is too small to do a good turn, even if it is only to smile.”

“We must change boys from a ‘what can I get’ attitude to a ‘what can I give’ attitude”

“Girls should be brought up to be comrades and helpers, not to be dolls. They should take a real and not a visionary share in the welfare of the nation.”

“The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.”

“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”

“We never fail when we try to do our duty. We ALWAYS fail when we neglect to do it.”

“An invaluable step in character training is to put responsibility on the individual.”

“Try to leave this world a little better than you found it and, when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate you have not wasted your time but have done your best.”

“The purpose of the Boy Scout and Girl Guide Movement is to build men and women as citizens endowed with the three Hs  - namely Health, Happiness and Helpfulness. The man or woman who succeeds in developing these three attributes has secured the main steps to success in this life”

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Welcome new President Skye 

Youngest ever President of Rotary Club of Alex Headland

Well its official, the women have finally officially taken over.
Of course the more observant of us already knew that they were always in charge.  But usually women were in the background, doing the hard yards, men up the front grabbing all teh limelight. Th natural order of things. (not!) 
But now, as we can see from the photo, we have a new President Skye, and Past President Wendy, and of course new International Rotary President Jennifer Jones. Not forgetting our very hard working local member, and past Rotary Youth exchange student Fiona Simpson in the pic below. 
Welcome all. 
Ful credit and acknowledgement to the great work that past President Wendy oversaw in her years guiding the club, and many thanks from all the grateful members.
..and finally these were the REAL STARS of the night........ the amazing Cohen and Olivia........ together with mum and dad...Anthony -  our amazing club sponsor and supporter,  and President Skye. 
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District Governors message at changeover

The new District Governor and relationship to our Dave

Among other positions in his career, our Dave was Principal of Concordia College, a secondary co-education boarding/day school in Toowoomba for five years. On leaving Concordia the new Rotary District Governor (Tim Keeler) took over as Head of Junior School, and both of them caught up at the clubs change over dinner. So the two "chalkies" had a great old time reminiscing about the good old schoolteaching days at the changeover. 

This is Tim talking up the Rotary anniversaries coming up this year, an of course acknowledging the great work that Dave W and his mates at Alex Rotary are doing.
This is Dave all dressed up as he heads off to be guest speaker at the signals squadron at Enogerra Baracks on Friday. Scrubs up well for an old fella.
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New member Charmaine

Welcome new Alex Rotarian Charmaine

Well, its finally happened, after quite a lengthy time overcoming some bureaucracy we were able to officially induct Charmaine into the club.
One of President Skye's first jobs was to present Charmaine with her badge and shirt and thank her for the contribution to the club that she has already made to our club events. We've all been impressed by Charmaine's energy and commitment to Rotary and we can be sure that there will be no shortage of ideas and plans for the future. 
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Club Roster for new year 2022-07-17 14:00:00Z 0
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Its Loud and its Clear from Payge

Fantastic Payge public speaking debut

Our speakers Leanne and Paige (yes thats not a typo) spoke to teh club about disability advocacy on Friday and it was a revelation. Readers might remember when Mark Hunter spoke to the club about some of his advocacy including human rights issues on his journey to seek equality of opportunity for disabled folks in teh community. Well who know there is such a group doing great work right here on teh coast called Loud and Clear. 
They meet every 3 weeks in Nambour and this year they are having their group Conference on 12 -14th October at Alex SLSC which is a 3 day event involving lots of interesting speakers and fun activities and a few special guests. Obviously some guests are more special than others, so when Payge was asked what was her favourite moment from last year, she thought for a while about the beach activities etc., and then mum prompted her by suggesting that it was meeting Kept Kenny, a heartthrob apparently of a younger generation. Well Paige's response was hilarious...."Oh yes, who is he again?".. 
Want to know more?
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Steve gets recognition 

What on earth is going on at the club? Alex Rotary have long been known for being very "stingy" with handing out Paul Harris Fellowships and now we've awarded two in the last 2 weeks!!
Seriously, both awards were long overdue to two great Rotarians and on Friday it was Steve's turn to be totally surprised when President Wendy put on the jewellery again and called Steve on stage for his PHF. 
Steve has been a great supporter of the club projects, always with ideas, and putting in the work, to add a big dose of professionalism to the club projects, whether its site design, or networking or bringing forward community causes, or trying to get Sunshine Coast Council bureaucrats to agree to a statue in recognition of 100 years of Rotary on the cost....and that deserves a medal in itself!.
Well done Steve. 
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Meet Rotary International's first female President

Rotary International President Jennifer Jones is ready to hit the ground running as she takes office 1 July as the first female president in Rotary history. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor Roseland, Ontario, Canada, and founder and president of Media Street Productions, an award-winning media company in Windsor. Having previously served Rotary in a variety of roles including vice president, director, and Rotary Foundation trustee, her talents have strengthened Rotary’s reach and impact. Learn more about Jones in a profile in the July issue of Rotary magazine. Watch the presidential changeover ceremonyon Facebook.
2022-23 Presidential Initiatives
President Jones imagines a Rotary where members act to make their dreams become reality and make the most of their club experiences. During her year, Jones will focus on four presidential initiatives that Imagine Rotary: advancing our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); creating a welcoming club experience; empowering girls; and expanding our reach. Learn more about the presidential initiatives.
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Solstice Swim Raffle Results

Rotary Solstice Swim - PRIZE DRAW                          


First prize          Art Print valued at $1600            425        Peter Deane

Second prize      Family holiday valued at $600        167          Graeme Hight

Third Prize       Beer & Wine Hamper valued at over $300      267        Bob Lane

Fourth prize        Photo session Andever Collective valued at $500    945    Elaine

Fifth Prize         Hypnotherapy session valued at $200    593        Judy Powell

Sixth Prize         Fishing Rod                    88        Levi 

Seven                Winter pack Salty Souls            671        Wendy Saunders

Eight                 Vet home visit voucher            910        Patricia

Nine           Alex surf club dining voucher    Valued at $100    393    P Angel

Ten          Voucher for Twisted Sista Hair studio valued at $100  287    Marilyn

Eleven           Voucher for Day Spa: valued at $100      264        Trudy Lane

Twelve           Carton of Your Mates Beer   Larry        452        Jess Doughty

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Swim Times and Raffle winners

Swim times and Raffle winners

We know that there are folks who just want to know their swim times and who won the raffle ...well all that information is on the club website. 
Check out where we'll be posting lots of photo's of the successful swim
And a special mention to our great supporters Joe and Naomi who have been perfectly framed in this photo..
and also here's another pic of Tamara and Kerry receiving $14,000 from the club for their new home for SalTy Souls Legacy. There's a strong rumour that Tamara is taking the plunge next year in the 1km swim. Could be family rivalry there
as Kerry took part in last years 1km swim , comfortable winning the wooden spoon, and lots of aches and pains. 
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Club buys Shelterbox for refugees


We were delighted that Peter Morley from Kippa Ring Rotary was able to join us at the Solstice Swim and put up a display of "Shelterbox" at the swim to show whats in Shelterbox and where the boxes are sent by donators around the world. 
Thank you Peter. The club is delighted to donate $1,000 for one box that contains all the necessities that folks with nothing but the clothes on their backs need. 
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Poo is important 

Listen to your body!!

That was the message on Friday, from our guest speaker Sally Ann, herself a bowel cancer patient who took us through the importance of being aware of your bodily functions, and the importance of bowel cancer screening. Thank You Sally Ann for your amazing story of diagnosis and recovery and I'm sure few of us will be able to erase the image of a certain visitor and Past President of the club offering to carry out a bowel screen test for his reluctant swim mate. Thanks Gazza!!
Sally Ann has certainly captured the meetings attention..
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Graeme receives his Paul Harris Fellowship award

Graeme's recognition by the club for his community achievements

Well, Wendy put the jewellery on, and Graeme was pulled into the limelight to receive a well earned Paul Harris Fellowship. Its our clubs small way of recognising the contribution Graeme has made to the club and the community. 
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Ipads have landed at Papaya School- Thank you Joy 2022-06-29 14:00:00Z 0
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Wanderlust - not to be missed

Wanderlust - an amazing Food & Drink festival in support of Oz Harvest

The amazing folks at Maroochydore State High School are inviting everyone to attend the amazing Wanderlust festival that celebrates the variety of Sunshine Coast food and drink produced here on the coast, and its all in aid of that fantastic Oz Harvest organisation, who have done an amazing job during the pandemic in keeping food on the table for so many folks who have been "doing it tough".
Also when a certain scribe and his mate were at the Vocational Enterprise Regional Group meeting we heard how the school went over the past few years. You can see from the slide below the impact of COVID on placement of kids in the workplace but also what a brilliant job the school has been doing in developing future academic and non academic student at Maroochy High during this very difficult time. 
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What are our Rotarian mates in Arlington Texas up to?

The club secretary gets quite a few Rotary newsletters, and we have connections as far afield as Alaska and UK. You'll recall Peter D recently visited the lone star state. We'll here's a recent newsletter to give you an idea of how Rotary clubs have similarities and differences around the world...
...and I know its said that things are always bigger in Texas...but I'm doubtful that Arlington Sunrise's can match this shot Tony took as he entered our club breakfast meeting..
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Magnificent Steve and Kim and a first for Alex Rotary 2022-06-22 14:00:00Z 0

Angela is the latest Alex Rotarian 

Angela joins Alex Rotary 

Delighted to welcome Angela as our latest member to The Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland. Angela has had a busy career in radiography and now is looking to help out with our community projects between family visits to Victoria. Welcome Angela, appreciate you picking Alex Rotary as your way to "make a difference".
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Naomi - a great addition to the Sunshine Coast Community 

Naomi's story

A certain lady artist via a career in construction has been a strong addition to the Sunshine Coast community, noted for helping out not only the Alex Rotary Surf Show and Shine and Solstice Swim, but many other community groups, including our beneficiaries from our Projects. So we were delighted to welcome Naomi from Ocean Art in Maroochydore to our breakfast meeting...and see below what Val and the ladies think of her wonderful artwork...can you spot the "turtle" ...good one Tony!!
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Charmaine's stories

Charmaine Stories

The club sometimes does members profiles, but on friday we had a prospective member profile from Charmaine, who has been a regular at our Breakfast meetings (well.... as regular as she can be with her busy lifestyle).
So we learned a few things, (i) that Charmaine is as skilful as any politician you could meet at avoiding the interviewers (Mike) questions and talking about the things she wants to talk about. And Charmaine loves talking about Rotary, she has seen the work that Rotary has done in South Africa and Lesotho and also much nearer home in Australia. 
We saw the Hippo Roller video, and the story on how it all started with a contact and an idea and blossomed into a change of lifestyle for hundreds of filks who do not have the benefit of first world sanitation and water supply. 
We also learnt that Charmaine is relentless in her Rotary fundraising, even when on a cruise holiday ..but that's another story. 
Mike just checking that he actually asked that question...

Change Over Dinner

Spot the typo in this message? $50 to first correct response, payable tomorrow. 


I was framed m'lud...

A rather nautical Geoff has been framed..
Great effort by Geoff and Charmaine on Monday selling 4 raffle books of tickets for the Solstice Swim fundraising.
..and we can look forward to these smiling faces in the Sunshine Coast Daily who have also been showcasing the swim..

Rotary International Convention in Texas

Great to be able to bring some good news from Texas where RI's International Convention was being held in Houston

A Rotary first

During the closing session , Rotary International President-elect Jennifer Jones gave members a preview of what she'll be focusing on.

"For the past two years, the most common question I have received is, 'How does it feel to be our first woman president?'" Jones said. "I will confess, I feel a sense of excitement brewing because I believe this opens opportunities for lifting and celebrating each of our diverse perspectives."

"We've all taken a different path to get here," she continued. "Some because your father was a Rotarian, some because an employer tapped you on the shoulder, others because a Supreme Court ruling permitted women to join ... and yet each of us entered through one mechanism — an invitation.

"That is why I am determined to harness diversity, equity, and inclusion to advance this invitation across the Rotary world."

Jones also called on leaders throughout Rotary to be trailblazers, and pledged to continue President Shekhar Mehta's Empowering Girls initiative, which she said "has resonated powerfully around the world."

Other highlights from Houston:

  • The Rotary Presidential Conference Houston: Serve to Bring Peace brought together peacebuilders from around the world to reflect on Rotary's response to conflict this year and reinforce our commitment to creating more peaceful and resilient societies.
  • Rotary's response to the war in Ukraine was acknowledged several times during the convention. Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta praised members for donating millions of dollars to help displaced Ukrainians. "They opened their hearts and homes...I saw from close quarters how Rotarians were caring for them. Seeing was believing," he said.
  • Dr. Olha Paliychuk, a member of the Rotary Club of Cherkasy, Ukraine, thanked Rotary on behalf of the more than 1,000 members in Ukraine. "You have not only donated and shipped medical supplies and other daily essentials to those of us inside Ukraine, but also provided shelter to those who have fled," she said. "Your help has saves lived, giving us hope and inspiring Ukrainians like me to stand up, to help our people, and protect our homeland."
  • Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi spoke about the work of the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation to end the exploitation of children in India and around the world by addressing the inequality, injustice, and discrimination that lie at the core of child labor. Following his remarks, Mehta presented Satyarthi with the Rotary Award of Honor for his advocacy of children's rights globally.
  • Dr. Hamid Jafari, director of polio eradication for the World Health Organization's Eastern Mediterranean Region, shared an update on Rotary's progress in ridding the world of polio. "Through your entrepreneurial spirit, you have energized and inspired other partners to never give up. You are the glue that holds us all together, motivated and accountable," he said. "You have led us from the start of global efforts to eradicate polio, and we will be together at the end of polio."
  • Antoni Slodkowski, a 2003-04 Rotary Youth Exchange student from Poland to Japan, is the 2021-22 recipient of the Rotary Alumni Global Service Award. Slodkowski, Tokyo correspondent for the Financial Times, previously served as a bureau chief for Reuters in Myanmar, where he led coverage of the election of Aung San Suu Kyi and of the military crackdown on Rohingya Muslims, receiving the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting.
  • Gen. Charles Duke (USAF Ret.) NASA astronaut, Lunar Module Pilot and 10th man to walk on the moon during the Apollo 16 mission, spoke of exploring new horizons.


