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Media Focus

Wendy and Dave at Cricks

Thank you to Caitlin and the team at Sunshine Coast News for the club coverage in your news platform. It is much appreciated.
It was also great to involve Deano's team at Cricks and as well as plugging Rotary's 100th Anniversary, Wendy and Dave managed to get in some plugs for the Solstice Swim and The Surf Show and Shine. Good work. 
During the week we also received the logo for the anniversary, which you may have seen around the joint. 
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Jason - the Quiet Achiever

Its a small world after all

If you look at the photo of the Saturday team who helped out at Casey's yard, you won't see him, because he's in the background, not taking centre stage as is his way. Jason was when project managing and working hard on Casey's garden transformation for the past 3 weeks and he'll be there again when the front garden gets done. 
Jason Kay is an unassuming quiet achiever, who helps out annually, volunteering his time, equipment, materials on garden makeovers for those in need. 
Mark Skinner acknowledged that Jason from Ilandscapes made it all happen, so when a certain scribe thanked him for all his efforts, he was intrigued to find out that not only had he he had been doing this amazing life changing work for folks in the community for years, but in his younger days he was a surf mate of Ty Kennedy (SalTy Souls Legacy) and they hung out together (There was some mention of under their under age "sherbet drinking" and a suggestion of some "hi jinks"  - but I'm not sure what all that was about, and anyway statute of limitations and all that).
Its a small world, and great to meet a community minded sunny coast volunteer who is using his skills, and business, to "make a difference" to lives of others. 
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Swim News, BFX sponsors

Solstice Swim News

Our mates Stuart and Brad from BFX are the most recent sponsors to join Bob Lane and Scotty Brimelow as sponsors for the upcoming Solstice Swim.  
A little side story that happened at the Saturday morning garden makeover. When Jason Kay from Ilandscape in Caloundra found out about the Solstice Swim and SalTy souls he put his hand up to help out with a voucher to go into our raffle pool. 
The Solstice Swim is on instagram (who-hoo)
Rotoract have put their hand up to see if they can help out on the day. (BIG NEWS: Many of you will know Sabine G from her community work and her Rotoract volunteer activities with ourselves and Mooloolaba Rotary...well she is to become a mum in September.....who-hoo.)
Also a discussion at Casey's Yard between Michelle and Sami Muirhead from mix FM has also led to an offer of interview. So stay tuned to MixFM for a couple of voices from the club and SalTy Souls Legacy that you might recognise. 
Also the flyer is out there in social media land and registrations are now open. So start sounding out those sponsors and potential raffle donators for a worthy cause. 
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This Fridays meeting

This Friday 23rd meeting 

No guest speaker at this Friday's breakfast meeting, but we look forward to welcoming guests from Caloundra Pacific Rotary with the best beach front views in Queensland and a hearty kiosk breakfast. 
A reminder that the Australian National SLS championships are on this week, which are akin the Commonwealth Games, so parking is at a premium from dawn to dusk.
Motorists please go straight to the nearby Mari Street Car park (opposite the club, turn inland at traffic lights) and after parking in yard, walk one block back to beachfront where you'll see the Alex Rotary sign next to the kiosk line up. 6.45 for 7 am start.
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Casey's Garden Makeover

Making memories for Casey, Mel, and Clinton

On Saturday morning we were delighted to have been invited to participate in Casey's garden makeover. (actually complete transformation thanks to Jason from Ilandscapes). Some photo's below, and some great volunteers turned up on the day, including some who had been at Casey's for the last 2 - 3 weeks making a new concreted shaded area, as well as new gardens, fairy lights and building a trampoline. Cubby house was also spotted. 
So well done Mark and Bev from The Board Meeting surf charity and all the contractors and folks from the community, including of course Todd and Sami from mix FM who provided the laughs and the BBQ. 
A special "hats off" also to our mates at Mooloolaba Rotary who provided Casey with an Ipad and learning software that will help the young fella with his communication as grows older. 
Its always heartwarming to see the great volunteers we have on the Coast and there was around 40 volunteers there on Saturday morning to show support where became a bit overwhelming for the family. Casey seemed to enjoy the activity and has now an amazing shaded area, and a cool back bedroom, and a HUGE backdoor where he can play and make lots of memories. 
Casey seems to be wondering and asking Mel what all the fuss is about..
This is what garden looked like at 7 am...all achieved in previous weeks by Jason and the volunteer contractors 
...and a few hours later...
The fantastic Saturday morning team 
The Rotarian team with Bev and Mark Skinner
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Wishlist come to Breakfast 

Meeting Speaker t

Jeff McColl - the Development & Operations manager for Wishlist was our guest speaker last Friday, which was very appropriate as we know Wishlist are an amazing organisation on the coast that has grown to be hugely important in the community with some fantastic projects for the benefit of the Sunshine Coast.
But did you know that Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe was also a Rotary Youth Exchange Student (?). So our mayor and local MP Fiona, also exchange students are in good company. 
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AGFR Golf is getting CLOSE !!

Australian Rotary Golf Competition is coming SOON!

This is your last chance to order t-shirts as the order will be placed tomorrow (Monday 19/4/2021) evening, so if you want one, please register for the functions and order your t-shirt via the link below.  If you are just booking in for functions you have until 5pm Friday 30th April 2021
Cancellation Policy
In the unfortunate circumstance the 43rd AGFR is cancelled by the AGFR and/or Rotary Club of Maroochydore, all monies paid will be fully refundable minus the AGFR membership fee and cost of the t-shirt if paid.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Jeanne on 0402 126 157
43rd AGFR 2021 is hosted by 
Proudly Sponsored by                                Proudly Supporting
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THRIVE - what's happening 

New Wall on Aerodrome Road

The Sunshine Coast has some great volunteer groups, and local philanthropist, Mal Pratt has set up the THRIVE group on Aerodrome road to help the community groups who are working to help kids get back on teh right path. 
Noel Boxer is the leader and organiser of the complex, and we met with Noel and his team and Tamara and Kerry from SalTy Souls on Friday to see if we could help establish a base for SalTy Souls and give Kerry and Tamara back their garage and a central base. Stay tuned for more info. 
Meanwhile apart from helping kids with car mechanics, music groups and surf schools, the THRIVE Team have put up these fantastic murals on Aerodrome Road. 
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New District Governor 

New Rotary District Governor 

We have a new governor, please see note below from Darryl Issepi. 

Club Presidents and Secretaries,
Rotary International District 9600 and 9630
On Saturday 10th April 2021, the District Nominating Committee for District Governor interviewed eligible Candidates for the position of District Governor for Rotary year 2023-24 for District 9620..
On behalf of DGs Patrice Robinson and Neil Black and the Committee, I advise that the decision reached at that meeting is that Paul Roger of the Rotary Club of Greater Springfield has been selected as our Governor for the Rotary year 2023-24, and as per RI By-law 12.030.5 in the 2016 Manual of Procedure, I hereby advise all clubs in our District of the selected candidate.
By-law 12.030.7 provides for ‘Challenging Candidates’  who must have been duly suggested by a Rotary Club to the Nominating Committee.
Also in accordance with By-law 12.030.7, I advise that any challenge must be received by me no later than Tuesday 27th April 2021, and must comply with the procedural requirements specified in the relevant RI By-laws.
Kind regards in Rotary Service,
Darryl Iseppi
Committee Chair
New District Governor 2021-04-11 14:00:00Z 0

Another Toad bites the dust

Sean receives the silver toad award (again)

Dave W presented Sean with a repaired "Silver Toad" environmental award, after a mishap with the previous trophy. We're not entirely sure if this is the same toad as before, (don't all toads look the same?) but we suspect our mate Dave is gradually cleaning up Mountain Creek by bathing toads in molten silver. Just saying. 
However Sean seems pleased to have been recognised for his services. BTW, dont know whether it was all the excitement of receiving this award, but shortly after this picture was taken Sean has ended up in hospital after a fall, and thankfully is now recooperating. Get well soon Sean.
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Gala Raffle details

Saturday night Gala Dinner 

Maroochy RSL is teh place to be on Saturday night, for the Rotary 100th Anniversary gala dinner. Bookings have now closed, and if there are any last minute arrangements, please let Val or Wendy know.
So we'll be welcomed by the mayor, and enjoy a nice meal, some dancing, raffles and a few surprises no doubt. 
See you there. 
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Casey's garden makeover dateclaimer 

Got a few hours to change a young fella's garden?

Our mate Mark Skinner has let us know that the date for Casey's garden makeover is now Saturday 17th April. If you can spend a few hours before getting spruced up for the Gala Dinner, let club secretary know.
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Masks come to the breakfast meetings

Chairman Dave shows how its done

We've been really lucky on the coast in avoiding much of the pandemic and its awful effects.
But that has a downside and has created an unforeseen problem for some of us who have forgotten how to apply a face mask. Fortunately Dave was chairman on Friday and showed us how it was done. 
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NBN Speaker  - Tristan

Tristan talks IT Infrastructure - club talks toilets

An interesting talk from the NBN Community ambassador on Friday. Who would have thought that toilets would be the major item of discussion on the "Internet of things?" 
In 5 years you will be able to have 30 devices connected to the internet to do and tell you everything you need to know. Surprisingly (maybe not) this led to a very informative (if gross) discussion about Japanese toilets and diagnostics that are better left unsaid.
But full marks to Tristan and Wallis for organising a talk that shows you are never to old to learn. This from a certain scribe who can recall when you had to go to the box at the end of the street to use the phone, and an apples and blackberries were something else entirely.  
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Alex WorkLife Program reaches Tasmania!

Renee puts in a plug for WorkLife for kids

Recently a certain scribe received this lovely text from an amazing woman in Tasmania who works with the youth in Hobart, mostly females who are struggling with accommodation and getting and keeping work. So our amazing Renee suggested that the WorkLife program may be something that they could use, and engage a local Rotary club to help. 
We have clubs in NSW and Victoria who have taken up the program as part of their vocational planning, as well as interest after the RDU article from as far away as Alaska! 
Here's Louise's text..
"Hi, I have recently been chatting with Renee from IYFS on the sunshine coast and she has talked about this amazing program. I am just wondering if there is any capacity to run this in our two youth shelters in Hobart? Its such a fantastic initiative! You can contact me on XXXXXXXX. Kind regards, Louise"
So your club secretary has followed up and been in touch with the District Governor in Hobart and we'll see what develops...and just a reminder that the links to the WorkLife resources are available HERE.
Alex WorkLife Program reaches Tasmania! 2021-03-28 14:00:00Z 0

Rainbow House ladies come to visit

Rainbow House ladies come to say thanks

We were honoured to have Alison and Maron from Rainbow house join us for breakfast on Friday. It was also great to hear some more stories about where the donations go, and a very moving presentation and school song from the kids in Zambia. The photos of the Chianda kids wearing Mathew Flinders and Anglican college shirts was a great reminder of the fantastic work the volunteers here in Australia do to keep the school running. 
Rainbow House ladies come to visit 2021-03-28 14:00:00Z 0

Alex Rotary - growth in membership recognition prize

Alex Rotary - Club growth recognised at District Convention 

President Wendy with the District trophy awarded to Alex Rotary for teh greatest increased membership.
Not a bad effort for a small club with competition for the trophy from Brisbane to Pacific islands!!
(See Errol for an explanation of the trophy design.)
Alex Rotary - growth in membership recognition prize 2021-03-28 14:00:00Z 0

Peter and Shannon welcomed to the club 

New club members -  Peter and friend of Rotary - Shannon 

Peter was inducted into the Alex Rotary club on Friday - actually Peter has had more years with Rotary than Alex Rotary has been in existence. A strong supporter of community work, Peter's also very passionate and active with Salvation Army so we'll be looking for something we can do to show support for that amazing group too. Welcome also to Jayne. 
Michelle gave us an update on her career with kids in Canada and in China as a camp director, what a journey for a lass from Millmerran. Can somebody find a way to bottle that enthusiasm? Also the Sunny Coast kids will be getting the benefit of Michelle's organisation and management experience as she takes the helm with Rotary kids programs. 
Her mate Shannon was inducted as a friend of Rotary so I guess that makes official all the support he has been giving to the club projects. 
Welcome Peter and Shannon. 
..and below Wendy put on her jewellery to make it all above board..
Peter and Shannon welcomed to the club 2021-03-28 14:00:00Z 0

BBQ Tentative Dateclaimer 

Alex Rotary / Community BBQ

If you have been living under a rock, then you are probably not aware that Alex is going to be invaded by thousands of lifesavers and their families (covid permitting) from 16th - 24th April when the Australian National Surf lifesaving championships are being held. Its a bit like the commonwealth games, with 314 clubs competing in 480 events and thousands of spectators. 
For anyone who is not heading to the hills, then please keep a few hours free on the Saturday 10th April for a potential Rotary BBQ to feed the starving hordes. 
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Casey's garden makeover - any volunteers?