Val and Mike were spotted by our illustrious photographer deep in conspiracy ...I wonder..

Michelle's back..(pun intended..)

..and delighted to see Michelle back on deck and before she heads off overseas...but not to worry...its only for a few months..

Swim weather 

The swim is just over a week away...and look at the weather ...yes
The swim gear is being printed, and the registrations are coming in (please hurry!!) so all is looking good for a fun Sunday morning. 
We'll have our mate Peter from Shelterbox and Val and the team on the raffles, and Councillor Joe Natoli to hand out those amazing trophies by our mate the beautiful Shannon, some amazing swimmers including Alexa Leary (#moveforlex) and I believe some surprise auctions are also on the cards.
And don't forget to grab a raffle ticket which carries the bonus of 10% discount on food at the Alex SLSC on swim day.

Burnside School Mock Interviews and Resume coaching ...Dateclaimer Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd August

We've received this email from teh Smith Family in regards to a request from Burnside SHS
"As we discussed at the VERG Dinner recently, Burnside SHS have provided me with some potential dates for Interviews and Resume Skill workshops for Term 3.
They have 6 Year 10 classes and therefore would like to run 6 separate sessions on the following dates:
Term 3, Week 4, Monday 1st August Periods 1,2,3 and 4 (between 8:55 am and 2:45 pm) including break times
Term 3, Week 4, Tuesday 2nd August Periods 1 and 2 (between 8:55 am and 11:55 am)
** Each period is 70 minutes. 
I know that you talked about a maximum time you think it best for these sessions – was it 40 minutes??  Could we split the class with Interview then resume skills?  I am happy to cover off the other part of the lesson with Resume skills or to discuss how this timeframe would work best.
They would like to set up the Student Centre with desks to make it like a proper interview style environment."
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Donated IPads are doing great work 

Donated Ipads are doing great work

The donated and fund raised Ipads were delivered to Papunya school in the NTerritory. Paul (the team leader) will  send us a video of the kids at his Indigneous School using their brand new Apple I Pads. Meanwhile make do with the advanced photo below. They have to fly some technical IT Professional out to the school to connect the ipads to their computer system. Paul also has the other two I pads which were sent by Australia Post and took just as long to get out to this school as Apple's carrier! But Paul will be able to send us a photo of the iPads being used as the computer IT persons arrives and sets all this up.
 Paul is one of our best teachers and has won awards for his pictures of the beautiful environment that is a feature of the Outback.

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Improve your mental health 

Singing sensation

Joy managed to get a few brave members on stage to sing Simon and Garfunkels "feeling groovy" on Friday....

A Few Minutes To Ponder from Joy...

My dear Fellow Rotarians and guests Welcome to you all. I would just like to share with you some ideas that originate from studying the pie charts that we all did relating to our division of our day to day observance of how we spent our time over a week. We seem to spend very little time engaging in what is vitally important to our mental health and that is just relaxing and doing something just for ourselves. In the realm of Psychology  it is called Engaging in Self- Care We feel pangs of guilt if we are not rushing about trying to do achieve everything in the limited time we have left in our all too busy schedule that we have set for our lives. 

“And yet…The Butterfly

Counts Not

Months but


And Has time 


Rabindranath  Tagore

So my dear friends as we all go forward in trying to achieve a myriad of tasks in breakneck speed, especially in this busy time of the Rotarian Calendar , maybe we could take a moment  to listen or sing along to the Words of Simon and Garfunkle  when they sing Feeling Groovy.”(Words supplied )

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RYDA and Rotary 

Rotary Youth Drivers Awareness 

Bill from Nambour 76 spoke to the club about the great program, in fact its more than a program ...

RYDA is more than a program, it’s partnership which supports teachers on the journey as they provide their students with the tools and understanding they need to see themselves as active, responsible road citizens. Taking, largely, a student inquiry learning approach, RYDA becomes part of the school culture from the first to last day of a young person’s high school life. Beyond that, RYDA provides students with the tools, habits and motivation to take action and stay safe on our roads as both drivers and passengers throughout their lives.

Long term change will only be realised where educational materials support each-other and key messages are repeated over time. RYDA, a program professionally developed by leading learning organisation, Road Safety Education Limited (RSE), is designed to complement the high school curriculum.

RYDA features a highly engaging and memorable one-day workshop which front-loads students’ understanding of road safety. The workshop sessions are designed to be held in small classroom sized groups (approximately 25 students) and are led by a team of trained facilitators including Police, driving instructors and other community sector specialists.

Pleased to say that Alex Rotary is stepping up to the plate and will continue with the leadership that President Wendy has shown in supporting RYDA for many years..Stay tuned for more details. 

RYDA and Rotary 2022-06-08 14:00:00Z 0

What's happening in Arlington Sunrise Rotary 

Whats happening  at Arlington Rotary?
Last Friday we heard from Peter D on his family visit to Arlington, Texas. So we have reached out to that club who so warmly welcomed Peter with an exchange of Newsletters. This international connection continues with Alex Rotary's rich heritage of overseas visits and visitors. Next time we roll out the pennants at a club function, just have a look at the over 100 clubs that have either met Alex Rotarians or have visited our little club. 
Peter handed President Wendy the Arlington Sunrise Rotary pennant, and familiarised us with an area of Texas that has almost the population of Australia within a 100km radius. Thanks Peter. 
Here's some excerpts from their newsletter FYI. A certain scribe will set up a link in future editions..
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ROMAC Trivia Quiz warm up

ROMAC Trivia Quiz warm up

This year the club are putting two teams into the ROMAC Trivia Quiz. Regular readers will be aware of the glorious history of the club in this event. (??) 
 and for a very embarrassing reason....this trophy is NOT the one we will be winning on Thursday !!
ROMAC Trivia Quiz warm up 2022-05-29 14:00:00Z 0

ROMAC - The stories

ROMAC - The stories 

Tony reminded us on Friday why the club has been a long term sponsor of ROMAC and some of the personal stories that he has seen in his 30 years of Rotary. Stories mostly of children who lives have drastically changed for the better after horrific birth defects, injuries and disease. 
The great Rotarians who donate their skills free to the pacific region are often not seen or celebrated. We'd like to acknowledge all the health professionals, general surgeons, GP's, Maxillofacial surgery specialists, Anaesthetists, helicopter pilots, etc. etc. and all members and community workers who volunteer for such a worthwhile cause.  
ROMAC - The stories 2022-05-29 14:00:00Z 0

Just saying...

"Just saying" ...Polio and Gun Violence

Rotary is proud to be "non religious" and "non political".
However Rotary does embody the very core of mainstream religion of compassion, caring, truth and courage. So what about the political position?
Having spent a bit of time in USA I am aware of the dialogue that repeats and repeats after every tragic incident.
But forgive an old scribe if he vents his frustration when folks (Leaders (?)) who should know better..... say that steps to meaningfully reduce gun violence is a "political" issue.
No its not.
It's a community issue and its so tragic and so ironic that Rotary, based in Chicago (one of the worst cities for gun deaths) is the HQ of Rotary International......... Just saying. 
A certain scribe.
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VERG Meeting 2022-05-29 14:00:00Z 0

Next time you are in Dan Murphy's...these bottles are lonely

Who would have guessed?

Apparently our alcohol package is creating great interest among the folks purchasing raffle tickets. Who would have guessed.?
These bottles are lonely, and we need to fill two or three laundry baskets would all members please bring their offerings to the meeting on Friday for a group photo??devil
Also a big shout out to the Alex SLSC who are offering 10%discount to all ticket mathematical brain tells me that we're almost giving tickets away with the club savings you'll make. 
Also big shout out to Fiona Simpson and Ted O'Brien our local hard working Members of Parliament (State and Federal) who have got behind the fundraising raffle. It is very much appreciated. 
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Last orders from Sponsors

Last Orders from Sponsors

Just a remind that this is the last week for members to drum up sponsors as we'll have to go to printers shortly.
Many thanks to those who have passed potential sponsor details through to the secretaries email. 
..and a big shout out to Gary Schulz and Mooloolaba Yacht club for the loan of their super sized buoys that will make the Solstice Swim so much safer for all the swimmers. laugh
Last orders from Sponsors 2022-05-22 14:00:00Z 0

What's happening at the beach?

"Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it"

Well these surfers were not at all bothered by the weather on Friday morning, as captured by Tony. Can't see any Rotarians there though. 
What's happening at the beach? 2022-05-22 14:00:00Z 0

How did that happen?

Tony has captured a lot going on here at the breakfast ordering table.
You would think that with all this brainpower from Bob, Phillip and Val at the table that nothing possibly could go wrong. But think again. 
So we'd like to offer $50 to the first reader who can explain the relationship between this activity and the quantity of breakfasts that were delivered from our mates at the Kiosk on a busy Friday morning. You can collect your $50 tomorrow.smiley
How did that happen? 2022-05-22 14:00:00Z 0

Motivational speaker Kevin Rabeling comes to club

Kevin Rabeling talks about self development and looking after your mental health

On Friday 
Local lad Kevin who grew up in Mooloolaba, and went to school with Grant Kenny at Maroochydore high gave the club a look into his life and how he came to write his best selling book "Alive"..

Kevin Rabeling is a corporate trainer, business owner, success advisor, and author who is passionate about helping people and businesses unleash their hidden potential. Kevin is no stranger to adversity as a highly regarded corporate crisis leader and major emergency preparedness and risk management leader. He learnt early in life the need to seek opportunity in crisis and keep marching forwards despite challenge or naysayer. After a life-changing crossroad in his early 20’s, Kevin committed the rest of his life researching why some people enjoyed the good things in life while others seemed destined to suffer their entire life. He set out to identify the essence of living a purposeful, harmonious and balanced life by choice. Along this journey, he discovered and applied the ancient naturals laws and science behind success, abundance, harmony and growth.

Kevin's new book is called "Alive"  Mastery of the Perfect Life is an intensely inspirational book for all of us who want to achieve success but are not sure of the right way to do it. In this book, Kevin introduces and puts forward the principle of ALIVE, which can act as a guide to the roadway to a successful and purposeful life. When we implement the steps as suggested in this book, we will surely achieve what we really want. If we have set a particular goal or purpose in our lives and have the willpower to achieve it, nothing can stop us from doing so. But treading on the path to achieving it will need guidance and proper steps that must be taken to accomplish what we want, in less time, without digressing from the path.

Thanks Kevin, and good luck with the book and tour. 
Motivational speaker Kevin Rabeling comes to club 2022-05-22 14:00:00Z 0

Amazing raffle prizes

Amazing Raffle prizes

The Solstice Swim has a couple of other things going on that you need to know about. Next week you'll hear of a special display that the club is organising, but this week has been dominated by some amazing prize donations that you will want to win. 
This prize has been donated by clinical hypnotherapist and all round good guy and ocean swimmer Bob Lane. Bob has donated one free session of hypnotherapy. Bob's clients have had some stunning results in 2 areas that plague the community. (i) Giving up smoking and (ii) weight loss. The hypnotherapy produces some amazing results relying on changing behaviour rather than chemical solutions. 
Tamara has thrown in Your Mates Larry beer, $100 Winter pack from SalTy’s, a brand new fishing rod and for the photogenic a $500 contribution to a photo shoot with Andever Collective. Check them out for some amazing photography. 

Alcohol Hamper

The Alex Rotary club is offering a very large alcoholic hamper as third prize. (not entirely sure where Val and Charmaine got the idea that this would be popular?)
We're putting a few dozen bottles together now, with lots of goodies from our mate Dan M and there's a good selection to suit all tastes. Rumour has it that a certain scribe has donated a single malt that actually smells like the beaches of Islay with a French influence from his country of birth that will be highly coveted. 
Amazing raffle prizes 2022-05-22 14:00:00Z 0

Bob's experience in PNG - and its not what you think 

Bob's experience's in PNG

Returning Treasurer and philosopher / hypnotist Bob Lane recounted some of his experiences while running a Resort / tourist Dive operation in PNG and it was fascinating. At one point a few of the audience were wondering where Bob was going with his observations about women in the public bar (?) but Bob had clearly a love of PNG, not withstanding some of the heartbreaking stories coming from Bob's observations of the outcomes from some of the villagers superstitions and the like.
Great talk Bob,
Thank you.   
PS. Love the shirt. 
Bob's experience in PNG - and its not what you think 2022-05-08 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary & University of Sunshine Coast Community Fund 

Dinner registrations closed - but you can still buy tickets online for this great program.

The Rotary and University Community Fund dinner is on this Wednesday, but just to say that if you are not coming, you can still purchase raffle tickets online and contribute to this great cause of supporting our local researchers in their studies. There's been some great recipients in the past who have gone on to make some amazing contributions in their chosen fields, so here's the link if you wish to help and maybe win a prize or two.
Rotary & University of Sunshine Coast Community Fund 2022-05-06 14:00:00Z 0

Club Business

What is the club up to?

IPADS have arrived in Northern Territory school.

Remember way back when Joy organised the Blue Illusion fashion show and fundraiser for iPads for outback kids?? 
Well, after much perseverance by Joy and a couple of member donated iPads, and some help from friends and sponsors.... we're delighted to let you know that the iPads have arrived (Yeah!) and will now be put to use for project work by the outback kids. Good on you Joy. 

Ruby Care Project is on hold

We've come to a bit of a hold up on the Ruby Care project, where we were looking forward to helping with a garden for the community, but we want to still do some hands on gardening work. It's good therapy (apparently). So we'll start investigations into the Intergenerational Garden that was suggested from the Shepperton Rotary presentation. 