Got a few hours to change a young fella's garden?

Our mate Mark Skinner has let us know that the date for Casey's garden makeover is now Saturday 17th April. If you can spend a few hours before getting spruced up for the Gala Dinner, let club secretary know.
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Dolly Parton - who knew?

Dolly Parton - Humanitarian 

On Friday Joy's Rotary minute mentioned the "Imagination" project funded by Covid philanthropist Dolly Parton. Who knew that this country and western  singer is also a great sponsor of Childrens education around the world and here in Queensland. As joy reminded us, teaching and encouraging a child to continue reading is one of the greatest things that can be done to improve their life. "Two things will change your life "People you meet, and book you read""

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Australia

A Free Book Gifting Program 

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Australia is a free book gifting program devoted to inspiring a love of reading in the hearts of children everywhere. Each month, enrolled children receive a high-quality, age-appropriate book in the mail, free of charge. Children receive books from birth to age five.

In 2013, a joint effort between Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and the United Way began. The partnership helped bring the program to Australia in 2014 making it the fourth nation and third continent to launch the Imagination Library.

Towns such as Doomadgee in remote portions of Queensland are seeing “marked improvements” in school readiness among children who have received Imagination Library books. In addition to Queensland, program coverage extends to communities in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

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Monument Show and Tell

Rotary 100th Anniversary 

A certain scribe brought this model along to Fridays breakfast meeting and updated the club on the progress of 100th Anniversary celebrations. Now all we have to do is build the full scale one!
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ROMAC says thanks

ROMAC raises over $13,000 for medical aid

ROMAC wishes to thank you for the support and help you gave to our successful Sunshine Coast ROMAC Trivia Challenge held at Unity College on March 4,2021.
We are pleased to announce the night raised $13,536.00 and this will help ROMAC continue to bring children mainly from the Oceania Region to Australia and New Zealand for life saving and /or Dignity Restoring Surgery that they cannot access in their own countries.
ROMAC is a wonderful Rotary Humanitarian program that gives these “Forgotten Children” of the world a chance in life and we should be justly proud in supporting such a program.
Yours in Rotary Service
Bryan Mason OAM
ROMAC Northern Region
Committee Member.
ROMAC c/o Bryan Mason, 16/34 Queen Street Kings Beach Caloundra Qld 4551. Mob: 0438 705 196.
Mission: To provide medical treatment for children from developing countries in the form of lifesaving and /or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to them in their home country.
Objectives: To provide hope where there is no hope > To restore dignity to human life > To transform a child’s life > To provide the best medical .and surgical expertise
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The Zambian Connection 

First Programs of Scale grant awarded to malaria project

Alex Rotary has a connection to Zambia via the Chianda school which Dave W made us aware of and which we donated to earlier in the year. So our interest ws piqued when Rotary Foundation stepped in with a huge Malaria Program of Scale in that all about it here 
The Zambian Connection 2021-03-21 14:00:00Z 0
Brittany and the University Community Fund 2021-03-21 14:00:00Z 0

Casey's Garden makeover date claimer

Casey's Garden - Can you help for a few hours?

The revised date for Casey's makeover is now Saturday April 17th 
Here's a reminder of what its all about - hope you can make it. 
Our mate Mark Skinner has been busy organising the project for a 5 year old Casey Harms and her grandparents. Mark got in touch with the club with this progress report, and a shout out to Alex Rotary to help out with the garden. This will be our 4th (?) garden blitz to make a difference and delighted to help Mark and the team he has organised. Here's a bit from his emails...
Casey is a beautiful little 5-year-old who has RTD [Riboflaven Transporter Deficiency Type 2]. For Casey, his condition includes paralysis of the cranial nerves and sensorineural deafness, the later being addressed with a cochlear implant in the hope that by hearing, he will eventually learn to talk. He also has severe damage to other nerves, particularly his limbs which are heavily distorted. Amazingly he moves around by shuffling his backside. There is hope that one day he may walk but that will be a fair way down the track. He also lacks the ability to regulate his body temperature.
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Saara and Kaisa come to visit

NYSF sponsored student comes to visit

Last November Saara joined teh club breakfast meeting and briefed the club on her NYSF experiences - through ZOOM. 
Alex Rotary has a tradition of sponsoring International Baccalaureate students from Mountain Creek on Rotary leadership experiences, so it was nice to see our latest sponsored student, Saara, with her mum Kaisa on Friday morning.  Although missing that personal touch, it was great to hear from Saara that networks and friendships have developed over the ZOOM platform. Also great to hear that Saara and her mates had been showcasing STEM to the local primary schools and inspiring the next generation. It is such a joy to hear from the leaders of the younger generation, such as Saara, and the club is pleased to have played a small part in Saara's future. 
The club knows from the feedback from previous NYSF students that the experience of mixing with Australian leaders in STEM and their peers has a profound influence on the next generation of leaders in Science...and we're sure it will be no exception for Saara.  
Saara and Kaisa come to visit 2021-03-20 14:00:00Z 0

Sean,Women in Rotary and victim blaming 

This is how Victim blaming works...and its all of us.. (controversial?)

Friday mornings sergeant session turned very thoughtful on Friday when our Sergeant and resident IT Guru (Sean) reflected on the observation that it took nearly 40 years before women were admitted to Rotary. Sean noted that some of the folk he had met in Africa would say that was the women's fault. Phew!
But is it so unusual nowadays? I'd hope that most folk would perhaps reflect on that and say well, it took some time but at last the culture has changed for the better and eventually the men of Rotary did the right thing. 
So whose fault was it that it took 40 years from the first proposal to admit women? How about the argument that its the "women's fault"...they should have done more and obviously "didn't do enough". 
As Sean knows from his personal experience (and many of us have observed in our own lives) this victim blaming technique of those in power and practised on those being wronged by the system is getting all too common in many aspects of our lives, and unfortunately its happening here in Australia too....... once the land of the "fair go"
Sean,Women in Rotary and victim blaming 2021-03-14 14:00:00Z 0

Spot the difference?

ROMAC Quiz Night 
Well done Caloundra on winning the ROMAC trophy. The pic below has a a few differences, not least the addition of 2 Alex Rotary victory medals on th right hand side column ......and something else..Can you spot it?
Spot the difference? 2021-03-14 14:00:00Z 0

Howsthis for a monument?

Rotary Monument being considered by Sunshine Coast Council 

Sunshine Coast Council are considering an application by the cluster of Rotary Clubs to have a monument put up to recognise the fantastic achievements by our past Rotarians in improving the Sunshine Coast Communities since the start of Rotary in Australia / New Zealand 100 years ago. No location or final design has been approved, but discussions are progressing and looking hopeful. As well as recognising each club in the cluster, we also want to recognise the exceptional Rotarians from the Sunshine Coast in the final design.
Steve is also busy making a scale model of the monument, which we hope to display at the Gala dinner, which will be opened by the Mayor, Mark Jamieson, a former Rotary Exchange Student. 
We are also holding a gala dinner to celebrate this anniversary, and you can find details on our website or phone Wendy on 0437 747 462 or Val on 0466 328 242 if you would like to attend. 
Howsthis for a monument? 2021-03-14 14:00:00Z 0
Caloundra Golf Day 2021-03-14 14:00:00Z 0
National Rotary Golf Competition week in My Weekly Preview 2021-03-14 14:00:00Z 0

U Turn the wheel - saving young drivers

Bruce Angus Talks to Club 

On Friday we met "the most enthusiastic and dedicated Rotarian I have ever met" said Steve, and who could dispute this after hearing teh amazing story, and work that Brice had put into saving young drivers lives by starting up the U-Turn the wheel program that has been taken up around the world and contributed to a significant decline in the deaths of young drivers. 
Bruce took us through the history of the project, how the various schools, health, police, government levels and car manufacturers got behind this amazing project to educate and change behaviours of young drivers. Almost 1,00,0000 young drivers have been resources were taken up by Rotary Young Drivers Australia and how those resources impacted on the death rate of 18 - 24 year olds.  
Sadly, many kids are still adopting risky behaviours behind the wheel, but we are fortunate on the Sunny Coast to have a local Caloundra Club who are great supporters of RYDA with help from other SunnyCoast Rotary Clubs. 
Thank you Brice for sharing your story with us, and we are in awe of the work and passion that you put into this project to drive it to what it is today over +20 years later. 
U Turn the wheel - saving young drivers 2021-03-14 14:00:00Z 0

ROMAC runners up.... Doh!

"You asked the wrong questions Bryan!" 

The good news. ROMAC raised over $13,000 on Thursday night from the trivia quiz, with great help from Caloundra Rotary. These funds all go to help reconstruct the disfigured children and mums on the pacific region. A great cause supported by Rotarian medical and health and logistics volunteers. Well done Bryan Mason, who does an enormous amount of work to make this event happen every year. A great effort and a great cause. 
The not so good news. Alex Rotary were 3 points short of victory following a spirited performance by the Quiz team, ably managed by team secretary Kim, and Karen, Wendy, Marilyn, Tony, Steve and John. 
Who would have thought that there was over 4,000 varieties of potato?
If you look really, really closely at the above pic of the ROMAC trivia quiz audience, you may spot Alex Rotary Past President Sue Quinn, who rumour has it has settled down on the coast after a career supporting our pollies. 
A certain scribe did not go home empty handed. Initially thought he'd won a hair dryer (not entirely useful to the follically challenged) but it turned out to be a laser gun...much more useful (?) 
Finally our mates at ROMAC have got a great deal from their supporters at Tyrrells wines. Check this link out and do yourself a favour.
...and a funny question...
ROMAC runners up.... Doh! 2021-03-07 14:00:00Z 0

Casey's Garden  - postponed

Casey's Garden - Date Claimer 13th March - Postponed 

Latest advice from Mark:
It looks like we may have to delay the working bee for Casey’s yard a couple of weeks as approvals and construction of the pergola is going to take longer than expected. It really makes sense to get the pergola and concrete done first then start on the yard.
We might still try to demolish the old pergola next week. Rob Wilson and his son have offered to do this and I have arranged for skip bin to be onsite to take all that away.
As soon as I have a new date I will come back to you.
Our mate Mark Skinner has been busy organising the project for a 5 year old Casey Harms and her grandparents. Mark got in touch with the club with this progress report, and a shout out to Alex Rotary to help out with the garden. This will be our 4th (?) garden blitz to make a difference and delighted to help Mark and the team he has organised. Here's a bit from his emails...
Casey is a beautiful little 5-year-old who has RTD [Riboflaven Transporter Deficiency Type 2]. For Casey, his condition includes paralysis of the cranial nerves and sensorineural deafness, the later being addressed with a cochlear implant in the hope that by hearing, he will eventually learn to talk. He also has severe damage to other nerves, particularly his limbs which are heavily distorted. Amazingly he moves around by shuffling his backside. There is hope that one day he may walk but that will be a fair way down the track. He also lacks the ability to regulate his body temperature.
Casey's Garden - postponed 2021-03-07 14:00:00Z 0

White buttocks, Cholera, Ebola 

Pandemic Warrior talks to full house at the club 

Dr John Parker was our guest speaker at the Fridays breakfast meeting, and he didn't disappoint. For a humanitarian doctor who has spent his career fighting pandemics in Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria with Red Cross and MSF.
For a self confessed adrenaline junkie he appears to be remarkably normal. But looks are deceiving. 
John spoke most entertainingly and movingly about the horrors and comedy of being a doctor on the front line dealing with deadly diseases at very close quarters. But his message was not disease but trauma. 
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD has been the scourge of John's life. He battled with the things he saw overseas, and that led to a troubled life. John was remarkably frank about how his career and desire to fight pandemics had impacted on himself and his relationships. John has put his recollections in is book " From Choler to Ebola".
As Tim Costello (CEO of World Vision) says "My experiences pale compared to John's .....and he has put it all in his book which is not for the faint-hearted." 
An amazing man with an amazing story. 
Big thanks to Mike for bringing Dr. John Parker to the meeting. Everyone enjoyed listening to this most inspiring humanitarian doctor, now living in Buderim. 
White buttocks, Cholera, Ebola 2021-03-07 14:00:00Z 0

Clean Up Australia 2021

The Community tradition continues....

On Sunday Craig and Wendy were our leaders for the "Clean up Australia Day". Alex has hosted this event for over 15 years and sharp eyed member noticed that Sunshien Coast Council using the Alex Club photo of several years ago to promote the event on their website. 
Also a certain scribe made several radio podcasts on the event, which we hope encouraged local communities elsewhere to take some pride in their neighbourhood an spend a couple of hours having a bit of a spring clean. 
Those of us who have lived in other parts perhaps appreciate what we have hear on the coast, and unfortunately its part of human nature to sometimes take for granted the beautiful coastline. So not a bad idea to take stock now and again and keep the standards up. 
So while the numbers were down on previous years, well done to those who turned up to "do their bit". 
Clean Up Australia 2021 2021-03-07 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary Down Under - March Edition 2021-02-28 14:00:00Z 0

Busy March ahead

We've a busy month ahead with ROMAC quiz this Friday, Dr John Parker this Friday, then Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday, and the following weekend, helping out at Casey's garden blitz with our mates from The Board meeting Surf Charity, and Mooloolaba Rotary. Then its all points to Kingaroy for the district conference on 26th - 28th March.
Busy March ahead 2021-02-28 14:00:00Z 0

Donald Trump or Paul Harris?

Who knew?

Hard quizmaster Johnno had one winner on Friday to the people's round on famous Rotarians. The question that three most was "Who married a bride 20 years his junior, and incorrectly wrote his date of birth on the marriage certificate? 
Peter was the only one who knew the difference between Donald Trump and Paul Harris...and its not what you think. Kenny Koala to the hard quiz winner.
Donald Trump or Paul Harris? 2021-02-28 14:00:00Z 0
Kenny Koala goes to..... Peter 2021-02-26 14:00:00Z 0

Jeanne gathers the helpers as AGFR approaches

AGFR - Alex Rotary Club steps up to help

With the AGFR fast approaching Jeanne Motteram from Maroochy Rotary spoke to the club on Friday.
The club will be on hand to help Maroochy and already a group of members have put their hand up to help out with the raffle. 
We'll be staying in touch with Maroochy as we get towards May and keeping an eye open for other ways to help. Here's a thank you note we received from Jeanne.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak to your club at Friday's meeting abou the AGFR and how you can help us.
It is great to have a few of you, Wendy, Sandy, Craig and Joy, on board to help with the raffle, organising the volunteers and Tony for being the tournament photographer.
I thought I would send you the most recent newsletter.
For more information on the AGFR, head to and for details about the 43rd AGFR head to the same website and click on 'Tournament 2021' (it will take you to your clubs website).
Happy reading.
Jeanne Motteram, Tournament Director
43rd AGFR 2021 hosted by 
Jeanne gathers the helpers as AGFR approaches 2021-02-26 14:00:00Z 0
Local world famous medico talks on Friday 2021-02-26 14:00:00Z 0

Blown away by Harrison and Austin

Amazing Blokes Prosper lads battling Youth Suicide - Remember the names 

Fridays speakers were two of the most remarkable lads you will find anywhere in Australia. Harrison and Austin have both been touched by Youth Suicide and although they have been fighting the stigma of mental health and its outcomes, suicode being worst, this was the first time that they have given a prepared talk to the community 
Blown away by Harrison and Austin 2021-02-26 14:00:00Z 0

Sergeant Joy excels herself

Sergeant Joy excels

Just when you thought the sergeants session could not get more entertaining...Joy's finale on Friday added a new dimension to the clubs meetings. 
Sergeant Joy excels herself 2021-02-26 14:00:00Z 0

Gala Dinner & Monument News


100th Anniversary Gala Dinner & Monument News

A Gala Dinner night is planned for Saturday 17th April at the Maroochy RSL. It will be a night of fellowship, fun and dancing and a chance to celebrate Rotary’s fantastic achievements over the past 100 years.

Bookings are now open and tickets can be purchased by clicking on the trybooking link on the Invitation attached. We advise you to book early, because seating is restricted due to Covid. Why not get a group together and join with old friends to celebrate this wonderful milestone? You can reserve a table as part of the booking process.

We are also planning to erect a monument, in order to recognise Rotary’s achievements, particularly on the Sunshine Coast.

We want this monument to ‘belong’ to all Rotarians past, present and future on the Sunshine Coast. The monument will be 2.69 metres high and have a diameter of 1.8 metres, the tendrils will ‘float’ from the 24 teeth on the Rotary Wheel and each one will bear the name of a Rotary Club on the SC. The design is meant to suggest that all clubs come from different areas but come together for the Centenary and then each go their own way to continue the good work of Rotary. Around the bottom will be 2 stainless steel panels, one about Rotary Clubs on the SC and the other, the story Sir Clem Renouf and his legacy. 

Wendy Gilson,


Gala Dinner & Monument News  2021-02-21 14:00:00Z 0

AGFR - Rotary National Golf Competition 

AGFR (Australian Golf Federation of Rotarians) 2021 - Talk on Friday 

Jeanne Motteram has being doing a fantastic job in getting this Rotary National Golf competition to this stage, and we're now getting down to the details of how we can help Jeanne and her team make this golfing week a success for the Sunshine Coast. 
So Covid notwithstanding the AGFR will definitely be going ahead and there are things we can be doing now to help Jeanne and the AGFR team. 
Jeanne will be talking to the club on Friday, and has flagged with us the areas where we can help. So there are things to do in regards to spreading the word, gathering local sponsors, prizes, and local golfers to participate. 
Then there are the details around tournament and golf days itself, and the arms and legs needed to make sure the golf goes smoothly and everyone enjoys the fellowship and activities in the clubhouse. 
AGFR - Rotary National Golf Competition 2021-02-21 14:00:00Z 0

Community Survey 

Take the General Community Survey and win $200 

This is a community health issue that some members may like to participate in..
The Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast Public Health Network PHN are undertaking a survey to help inform the development of health services for our communities.  Our Community Health Survey is available online 
The survey will help the PHN to understand what’s most important to our community and the health needs our community are facing. 
We hope to reach as many people as possible so a range of voices from all ages and walks of life are included. The more people who can tell us their opinions, the more we can plan for better health outcomes in our communities. You can assist us by promoting and sharing this survey among your community and networks. 
Survey closes 28 February 2021. 
How can you help? 
  • Take the survey online to have your say (as you are a community member yourself) 
  • Share the survey link and poster via email to your friends, family, clients, staff 
  • Sharing the survey link and social media tile (attached) on your social media 
All survey participants will go into the draw for one of four $200 grocery vouchers. Visit:  
Your support in building healthy, resilient, connected communities across our region is very much appreciated. 
Kind regards, 
Wallis Westbrook
Community Survey 2021-02-21 14:00:00Z 0
RYPEN 2021 news 2021-02-21 14:00:00Z 0

Fisher Awards

Is someone you know making a difference?

Our local federal MP Andrew Wallace, is looking for a community minded hero to be recognised in the "Fisher Community Awards"
If you know of a deserving individual, why not drop Andrew a suggestion on this link below?
Fisher Awards 2021-02-21 14:00:00Z 0

ROMAC quiz night will soon be here...

ROMAC quiz night - 4th March

We have one short for the Alex Rotary quiz team, if anyone enjoys a trivia quiz competition while supporting a great cause. Let Tony know if you can make it. Just saying that in the past few years the club has an impressive record in this prestigious quiz of being of runner up, 2 times winners, and generally being a bit of pest to the other Rotary Clubs in the district..let's hope we can maintain this in 2021.laugh
Meanwhile here's where your entry fee is going...oh, and did I say that there is a bar with some nice Australian wines going cheap.?

Vincent to fly back to the Solomon Islands after 16 months of life-saving medical treatment in Canberra 

Vincent Toto (centre) and his mother Cosinta Matesonia (right) have been in Canberra for the past 16 months for medical treatment. They stayed with Sandra Goldstraw (left). Picture: Karleen Minney
Vincent Toto has a smile that could brighten up any room = he came to Australia in July 2019 at two months old, he was only expected to stay for eight or nine months but he and his mother, Cosinta Matesonia, have stayed for the past 16 months. 
During that time he has had three major surgeries and about 30 gastroscopies. 
Vincent's treatment was possible due to a memorandum of understanding between ROMAC and the ACT government.
Vincent Toto and his mother, Cosinta Matesonia are now back in Honiara this weekend.
"I want to say thank you to the hospital for helping us and also thank you to Rotary as well for the help, if not my baby was going to die," she said. 
ROMAC quiz night will soon be here... 2021-02-21 14:00:00Z 0

Support Vinnies not GPS trackers

Vinnies helping homeless Youth 

Dean was our guest speaker on Friday and gave an inspiring talk to the club on some of the amazing work that Vinnie's do in our community. Homeless Youth is a terrible blight on our community and its great to see folk like Dean making a real difference to young folk who through now fault of their own find themselves on the street.
You can't help but think that a bit more attention to helping the youth, would avoid some of the youth crime that we see in Townsville and around our community. politicians please don't solve youth problems by locking kids up or putting a tracker on them! Better use of resources would be to support organisations like Vinnies and people like Dean. Just saying. 
Support Vinnies not GPS trackers 2021-02-21 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary Gala Dinner - with link 2021-02-15 14:00:00Z 0

Gala Dinner Arrangements

Bookings starting to be taken for anniversary dinner

If you are a Rotary Club active member now is the time to book your spot for the 100th Anniversary dinner. You should have received an invite from our industrious Anniversary Team and be able to click on the tri-booking link from your emailed invitation.  
There is a table layout on our website ( and you can make bookings NOW before it is opened up to past Rotarians. 
Gala Dinner Arrangements 2021-02-14 14:00:00Z 0

Plans all in place for COVID vaccine delivery

COVID Plans on the Sunshine Coast laid out for the club 

A big thank you to our guest speaker Robb Major, and of course our very own Wallis W for twisting Robb's Arnm to give up some of his valuable time to come to the club and tell us all about the planning and execution of the COVID roll out. 
I must say that although I keep hearing about the hard work that is going on among the health professionals, what Robb took us through on Friday morning was truly mind blowing. 
Robb is charged with getting the public health network in Sunshine Coast right in regards to the roll out. So we heard what has been going on at National, State and Sunshine Coast level. The logistics involved in making sure that everyone in Australia has the opportunity to be vaccinated, and to do it guided by the risk profile of the community, from First Nations people, old folks, disabled folks, folks who don't live anywhere near health centres, and recognising that the initial Pfizer vaccine can only be moved at -70 degrees, and only moved 4 times from the production centre, makes for interesting planning. 
Robb's talk made me appreciate how talented and hard working our health professional are, and on a selfish note, made us all a lot clearer on what the immediate pandemic / vaccination future looks like for folk on the Sunny Coast.
Thank you Robb and Wallis.
Plans all in place for COVID vaccine delivery 2021-02-14 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Health Booklet available on line

Rotary Health 

Rotary has over 1,200,000 members so its hardly surprising that its difficult to keep up with what Rotary does for our communities.
So here's a summary (!!) of what Rotary Health has been up to in Australia. Some fantastic projects in here, with some amazing community health leaders...see the facts issue below..
The Australian Rotary Health 2021 Facts Booklet lists all PhD Scholarship, Mental Health Research Grant, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Rural Nursing, Rural Medical, and Indigenous Health Scholarship recipients supported by Australian Rotary Health.This publication also provides information on the work that we do, as well as campaigns and events.