Walk for Polio

We're planning a walk for polio later in the year along the beautiful Sunshine Coast promenade, and thinking of wheeling out the Rotary BBQ trailer for the occasion. Stay tuned for more info. 
Also on teh subject of the BBQ trailer, we're investigating running a BBQ fundraiser at a Sunshine Coast polling both. There's been a suggestion that all proceeds should go to the Scottish Independent Party, which is being considered by the Board. laugh

Club donates $500 to ROMAC and $250 to Urban Angels

The club has made two donations this week, one to ROMAC - a great program helping disfigured kids in the pacific island, and teh club (thats you) has also made a donation to Brigit and the amazing team at Urban Angels. 

Pride of Workmanship Award

Date for event set as September 17th at Alexandra Headland Surf Club. There will be more information coming out in the next few weeks, but basically this is an Australia wide program whereby a local business / employer gets to nominate one of their staff as "exceptional" and they will be recognised by the employer and Rotary via "Pride of Workmanship" award dinner at Alex SLSC.  There is no cost to the business, its all about recognising and encouraging special employees in the workplace. 

More details in next newsletter.

Social Activity

There will be a Barbeque picnic at Cotton Tree near the Boatshed on May 29th 12.00. Portable BBQ. Sausages and bread to be provided by club. BYO chairs, drinks and picnic food.  All welcome. 

Vocational Education Meeting

The club will have 2 representatives at the Maroochydore SHS VERG meeting on 26th May. Looking forward to re-acquanting ourselves with the amazing work that goes on at Maroochydore High School by Liaina and her team helping the students transition to the workplace. 

Buddy Meetings

Michelle is organising another round of "buddy meetings" for members to get to know each other better in a social setting for the months ahead. Check your email for details.
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Club supports life saving in Uganda

Thanks to Eve, Alex Rotary has approached Rotary District to help out with life saving in Uganda

The club was delighted to be approached by Eve Fraser, who has a passion for life saving in Uganda, specifically in the Lake Victoria district, where she has many close contacts. Eve is currently a member of the Brisbane club Rotary, although she lives in Alex Headland.  

So we've got behind the application and if successful it will leave a legacy of knowledge and skills in the region, that will save many lives now and in the future. 

The project involves a team of expert trainers delivering a range of CPR, First Aid, rescue and fire safety training to 50 first responders in the Lake Victoria District of Uganda. Activities are consistent with the Australian standard for first aid, bronze medallion and lifeguard training. One thing thats not included (yet) is oxy viva and defibrillator training. Instead Eve and the team have placed more emphasis on the key elements of getting to the casualty, removing them from the water, correct assessment and applying first aid. 

Here we see training around water incidents/ Developing rescue and recovery skills of the first responders to assist those affected by near drowning experience.

And of course it will lead to improving fitness and knowledge for those living on and around water together with improved knowledge & correct use of rescue equipment. 

All with the goal of reduced preventable deaths by drowning.

Good on you Eve, and thanks for thinking of Alex Rotary. yes. Always happy to help. 

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Swim Questions?

Is there a minimum age? 
14 years
When is entry cut -off?
1st June
What happens if I cancel?
You'll be offered a full refund.
What happens if the event is cancelled / postponed? 
You'll have choice of refund or participating in revised date. Your call. 
Will there be a safety briefing?
There will be a safety briefing before each swim leg in Buhk park next to Alex SLSC.
How much is the entry fee?
$60 for swimmers, and for the sugar babies who need a wetsuit, we're asking for a further $10 donation.
Can I have flippers?
We want to discourage flippers, for safety of other swimmers reasons, we'd prefer you to swim a more comfortable swim distance if possible. 
Where are the swim courses?
All swim courses start and finish in front of Alex SLSC - Look for the Rotary Arches.
Where do I find the entry form?
Here's the LINK
Do I need a wet suit?
Your call, but if you decide to ...we'd appreciate another $10 donation towards a charity of your choice when you register.
How many are in a team?
4 members in a team. There will be novelty prizes for the best presented team etc. 
Is it a race?
Aussies are competitive and always want to do their personal best, but its NOT a race. We will have timekeepers and be putting all the results on screen and on social media. 
What sort of training / fitness is expected of me?
We're very much relying on you knowing your capabilities. There will be IRB's and Alex SLSC volunteers on water for all the swim legs. But please do NOT enter a swim leg that you are not comfortable with. 
How will I see the swim course when I'm in the water?
There will be GIANT swim buoys making the course and Alex SLSC volunteers on IRB's and boards monitoring the swim legs. 
My child is a good swimmer, so can he tag along the swim with mum or dad?
Sorry, we'd prefer no under 14's on any of the swim courses.
What's in the swim bag?
Your swim cap (which you must wear, coloured differently for each leg) and your after swim T shirt and some promotional material. Special offers and the like) 
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Rotary helping in Ukraine

Rotary in Ukraine

From this months mags..
Steve has some details on how you can support Ukraine via Rotary, and this article gives you some more information on the organisation sending medical aid to war victims..
Rotarians unite to send medical aid to Ukraine
Rotary members in North America, Argentina, and Europe are collaborating with a U.S.-based association of Ukrainian health care workers to collect and ship more than 100 tons of critical medical supplies to Ukraine. The effort was built off of connections Marga Hewko, president of the Rotary Club of Chicago, had forged with the Ukrainian medical community in Chicago. Rotary clubs have pooled their resources to secure donations from equipment manufacturers and purchase supplies which are then flown over to Europe for distribution within Ukraine. Read how Rotary’s network has been providing support to Ukraine.
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Shelterbox at Solstice Swim 

Shelterbox at Solstice Swim
On Sunday morning 26th June, as well as having several hundred folk at Buhk Park fo rtes swim, Rotary will be showcasing "Shelterbox". This is a world wide Rotary initiative to help folk who have no roof over their head or food to eat. 
ShelterBox was founded in 2000 in the town of Helston, Cornwall, UK by Rotarian and former Royal Navy Search and Rescue Diver Tom Henderson, OBE.[8] That same year the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard adopted it as its Millennium Project.
Shelterbox is helping the folks in Ukraine, and also these notable disaster relief projects. 

One of ShelterBox's largest responses was the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti in 2010. ShelterBox provided shelter for 28,000 families, or approximately 25% of all tents delivered in areas surrounding Port-au-Prince.[12]

After the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, ShelterBox provided assistance to about 1,600 families in the disaster region.[13]

In 2015 the charity responded in Nepal providing aid to families who lost their home, after a powerful earthquake left 9,000 dead and nearly 22,000 injured.

In 2017 ShelterBox responded to category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean. Aid was provided in the islands of St Kitts and Nevis, the Dominican Republic, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, and the British Virgin Islands.

In terms of conflict-related responses, Syria remains one of ShelterBox's largest projects. Since 2013, the charity has been providing emergency aid to families affected by the war in Syria.

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Wendy on new pins

Our President Wendy is back on deck...albeit with some assistance (for now).
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Book NOW for the University Community Fund Dinner

USCCF Dinner Wednesday 11th May at the USC Innovation Centre


About the Rotary Postgraduate Scholarship

The Rotary USC Community Fund (RUSCCF) was established in 1996-97 and first awarded in 2001 by the combined Rotary Clubs of the Sunshine Coast. Rotary Postgraduate Scholarships are awarded annually to students who have completed their undergraduate degree at USC and have enrolled and commenced postgraduate studies at either the Master or Doctorate levels at USC.

The RUSCCF Committee is made up of representatives from 17 Rotary clubs from Caloundra to Noosa. Each club is encouraged to make an annual contribution to the Fund at the RUSCCF Annual Joint Meeting and Dinner. To date, the combined clubs have contributed more than $210,000 to the Fund and have awarded 63 scholarships to USC students.

The Scholarships are valued at $4,500 each and three scholarships are awarded each year.

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The Smith Family Programs 

Smith Family Programs

On Friday Tony and John followed up on how the club may be able to help with The Smith Family and their youth programs. So in ZOOM meeting (what else?) with Marlo we found out that there are two programs where we may be able to help. The first one is "Straight Talk" which is much along the lines of the mock interviews and WorkLife programs where adults and kids sit down and have chats about work and work experiences, opportunities, difficulties and "things you really need to know about work". 
We've given a list of 12 Rotarians who have about 400 years of work experience behind them to The Smith Family and are willing to help out with this program of coaching kids on the work environment. 
The other program John spoke about is the WorkInspiration and Reach Out program (WIRO) and we found out more about this in the ZOOM meeting. It involves selected kids jumping on a bus and going around a few industries / workplaces and seeing what goes on "behind the scenes" and all sorts of jobs that perhaps the kids were not aware of. On the Sunshine Coast this involves visits to Structural engineers, Logistics organisations, Electrical supply organisations, Insurers, and Property developers. 
The club is perhaps not so geared for this, but now that we know what its all about, keep an eye open for any businesses who are community minded and who would be happy (With Smith Family and Rotary help) to organise a 2 hour visit from a selected 10 - 20 kids who would benefit from some exposure to different workplaces - it may change someone's life. 
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Notes from Board Meeting 

Dot points from Board meeting

  • Welcome 2 new members from IFYS
  • Club container was broken into. Nothing valuable was found. sad
  • Club added donation of $250 to fundraiser to deliver total of 4 iPads for Indigenous kids projects
  • Club donated $50 towards Rotoract conference travel costs 
  • Walk for Polio on 14th August approved by SCC
  • Permit request for solstice swim on 26th June lodged
  • Sponsors needed for solstice swim
  • Club advancing discusions on gardens, Ruby Care and Intergenerational.
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A garden for young and old

Intergenerational Garden anyone?

The club heard from Mag at Shepperton South on how they had taken to heart the BBC program about mixing kindergarten kids and old folks.
They asked the kindergarten kids what they liked about visiting their grandparents at the local old folks home. Answer? "Nothing". So they decided to do something about that and set about building a play area for young and old. 
At recent board meeting the club decided to investigate it further, and will look to take it up as a project in this year, subject to more research and planning. 
So here's some pics of how the Shepperton Rotary approached the task and what they achieved. 
Brilliant. Stay tuned for more developments.
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Aquariums - who knew?

Tim from Advanced Aquariums speaks at Rotary Meeting
Its fair to say that the members learnt a LOT from Tim Eldridge's talk on Friday about an amazing company headquartered here in Maroochydore that designs, but who operate world wide with factories in China and operational sites around the globe. Many in public spaces and featuring all kinds of aquatic creatures and designs.
Advanced Aquarium unsurprisingly won Business of the Year at the recent Sunshine Coast Council awards, and it was fascinating listening to Tim and to find out what goes on behind the scenes of these HUG acrylic windows that we see in many public spaces around the world. 
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10 funniest April fools jokes

10 funniest April fools jokes

As we found out from Peter on Friday you have to be so careful on April fools day as not everyone is in teh mood for a good laugh (usually at their expense). Anyway here is a selection of some absolutely hilarious April fools jokes. Enjoy!
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Trivia questions you WILL get wrong

What'dya know?

Question: Which mammal is known to have the world’s most powerful bite?

Answer: Hippopotamus

Question: What is the most common present given by a male penguin to a female penguin in order to win her over?

Answer: A pebble

Question: How long does it take an elephant to become pregnant before giving birth?

Answer: 22 months

Question: What was Walt Disney afraid of?

Answer: He was scared of Mice.

Question: What were the first ice hockey pucks made out of?

Answer: Cow dung.

Question: In what state was fried chicken invented?

Answer: No state, it was made in Scotland! (really?)

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Swim Date claimer 

FAQ'sRotary Winter Solstice Swim Sunday 26th June

The annual fantastic Rotary Winter Solstice Swim is on !! 
This year you can enter as an individual or get a few mates and enter as a team.  
And this year we'll have some novelty prizes to add a more fun to the event.
We cannot guarantee that the 5km swim will have a photo finish like last year, but we can guarantee great weather and lots of fun, and that you'll be helping Rotary and Alex SLSC support some great local Sunshine Coast Community groups.
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Jo Roff - new corporate member joins the club

Jo and Kurt come to visit

On Friday the club welcomed Jo Roff and Kurt Ludeke from IFYS. Jo is our new corporate member and continues the relationship the club has to this great organisation that does so much to "make a difference" to youth and families on the Sunshine Coast. Jo is operation manager at Integrated Family and Youth Services and as well as overseeing the many community support activities, Jo is heavily involved in the prevention of Domestic Violence through education and intervention and working on improving processes and systems to improve the safety of children and women at risk in teh community. 
Also welcome Kurt Ludeke to the club. Welcome Kurt and thanks for lowering the average age of the club by about 10 years!!
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The Board meeting surf charity 

Great story from our mates at the The Board Meeting Surf Charity
This will warm your hearts...a great story from The Surf Board meeting charity..well done Mark and team. The amazing folks at Mooloolaba Rotary are also helping the Board Meeting with a special wheelchair vehicle for Casey ..great work and isn't it wonderful that there are so many folk on the coast willing to help out others?
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Ukraine and Rotary 

Rotary in Ukraine

Following on from last weeks excellent article from Philip on his daughters travails in Russia as a result of the Ukraines war , President Wendy and President Elect Skye reminded us of the excellent work Rotary International is doing on the ground with practical physical and financial assistance ...

Rotary International 

In response to the deepening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, The Rotary Foundation has created an official channel for donors around the world to contribute funds to support the relief efforts underway by Rotary districts and has designated its Disaster Response Fund as the main avenue for contributions.

To this end, The Rotary Foundation has approved:

  • Now through 30 June 2022, designated Rotary districts that border Ukraine and the Rotary district in Ukraine may apply for grants of up to $50,000 each from the Disaster Response Fund. These expedited disaster response grants can be used to provide relief to refugees or other victims of the crisis including items such as water, food, shelter, medicine and clothing.
  • During this same period, other impacted Rotary districts that wish to offer support to refugees or other victims of the crisis in their district can apply for $25,000 grants from the Disaster Response Fund.
  • Now through 30 April 2022, Rotary districts can transfer unallocated District Designated Funds (DDF) to support the Disaster Response Fund, directly supporting these Ukraine-specific humanitarian grants.
  • Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund in support of Ukraine can be made here. All funds need to be received into the Disaster Response Fund by 30 April 2022 in order to qualify for use in support of the Ukrainian relief efforts.
  • Although the Disaster Response Fund will be the main avenue for Rotary Foundation support, Rotary and Rotaract clubs are also encouraged to create their own responses to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

In addition to support provided through the Disaster Response Fund, the Foundation is coordinating with partners and regional leaders, exploring effective solutions to the increased humanitarian needs.

  • We are in contact with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees – USA to prepare for and respond to the needs of those being displaced in Ukraine and to neighboring countries.
  • ShelterBox, our project partner for disaster response, is in communication with Rotary members in Eastern Europe to explore how it may offer support with temporary transitional housing and other essential supplies.
  • The Rotary Action Group for Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Migration is also mobilizing its resources to assist in this crisis.

More than 2 million people have fled Ukraine and are in dire need of emergency aid. The United Nations estimates that number could grow to as many as 5 million people displaced. Rotary clubs in Europe and around the world have stepped up their relief work, some working on the ground to help displaced families.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Visit My Rotary and follow Rotary on social media to stay updated on how clubs can get involved and what actions Rotary members have taken and the impact it has had for people in the region.

For all other questions and to obtain more information, please contact the Rotary Support Center at

Rotary Clubs in Russia and Ukraine

Did you know? Kyiv has a multinational Rotary club, and although ether is not a lot of information on other clubs on apparently there was 46 clubs 10 years ago, all small clubs with approximately 20 members each. 


Rotary in Russia

Interestingly there are about 130 Rotary clubs in Russia, all small clubs doing their best to make a difference to their communities. Here's the Moscow club at their Christmas function. They now meet online.


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Rotary Helping out the flood victims 

Lending a helping hand

Rotarians have been busy and no doubt continue to be busy in communities around the country helping out the flood victims. Close to home both Gympie and Brisbane and outlying towns were badly affected by the floods and the district got involved by opening up a District grant while the Alex Club donated $500 to RAWCS to help flood victims as well as getting in touch with Gympie to offer what help we could. 
As you can imagine the District clubs have been busy..see this weeks GIST for more stories..
Here is a message from the Rotary Foundation Coordinator:
District 9620 has received a USD 25K Disaster Response Grant from the Rotary Foundation and it has been decided to run the program similar to the District Grant process.  
Our District Disaster Recovery Grants will fund activities and projects that support relief and recovery efforts for families across the District that have been impacted by the current flood disaster. 
Support will include the provision of basic items such as water, food, medicine, and clothing. It will also provide assistance for the costs needed to help with the major clean-up of homes e.g. cleaning products and equipment necessary to enable the clean-up.  There will also be a need to assist the affected families to get back into their homes with basic needs (fridges, washing machine of a basic nature) to see them through until they can re-establish themselves. 
The requirements and what funds can be spent on are detailed in the application form.  Each Grant will be limited to a maximum of $3k AUD but clubs are encouraged to work together to get a larger total grant.  
There are limited funds and our intention is that we distribute the grants fairly across the District.  They will be on a reimbursement basis only as RI requires District to manage the funds.
Applications are now open.  Clubs can expect a speedy response to their application and grants will be allocated on a first come basis until all funds are allocated.  The applications will be assessed by a Disaster Response Sub Committee  comprising myself, DG Wendy and PDGs Patrice Robinson and Alan Stephens.
Elwyn Hodges
District 9620 Foundation Coordinator
District Governor 2017-18 
District 9630
ph. 0419806302
Meanwhile a certain scribe was out and about making donations when he got cornered by the local media...

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International Youth Exchange Program News

International Youth Exchange Program
What do Bianca, Chloe, Fiona, Amy, Mark, and Julia have in common? Answer...they're all some of the many past Rotary International Exchange (YEP) students who have connections with teh Sunshine Coast. So we were delighted to hear that the YEP is coming back..see this note from Bernie..
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Shane Fixter from Teachers Australia visits

Teachers Australia - mentoring disengaged Youth - who knew?

Sometimes our Friday morning guest speaker just blows you away. On a blustery Friday morning we heard how a young teachers passion to join together under-utilised teaching resources with kids who were really, really not coping with the school.  Shane Fixter has developed a platform / community of teachers who have put their hand up to help out kids who otherwise would simply be left behind - with all the social problems that brings.
Teachers Australia is the platform and Shane has been driving this platform for over 8 years now and has hundreds of teachers connected on line, and more importantly providing face to face mentoring with kids, establishing relationships and encouraging them to be the best they can be. 
Bravo Shane, inspiring work that you are to richly commended for. 
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Ukraine - A Rotarian's story

A personal story on Ukraine

We're very fortunate to have Philip from Pontefract as a member of our club, and he brings this perspective on the recent Russian / Ukraine catastrophe. Phil's club is actively involved in the community and has some interesting links to the region, not least that Philip's daughter has relocated from Moscow to UK because the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. Her story below.
A message from The Rotary Club of Pontefract:
“It is a tragic and sad time for the people of Ukraine and the world.

We have all witnessed over the past few days the devastating situation including the escalating loss of life and humanitarian hardship in Ukraine.  Many of us have friends in Ukraine and feel helpless as we watch the situation unfold. As one of the world largest humanitarian organisations, Rotary has peace as the cornerstone of our global mission.

District 1040, of Rotary in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, has a long-standing history with Ukraine. Between 2002 and 2012 we worked together to transport medical aid and educational goods to Uzhgorod in the west of Ukraine. Over the years we have transported millions of pounds worth of redundant, refurbished, and discarded NHS equipment together with essential supplies for the local orphanage. All have been well used and saved many lives.

Since 2014 we have welcomed young people from local schools in Uzhgorod to our district, providing accommodation, arranging visits to local schools and museums. The young people have described these trips to the UK as “the best visit they have ever had.”  Plans are well under way for this year’s trip and students are due to arrive here on the 27 March. We don’t know if the trip will be able to go ahead but we do know the people of Ukraine desperately need our help and support now like never before.

As Rotarians and Inner Wheel members we pride ourselves on being people of action. 

For our Ukrainian friends now is the time for us to act.” 

On March 4th there was a joint appeal by Rotary District 1040 and Inner Wheel district 4 (Based in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire in England) to support humanitarian work in Ukraine.

    There are also appeals through the disasters emergency committee consisting 15 charities including Oxfam, Red Cross, Disaster Aid Christian Aid. And Save the Children. However, the Rotary network probably has lower costs. 
    My own club are organising a collection this Sunday (13th March) at a local shopping outlet. See photos above.
    And a personal reflection from Philip..
    Putin controls the press in Russia. Laws exist to prevent anyone calling this a war or criticising his actions. My daughter and her family were working in Moscow and thought this was just another sabre rattling exercise because it has happened before. We could see their exits being closed as Russian airlines were banned from various countries and Putin, in turn, did tit for tat.
    A flight they booked through Finnair was cancelled, but they had also booked a flight with Turkish Airlines as backup, and they got out. The rest of the family had been putting pressure on them because in Moscow the situation was downplayed.
    In the meantime, Visa and Mastercard withdrew support for Russian Credit cards, the rouble has fallen in value and there were queues for cash at Russian ATM’s. If my daughter had waited they may have found they had no means to pay for their flights because of the credit card sanctions. Even those airlines still operating to Russia will reduce flights.
    At an airport all planes have checks done and sometimes a spare part is needed. An airline sending an Airbus or Boeing plane may find that there are no parts available in Russia so their plane may not be able to fly safely back from Moscow.
    The rich people sending children to the school where my daughter teaches will not be able to pay their fees and there was a very real risk of my daughter, son in law and granddaughter being stuck in Russia with no job or income. 
    The sanctions are going to hit the ordinary Russian hardest of course. Putin’s rich mates in Londongrad have been given ample warning to transfer their wealth into more accessible accounts.
    * Shelter box was started by Rotary in the UK but is now a separate charity. One shelter box contains a tent, cooking facilities, various tools etc to provide emergency shelter after a disaster such as an earthquake or flood, or bombing.
    PS. As a postscript the collection raised £284 ($500) and another is planned in Pontefract Town Centre on Saturday

    “In the meantime, talks are being held with Rotary Assistant Governor’s in your area and Inner Wheel members to explore how we can best get help to where it is needed the most including:

    1. Direct to Rotary Clubs we have contact with in the area. They have already told us that there is an urgent need for food and medical supplies.
    2. Through the Ukrainian Centre in Bradford who have launched a ‘Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal’ to provide medicines, food and critical services. They are part of The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, the largest representative body for Ukrainians in the UK. 
    3. Building upon what individual Rotary clubs and areas are doing. This may include collecting items that can be sent via secure routes.
    4. Shelter Box* and Disaster Aid UK have launched appeals. We can also direct resources to them.”
    Great work Pontefract Rotary!
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    Rotary and Politicians - what would you do?

    Controversy Corner

    How does Rotary political and religious guest speakers?
    A certain scribe got a bit hot under the collar when he noticed that a certain politician (who shall remain nameless, but fair to say that he has little respect for) was a guest speaker at a local Rotary Club.
    Once he had calmed down he had a bit of a think about how manages to be non political, and non religious for that matter, and yet have a politician who manages to create a lot of angst in the community as a guest speaker. 
    Turns out that there are some very smart folks in Rotary who have been managing this potential source of conflict for some time. Here's a brief summary of the process that Rotary uses to ensure it doesn't get into politics or religion while remaining active in the community.
    •  Club should never adopt nor circulate resolutions or opinions of a political nature.
    • Clubs should never take actions dealing with world affairs or international problems of a political nature.
    • Clubs should never direct appeals to clubs, peoples, or governments, or circulate letters, speeches, or proposed plans for the solution of specific international problems of a political nature.
    Then in relation to its non-religious position.  Rotary takes a considered secular position. This is not be be confused with atheism. Many Rotarians have strong religious beliefs, but Rotary Club take the essence of the various religions and avoids the "us and them" that dominates many religious creeds. So Rotary has a strong commitment to the truth, compassion, equality and responsibility. 
    So it doesn't take much thinking to realise that Rotary has some challenges in a complex world if we are to continue to "make a difference" while holding the non political and no religious positions.  
    We witness every day how political and religious decisions adversely impact on world communities. I'm reminded of the saying "Think globally, but act locally."
    Its a phrase used in all sorts of contexts, but I like to think of it as "if everyone acts to improve their local community, the world will be a better place." 
    Last words on this from a modern day philosopher, Yuval Noah Harari:
    "If you feed overwhelmed and confused by the global predicament, you are on the right track."
    Rotary and Politicians - what would you do? 2022-03-13 14:00:00Z 0

    National Youth Science Forum 


    Alex Rotary has sent some amazing students off to the Rotary National Youth Science Forum over the years, and we're delighted to receive this note from Melody on the program and a short story on how it has affected 2 amazing students. 
    As the new Rotary year approaches, so does the opening of NYSF applications. I do not have a precise date for the opening of applications yet however I expect this to be in the next couple of months. At this time, it would be ideal for Rotary clubs to start reaching out to schools, and for Rotarians to start reaching out to grade 11 students to make them aware of the program.
    Despite living over 500 km from each other, Xavier Hulls and Isaac Covington-Groth have connected at the National Youth Science Forum, joining 630 like-minded STEM enthusiasts for a summer of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

    Isaac is currently taking Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, and Specialist Mathematics at his high school in Netherby, South Australia. It comes as no surprise that he’s considering physical and theoretical STEM pathways such as mathematics and astrophysics!

    “Before the NYSF, I've always thought of going to the University of Adelaide, [because it] has an astrophysics course. But where to from there? Who knows!”

    Isaac has a career path in mind, but after listening to the NYSF Opening Event with Lockheed Martin Australia, and attending Dr Karl’s House Party, he is keeping his options open and is now considering adding on some engineering through a double degree.

    “The first thing I think I got the most out of was from Dr Karl, where he said “Don’t limit your options”. This resonated with me a lot, and I feel a lot more willing to do an undergraduate degree and just see where I go from there.”

    “Before going to the NYSF I was very much, ‘I like maths. I like physics. And I'll leave it at that.’ But now if I want to pursue these passions, I might need a few other skills here and there. In the back of my mind, maybe I do a double degree in engineering? Listening to Lockheed Martin people speak on the first day shows how these can mesh together! As painful as it is, computer science and coding might be useful. The Australian Signals Directorate and Australian National University gave us a cryptography challenge and it’s been driving me insane!”

    “I have been learning Python for about 3 days... I'm enjoying a lot more than I thought I would!”

    The NYSF saw how much passion Isaac has for physics when he delivered a thank you on behalf of the NYSF cohort to Dr Steven Goldfarb and Dr Muhammad Alhroob from the ATLAS experiment at CERN.

    “I’d like to say thank you for an insightful, inspiring, and just amazing presentation hearing about muons and the Higgs Boson, and what particle physics research might hold in the future. I feel like I’ve been to physics Disneyland, and I’m almost lost for words.’

    When Dr Goldfarb enquired if that meant he was Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, Isaac, with ever the quick wit, replied, “You’re Walt Disney, right at the top!”

    We love your work, Isaac – keep exploring (and good luck with solving the cipher!)

    Like Isaac, Xavier is also interested in astrophysics. However, he has a powerful story to tell about how his interests shifted to biomedical engineering after his father experienced a severe accident leaving him hospitalised for several years.

    Xavier and his family were confronted at how difficult and financially inaccessible some areas of medical care such as prosthetics were, which steered him away from astrophysics, and down the path of biomedical engineering and prosthetics.

    “After that confrontation, I've now switched lanes and spent the last two, maybe three, years working as hard as I could to get towards a biomedical engineering degree.”

    After finishing Year 11, Xavier took the initiative to complete a base certificate in engineering and fabrication and also completed a white card industry certificate, which has put him at the front of the queue for engineering courses around the world.