The 2021 Facts Booklet is now available to read online on Issuu.
Rotary Health Booklet available on line 2021-02-14 14:00:00Z 0

USC / Rotary Meeting

RUSCCF Meeting Dateclaimer 

The Rotary and University of the Sunshine Coast Community Fund (RUSCCF) is a great initiative of the two organisations to provide support to USC students and to celebrate their achievements. 
Its mission is to advance  tertiary education opportunities through a partnership between the combined Rotary Clubs of the Sunshine Coast & the University of the Sunshine Coast, and they are having a meeting this week. If you wish to attend please let Wendy Gilson know. (0437747462)
Presidents, Secretaries and Committee Members,
A reminder that the next Committee meeting will be held on Friday 19th February at 5.45 at the USC.
Please see directions etc below:
We have booked room C G.50 for our meeting which can easily accommodate the group. The room is located on the ground floor of Building C, the Chancellery, which is adjacent to Building B where we usually meet.  Attendees should plan to park in the usual parking lot, P2, and make their way to Building C, which is to the South of building B. 
USC / Rotary Meeting 2021-02-14 14:00:00Z 0

Michelle's Canadian cliffhanger

Michelle smiles through cliff hanger with Rotary International President

Guess who's smiling through this terrifying ordeal?  None other than our Youth Group supremo Michelle. 
Following on from Michelle's Rotary minute (wow!) she cleaned up with the raffle and two-up scratches
(has anybody ever won money from these - ed.?)
Anyway later in the day our mates Tamara and Kerry graciously offered the club 2 free tickets (value $260) to their Superbowl extravaganza, complementary drinks, fun morning and as luck would have it Michelle was first in, so hope your team won.
While we are on "all things Michelle", its great to see Michelle starting the organising of the Rotary Youth Interact /Earlyact programs and we wish her every success.
Michelle's Canadian cliffhanger 2021-02-05 14:00:00Z 0

Wendy and Steve doing the rounds - Nambour

Wendy and Steve doing the rounds

Wendy and Steve visited Nambour during the week, continuing to spread the word about the 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner and the proposed Monument. The team are doing a great job in binging together the 24 clubs and getting feedback and gauging their interest.
They received a very positive response, as they have done wherever they've gone, and also positive messages are coming in from higher levels within Rotary.
The first release of Gala dinner tickets will be available soon to club members so stay tuned, as these will go QUICK for what promises to be a great occasion celebrating 100 years of Rotary in Australia. 
Details coming soon !!! 
Wendy and Steve doing the rounds - Nambour 2021-02-04 14:00:00Z 0

Sergeant Joy takes command

Sergeant Joy does the business 

What a revelation! Just as we were recovering from sergeant Craig picking our pockets, up steps sergeant Joy with one of the most entertaining (and expensive) sergeants session the club has witnessed. 
From memory tests, Christmas crackers, and obscure questions, arbitrary fines (really?),  and lots of activity Joy took command of the floor, and no one was spared. (Actually Paul S was as he was holding the bowl.) Poor Carmel was the target of "fictitious" birthdays and recounting salad recipes. (don't ask).
I recommend everyone brings more coins to our next its going to be a long expensive month...... smileysmiley
Sergeant Joy takes command 2021-02-04 14:00:00Z 0

Craigs story

Craig's Story 

One of our newest members and Glaswegian, Townsvillian (is that a word?) and now Sunshine Coaster,  Craig Laidlaw, gave us an entertaining story of his background on Friday.

Craig, like many of us has been busy building up a career before retiring, and to quote "is now starting a new career in community service". Good man.

Welcome Craig, and many thanks for your involvement with the Alex Rotary projects, we've certainly appreciated your and Sandi's help with our fundraising and are very glad to have you in the club.

Craigs story 2021-02-04 14:00:00Z 0
Mike and Karen have belated Xmas 2021-02-04 14:00:00Z 0
Michelle, Rotary Youth and You Tube 2021-02-04 14:00:00Z 0

Social Evening at "The Freemans" 

Social Night at Twin Waters

Tony and Marilyn were the hosts (at short notice) for Fridays evenings drinks. Here's some snaps of the soiree in their backyard. Unfortunately a certain scribe and wife couldn't make it - so is unable to provide any gossip on the evening.
Other than to observe that a certain man on the land has developed the elderly male habit of setting off by car not knowing exactly where he is going but hoping that when he gets somewhere in the vicinity of his destination his memory will kick in and tell him where he should be going.  Unfortunately this didn't work (again!). Its a male thing. smiley
Social Evening at "The Freemans" 2021-01-31 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary Down Under Magazine 2021-01-31 14:00:00Z 0
Rotary on the Move Newsletter 2021-01-31 14:00:00Z 0

Monument discussions starting to crystallise 

Wendy visiting other clubs

Our President has been putting in the hours and the miles going around the clubs in the area to gauge their support for the 100th Anniversary if Rotary in Australia. As regular readers may know there are moves afoot to have a "Gala Dinner" and a "Monument" to commemorate this important milestone in Rotary's history. 
We're fortunate to have some talented and enthusiastic members in the club so ideas are starting to turn into plans and soon into actions, so stay tuned. 
Monument discussions starting to crystallise 2021-01-31 14:00:00Z 0

Joy - our newest member 

Alex Rotary Welcomes Joy Ungers

Joy was formally inducted in to the club at Fridays meeting, although she has attended all of our functions and working bee's so you could be forgiven for thinking that she was already recognised as a member. 
Joy has had an amazing history with Rotary, and I have curated it below. Welcome Joy and look fiorward to you continued involvement with outr club community projects. Y
Joy initiated some projects particularly when I was a President of St Marys Rotary Club, she is at pains to note that this could not have been done without the Sister club of Mount Druitt  and  from many Rotarians and community members.  .

Biography of Joy Unger’s Rotary Experiences 

Joy was inducted as the first female member of St Mary’s Rotary Club in the Met. West Region of Sydney under President John McGann in 2001. The Club had being going for 46 years. Joy was a member of St Mary’s Rotary Club from 2001-2008.

in 2003/3 Joy accepted a Presidential Citation in 2002-03 from the International President Bhichai Rattakul on his visit to Sydney on behalf of St Marys Rotary club.

Highlights of St Mary’s Rotary Club during Joy’s term as President and membership was fundraising events to raise the profile of Rotary Clubs throughout the Rotary district of St Marys, Penrith and Wallacia  Polio Plus and the Provision of shelter boxes for third world countries was a big part of this activity. 

Activities included Fashion Shows in conjunction with the owner of Vicary’s winery in Wallacia ,where the event was being held. Models were chosen from the wives, friends and grandchildren of Rotarians. 

Joy also initiated sponsored hire of a local Cinema for a lunch and viewing as a good money raiser for Shelter Boxes.  The money raised from the Cinema entry fee and lunch covered the cost of two Shelter Boxes, that were on display within the adjoining lunch room.

Another fundraiser was the yearly garage sale for the Don Bosco Centre for Youth in The Neigbourhood , that provided necessary funds to help the Salean Brothers keep this centre running for disadvantaged youth.

Internationally, Joy and St Marys Rotary club supported the Incoming team of GSE Taiwanese Professionals  from  Rotary International district 3470 who visited an aboriginal education centre.  Tranby College for Indigenous Students opened up their college for the GSE team. A great example of Rotary networking. 

St Marys Rotary club gave Joy a Paul Harris Fellowship before she left to take up residence in the Sunshine Coast

Joy joined Buderim rotary and helped them with logistics to the International convention in Sydney, as well as organising guest speakers before transferring to Mooloolaba Rotary where she acted as Community Service Director  and continued the tradition of gaining local Council funding for two yearly Christmas Lunches at the Sports recreational Centre for residents in Homes throughout Mooloolaba and Kawana. 

Many Rotarians who went to Orange Sky's first presentation on the coast may not know that this was organised by Joy & Mooloolaba Rotary. 

So Wendy put on the "jewellery" to formally induct Joy into the club at last meeting and here Wendy is all "dolled" up..
Joy - our newest member 2021-01-31 14:00:00Z 0

Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring Program

On Friday last John Bidwell was our guest speaker on Business Mentoring. John and his team are to be congratulated on supporting Businesses through this difficult time, both with financial advice but with that all important networking and communications. Often its prompting the thinking by just providing a perspective and advice on what the business is trying to achieve and the process towards that achievement. 

Quite a few expressed interest in knowing a bit more about this, so contact details below. 

For more information, see 

John Bidwell, Coordinator, SCCA Business Mentoring Program

Business Mentoring 2021-01-31 14:00:00Z 0

Skye's History, Anniversary celebrations, Hippo Rollers, New members, Parking, Trivia Quiz and University links 

Anniversary Celebrations - Dateclaimer Saturday 17th April at Maroochy RSL - Corrected

Saturday 17th April will be the Gala Dinner date for the Sunshine Coast Clusters celebration of 100 years of Rotary. Please note this date in your calendar for what promises to be a special evening to recognise and celebrate the 100 years of Rotary in Australia and particularly the achievements of some amazing Sunshine Coast Rotarians. 

Board Meeting Tuesday

There is a Board meeting this Tuesday by the miracle of ZOOM, all members most welcome to join in. 

Australia Day Celebrations

Buderim Rotary are holding a Picnic in the park. ( 3pm - 7pm) All welcome. 

Skye's History 

Every so often when things are quiet at the club we ask one of our members to tell us a little bit about themselves, and on Friday it was Skye's turn.
What an interesting history with Rotary Skye has had. As a Rotary exchange student she was offered a Germany placement. Not one of her country preferences..oops...but read on...
Nevertheless Skye was to make life along friendships and have a year that went all too quickly with Rotarians in Germany that would truly change her life. 
Skye has followed her passion to help others with an amazing career in occupational health and continues to give back to the community in a most inspiring way. Brilliant. 
It made a certain scribe think about the other Sunshine Coast Rotary Youth Exchange Students and their impact on the community....including former Rotary Youth exchange students Mayor Mark Jamieson and our local member of Parliament, Fiona Simpson. What stories they all could tell. 
And what will our more recent exchange students that the club continues to support be talking about in 20 years time? The Youth Exchange Program is truly an amazing Rotary activity. 

Gossip Corner

They say that accidents happens in three's. If thats the case then I can only suggest that members double check their car insurance. First Dave a couple of weeks ago, then Wendy...who will be No.3?
A certain Past President of the club, known for her sunny personality, amazing works for the SC kids and her brightly coloured fashion, has taken to the bike. It maybe a New Years resolution. Pedestrians take care have been warned. smiley
Also our hard working Wallis is back from WA and has already been sounding out really interesting guest speakers from the worlds of Health, Business and community.  A Vaccine information session is being planned. 