    “My dream is to open up a stream or line of clinics across Australia, or even globally, that offer prosthetics to people who are disabled from birth, or trauma-induced patients, and offer those prosthetics to them at an affordable price, so they’re not dying in debt and struggling to get back as a working member of society.”

    The determination radiates off Xavier, and the NYSF believes he is destined to help close the gap in medical inequality in the near future.

    During the program, Xavier asked Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, about whether there was a difference in how his research or findings were received before being a Nobel Laureate and after receiving the Nobel Prize, and whether this difference affected his communication between peers.

    It was a great question that led to some fantastic anecdotes, including an insight into how long it takes for an idea to become part of the established story, “the original people get forgotten, in fact, when we got the Nobel Prize, someone said ‘oh my goodness, I thought those people were dead!’”

    Thanks Melody.

    National Youth Science Forum 2022-03-13 14:00:00Z 0

    Mark Hunter - Disability advocate extraordinaire

    Disability – Death  -- Determination 

    Mark is an advocate in supporting those in need. Through a water-skiing accident in early 20’s he became a tetraplegic and through determination recovered but has spent his adult life in a wheel chair. (Prior to the accident he was a State Champion water skier).

    The wheelchair did not stop a successful teaching career, ending up Principal of various Qld country and city primary schools before retiring a few years back. But there were challenges … like the principal’s professional development programme being held in the Polo Club in Brisbane where there was only access via stairs. After three years at the same venue, he challenged Qld Education and won …. They now run the development programme in a disability access venue!

    He also challenged Qld Police Service after being treated badly by a young police officer. He told us, he was self-represented against Senior Barristers and won the QCAT case!

    Following retirement and during his mother’s end of life experience at Hopewell Hospice, he became a volunteer which led to a full-time job as CEO.  Through his determination he managed the hospice and made all “clients” feel comfortable. He even ran “Death Café” discussion groups to allow the hospice clients and their families to open the discussion to ensure greater understanding of what they had generally been through and how they could face their future without fear.

    Mark mentored many young kids when life threw the challenges and continued mentoring his friends through Toastmasters. In Toastmasters he faced challenges with determination and ultimately became the World Champion of Public Speaking – a contest that starts with 30,000 Toastmasters at a club level and eventually ends at the World Championship!

    Mark continues to share his dynamic speaking skills at events around the world; he also mentors many people around the world who aim to follow similar footsteps (or wheel marks).

    While facing challenges of life and Education Qld, he was also the Chair of Disabilities Qld to ensure others in similar situations have successes! 

    Mark Hunter shared his stories openly and courageously with us.

    Mark Hunter - Disability advocate extraordinaire 2022-02-27 14:00:00Z 0

    Rotary DG's message to clubs on the SE Qld floods

    Our amazing District Governor has sent us this message...

    Good morning Presidents and Secretaries

    This morning we are waking to a time when many of those living in our District are facing uncertainty.

    Our District in this year has already encountered significant challenges – drought, COVID, the isolation of our Island clubs.

    Now we’re in the midst of what’s being referred to as  a weather bomb ….. significant rain over a long period …… and more than 75 of our Clubs are in communities in the firing line. This flooding is more than significant.

    We are going to need to show the Rotary spirit, the Rotary and Rotaract connections and be there to help our fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, friends, colleagues and community members.

    We need you and your members to keep your eyes open – As a Club you may have already decided to take action and support your community.  If you see someone or something where you’d welcome broader help then let us know.  There will also be a need for general mud army support – and it may be that we decide to focus on particular areas.

    We’re putting together a small team to coordinate where we will give some of our focus. We’re aware there’ll be clean up needed in Gympie, we know that there are homes to clean up in Grantham and fences to build, we imagine there’ll be help needed in Toowoomba, in the areas to the north of Brisbane, the south of Brisbane and then Brisbane itself. And that’s not all.

    In the next day or two we’ll be asking you to identify situations where we may need to coordinate more help. We’ll also be asking you to give us the names of those ready with some time and personal energy  to join together in a coordinated group to move as Rotarians/Rotaractors.

    Most importantly of all though – we ask that you take care of each other. Take the time to make contact with everyone. Ask if they’re OK, ask if their family and friends are OK.

    I thank each of you who’ve made contact over the past three days to share thoughts, ideas and just because you needed to talk.

    Please start the conversations with your members. Let them know we care

    Thinking of you all – you can contact DGE Tim Keeler, DGN Paul Roger, our IPDGs Patrice Robinson and Neil Black or me. Otherwise you can make contact with your Assistant Governor – they’re a resource for you.

    This is one of our chances to ‘Serve to Change Lives’

    Yours in Rotary 

    DG Wendy   (Protheroe)

    Rotary DG's message to clubs on the SE Qld floods 2022-02-27 14:00:00Z 0

    ROMAC trivia quiz postponed but here's some homework for you

    ROMAC trivia quiz postponed till 2nd June

    Hi Folks,
    The ROMAC fundraising trivia quiz has been postponed till 2nd June which will all all you "Trivial people" to brush up on your trivia knowledge...
    So here's some questions to get those neurons firing...
    1. What country has the highest life expectancy? 
    2. Where would you be if you were standing on the Spanish Steps? 
    3. Which language has the more native speakers: English or Spanish? 
    4. What is the most common surname in the United States? 
    5. What disease commonly spread on pirate ships? 
    6. Who was the Ancient Greek God of the Sun? 
    7. What was the name of the crime boss who was head of the feared Chicago Outfit? 
    8. What year was the United Nations established? 
    9. Who has won the most total Academy Awards? 
    (Answers...Hong Kong, Rome, Spanish, Smith, Scurvy, Apollo, Al Capone, 1945, Walt Disney)
    ROMAC trivia quiz postponed but here's some homework for you 2022-02-24 14:00:00Z 0

    Club gets a mention in My Weekly Preview

    SalTy souls receives Rotary cheque and recognition in My Weekly Preview

    On a blustery Friday morning at Alex SLSC Kerry Smith from Salty Souls Legacy was on hand to receive $6,000 from President Wendy the District Grant which adds to the $12,000 solstice swim proceeds already received by Salty Souls and will be put to good use in helping them in their new home at the THRIVE centre.
    ...and here is the article in the My Weekly Preview in case you missed it..
    Charity SalTy Souls Legacy engages with children through surfing

    News from My Weekly Preview, thanks Caitlin. 

    New home for charity

    SalTy Souls Legacy is beginning a new chapter after gaining approval for a headquarters in Maroochydore. 

    Published on February 16, 2022

    A Sunshine Coast charity dedicated to the memory of a popular surfer is marking a major milestone in its mission to establish a permanent home.

    SalTy Souls Legacy has been putting vulnerable and disengaged Sunshine Coast children aged five to 17 through surfing programs since 2018.

    The charity was formed to honour Moffat Beach surfer Tyler Kennedy, who tragically died while on a surf trip in Bali in 2017.

    After months of fundraising, planning and community generosity, council approval has now been granted to establish the headquarters in Maroochydore.

    Charity founder and the sister of Tyler, Tamara Smith, says this will make a world of difference to the children.

    “We are at that stage now where SalTys need its own space,” she says.

    “Our garage at home has been turned into a storage space and we have a container we are renting that is out at Nambour. Whenever one of our kids from the program needs to change over a board or we need more, it’s a matter of driving out there.

    “At any one time we have up to 120 boards in storage. We have to have different boards to match them to the children’s size and skill level.”

    The new headquarters will be next to Thrive Youth Hub on Aerodrome Road after the space was generously offered to SalTy Souls.

    “To have SalTys flashed out on Aerodrome Road loud and proud, it’s amazing for us to get our cause out there,” Ms Smith says.

    The Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland has been integral in this space becoming a realty, donating the proceeds from its Winter Solstice Swim in 2021 to
    the charity.

    “We are so grateful that Rotary saw our desperate needs,” Ms Smith says. “We were struggling with the reality that we would have to raise $30,000 ourselves to go towards this and that [money] was not actually going to be able to go to the kids.”

    Two shipping containers have also been donated. These will be transformed into the hub. “One will be a fully decked- out surfboard storage space that will open into a workshop space. The second container will be an office space and pop-up shop for our charity merch.”

    Work is anticipated to begin on transforming the containers in the next month, but Ms Smith is hoping the generosity of the community will continue and is calling on those who can to help with the internal fit-out.

    “What we are needing from the community now is support. If any tradies can help with donating items or services for our fit-out – it’s all of all the little things.”

    SalTy Souls’ fully funded surf therapy programs run for six weeks and each child is gifted a repurposed surfboard and beach starter kit so they can continue surfing.

    To help or donate to SalTy Souls Legacy visit

    Club gets a mention in My Weekly Preview 2022-02-24 14:00:00Z 0

    Smith Family get in touch

    Smith Family reach out

    Some time ago Tony and John met with the Smith family at Maroochydore State High School after the "mock" interviews that Rotary Mooloolaba and Alex support. 
    From Marion (Smith Family) to her team,
    "Team I met with John last year as the Alex Rotary Club has developed some great resources that could potentially support schools in the careers areas with their Worklife program.Welcome | Alexandra Headland Rotary Club ("
    The Smith Family are looking to Rotary to help with building connections with businesses to join them in supporting young people across the regions and beyond in a couple of our programs but particularly their Work Inspiration Program and WIRO delivery.
    A certain scribe has spoken to the Smith Family about these programs and will bring this up at the next club meeting to explore how the club may be able to help.  
    And as Marion says "Hopefully we may be able to find synergy of work to support disadvantaged young people in our communities."
    Smith Family get in touch 2022-02-24 14:00:00Z 0

    Alex Rotary Sponsors Mountain Creek girls Kokoda Challenge 

    Club helps out Sierra and mates for a great cause

    The club received this lovely email from Sierra at Mountain Creek State High school.
    Hello, My name is Sierra Andrews, I am in the year 10 IB Program at Mountain Creek State High School. As part of our program was will be undertaking the 18km Kokoda walk on the 23rd/24th of April 2022, to raise money for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. Joy was at our school today and suggested that I send you an email in hope that you may sponsor our team. Please find below the link to our team fundraising page We appreciate any donation you can provide. Thank you very much, Sierra Andrews
    We're delighted to support the team and have sent through a donation and our best wishes to Sierra and her mates for "making a difference".
    Alex Rotary Sponsors Mountain Creek girls Kokoda Challenge 2022-02-24 14:00:00Z 0

    Comedy Corner - Puns to live buy

    Puns to Groan at !!!!!

    1. Dad, are we pyromaniacs? Yes, we arson.

    2. What do you call a pig with laryngitis? Disgruntled.

    3. Writing my name in cursive is my signature move.

    4. Why do bees stay in their hives during winter? Swarm.

    5. If you're bad at haggling, you'll end up paying the price.

    6. Just so everyone is clear, I'm going to put my glasses on.

    7. A commander walks into a bar and orders everyone around.

    8. I lost my job as a stage designer. I left without making a scene.

    9. Never buy flowers from a monk. Only you can prevent florist friars.

    10. How much did the pirate pay to get his ears pierced? A buccaneer.

    11. I once worked at a cheap pizza shop to get by. I kneaded the dough.

    12. My friends and I have named our band ‘Duvet’. It’s a cover band.

    13. I lost my girlfriend’s audiobook, and now I'll never hear the end of it.

    14. Why is ‘dark’ spelled with a k and not c? Because you can't see in the dark.

    15. Why is it unwise to share your secrets with a clock? Well, time will tell.

    16. When I told my contractor I didn't want carpeted steps, they gave me a blank stare.

    17. Bono and The Edge walk into a Dublin bar and the bartender says, “Oh no, not U2 again.”

    18. Prison is just one word to you, but for some people, it’s a whole sentence.

    19. Scientists got together to study the effects of alcohol on a person’s walk, and the result was staggering.

    20. I'm trying to organize a hide-and-seek tournament, but good players are really hard to find.

    21. I got over my addiction to chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts. I won't lie, it was a rocky road.

    22. What do you say to comfort a friend who’s struggling with grammar? There, their, they’re.
    23. I went to the toy store and asked the assistant where the Schwarzenegger dolls are and he replied, “Aisle B, Back.”

    24. What did the surgeon say to the patient who insisted on closing up their own incision? Suture self.

    25. I've started telling everyone about the benefits of eating dried grapes. It’s all about raisin awareness
    Comedy Corner - Puns to live buy 2022-02-24 14:00:00Z 0

    Grant ideas - anyone?

    Club looking for projects

    Alex Rotary has benefitted several times from the The Gambling Community Benefit Fund and we have received this email from the folks at GCBF. So if you have an idea for a community grant, mention it to the club, as we seem to have gained the respect and support of this grants committee through our community projects. 
    The Gambling Community Benefit Fund’s (GCBF) first $100,000 super round (Round 113) is now open and closes at midnight on 31 March 2022.
    The Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) is Queensland’s largest one-off community grants program and allocates funding to help non-for-profit community groups provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.
    Grant ideas - anyone? 2022-02-24 14:00:00Z 0

    February - Peace Month (?) 

    February was peace month 

    That probably seems a bit ironic to folks who were hit by the floods or who worry about events in Europe. But there are positives to be found in the way that communities have rallied and support each other in adversity. One thing is for sure that Rotary has always and will always support communities and through our peace programs look to resolve conflict and help those in the community who need a helping hand. 
    Peace is fundamental to Rotary’s mission. In a time of heightened tensions and uncertainties due to COVID-19 and other factors, it is critically important that we work together to create environments where peace can thrive. Our members are addressing the underlying causes of conflict every day through service projects and peace fellowships and scholarships.