New Members

The club continues to grow, and we will shortly be inducting a new member who has considerable history with Rotary and the community generally. 
If you know of someone who you think may be interested in making a difference to the community, or who may have a passion for an issue that will benefit the community, please invite them along to our breakfast meetings, or let any board member know and we'll take it from there. 
Also a certain Past President noted that the gender balance after being heavily weighted to the gender of the male persuasion in the past, is now on parity with the fairer sex.

University Community Fund

Not everyone is familiar (or can remember the acronym RUSCCF - Rotary and the University of the Sunshine Coast Community Fund. 
But just to recall the impact that this Rotary / USC initiative started way, way back in the "Woodrow period" has had on students, here's a short story that a certain scribe heard at his first RUSCCF combined club dinner. 
The guest speaker relayed a time when he was working at Coles supermarkets, stacking shelves on nightshift. He had a young family, and was studying at USC. He was struggling, financially and wondering whether he had done the right thing by his family by putting himself through USC. 
Then he received a bursary from Rotary through RUSCCF.
Several things happened from that point. He didn't buy books or spend money on his study. He bought food for his family. Also by receiving recognition for his academic work he kept going with his studies and is now Dr. Greg Nash of the USC and a highly regarded academic and community leader.


Its that time of year again when the Alex SLSC parking lot is being loved to capacity on Friday mornings.
No surprise there with views like this in front of the club.  So here's some advice for visitors and spatially challenged members.
and here's John  and Tony having a surf after the meeting.."Hang ten Tony"smiley
But never fear there is a LARGE car park on Mari Street which if you park and go through the far away  pedestrian gate and walk way you'll find yourself at the pedestrian crossing in front of the club. 

School Bus 

If you ever wondered how kids get to school in the Gobi desert in Mongolia (.....and who doesn't?) ..Thanks Wendy for the contribution.
I believe that Health and Safety are investigating....

Hippo Rollers

Charmaine has been a regular at our meetings, (travel restrictions permitting) and we heard on Friday about the great work that she and other Rotarians are doing with "Hippo Rollers"
Here she is with a miniature version of a life changing device and an article taken from Rotary Down Under Magazine FYI. 

Trivia Quiz

ROMAC quiz is nearing and we're in training to take back the trophy we temporarily let another Rotary Club win last year. So brush up on your trivia ( I am looking at you Dave and Graeme) 
To refresh everyone's memory, her is the trophy and Marylin Freeman.
Eagle eyed readers will notice the "difference"
Skye's History, Anniversary celebrations, Hippo Rollers, New members, Parking, Trivia Quiz and University links 2021-01-17 14:00:00Z 0

Balloons, Engineers, Jokes and Quizzes

2021 First meeting 

Great to see a good turnout on what is traditionally a slow start to the year, for our first meeting of the year on a not very nice morning at Alex Beach. Welcome to regular visitors Charmaine and Karen, and apologies received from Wallis (WA) and Graeme (trying to get to Tassie) while Sean took advantage of the school holidays to grab a brekky wrap. 
Not quite sure what is going on in Wendy's apartment block but clearly some high jinks among the "oldies" involving balloons and mysterious visitors to bathrooms. (??) and our amazing President took full advantage of the occasion to relate an Engineers joke involving a frog and the monastic habits of engineers. Unfortunately this led a certain scribe to riposte with a risqué joke involving a Current and Past US President and wife, the image of which is regrettably stuck in my brain. 
Also the sergeants session was a bit of a revelation with sergeant Craig emptying a lot of pockets. Looks like January is going to be expensive month! 

The Statue

Much of the discussion was around the 100th Anniversary celebration of Rotary in Australia and preparations for recognising the anniversary via a gala dinner and a statue. 
We are very fortunate to have in the club a member who not only is a great guy, but an amazing designer and enthusiastic Rotarian.
So Steve has put together this concept that has been accepted by the club and is being shown to District and other Rotary Clubs in the area as a suggestion for placement in a public space to acknowledge all teh great Rotary clubs in the area and their achievements.
The club has had some preliminary discussions with the Council's public art department, and will be lodging an application for a statue in a Sunshine Coast public park soon.
The statue shape and components all have significance to ALL Sunshine Coast Rotary clubs, which Steve is covering in an architectural brief.
The base is the Rotary wheel. 

Quiz time is coming up 

Alex Rotary are two time ROMAC trivia quiz champions so the editor thought he'd get those quiz neurons firing by offering a free Alex SLSC breakfast to the first person to get this simple traffic test quiz correct...
"What 2 things must a learner driver not touch before starting the car?"
"What does the RED signal mean at traffic lights?"
Answers by email or on Friday at the club meeting.


During the break we were delighted to hear from D9800 in Victoria Rotary who are develop a Vocational Services   “Project Ideas Bank” to assist Clubs to identify, assess and implement new Vocational Projects.
They wrote to the club after hearing about "The worklife program" and are putting it in their District plans.
The Program has now been "exported" to all states in Australia through "Rotary Down Under" as well as UK, and Alaska.
Its got some great stories on how Rotarians got their job, and great suggestions on what to expect and prepare for at work.

Rotary around the world

The events around the world and last week in the US remind us of how lucky we are in Australia in regards to health and peace.
Many in our community maybe aware of the work that Rotary does in regards to health, (polio, Malaria etc.) but would not be aware of the equally valuable work that Rotary does with respect to peace, and promoting healthy (not divisive) communities.
Here's a snip from Rotary International, and not forgetting the world renowned, Rotary Peace Fellowship at the University of Queensland. 
Balloons, Engineers, Jokes and Quizzes 2021-01-07 14:00:00Z 0

Meetings restart next Friday  8th 

Alex Rotary Breakfast meetings restarting 8th January 

Welcome to all our readers and to 2021.  Wishing you all a happy and peaceful holiday season and a new year ahead. 
Weren't we supposed to be getting around in flying saucers by now? 
Anyway, its great to see our members have been keeping the health services and local panel beaters busy overthinking period, adding to Australia's GDP.
Thank you M&D (You know who you are) on behalf of "Scotty from marketing".
January Roster is.
Chairperson       Graeme H
Sergeant             Craig L
Rotary Minute  Errol R
Maitre'd.            John M 
Because the SLSC is getting very busy we're asking members to get orders in asap, so if you can help John to achieve target of before 6.50 that would be great. 
No doubt John will still be last to order (its a club secretary thing).
Meetings restart next Friday 8th 2020-12-31 14:00:00Z 0

The world  as we know it

Recognise this world?

If you ever visit Manhattan and the UN Building, there is a tour guide there who will take you through a series of slides showing the day in the life of an "average" person.  
It's guaranteed to make you stop and think, and be grateful.
(btw Rotary was instrumental in setting up the UN way back when).
A certain scribe received some slides over the Christmas period from a regular contributor, on a similar vein...
The world as we know it 2020-12-31 14:00:00Z 0

News from Doug 

News from Doug Gregory

We've had a newsy email from Doug Gregory, who some of our readers will recall was a regular visitor from Nova Scotia to the club. Doug lived in Maroochydore when he was here getting away from the winters, and a regular visitor and golfer. 
Doug is now living on Calgary (a covid hot spot apparently) but is in good spirits, and has been skiing and taking extended road trips, and I have the full letter. Please email me, and I'll send on to you. 
Meanwhile here's a stunning pic from Dougs new apartment..
News from Doug 2020-12-22 14:00:00Z 0

Christmas at Alex 

Christmas at Alex - Thanks to the Alex Community Association

Well the weather certainly improved and the mums and dads and kids rolled up in numbers to celebrate a rather different "Christmas at Alex"
The afternoon had with more of a fairground appeal with rides and candy floss, and of course Santa, looking rather crowded out by the volunteers in pic below. (Good work Johnno in hiding Santa with Rotary flag.... Doh!))
We received a nice thankyou from the lovely Josie on behalf of the community association so well done the volunteers...
Craig L, Charmaine W, Carmel, Joy, Tony F, Taylah Emblem (IFYS), Errol, Graeme, Paul, and "ring ins" from Charmaine,  Anna and Harry.
(If  a certain scribe has forgotten anyone, apologies, working off the volunteer sheet, and I have slightly fewer neutrons now after our new year celebrations.)
And here is Josie and the lovely ladies who make it all happen...
With the help of Taylah and her backing group..
The Community Association were very grateful for your clubs help, and it was just great to see the kids (and parents) happy faces as they rolled up for some Christmas cheer.
Christmas at Alex 2020-12-22 14:00:00Z 0

2020 not finished with us yet

2020 not over yet
Spare a thought for 2 of our members as the year closes. Mike went into hospital for a straightforward operation, that went slightly astray and has had to spend a few extra days in recoooperation, and a certain member was minding his. own business when this happened..
Fortunately after a check up in hospital Dave was discharged, and we hope resting up as much as he can. 
2020 not finished with us yet 2020-12-22 14:00:00Z 0

Year ahead for Alex Rotary 

Year ahead for Alex Rotary 

The club has an exciting year ahead in 2021 and on top of our regular community activities (Solstice Swim, Clean Up Australia Day, Walk for Mental Health, Surf Show and Shine, Youth programs, Job Clubs and community support which seem to be mostly meeting the demand to improve folks amenity) we have the Rotary 100th anniversary celebrations, and will be helping Maroochydore Rotary with the National AGFR golf competition. Recognising the difficulties of knowing what the year may bring here is a very rough program for the year
- First meeting 8th January
- Preparations for Rotary 100th Anniversary 
-  Garden renovation project for disabled child
- Job Club at Hub gets go - ahead
- Clean Up Australia Day 
- 26th - 28th March - District Conference in Kingaroy
- ROMAC Quiz night
- Mooloolaba Music Trivia night 
- 17th April - Rotary 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner 
- Preparations for AGFR national golf competition 
- AGFR at Maroochydore
- RYLA camp at Coolum (1-7th May) 
- Preparations for Alex Solstice Swim 
- Solstice Swim 24th June
- Vocational Visit
- Rotary / USC 
- Donations in Kind
- Preparations for SSS
- Surf Show and Shine 
- Vocational visit
- "Lift the Lid" walk for mental health
- Maroochydore School Mock Interviews 
- Kids Christmas Part
- "Adults" Christmas party 
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Christmas at Alex Postponed

Christmas at Alex Postponed

The cyclonic weather meant that last weekend "Christmas at Alex" had to be postponed to this Sunday. Please keep an eye on your email and requests for volunteers will be re-sent. 
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Did you know?

Fiona and Mark have history with Rotary 

Did you know that our hard working local representatives on the coast are both Rotary Youth Exchange students? But what countries were they "billeted" in?
Fiona Simpson (Japan) and Mark Jamieson (England).
What will become of todays Youth Exchange Students I wonder?
Did you know? 2020-12-14 14:00:00Z 0
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Last meeting of 2020

Last meeting of 2020

Friday was our last meeting of the year, and we took the opportunity to present cheques (Thank you  Michelle).to the he SSS beneficiaries, who each received $5,000 each. 
President Wendy reminded us of the year just ending, and a promise that we will be trying to make the Surf Show and Shine even bigger next year so that we can continue to provide support to these amazing folk.
Bill and Melissa Close have been with us since the first SSS and they and their team just do such a fantastic job supporting the farmers and the outback. Thank you for coming along to our breakfast and being part of SSS. 
Mark Skinner and his team at The Board Meeting do such an amazing job in helping out with quick postitive support for those in need on the Coast. 
We're delighted to help out this great charity and be associated with the fantastic surfing community who do so much to help others.
Kerry and Tamara Smith started Salty Souls following a family tragedy and  are new to Alex Rotary.
We met Kerry just before the pandemic and were so impressed by Salty Souls and what they were achieving on the coast.
Really proud and humbled to be able to help Salty Souls and the other beneficiaries. Thank you all and keep up the great work.
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2020 Christmas Party at Alex SLSC

Christmas at Alex SLSC

On Saturday night we celebrated our Christmas party at the newly refurbished Alex SLSC.
The food and service was first class and everyone had a great time, and as you can see below, some got "more into it" more than others...
Not sure about the body language. Some sort of "chicken dance" going on here?..
 Love the earrings...
John & Lol and JM with appropriate Christmas headgear...
While JM distract the elf...Charmaine  checks if Steve hasn't got anything else behind his back...
Sandi, Joy Craig and that man Wallis again.
Carmel, Tom, Paul, Errol, Dave, Kim & Steve (Santa's elf)...
Graeme, Gae, Charmaine, Karen, Stuart, Michelle and Skye..
Bit of a tug of war going on between Wendy and Steve...
Stuart getting amorous with Santa's Elf..
...and its paid off with a great present (?) for Stuart...
Pauls wondering what has Steve's got behind his back...
Not quite sure whats going on below with Gail....coercion?
Hmmn...Carmel is wondering that present appropriate ?
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Final Breakfast Meeting of the year

Final Breakfast Meeting of 2020

Just a reminder, and open invitation to all. Friday is our last breakfast meeting of the year, and we will be presenting cheques to our fantastic SSS beneficiaries and winding up the club business for 2020.
And of course we offer these fantastic views of early morning at Alex..
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Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner and Secret Santa - don't forget

Just a reminder to you about the Christmas Dinner on Friday evening, the 11th December at the Surf Club at 7.00pm.
Please bring a ‘secret santa’ gift, no more than $10 (if 2 coming 2 gifts).
Christmas Dinner 2020-12-06 14:00:00Z 0

New Club Shirt

New Club shirt available

Push productions in Maroochydore have our new look club T shirts available for $30 each. 
New Club Shirt 2020-12-06 14:00:00Z 0

Projects in the New Year?

New Year Projects

The club has an exciting year ahead in 2021 and on top of our regular community activities (Solstice Swim, Clean Up Australia Day, Walk for Mental Health, Surf Show and Shine, Youth programs, Job Clubs and community support which seem to be mostly meeting the demand to improve folks amenity) we have the Rotary 100th anniversary celebrations, and will be helping Maroochydore Rotary with the National AGFR golf competition.  
Projects in the New Year? 2020-12-05 14:00:00Z 0
New Rotary T shirts 2020-12-05 14:00:00Z 0

AGM and Board for 2021

Results of 2020 AGM

"A great mixture of experience, new members and younger members." (WG)
AGM and Board for 2021 2020-12-05 14:00:00Z 0

Christmas At Alex Volunteers

Christmas at Alex Volunteers

Your club is supporting the Alex CommunityAssociation with their annual "Christmas at Alex" community fair. This year it will be a bit different (surprise) so no bands and no fireworks, but there will be heaps of train rides and most importantly that man in the red suit is coming !! WhoHoo !
That man in the red suit...
Alex Light Rail
From Alex Community Association....
"When it proved too difficult to meet covid arrangements for our traditional concert in the park with fireworks finale (a lovely family event that we have run for the past eight years in partnership with the Alex Surf Club) we looked for some way to bring joy to the many children of Alex (and neighbouring area - it is not a restricted event).
In combination with Alex Surf Club and the Alex Rotary Club we will now host ALEX KIDS CHRISTMAS on Sunday December 13th in the afternoon in Buhk Park (between the Surf Club and the Skate Park) in hourly shifts from 2-6p.m.
Predominantly it is a chance for kids to say Hi to Santa, and to each receive a small gift from one of his elves, and to have a socially distanced photograph taken with a beach background. 
People are still welcome to turn up and register at the gate, but we would prefer to know who is coming, to speed up entry.  The entry gates will be managed by the experienced team from Alex Rotary Club. 
Families will be encouraged to pre - book for one hour, so we can rotate the kids through Santa, and control the numbers.  Normally we encourage picnicking in the park, but hope this year they will go visit some of our local businesses on the way home."
So we're still a few volunteers short for the event, let the secretary know if you can spare a few hours, but meanwhile here is the shift list:
Shift 1 - 2pm - 4pm 
Tony Freeman (team leader)
Carmel Hulett
Michelle Goulter
Craig Laidlaw
Renee Ricketts
Volunteer TBA
Volunteer TBA
Shift 2 4pm - 6pm 
Paul Scott (team leader)
Joy Unger
John Malloy 
Michelle Goulter
Dave Woodrow
Volunteer TBA
Volunteer TBA
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100 Years of Rotary 

Rotary 100th Anniversary in 2021

Rotary is celebrating its 100th Birthday next year and a few celebrations are planned for the Sunshine Coast, including a Gala Dinner on 17th April. More information to follow in 2021.
As Sunshine Coast Rotary Clubs have such a great history of community involvement, we're keen to commemorate the anniversary with something special.
So following some "kicking ideas around" our resident graphic artist (Steve) has put together a proposal for the committee to have a think about. 
I think you will agree that its just stunning and something that would be a fitting remembrance for all Rotarians, past and present, on the Sunshine Coast. Well done Steve.
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Donations in Kind

Donations in Kind - weight loss program?

On Saturday when most of the state was by the pool, these volunteers were busy organising shipments of various goods to our region. You may have seen the newspaper article recently where Mooloolaba Rotary organised medical equipment to be shipped to "Rotary Donations in Kind" warehouse in Kingston in south Brisbane?
Well, Wendy, Charmaine, and Craig were there with the other Rotarians on a very hot Saturday packing goods to help "make a difference" to those less well off. Well done Rotarians!
I understand that Craig lost a few kilo's on the day and is now having a well earned rest..!
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Photo Competition for kids

Rotary Passport Club Photo Competition

The Rotary Passport Club of the Sunshine Coast is running a photo competition for kids. Click on the above photo or HERE for all the details.
Its open, in various age categories, to Sunshine Coast kids in 3 themes Animals, Environment and Portraits get you r kids snapping !!
Photo Competition for kids 2020-11-29 14:00:00Z 0

Antartica - who knew?

Geography Lesson from Carmel

Is there really a Rotary Club in Antartica...well in fact there are 2 and Carmel took her Rotary minute to tell us all about it, and some fascinating insights into life on the the continent. As Carmel points out IS true ! Who knew?
Antartica - who knew? 2020-11-29 14:00:00Z 0

District Governor Visits

District Governor Neil Black visits

Neil appears to be deeply touched by the "Surf Show and Shine" T shirt
On Friday we heard the latest news from Neil who generously gave up a week of his time to visit the clubs on the Sunshine Coast. Next year DG Wendy Protheroe will have a herculean task in getting round the enlarged district and so Friday was great chance to get up to speed on all things District. Thank you Neil, and hope its not too long before we catch up again at Kingaroy in 2021.
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Working Bee - Saturday 28th November 

Working Bee - Saturday 28th November 

Great work on Saturday at the Working Bee, and great to see so many volunteers. Over 20 turned up on Saturday morning to finish off the work and can rightly be proud of their you can see from teh pics. 
As Errol mentioned on Friday, this is the 3rd Garden that Rotary has "revitalised" or in some cases, completely reconstructed for Youth and Family Services. It all started with a popcorn machine request, and a major garden redevelopment, a renovated kind area, and now a Youth complex is looking great. We have a fantastic bunch of willing helpers and many thanks to all of them.
Stay tuned for more Rotary "green jobs" to make a difference to the community...
Hard at work
Paved area in the background...weedmats and mulch making the place look GOOD!
Lovely spot to relax.
Craig in wheelbarrow race...
Roger and Barry manning the filling station..
Working Bee - Saturday 28th November 2020-11-28 14:00:00Z 0

"Christmas at Alex" is ON

The Alex Community association comes through with Xmas party for kids !

Alex Community have put out this information for the local media...please share with mums and dads to let them know that the "Christmas at Alex" is keeping the tradition going...
"When it proved too difficult to meet covid arrangements for our traditional concert in the park with fireworks finale (a lovely family event that we have run for the past eight years in partnership with the Alex Surf Club) we looked for some way to bring joy to the many children of Alex (and neighbouring area - it is not a restricted event).
In combination with Alex Surf Club and the Alex Rotary Club we will now host ALEX KIDS CHRISTMAS on Sunday December 13th in the afternoon in Buhk Park (between the Surf Club and the Skate Park) in hourly shifts from 2-6p.m.
Predominantly it is a chance for kids to say Hi to Santa, and to each receive a small gift from one of his elves, and to have a socially distanced photograph taken with a beach background. 
We have also booked a number of fun fair rides, which thanks to generous sponsorship from Council and our local business community, we can offer at a very fair rate (5 rides for $5).
So no music, no fireworks - but a  fun time for kids, in the lead up to Christmas.  
Our event has been approved under a covid safe plan, so Buhk Park has to be fenced, and people have to register and sign in.  
The link to is available on our facebook page - Alexandra Headland Community Association. 
People are still welcome to turn up and register at the gate, but we would prefer to know who is coming, to speed up entry.  The entry gates will be managed by the experienced team from Alex Rotary Club. 
Families will be encouraged to pre - book for one hour, so we can rotate the kids through Santa, and control the numbers.  Normally we encourage picnicking in the park, but hope this year they will go visit some of our local businesses on the way home."
"Christmas at Alex" is ON 2020-11-28 14:00:00Z 0

Barefoot bowls anyone?

You are Invited - Social Barefoot Bowls Sunday 6th December at Maroochydore Bowls Club 

Well, this is what you have been waiting for………a chance to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon rolling a few big marbles around.
You can try your hand a few offies, legbreaks or even the odd wrong’un…….I understand the flipper a no,no
WHERE is all this nonsense happening……MAROOCHYDORE BOWLS CLUB
WHEN………..this SUNDAY 6th December from 3.30 pm.
There will be HUGE PRIZES on offer……….just offered….nobody is going to get their hands on them
Bring your spouse, and your girlfriend/boyfriend too, if you can get away with it.  Don’t forget Grandma and the kids.  Kitty will be there
Let’s finish the social calendar for the year off with a good ROLL-UP……..if you pardon the pun
Barefoot bowls anyone? 2020-11-28 14:00:00Z 0

How many people does it take?

Group activity for mechanically challenged

With the clubs push to join the 21st century with IT systems, there's is still the problem of changing the paper on the EFT processing machine. Not to worry with the combined brains and dexterity of Wendy, Val, Steve and Wallis it was done in no time. (well....almost no time)
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Sunshine Coast Aboriginal Dreaming

Did you know this about your district?

"Before these places were mountains, before they were volcanoes, they were actually people" "There was a breathtakingly beautiful woman called Maroochy "who walked like a girl who knew where she was going". Then there was a handsome muscle man called Coolum who was famous for his generosity. The golden couple met and fell in love at the Bunya dreaming, a festival held every year. But Ninderry, a powerful rich and crazy man, wanted Maroochy for himself. The battle between Ninderry and Coolum lasted 3 days and ended badly for Coolum. Maroochy's tears became the Maroochy river, and she turned into Moorookutchi, the black swan."
(From the weekend Australian travel guide on Sunshine Coast 21/22 November).
Sunshine Coast Aboriginal Dreaming 2020-11-21 14:00:00Z 0

Does anyone know the background to these signs?