    February was Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month. Take advantage of some of the many ways to get involved in peace through Rotary.
    • Find experts who can help make your projects more effective and sustainable by connecting with one of the Rotary Action Groups that focuses on promoting peace:
    • Recruit candidates for a Rotary Peace Fellowship. Up to 130 fellowships are offered each year for studies at one of the Rotary Peace Centers. The 2023-24 application opened on 1 February.
    • Join your district’s Rotary Friendship Exchange program to experience a new culture, make new friends, or do vocational service in another country while fostering international understanding.
    • Register for Serve to Bring Peace, the Rotary presidential conference to be held 3-4 June in Houston, Texas, USA. There, you’ll learn how Rotary’s areas of focus support the eight pillars of Positive Peace, and you’ll have the opportunity to network with the Rotary peacebuilding community.
    Discover more ways to take action below.
    February - Peace Month (?) 2022-02-24 14:00:00Z 0

    Walk for polio 

    The Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland will mark historic progress toward a polio-free world while urging Rotarians and the community to help end this paralyzing disease  


    How? Rotary members in Alexandra Headland are taking action on August 14th by engaging in a walk with Rotarians and members of the community, to raise awareness, funds, and support, to END POLIO, a vaccine-preventable disease, that still threaten children in parts of the world today.

    Description: A walk along the wide path that borders the Foreshores of beautiful La Balsa Park at Point Cartwright, will be a feature of the day. To add to the fun, there will be prizes throughout the day, for the best costume, the youngest participant, the most creative group in each division and a host of other Prize categories. 

    Purpose of Walk:  It is to create an awareness of this disease by reading the brochures and leaflets provided on Registering for the walk. An exciting inclusion to this walk is Rotarian Sue Mackenzie, a polio survivor and President Elect of New Farm Rotary, Brisbane. Sue will be joining us on this “Fundraising walk for END POLIO NOW” She is a Board member of Polio Australia. 

    Where? La Balsa Park - Harbour Parade – Buddina

    When? Sunday14th August 8am-11am

    Cost on Registering will be $20 Per Person. Children are free.

    Who is receiving the money?  The Rotary Foundation of Australia will use the funds raised to fund vaccines and to provide much needed operational costs, like medical workers, laboratory equipment and educational materials

    Please join with us to help eradicate this disease. $5 enables two children to receive lifesaving vaccination against Polio. Your attendance at this walk to end Polio is much appreciated.

    Contact : Joy –Representative for Rotary Foundation at the Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland. My mobile number is 0412 666086

    Walk for polio 2022-02-24 14:00:00Z 0
    Operation Cleft says Thank you Alex Rotary 2022-02-24 14:00:00Z 0
    Mooloolaba Rotary Events - Music Charity Quiz 2022-02-14 14:00:00Z 0
    Mooloolaba Rotary Events - Faulty Towers experience 2022-02-14 14:00:00Z 0

    Club receives $75,000 grant from productivity commision to investigate lost golf balls

    Australian Productivity commission awards club grant to investigate impact of lost golf balls on Australian economy

    In an unusual development the club has been invited to investigate and quantify the impact of lost golf balls on the Australian economy. Every year these losses cost the Australian economy millions of dollars every year. "It's just not just the cost of the balls which are all imported" local golfer Dave Woodrow noted, "its the mental health impacts and the time lost in looking for the ball, and other secondary effects." the past senior citizen of the year noted as he drove off the tee for the third time. 
    Already the club has identified a significant financial impacts and inefficient spending on different colours of golf balls, folks blaming the clubs, (and buying new ones that ares't any better), mental health impacts of folks giving up exercise in frustration at losing so many golf balls, etc. etc. It's a huge issue. 
    The club has also discovered a paradox among older golfers who anecdotally seem to be the main losers of balls. Local health professionals have noted that older people with reducing eyesight, and mental fitness are especially disadvantaged as even IF they do see the ball in flight, they can't find the ball because of memory loss. 
    The club has initiated a survey to investigates how much unproductive time is spent looking for balls. This has a major impact on the economy and already the club has noted that  "This seems to have a strong relationship to cultural identity". Apparently golfers from a certain northern european country (closely related to Mel Gibson) would spend several hours looking for a lost ball until daylight fades, whereas others lose interest in looking (or forgot what they were doing) after a few minutes.
    "The mental health impacts are significant" according to the club health professional, and very high stress levels have been recorded among golfers who have lost balls at critical times in their rounds.
    Other root causes of lost balls are difficult to quantify. Local Rugby League celebrity and anonymous honorary Rotarian noted is known for his large collection of drivers. "I blame the golf clubs he responded in the club survey"  However so far there has been no noticeable drop off in his lost balls.
    The club has confirmed that "All of these issues will be investigated and a full report will be sent to the Australian Productivity commission."
    A spokesman for the R&A golf club noted that this was the first time that a comprehensive investigation into this significant productivity issue was being carried out and was long overdue.
    How can you help? 
    The club has put a lost golf ball survey on its web page and is offering a gift worth $25 to every golfer who completes the survey. You can reach the survey by clicking HERE
    Club receives $75,000 grant from productivity commision to investigate lost golf balls 2022-02-12 14:00:00Z 0

    The Castle is moving !

    Charmaine is excited!

    The scene of many community events, and fundraising from our very own Charmaine - Th eBli Bli Castle - is moving...stay tuned for more details...and if you haven't seen the movie...well what are you waiting for? .....its a classic. 
    The Castle is moving ! 2022-02-12 14:00:00Z 0

    Urban Angels revisited

    Peter Hall and mates come to visit

    Dave Woodrow introduced his old mate Peter Hall …. Dave met Peter, Howard George  and others through Maroochydore Rotary and have been personal and Rotary Friends for 30 years about!.
    Peter discovered that Urban Angels and Birgit were making meals for the homeless in inadequate conditions, so he acquired a commercial property and fitted it out with a commercial kitchen --- rumoured to be about $500,000 worth!!!  Peter does not seek publicity on the donation or his support and its great to see Brigit again and keeping up her amazing community work that truly "makes a difference."
    Urban Angels provide about 10,000 meals a month to those in need …. And one of their offshoots is they run the kitchen at the IFYS Hub down at the stadium. They have three chefs  and ro0tate them to provide a variety of meals ….. including vegan and vegetarian.   They have even convinced some of their charges to try the vegetarian meals and their clients found they were good and in many cases now look for them as a preference!!!
    Their neighbour at Maroochydore is Men’s Shed and Men’s Shed grow a whole bunch of fresh herbs, spices and vegies for them.
    Alex Rotary know Birgit because she ran the Urban Angels café in Newspaper Place Maroochydore and the club went there at least twice for a vocational visit and breakfast and also a breakfast when we visited Push Productions and Paul Morton in November 2017). For the nostalgic's some pics from not so long ago..
    Birgit has agreed that we should come up to Urban Angels for breakfast meeting and vocational visit …. Her comment was give me a few weeks to organise it. This is whats in store if our last visit is anything to go by...

    Urban Angels Community Program explained..

    Urban Angels revisited 2022-02-12 14:00:00Z 0

    Steve gives SalTy Souls Update

    SalTy Souls receives approval for Steve's design from Council for new home

    A huge amount of work by Liam Pinese (ADAPT town planning) and our very own Steve Newton came to fruition last Thursday when we finally received Development Application approval from Sunshine Coast Council to have the new SalTy Souls Legacy home placed at the Thrive Centre in Maroochydore. Steve's amazing design has captured the approval of Tamara and Kerry Smith and the team can now look forward to building a home that does the legacy of Ty Kennedy proud. 
    Steve took the club through the personal stories behind SalTy Souls and the dedication of the SalTy Souls family to make a difference to disengaged kids on the coast through their "Stand Tall" programs and personal coaching methods that have had amazing results. 
    Later Steve and John went to the Thrive centre where we spoke to the team and Brendon Jenkins from Core fitness who also does some amazing work in this youth space and will be moving into the Thrive centre. It all has the makings of a great project that Alex Rotary is so pleased to be part of. 
    Also in late news the Rotary District Grants association have heard about this and have put up $6,000 towards the project that do so much for the disadvantaged kids that go through the stand tall programs. Members will recall that Sienna High School also got behind Salty Souls with proceeds from their high school ball donated to the program, and of course we've had great support from Sunshine Coast Council, ADAPT (pro bono work), Alex SLSC and Pratt Properties have generously given Salty Souls the land to put their new HQ on. 
    In even later news, you may have seen on Channel 7 news that the Thrive centre is being used on weekends for the Maroochydore "Homeless Bus" project. Great work.
    Steve gives SalTy Souls Update  2022-02-06 14:00:00Z 0
    February is Peacebuilding month 2022-02-06 14:00:00Z 0

    Rotary New Theme Explained

    “Imagine Rotary”   the theme for 2022-2023 explained by incoming President Jennifer Jones.

    The theme graphic was designed by an Australian indigenous artist to link with the Melbourne convention in 2023.

    Circle - connections to one another
    Dots around it - Our People
    There are 7 Dots because of our Rotary’s 7 areas of focus
    Circle + dots around it - Navigation star, our guiding light
    Green solid line - digging stick (used when doing hard work);
    for us it’s People of Action, represents the tools for getting things done
    Colors: Purple, Green & White - 
    Celebrate DEI- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
    Freedom to express ourselves differently but still with a special connection.
    Purple- Polio
    Green- the Environment
    White - Peace
    Represents Empowerment and Newness and also the colours were utilised for the women's movement giving us the opportunity to grow our female membership.
    Rotary New Theme Explained 2022-02-06 14:00:00Z 0

    Club receives grant for new presentation system

    Club receives Grant for presentation system to deliver "WorkLife" program

    Things have been busy on the donation and grant aspects of our community programs, details to follow. One welcome grant was $3,500 from Federal grants for stronger communities fund. The club was awarded this for an audio visual system to deliver club programs including the worklife program to audiences around the community. 
    In the meantime we have been fortunate to secure help from the past Maroochydore club sound system and from the Buderim Choral society. So our BIG thanks to them while we source a new system for the club. 
    Here's a pic, note Michelle displaying the Buderim system, while our mate Steve tries (unsuccessfully) to duck below the Maroochydore speaker!
    ..and here is Tony's pun for the day as he sees the team bring in the speakers...."Mike, Craig and John make a "sound" start to the day. Oh dear. 
    Club receives grant for new presentation system 2022-02-06 14:00:00Z 0

    Turtle Care - and a locally designed rescue stretcher

    Turtle Care comes to visit

    On Friday we had special visitor from Caloundra Pacific with a real passion for the environment, and especially turtles. Matthew Lynn was goest speaker who took us through the fascinating world of turtles. I think most of us were aware of the terrible damage that plastics do to turtle in terms of plastic bags and the like, but the impact of micro plastics on young turtles were heartbreaking. 
    Matt at the team at Turtle Care are doing a great job in supporting the turtle population on the coast (green and hawksbill) and are to be congratulated for their fantastic work which often involves moving turtles from one location to another. After developing some prototypes, they have developed a "Turtle Sling" that will enable 4 people to move a turtle to safety. See the model below. 
    Turtle Care - and a locally designed rescue stretcher 2022-02-06 14:00:00Z 0

    Mike's Rotary Minute

    The clubs Rotary Minute

    Alex rotary takes a minute every week to talk about Rotary. Sometimes a member will talk about a large project like the global work that Rotary has done to eliminate Polio, or sometimes the history of Rotary or sometimes special projects in education, community health or some of the thousands of activities that the million Rotarians around the world do in their communities. 

    Last week Craig took us on a bit of a tour around various community and health (physical and mental) initiatives that Rotary does to "make a difference" everywhere. (We're in more countries than MacDonalds). The week before Mike gave us some food for thought that he has summarised here.

    Mike's minute...

    Rotary Minute: - Serve To Change Lives

    Fellow Rotarians, our World President’s theme for this year is 

    “Serve To Change Lives.” I would like you all to take a minute to consider what this means. Most of us joined Rotary to serve the community, both locally and internationally. However, have you ever considered the opportunities that your club offers you to learn new skills. Skills such as Project Management, Leadership, Proper Business Procedure, Becoming a better communicator. Let me give you an example.

    How many here have volunteered to be a treasurer? (two hands went up) Isn’t the opportunity to become a better money manager a skill that we could all benefit from?

    Ask yourselves, am I getting the full value from what my Rotary club can offer. As a better communicator, leader, project manager, etc would I not be an even greater aid to the community. Would not the skills on offer not increase my usefulness to my family, career, community, and the world at large?

    I ask you to take the opportunities your Rotary club offers you and take a minute to consider “Serve to Change Lives” by changing your life through your service in Rotary.

    Mike's Rotary Minute 2022-02-06 14:00:00Z 0
    Club donation to Global Sight Solutions 2022-02-06 14:00:00Z 0

    Look - no helmet?..but no wrinkles!

    Skydiving for seniors

    A certain Sunshine Coast Senior Citizen of the year decided to go go skydiving on his birthday.
    Suspiciously his family were only to pleased to help Dave show himself to of an aeroplane, and stumped up for experience.
    Here's a pic of the young fella at 15,000 feet, and you may notice that he has carried out a full risk assessment and decided that a helmet is NOT required. 
    A source who witnessed the landing said Dave touched down like a "baby giraffe on an ice rink". Nice one DW.
    Look - no helmet?..but no wrinkles! 2022-01-23 14:00:00Z 0

    Sunshine Coast Special Olympics 

    Graeme's special way of "making a difference"

    Last week we heard from our newest member Philip on his support and involvement in Global Sight Solutions, helping hundred of thousand of people in the developing world regain their sight. This week we were closer to home with another amazing presentation on "The Sunshine Coast Special Olympics". 
    No not the Para olympics but nevertheless just as important a program that improves the lives of special needs folk on the Sunshine Coast. We heard how 134 athletes compete in a whole bunch of sports athletics, basketball, Bocce, Indoor cricket, soccer, ten pin bowling and affiliated sports such as tennis, aquatics, golf, and of course Sailability where our very own Geoff East is a long term supporter. Competition is encouraged with travel to Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Keperra and Richlands. Great to see the folks out and about and enjoying themselves, and of course a big shout out the carers too. 
    Here's some pics from Grame's presentation. 
    There was one cloud on the horizon that we became aware of and that concerns the demise of the ten pin bowling alley at Alex will mean that the folks are losing their venue for the Friday night social and sportsnight. Ideas anyone?
    Sunshine Coast Special Olympics 2022-01-23 14:00:00Z 0

    A Big Thankyou to Alex SLC

    Rotary meeting must go on...