Rotary signs on the Sunshine Coast

With the "revitalisation" of the Foreshore, we're keen for Rotary to be involved, and a certain scribe noticed these signs for the Foreshore walk that obviously had Rotary involvement. If you know the background to the signs please let John or Wendy know as we are in discussion with Council about artworks in community spaces. 
Does anyone know the background to these signs? 2020-11-21 14:00:00Z 0
District Governor is visit club this Friday 2020-11-21 14:00:00Z 0

Holly, Graeme, Tony and John kick off the job club 

John learns a few things while at Job Club

Holly, Graeme, Tony and John kicked off the job club at Kawana Sports Hub accommodation block trial during the week. It was really inspiring to see and hear from folks who are really trying to put themselves back on their feet, and engage with trying to get on the job ladder and put a roof over their head. 
Also, John found out that you're never to old to learn...just ask him about salad preparation. 
Holly, Graeme, Tony and John kick off the job club 2020-11-20 14:00:00Z 0
100th Anniversary celebrations being planned 2020-11-20 14:00:00Z 0

Kirsten Court Working Bee Success

Brilliant turn out for the Kirsten Court Working Bee

On a stinking hot Saturday morning, Rotarians, Rotoractors and friends from Alex, Maroochydore and Mooloolaba gathered to "make a difference" to the transition housing environment at Kirsten Court. 
Big thanks to Sabine and Jessica from Rotoract, Brocky from Maroochydore Rotary, Geoff, Roger, Paul, and Barry from Mooloolaba Rotary, and Wendy, Errol, Tony, Graeme, Craig, Skye, Anthony, Olivia, Cohen, James, Joy, Val, John S, Carmel, and a certain scribe from Alex Rotary and not forgetting Daniel and of course Tania from IFYS .  
Great work by everyone, and all going well, we'll finish the job of mulching and tree landscaping well ahead of time at the next working bee on the 28th. 
John & Lol sent their apologies, and we understand Lol is going to provide her green thumb to the finishing touches! 
Skye's adorable daughter loading up the wheelbarrow....... with lots of men standing around.. apparently not so busycool
Sabine and Jessica getting stuck in to the weeding .......ooh to be young
Not entirely sure why Skye wants to dig up the lawn...
paving going in ..great work by the team......Tony practising Haka...
Shade was a good place to be...
Kirsten Court Working Bee Success 2020-11-15 14:00:00Z 0

Planning your Exit 

Anthony Miller talks to club about organising your life affairs 

An interesting talk from Anthony on Friday about the important matter of organising your life affairs. And interestingly Anthony's message was that you should think about your health and financial affairs in your 20's..and keep them under review as you go through life.
Anthony talked about the 4 key areas we should all think about. Important stuff at any life stage. 
•Power of Attorney
•Enduring Power of Attorney
•Advance Health Directive
Anthony's presentation is on THIS LINK 
Planning your Exit 2020-11-15 14:00:00Z 0

Club Donations

Club Donations

On Friday Wendy let David know that the club would donate $600 to the Rainbow House in Chianda. See article below. This will enable 2 teachers at the school for the year, and follows on from other generous support from the Sunshine Coast Community. 
The club will also be making a $500 to the local SES as a gesture of our thanks for the support and the great work they have done for the community, especially considering the many many hours the volunteers have spent battling the local disasters this year. 
The club will also be offering a donation to Mooloolaba School for their assistance once again with the Surf Show and Shine

24v Truck Starter Anyone?

If anyone has..or knows someone who has..... a "spare" or second hand 24v Truck starter .....can they let the club secretary know. The SES are looking for a started for their emergency services vehicle. 
Club Donations 2020-11-15 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary - Non political?

Rotary Minute has a surprise

Carmel stunned us all on Friday morning in our Rotary minute when she entered into political territory with her enquiries into USA presidents past Rotary involvement, touching on fake news. Who would have believed it! 
However, it is interesting to reflect on the how the cornerstone of Rotary culture ...the 4 - way test ....would impact on politicians:
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it bring friendships and goodwill?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
How would you rate the current political leaders? and how well do you do in your day to day activities? 
Rotary - Non political? 2020-11-15 14:00:00Z 0

AGM and Club Board for Next Year

Club AGM on 4th December 

The very important business of the club AGM is on 4th December and rumour has it that President Wendy is expected to beat the time of 1 minute 30 seconds it took up last year. But seriously although in many ways the AGM is a formality, there is the important business of the new board for 2021. 
We're fortunate to have Stuart Aird as our President Elect, and Wendy has volunteered to continue as treasurer, and Val is taking up the reins as Secretary, so that brilliant!  However we do want as many people involved as possible so also delighted to hear that Skye is offering to be an office bearer, and if anyone else is able to offer a few hours every month, please let President Wendy know. 
AGM and Club Board for Next Year 2020-11-15 14:00:00Z 0

Donations in Kind - Saturday 6th December 

Donations in Kind

A few brave souls from Alex Rotary are heading off to South Brisbane to help out the Rotary world community service group thorugh their "Donations in Kind" (DIK) operation at Kingston.
Regular readers will recall that Alex Rotary (Graeme Hight) organised the donation of school desks as part of an overseas donation to school in PNG. 
This year Craig, Sandi, Charmaine and Wendy are heading off to the warehouse to help with the freight preparation of donations from around the regions. 
Its a bit of a trek, but a great experience if you can spare some time on Saturday 5th December to join with other club members from the region and get necessary supplied off to the communities in teh region, and make a difference to their lives. 
If you can make it, please let Wendy know. 
Donations in Kind - Saturday 6th December 2020-11-15 14:00:00Z 0

Date Claimers 

Date Claimers 

Friday 13th November  Anthony Miller from Miller Sockhill Lawyers is our guest speaker on all things to do with wills and the law
Saturday 14th November is working bee for the Rotary Cluster at Kirsten Court for our Maroochydore mini care garden
In November we also want to do formal presentation of our donations to The Board Meeting, Salty Souls Legacy and Care Outreach and run a couple of Job Club sessions at the Kawana Sports look out for that. 
Also during November we will be donating our BBQ trailer to Maloolaba Rotary who are holding a community BBQ for The Board Meeting Surf Charity if anyone is interested in helping Geoff and his team. 
Friday 27th November is the Rotary District Governors visit to the club 
Friday 4th December is club AGM
Friday 11th December is club Christmas Dinner at Alex SLSC
Sunday 13th December "Christmas at Alex" for the kids (TBC) 
Date Claimers 2020-11-08 14:00:00Z 0

Christmas at Alex will be a wee bit different this year

Christmas at Alex will be different this year

As readers are aware, most of the Community Christmas functions have been cancelled this year, but we are happy to report that Josie Ryan and the Alexandra Headland Community Association area tenaciously trying to keep the "Christmas at Alex" function (and spirit) alive. 
Its not certain yet, but Josie is hopeful that a function can be held at Buhk Park where the kids can have a play, and see Santa and get into the Christmas spirit. It will be different to previous years, and will be Covid safe, so that means keeping the kids moving through the park while having lots of Christmassy things to to. Unfortunately with the pandemic it will be difficult to hold the traditional Christmas show and we wish Alex Community every success in trying to get a kids event going.
In any event Alex Rotary has offered to help out in whatever way we can to keep the spirit alive. 
If Josie and her team of volunteers manages to get the kids event "up" then we'll be called on to help with the Covid planning, the registration and stay tuned and keep the Sunday 13th December free for a few hours of kids mayhem !!
Christmas at Alex will be a wee bit different this year 2020-11-08 14:00:00Z 0

Sunshine Coast School Uniforms in Central Zambia

Chianda School benefits from Sunshine Coast Support

What on earth is a school in Zambia doing wearing Mathew Flinders and Unity College school uniforms?. 
The answer is found in the generosity of the Sunshine Coast past senior citizen of the year and his partner Cherie and the folks behind "our Rainbow House".
On Friday David was our guest speaker (surprise !) and he spoke of the great work that the Sunshine Coast does in the school at Chianda just outside Lusaka. Also it was great to see that the Rainbow House ambassador was on other than our very own Kasey Chambers who is a great supporter of the project. You can find out more on the link above and here are some slides from Dave's photo album...note the Sunshine Coast school uniform...
Great to see one of our members "making a difference" in other parts of the world..
Sunshine Coast School Uniforms in Central Zambia 2020-11-08 14:00:00Z 0
November District Newsletter 2020-11-08 14:00:00Z 0

Maths mentoring ?

Maroochydore High School follows up on Mock Interviews

After very successful Mock Interviews with Maroochy High School, Steve Hind has received the following letter from the Head of Mathematics at the school. If you can help, please contact the school. 
Steve, as a maths teacher I regularly get asked by students why we are learning a certain topic in maths, or how could this be used in real life.  I also find that many students while they work dutifully are not necessarily inspired by the work they are doing or they cannot see the link to their potential career.
I am, therefore, very keen to invite local professionals, tradespeople and business people into our classrooms to share of their experiences of using mathematics in the workplace.  I want our students who are heading towards a trade to understand that they will need to perform calculations each day.  Equally I want our future commerce students to learn about risk management calculations.
Liana spoke to us about the success of the recent mock interviews and indeed some of my students came back very excited by the interviews.  It occurred to me that Rotary might be able to assist me in identifying business people who would be interested in engaging with our students.  These engagements could be speaking with individual classes or a whole year level through our year level assemblies.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Mr Andrew Chung  | Head of Department Mathematics
Maroochydore State High School
160 Maroochydore Road | Maroochydore Qld 4558
P 07 5409 7333 | E
showcase email banner State Winner
Email signature graphic
Maths mentoring ? 2020-11-08 14:00:00Z 0

Maroochydore High School Mock Interviews

Maroochydore High School Mock Interviews

Steve, Larney, Liana, Jack and Michelle with High School Student 
The Alex rotary have been part of the regular Maroochydore High School Interviews for many years now, and we were delighted to continue that association last Thursday morning. Bob Thompson has been helping the kids with tips on job applications and interviews for over 5 years, and we took the opportunity of letting the Rotarians and volunteers present at the fantastic morning tea to know about the adults "Job Club" starting up in 2021 at the Kawana Sports Hub. 
We also had interest from My Weekly Preview on the mock interview program and so the organiser in chief, Steve Hind from Maroochydore Rotary wrote these words which capture why Rotarians do this every year for the students...
"The annual Mock Interviews for Maroochydore State High School year 10 students not only form an integral part of their curriculum, they provide an excellent opportunity for Students to have a practice run at a Job Interview with “strangers” in our community so the actually get to feel some nerves, but more importantly, they gain valuable life experience in what it will be like when they actually apply for that job of their dreams.
The local Rotary Cluster on the Sunshine Coast always proudly supports this event and it’s one I am very glad to be involved with, pulling together between 20 to 25 Volunteers each year to work our way through the cohort. The legendary Morning Tea is a big drawcard for those that have had the pleasure of tucking in and the School usually provides a token of their appreciation with a box of chocolates and a certificate for each Volunteer. The most rewarding part? Knowing we have helped today’s youth towards a successful careers and meeting some of the truly talented up and coming youngsters who you just know are really going places in this world."
A certain scribe has also got to mention what a great job the Maroochydore High School Team does...many of the students we met were truly inspirational. 
Maroochydore High School Mock Interviews 2020-10-31 14:00:00Z 0

Friday Night BBQ

Friday night BBQ by Lake Kawana

On Friday night the club hosted a BBQ at the Kawana sports hub accommodation block.
We visited the block a few weeks prevoiously, and were really impressed by the facility which has been transformed during the pandemic by IFYS to act as a transit centre for the folks doing it tough on the accommodation and work front. 
Carmel, Mike and Tony were the master chefs while the rest of us swanned about the fantastic deck overlooking Lake Kawana. What a setting for a Friday night chill !!
So now that we've all met each other Vicky & Renee are keen for Rotary to start the job club and we'll get a few trial sessions under our belt before the formal program starts in 2021. Stay tuned for more information. 
Enjoying a Friday night on the deck at the sports hub accommodation block
Meanwhile the master chefs were busy in the background..thanks Carmel, Mike and Tony. 
Friday Night BBQ 2020-10-31 14:00:00Z 0