    A big thank you to Alex SLSC who are suffering at the moment with staff absences. Despite this they kindly allowed the club to continue to meet in the bluff room use their facilities. It was a wild and blustery morning, so we were all tucked up listening to Graeme's special olympics story and enjoying the take-away menu..
    There was a straw poll on whether the members wanted to continue face to face meetings during this time. The decision was in favour of continuing to meet but keeping an eye on teh situation, and of course advice from the surf club. 
    Can you spot a certain scribe having an early morning dip?...
    A Big Thankyou to Alex SLC 2022-01-23 14:00:00Z 0

    Audio Visual  System Anyone?

    Audio Visual System - know any club who might benefit from one?

    If anyone knows of a community club who are in need of an audio visual system, would you please let the secretary know we may be able to help. 
    Audio Visual System Anyone? 2022-01-23 14:00:00Z 0
    January Gist - district News 2022-01-23 14:00:00Z 0

    New Rotary Image - a la John Lennon 

    New Rotary Logo 
    What would new year be like without a new Rotary Logo? So here it is and below an explanation. A certain scribe must admit to wondering of there was not a John Lennon connect...another year older and what have you done?....
    “Imagine Rotary”   the theme for 2022-2023 explained by incoming President Jennifer Jones.
    The theme graphic was designed by an Australian indigenous artist to link with the Melbourne convention in 2023.
    Circle - connections to one another
    Dots around it - Our People
    There are 7 Dots because of our Rotary’s 7 areas of focus
    Circle + dots around it - Navigation star, our guiding light
    Green solid line - digging stick (used when doing hard work);
    for us it’s People of Action, represents the tools for getting things done
    Colors: Purple, Green & White - 
    Celebrate DEI- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
    Freedom to express ourselves differently but still with a special connection.
    Purple- Polio
    Green- the Environment
    White - Peace
    Represents Empowerment and Newness and also the colours were utilised for the women's movement giving us the opportunity to grow our female membership.
    New Rotary Image - a la John Lennon 2022-01-23 14:00:00Z 0

    Club donations

    Club donate $250 to Global Sight Solutions 

    Phillip Gordon, our new member from Pontefract took the club through Rotary International and local and his support for Global sight solutions and his trip to India.......and what a tale!. From the life changes that the program makes the difficulties and the growth of such an amazing program from an original Rotary Club idea. Encouraging and supporting local opticians and surgeons to build and operate affordable eye hospitals around the world.

    This program is truly "making a difference"with a lot of hard work, dedicated volunteers and the support of Rotarians. Brilliant. 

    It was registered with the charity commission back in the 1990s by members of Guildford Rotary Club, the aim being to work with Rotary Clubs in the developing world and together establish financially sustainable eye hospitals which can provide a full range of eye care, free to the world’s poorest.

    It is100% a Rotary charity and, by virtue of the work it does, falls into one of the seven Rotary Foundation areas of focus and can therefore obtain generous grants to help with financing its projects

    Club donations 2022-01-17 14:00:00Z 0

    Club Ideas are coming in....

    January is ideas month - so how about these?

    We had and idea and support for doing an event (walk perhaps) for Rotary International causes, such as polio plus...but what about this ..
    or what about a Community Calendar ? Is this something we think has merit?
    Club Ideas are coming in.... 2022-01-17 14:00:00Z 0

    Clean Up Australia Day is coming !

    Step Up to Clean Up ?

    The club has supported Clean Up Australia Day at Alex for umpteen years, and towards the end of last year we had a bit of a review and looking for ideas to refresh the day so tat it becomes more of a meaningful community activity in a location where to be honest is usually spotless thanks to the community and community groups who keep this area pristine year round.
    Clean Up Australia Day is coming ! 2022-01-17 14:00:00Z 0

    Do you know these people?

    Shannanigins in the 60's...can you help?

    A certain scribe has received this photo in the mail.
    "I feel we should be a bit worried.
    Sunshine Coast Library are trying to place names to persons in photos but no one appears to be coming forward to name themselves publicly.
    This is a local combined services club ball and I notice that in the middle of the back row is definitely a Rotarian with a President’s Chain – hmmm.
    Maybe you could include in a weekly newsletter to jog any of our more senior member’ memories if they participated or knew participants.
    Men dressed as women, could never happen or just a lack of female members?"
    Obviously I can't remember last week...but I've got to say that the chap on the front row left hand side looks awfully like Tony Abott...but I am not sure who is dance partner is...looks a good sort though ??
    Do you know these people? 2021-12-30 14:00:00Z 0

    Year in review

    "Another year older and a new one just begun" (John Lennon)

    So 2021 is over and before we get into our aspirational new year resolutions, its worth having a look back at the year that was. So here's a few things from the clubs year for those of you who (like a certain scribe) have trouble remembering last week, never mind last year. sad
    • 100 years of Rotary in Australia passed without a permanent reminder on the coast, despite the best efforts of the club to put a monument for all Sunshine Coast Rotary clubs past and present (.....close Stevo..... but no cigar!) but it did eventuate in support for USC students, and we continued with our support of the USC community fund and their amazing students through the Cluster program. We also hosted a 100th Rotary anniversary gala dinner at the Maroochy RSL (pre COVID) which seems such a long time ago. Here's some of the gang..
    • Club membership boomed during the year between new members joining the Alex Rotary fold, and the very welcome addition of the satellite club. It was also great to see the new members and friends bringing their ideas and projects with them to the club which is always something that Alex rotary will support. More recently Joy organised some ipads for indigenous learning programs and Skye has put out feelers for a youth project with Care Outreach for 2022.
    • Mid year saw the club help out... and eventually take over the Mooloolaba High School mock interview program support from Maroochydore Rotary. We were also delighted to help out the Maroochydore Rotary club with the organising of the Australian Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians before they wound up. 
    • The club's Winter Solstice swim was the BIGGEST ever this year, with an amazing photo finish after the 5km swim by two budding olympians. We also strengthened our relationship with the Alex surf club (always a great community supporter), and also supported our "SalTy Souls Legacy" project support. All in all the club raised over $30,000 towards the new SalTy Souls Legacy HQ from the swim, and grants on a like for like basis. 
    • We also strengthened our relationship with The Board Meeting surf charity group by helping out at "Casey's yard" and a few amazing helpers also arrived. Great work Mark and team.
    • Mid year the club also received Sunshine Coast Community Award for best small community club, at their gala dinner. (What another gala dinner!)
    • Social events were also not forgotten despite the pandemic, so what were these folks queuing up for?
    ..not forgetting Christmas drinks at the Freeman's...and the new catch up coffee initiative..
    • The Surf Show and Shine was a bit different this year with the event being held at Alex SLSC car park and Buhk park for the first time. 
    • Meanwhile our Youth program wasn't the usual year, with no Youth Exchange Program but Saara and Chloe got a bit of a helping hand from the club..
    • Also our international obligations via Donations in Kind were not forgotten as a few of our members tracked down to South Brisbane to help out with the distribution of community aid to the islands.
    • Mental Health was a big theme for the year, and as well as having some excellent speakers on the subject we also kept up our close relationship with our mates at Mooloolaba Rotary through the "Lift the Lid" or also known to us old timers as the "Walk for Mental Health. Here's our hard working honorary member Fiona ..
    • Towards the end of the year we were delighted to help the Alex Community Association with their Christmas at Alex celebrations. 
    Thats all folks !!...see you in 2022...
    Year in review 2021-12-30 14:00:00Z 0

    Cnile virus affects club

    Thanks to the Kippa Ring Rotary club for this prognosis of latest virus strain seems to have affected some of our members. 

    Cnile virus affects club 2021-12-12 14:00:00Z 0
    Monthly District Mag 2021-12-12 14:00:00Z 0
    Operation Cleft has been in touch 2021-12-12 14:00:00Z 0

    Inclusion is the thing, Diversity is for free

    Karis talks to club about her passion for inclusiveness

    We found out quite a few things from Karis's talk. Thats apart from a few members failure to grasp some mathematical concepts, like multiplication, division etc, and some operational problems with calculators. Leaving that embarrassment to one side, it was a lively discussion from Karis Ramsay who has spent all of her adult life making a difference to communities domestically and internationally. From refugee camps, to disability programs to corporate education on inclusivity and diversity, Karis has crammed it all in with great enthusiasm. 
    Inclusion is the thing, Diversity is for free 2021-12-09 14:00:00Z 0

    Charmaine's story

    Thank you so much for such an amazing presentation this morning and how fortunate that I was visiting Alex today as I belong to an E-Club which means that we meet online and not in person as we do here at the happy and hardworking Alex Rotary Club !
    I checked out your very interesting website and noted your passion for your foundation and I would just like to explain very shortly how valuable my membership and partnership is with Rotary -
    I have been gifted the following over the last few years for my Rotary Project in Africa -
    • 50 refurbished and recycled computers from the Rotary Club of Nundah
    • 25 refurbished laptops
    • medical supplies from the "Donations in Kind" warehouse in Brisbane
    • school desks
    • 600 "Days for Girls Washable Sanitary Packs" from the Rotary Club of Rockhampton 
    • Books and educational equipment 
    • very high quality clothing for the AIDS Orphanage in South Africa (where my own passion lies)
    • Bedding and blankets
    • Over 600 village wheelchairs from the Rotary Club of Surfers Paradise
    • $12 000 sea freight charges to cover costs of transporting the containers from Brisbane to Johannesburg
    • two x 40 foot containers (now used as a classroom and business centre) in Africa
    • 200 Hippo Rollers from a Canadian Rotary Club to transport and store water to remote areas - this is the link to our project in a small little African country called Lesotho :
    Please be mindful that we are here to help and the future is in great hands when we meet young and passionate persons like yourself and we thank you for your service !
    Have a safe and happy Christmas and please let us know how we can help.
    Charmaine's story 2021-12-09 14:00:00Z 0

    Monarch's Chinchilla provenance

    Portrait takes pride of place in Fiona's office

    Tony's version 
    When Maroochydore Rotary handed back it’s Charter, a number of items were recovered and dispersed.
    One such item was the print of the portrait of Queen Elizabeth 11 which was presented at the time of Maroochydore’s charter, by the Rotary Club of Chinchilla.
    Photos enclosed show Past President David Woodrow presenting the framed print to Queensland member of Parliament Fiona Simpson MP, member for Maroochydore.  (Fiona Simpson is an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland and was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in 1983 to Japan)
    Is this the back story?
    But there is a back story to this....there is a mysterious brass plate on the back of the portrait when it was donated to Chinchilla Rotary Club, thought to contain a secret coded message to certain Australian beau.
    So "allegedly" (an important word) this portrait was created by a Chinchilla artist from a photo taken of Princess Elizabeth (as she was then) on a secret Royal visit to the Australian outback before she married Prince Phillip (RIP).
    So the story goes that Elizabeth wanted a final "hen party" fling before she tied the royal knot with Philip...but the royal court explained that would be impossible with so much media attention on the beautiful princess.
    However, a certain old royal flame, who had previously stolen Elizabeth's heart on a previous visit to the colony with his knowledge of physics and maths and portable sound systems invited Lizzie to Chinchilla where he assured her that the royal "we" could could let down her royal hair at a B&S Ball and no-one would be any the wiser.
    So it came to pass that this portrait from a photo taken just before Princess Elizabeth went to the 1951 Chinchilla Bachelor and Spinsters Ball came into existence as a present to that handsome stranger of Chinchilla Rotary club.
    Strange but true?? ....who knows because the very young and dapper beau from Queensland ... drank too much celebratory vino collapso that night and our beau had very little memory of that last night of freedom of our Monarch.
    In the morning his princess was gone.... leaving only a royal glass slipper......
    Its rumoured that he still has the royal slipper and is using it as a door stop in his shed. 
    Monarch's Chinchilla provenance 2021-12-09 14:00:00Z 0

    Michelle's idea takes a twist

    Wheelchair access for the disabled at Alex beach 

    Some of our not so young members may have experienced the feeling that a certain scribe felt when our ideas lady (that's Michelle) noticed that whereas the Mooloolaba SLSC laid out a mat on the beach from the club - the Alex SLSC did not. 
    So the club rallied and said, OK lets do it for the disabled community. "Not so fast" a certain scribe said, "there's something in the cobwebs of my noggin about this...lets talk to Honorary member Ashley" (the fount of all knowledge) and so on Friday after the meeting we discovered that the SLSC did in fact have a mat and beach wheelchair that they wanted to use, but was not being used because of a question mark over the gradient access to the beach.  
    So I am pleased to say that since Michelle and Ashley and a certain scribe got involved that local Councillor Joe Natoli and SLSC Club captain Neil are back on the case and we're hopeful of a good outcome for local disabled community to use the beach. Stay tuned. 

    Rotary International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    ..And by an amazing coincidence..
    This year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December celebrates the challenges, barriers, and opportunities for people who live with disabilities within the context of a global pandemic. Read blog posts from Rotary members who are involved in living out Rotary’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
    Michelle's idea takes a twist 2021-12-05 14:00:00Z 0

    Think you know Christmas?

    Christmas Quiz

    On Friday President Wendy tested our Christmas knowledge with this did you go?
    Answers at bottom of bulletin. No cheating. 

    Join in any reindeer games, Turkey, Tom Hanks, England, Ebenezer, Germany, 364, Hansel & Gretel, Home Alone, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Dasher, Rudolf, Dancer, Played a song, White Christmas, Bing Crosby, Large Kangaroo, Theodore Roosevelt, 7,00, Mariah Carey, Capricorn, Birth, 2004, Dr Suess.

    Think you know Christmas? 2021-12-05 14:00:00Z 0

    Migrant Work Ready program 

    Migrant Work Ready program 

    Big shout. out to Sunshien Coast Council and volunteers who run the award winning Migrant work ready program. Charmaine and Wendy visited them on Friday. Check it out HERE.
    Migrant Work Ready program 2021-12-05 14:00:00Z 0

    Christmas Donation 

    Club Christmas box donation

    The club has donated $500 to St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal.
    Christmas Donation 2021-12-05 14:00:00Z 0

    Fridays speaker

    This Friday - Karis Ramsay - Inclusion and Diversity on the workplace
    For our penultimate meeting of the year we welcome Karis Ramsay to talk to the club about the problems and opportunities that are happening in the workplace around diversity. Karis is a well known local and international advisor who has spent many years improving this important area of the work environment. 
    Fridays speaker 2021-12-05 14:00:00Z 0

    New member Geoff called into action..

    First of many Rotary minutes..

    Geoff seems to be wondering what club has he joined that asked hime to talk for one minute on its history after only joining last month?
    New member Geoff called into action.. 2021-12-05 14:00:00Z 0

    Border closed ? - no problem for Rotarians

    Rotary meeting at border 

    Our intrepid reporter Charmaine noticed this "can do" Rotary club on the Queensland border. 
    Not easy to have a cross border Rotary Club. Face to Face meetings have come down to straddling a marquee over the barriers on the QLD/NSW border and having Pizza delivered by Earth and Sea Pizza Coolangatta.
    Border closed ? - no problem for Rotarians 2021-11-28 14:00:00Z 0
    ROMAC wine offer 2021-11-28 14:00:00Z 0

    Club Christmas Party

    2020 Club Christmas party

    A BIG thanks to Marilyn and Tony for hosting the club Christmas party on Friday night. It was a lovely evening, with some surprise guests and don't some of our members crib up well!
    The beautiful Shannon with mine host Tony. 
    The South African contingent took this snap..with a springbok photobomber 
    Michelle's pretty good at taking selfies...
    Fiona, Mike and Lesley (where are the sherbets? ..under the table?)
    Side note...our mate Dave W graciously donated a painting of his favourite monarch to Fiona's office. She's ecstatic. (The monarch..... not Fiona 😃)
    Dave, celebrating the dispatch of painting with a glass of vino collapso ....and new mum Kate, and friends. 
    Bob, Trudi and Di. Love the shirt Bob. 
    Great to see John and Lol W at the party tablecloths (? ) a special treat for a certain scribe (?)
    Grandfather Phillip with Charmaine and the amazing Freeman folks who put on the spread. 👏
    Club Christmas Party 2021-11-28 14:00:00Z 0
    Donations in Kind Newsletter 2021-11-28 14:00:00Z 0

    Smart pups steal the show

    Smart pups steal the show

    Miss Daisy stole the show at Friday's meeting, a super smart ambassador dog for Smart Pups Assistance Dogs for Special needs children, with her best mate Robi.
    Club members might recall Robi as a regular Kombi van supporter of our Surf Show and Shine event.  
    While dogs and babies cannot talk (and that's why they are considered so cute and adorable !!) we were found out that Miss Daisy had just completed writing another fund-raising book with illustrations by Frankie. What a clever girl.
    Smart pups steal the show 2021-11-28 14:00:00Z 0

    Club welcomes another Engineer!

    Club welcomes another Engineer!

    Rotary's newest member Geoff was inducted on Friday which gave our President Wendy another opportunity to put on the jewellery ...getting to be a regular thing. Welcome to Geoff and Di.
    Not sure what the collective noun is for project is Peter D introducing Geoff to the club, with glowing references.😀
    Club welcomes another Engineer! 2021-11-28 14:00:00Z 0

    Clare and Errol moving on 

    Clare and Errol moving on 

    Things are moving at IFYS, with both Dan and now Clare moving on to greener pastures. We're looking forward to meeting our newest corporate member in the next few weeks. 
    Also sad to let you know the Errol has resigned from the club (but not Rotary👍) and continues to contribute to the community through his efforts at Buderim. We wish them both well.
    Clare and Errol moving on  2021-11-28 14:00:00Z 0

    RAWCS morning 

    RAWCS show their wares

    North shore community centre was the venue for Saturday morning workshop/ presentation of the great work that Rotary Australia World Community Services (RAWCS) does around our region. A big thanks to Mike and the team for coordinating this, and the club team for the morning tea. 
    RAWCS morning  2021-11-28 14:00:00Z 0
    New Monthly Roster   2021-11-28 14:00:00Z 0

    No speaker ? - No problem 

    Tomorrow is ..


    Sunshine Coast and Hinterland Areas
    701 David Low Way, Mudjimba
    Saturday 20th November 2021 – 1.00pm to 4.00pm PROGRAM

    Friday's meeting 

    Friday saw the club re-induct our mate Bob who was welcomed back to Rotary after a short(ish) break for grandparents duties. Bob has been a great supporter of the club and Trudi has been a great help at our club events. Welcome back Bob. 
    Our guest speaker didn't turn up so Mike did the honours with a talk on the Toastmasters / Rotary relationship and some tips on public speaking and personal development. 
    Meanwhile Charmaine and John were busy "zooming in" to an "E" meeting on Koala rescue's and animal welfare that had clubs from Europe and around the world joining in...not quite sure what they would have made of the "heads and tails" going on in our meeting. Nevertheless, it has shown it can be done so perhaps that's something for another meeting?
    Interesting the Alex Poster came through Zoom in a "mirror" image, not too sure why but a certain scribe thinks its something to do with Australia being "upside down on the world map, and the water gong down the drain in counter clockwise direction?

    Christmas at Alex

    Sunday 12th December we'll be helping the Alex Community group with their Kids Christmas party at Buhk park. Thank you to the volunteers (Jayne, Peter, Mike, Charmaine, Geoff, Craig, Dave, and Graeme) and others who have put their hand up. We'll have more details as we get nearer the day. 

    District Magazine for you 

    Click on image for the link to "whats on at District"
    As November is Rotary Foundation month...might be an idea to make someone's Christmas with a small donation to one of the top charities. in the world in terms of effectiveness and minimum overheads.....

    Recreational & Vocational Fellowships

    (Thanks to Buderim Club for this)....

    From stamp collecting to wine appreciation, the hobbies of Rotarians are as diverse as the membership itself. Among the more than one million Rotarians worldwide, a cricket fan or a ukulele player is bound to find others who share the same passions.

    But Recreational Fellowship members share more than just their common interest in deep sea fishing or photography; they share an interest in fellowship & service and in promoting world understanding.

    As such, it is no wonder that the International Skiing Fellowship of Rotarians donates profits from ski events to The Rotary Foundation or that the Flying Rotarians help ferry medical personnel and supplies.

    One has only to look at the types of Vocational Fellowships to recognize how they differ from their recreational counterparts. With Rotarians united by their shared professional interest in such fields as Hospital Administration and Finance/Banking, it is obvious that Vocational Service is as important a concern as international fellowship to the members of these groups. Members exchange technical in- formation and seek opportunities to employ their expertise in service not just to their own communities and countries, but to their professions as well.

    For example, the Ophthalmology International Vocational Fellowship organized a professional seminar about eye surgery in developing countries


    No speaker ? - No problem 2021-11-18 14:00:00Z 0

    Salty Souls Legacy Project progress

    Containers are here 

    We've placed the containers at the THRIVE centre (thanks Noel & Mal) and in the New Year we'll be starting on shaping the new centre, to Kerry %& Tamara's specification. Meanwhile a BIG thanks to Joe Natoli and District for their contributions to the project. So soon Kerry & family will have their garage back and can start to think about New Year plans. 
    We've hit a few snags on the way, which always makes things interesting, so stay tuned to find out how you can help..
    Salty Souls Legacy Project progress 2021-11-07 14:00:00Z 0

    What are these conspirators up to?

    Secret discussions after club meeting ?

    I can reveal that these folks were organising a flyer and some funds for our friends Bill and Melissa at Care outreach. 
    The club (that's you) provided $3,000 towards the Christmas boxes that the amazing folks at Care Outreach will be taking outback, and Skye caught up with the team at Coolum and got the flyers in the boxes that are offering a youth exchange in 2023 to the families way, way outback.
    More news in the New Year. 
    What are these conspirators up to? 2021-11-07 14:00:00Z 0

    Charity Fashion Show at Blue Illusions - Raising Ipads for kids

    A Tres chic Fashion show at Blue illusions to fundraise to support Education and enhance Learning Outcomes in a Fun and meaningful way.

    The Rotary Club of Alexandra Headland had a successful Fundraising Fashion show at Blue Illusions last Saturday by Fundraising for two iPads for some students at Papunya Indigenous  School in the NT.  The support of some Rotary members including two gentlemen from our club and their partners, along with representatives of the community, made for a entertaining  afternoon. 

    Chris the manager of Blue illusions, regaled all by her professional knowledge of the designs and history of each of each garment. The models represented the different age groups who could wear the Styles.

    It was a very personal friendly event, when friends and fellow Rotarians did their best to make the models feel at ease. It was like having best friends over for cocktails and nibblies in ones own home.

    Everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of an afternoon in a Shop that highlighted an afternoon on the Champs Elesse perhaps , sipping Champagne and surrounded by beautiful fabrics and silk garments- watching the models showcase the fashions designed in Paris.

    After the fashion show the rush was on to purchase the garments.   A number of credit cards got a good work out. Apparently it was one of the best fashion sales in a long while.

    We were out in 3 hours. However our show was booked for another two hours, so Chris intimated that the sales that came to their shop within the last two hours could be accredited to us. Hopefully. We also have been promised a further discount of 15% from a friend who works in America at Apple. We may be able to purchase two new Apple ipads what with sizeable donations and discounts.

    The use of Technology that is inherent in Apple’s new iPads will utilize the Bitsboard , that provides Interactive activities, that will allow students to explore the rich environment, that is a feature of this beautiful part of the world. Students will conduct studies of the plants and birds and wildlife that surround their school. They will be able to document their learning outside the classroom. 

    The students will utilize Apple’s Photographic component within the iPad to capture the true colours  and hues of the environment in which the students live.

     Students will study the tracks of animals and record their characteristic behaviours.

    The ipads will facilitate students having a video record of engaging with Elders and Local rangers, who hold precious cultural knowledge.  These interviews  are important for documenting the history of their ancestors. They will also utilize this technology to capture the local Luritija language . This Interactive process of preserving the language of this area, will strengthen students sense of identity and self -worth and assist in the development of literacy and numeracy skills throughout all areas of the curriculum.

    In providing two iPads for students at a remote Indigenous school, then we are also supporting one of Rotary foundations Areas of Focus and that is to ensure that children have access to quality basic education and literacy.

    Our intrepid reporter Joy 

    Charity Fashion Show at Blue Illusions - Raising Ipads for kids 2021-11-07 14:00:00Z 0

    Rotary Survey 

    Rotary - all member survey 

    Somewhere in your inbox you should have this invitation to participate in the Rotary - all member survey - have a go..

    Dear Rotary member,

    As part of our commitment to provide you with the best membership experience possible, we invite you to participate in the 2021 Rotary All-Member Survey. Your responses will help us learn what you like about being a Rotary member and how we can make your membership experience even better.

    To begin the survey, click the link below. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete and will be open until 10 December 2021.

    Only one survey can be submitted using the link, so please do not forward or share this email. If you any have questions, contact us at


    Shekhar Mehta
    Rotary International President, 2021-22

    To opt out of future communications about this survey, click here
    Rotary Survey 2021-11-07 14:00:00Z 0

    Bi - Monthly Buddies 

    Coffee Catch up partners
    Just in case some members need some time to find out who the members of the club are (??) and who they have been partnered is the draw from Friday..
    Skye & Peter
    Val & Mike
    David & Graeme
    Steve & Sean
    Joy & John
    Wendy & Tony
    Michelle & Clare
    Craig & Dan
    Bi - Monthly Buddies 2021-11-07 14:00:00Z 0

    Smith Family interest in WorkLife Coaching program 

    The Smith Family curious about WorkLife program

    A certain scribe is responding to an interest from that amazing community group "The Smith Family" about the WorkLife coaching program. Thank you to the members who have expressed an interest in helping out if we are accepted into the Maroochydore School and perhaps elsewhere to offer youngsters some advice on transitioning to, and being successful in the workplace.
    Smith Family interest in WorkLife Coaching program 2021-11-07 14:00:00Z 0

    Ideas for Grants anyone?

    Andrew Wallace has been in touch regarding community grants

    Andrew has been in touch with community if you have any ideas or know of a community need that the club could do with a bit of financial help, drop the secretary a line and we'll take it from there.
    Here's some of Andrews note...
     Thank you for your vital work in supporting our vulnerable, engaging volunteers, and fostering active citizenship. Your efforts are what makes Fisher the best place for education, employment and retirement.
    Don’t forget, your Expression of Interest for the Stronger Communities Program is due back at my office in just under three weeks, on Friday 26 November.
    Kind regards
    Andrew Wallace MP
    Federal Member for Fisher
    The Edge, Unit 11 (L2) 10 Lake Kawana Boulevard, Bokarina QLD 4575
    Ideas for Grants anyone? 2021-11-07 14:00:00Z 0
    Christmas break up 2021-11-07 14:00:00Z 0

    Leon's story 

    Leon - Personal experiences and helping others

    When the club received its award for "Best small community club" our mate Michelle got speaking to another award winner. Leon Helmsholm, who was recognised for the great work he is doing in teh community in mentoring folk who may be suffering from depression, or having bicker thoughts. So it was great to hear first hand for Leon on how he has turned a suicide in the family to such a positive thing for many others who are suffering from mental health issues. This was particularly relevant coming so soon after the walk for mental health ("Lift the lid") and also with some surprising statistics from Leon on the problem on the Sunshine Coast. 
    Leon's story 2021-11-07 14:00:00Z 0