Job Club 

Job Club - First Sessions

A certain scribe took the opportunity on Thursday at the Maroochydore High School "mock interviews" to ask the 25 volunteers there if they would be interested in doing something similar for adults who need a bit of help on approaching work too. 
So what's involved in the job club?
Basically its providing a bit of support in the form of tips and suggestions on how to grab that all important first step on the job ladder. So its things like mock interviews, talking and body language skills, some coaching around investigating jobs and knowing what to say and do when you start work, how to interact with the boss and workmates and all the other small things that make up your reputation at work. 
Rotary and IFYS will prepare the materials in the form of one hour sessions, which are typically broken up to 4  X 15 minute activities, designed to get discussion going on whats important in getting and holding down a job.
In previous sessions we've also put in some short video's to help keep's one that worth a will make you laugh...
Job Club 2020-10-31 14:00:00Z 0

Occo's lunch 

Surfing Community Generosity Shines Through once again

We knew from partnering with the surfing communities at the Surf Show and Shine that the Owen, Naomi, Rod, Julie and the Sunshine Coast artists, and of Jody and the folks at North Shore Board riders were an amazingly generous bunch, but the Surfing community really out did themselves last Friday at The Board Meeting "Legends of Surf Lunch".
A certain scribe was there to see it all, and also our roving reporter Save Newton filed this report on the proceedings. 
The place was "jumping" with a great community feeling all happy to help The Board Meeting"....helping kids in need. 
From our reporter at the event...
"What an amazing long lunch with Occy - a very humble and at the end of the lunch a very generous person as well.
Mark Occhilupo came from the Cronulla area, a Southern Shire Of Sydney where they breed 'em tuff. The male surfers were tough and the female surfers even tougher - watch the movie Puberty Blues when you get a chance.
I only surfed there a couple of times when I was with a local that I knew - localism of the surf tribes were rife. 
Occy lives on the Goldie, his son Jade is following in his Dad's footsteps and is Junior Queensland Surf Champ. Great stories even if you are not related to surfing.
There were approx 350 in attendance, a full house.
The auction was amazing - 40 items sold and reaping tens of thousands of dollars.
Approx $120 bottles of aged scotch selling for $900 etc. Surfboards selling for $2000-$3500 - approx twice the value.
However the knockout came at the end when Occy auctioned a full days surfing with him at his wave machine park for 2 people up at Yeppoon, the winning bid being $15,000. Knocked everyone out including Occy.
Mark mentioned the RCAH twice in his speeches and the support provided by the club."
Official RCAH long lunch reporter
..and here's the twice world champion himself Mark Occholupo auctioning off his board...Hard to believe he is 54 year old...
Mark also spoke well about mental illness and our very own Sunshine Coaster, Mark Skinner also organised a Mental Health speaker at the lunch which was great to see.
Not surprisingly surfing is one of the best activities for relieving anxiety and improving mental health according to all the experts. And as my mate Owen says, if you can't surf just get on the beach and listen to the every time for me!
Occo's lunch 2020-10-31 14:00:00Z 0

Christmas Functions

Christmas Celebration Ideas...

Christmas is going to be a bit different this year, with many, if not all of th eCommunity Celebrations cancelled. As you may know the Boat Parade and Mooloolaba Fireworks have been cancelled, and the "Christmas at Alex" is also in doubt. Josie Ryan is seeing what can be done, but it will be difficult. 
So we're looking for ideas on what we can do to make a kids Christmas this year. Any suggestions, please let anyone at Alex Rotary know.
Christmas Functions 2020-10-31 14:00:00Z 0

Working Bee this Saturday

Working Bee this Saturday at Kirsten Court Maroochydore

This Saturday you are invited to do a few hours landscaping at the IFYS complex at Kirsten Court in Maroochydore. Please bring along your energy and gardening clothes and barrows, shovels, gloves etc as we've arranged a few activities to brighten up the area for the young residents...More details at meeting on Friday but if you can't make the Friday meeting, we'll see you at 8.00 at 2 Kirsten Court.
Working Bee this Saturday 2020-10-30 14:00:00Z 0

Lunches and Dinners

The Long Lunch with Mark Occolupo

We've put up the Board Organistions Surf Charity Long Lunch on the website. It's this Friday at Twin Waters. If you're a surfy dude or want to hang out with some great folks, do yourself a favour and come along for a pleasant afternoon, while supporting a great cause. 

Christmas Dinner - Alex SLSC 11th December 

Wendy has booked a table in the Alex SLSC Bistro, for  Friday 11th December at 7.00pm. Please let he know if you will be attending. 
Lunches and Dinners 2020-10-25 14:00:00Z 0

Best Morning Tea on the Sunshine Coast 

Maroochydore High School Mock interviews this Thursday 

The club has been helping out the great team at Maroochydore High school for many years now, and one thing that has not changed, is the fantastic morning tea that the school puts on for the volunteers who conduct "mock interviews" with the kids to help their interviewing skills. 
​​​​​​​Steve Hind from Maroochydore Rotary has been the local Rotary contact and does a great job of rounding up the volunteers who "do" about 5-6 kids on Thursday morning as they are put through their paces and given hints on how to present and communicate themselves at interviews. 
One of the most difficult things that high school kids have to learn is how to answer the question .."So...tell me a little bit about yourself and why you want this job?"
I've had a wide variety of responses to this question, from uncomfortable silences and dumbstruck stares, to eloquent responses that would win anyone a job. Its a skill that does not come easy to teenagers, and one that must be practised, over and over until its second nature. So we're happy to help the kids practice on us old folks and hopefully get a few tips that helps in future. 
Best Morning Tea on the Sunshine Coast 2020-10-25 14:00:00Z 0

Club visits local DV heroes at King IT 

Club visit to the "Great Guys" at King IT

On Friday the club visited Patrick and his team at King IT to hear the latest on the brilliant work that his team are doing in providing emergency phones to DV victims. We found out that demand for these emergency phones outstrips demand and that Ashton Wood founder of  DV Safephone  and director of IC3 are working with Red Rose Foundation to get these phones to DV victims who are in desperate need of reliable emergency contact mechanisms when things turn bad. 
Ashton is funding the program himself, and Patricks team are refurbishing donated phones, and can already see that demand is so great that they will need significant help to meet the demand, and bring the program - which is already taking roots world wide- to the folks in our society who live with DV every day. 
Sounds like a great thing for the larger Rotary organisation to get involved with..
Patrick was telling the club that his successful business, had a bit of prompting from fellow Rotarians at Caloundra and now that he's taken the plunge into small business, things are thriving and he's never looked back. So we'll done Patrick for not only turning a small business into a larger business, but also retaining Community support in your company culture. 
Meanwhile, Ashton is pushing on with the phones for DV program and getting some interest from Vodafone and the wider good corporate citizens. If you can help, please donate to the program, or if you have an old phone, then consider donating to King IT. But first as we found out, if you have any accounts on the phone, please remove them, and if you're not sure how to do that... then pop in and Patrick's team will be happy to show you. 
Club visits local DV heroes at King IT 2020-10-25 14:00:00Z 0

Sausage Sizzle this Friday at Kawana Sports Hub 

 Kawana Sports Hub this Friday evening - everyone invited 

This Friday its a get together / sausage sizzle at the Kawana Sports Hub on Main Drive to catch up with the folks there, including IFYS and other Sunshine Coast Rotarians interested in supporting the Job Club and Kirsten Court renovation
Job Club 
The job club is an initiative of IFYS to get the "residents" of the sports hub into work. They've invited Rotary and their other volunteers to help, so we made a start last week by donating saddlebags for the folks to hold any paperwork or information they may have relevant to seeking out a job. 
Rotary have a history of "making a difference" to folks lives, and having a job is certainly an important part of people's development and identity. So we're delighted to be able to help IFYS with coaching folk on communication, literacy, job applications, dress codes, etc...all the stuff that we have learnt from our work experience. 
Kirsten Court Maroochydore
On 14th November the garden refurbishment will start at Kirsten Court and we look forward to working bee's with Maroochy and Mooloolaba Rotarians to make the joint a bit more lovable to the young adults living at the premises. If you are interested in volunteering some time, please contact your club President and we'll see you there!
Sausage Sizzle this Friday at Kawana Sports Hub 2020-10-20 14:00:00Z 0

John & Dave Go Golfing

Golfers Day out 

So two golfers Dave and John were on the golf course, and John was about to drive off when suddenly a scantily clad woman ran out of the bushes and across in front of John. Just as John recovered his composure, three men ran out of the bushes wearing white coats, but the last man was carrying two sand buckets. 
So John turned to Dave "What was all that about?" 
Dave replied "There's an asylum nearby and the woman has escaped in her night clothes. The men in the white coats were trying to catch her and take her back to the asylum." 
"OK that sound reasonable, but what about the man running at the back with two buckets of sand??"
Well,  said Dave, "he caught her the last time"
John & Dave Go Golfing 2020-10-20 14:00:00Z 0

Bottletops and Malaria - who knew?

Rotary Against Malaria

Rotary is such a large organisation, and does so many things in communities around the world that sometimes its hard to keep track. On Friday Carmel reminded us of RAWCS, and specifically what we can do to help combat Malaria and dengue fever in Queensland...and all that it involves is picking up bottle tops !!. Apparently one bottle top with rainwater inside is enough to store millions of mosquito eggs. 
Good one Carmel

Welcome to Rotarians Against Malaria – an activity of Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) is a volunteer-run organisation working to eliminate malaria. In 1900s, malaria was pandemic in the world. One can only imagine the burden of malaria disease to all countries. Progress has been made. Fifteen years ago, malaria killed a child every 30 seconds. Under the Millennium Development Goals, however, considerable progress was made in preventing, diagnosing and treating malaria. As a result, deaths have fallen by 60 percent. Now, under the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, we are aiming to reduce malaria cases and deaths by a further 90 percent by 2030.

Bottletops and Malaria - who knew? 2020-10-20 14:00:00Z 0
Maleny Rotary - Fund Raising Dinner 2020-10-20 14:00:00Z 0
Maroochy Rotary AGFR Newsletter 2020-10-20 14:00:00Z 0

Book and Puzzle sale at Buderim

Buderim Rotary is holding a Book & Puzzle Sale

If you’ve collected way too many books & puzzles during isolation, The Rotary Club of Buderim is happy to take them off your hands.

Just contact us using the contact link on the left and we’re more than happy to pick them up.  And the best part is your donation helps our club to help those in need.

Book and Puzzle sale at Buderim 2020-10-20 14:00:00Z 0

Huge increase in DV enquiries prompts response from King IT

With all of us being urged to stay home to protect the community from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to acknowledge that the home is not always a secure and safe place to be – particularly if you are in a violent or emotionally abusive relationship.

According to a recent Google statement, online searches regarding domestic violence in New South Wales have increased by 75 per cent since the first recorded COVID-19 cases in the state, demonstrating that many victims are finding themselves in a more vulnerable position confined to their homes with their abuser.

In order to reach out to these victims in a practical and innovative way, King IT located at Stockland Birtinya and Caloundra have partnered with the Red Rose Foundation to develop a pilot project that collects unwanted mobile phones and delivers them to those in need.

Red Rose Foundation CEO, Betty Taylor said that a mobile phone is something that many of us take for granted, but it can be a lifesaver for a victim of domestic violence.

“Often the mobile phone is the first thing to be destroyed, hacked or taken in a domestic violence situation which means a victim has no way of making that emergency call,” said Ms Taylor.

“Having a second phone hidden away is an important part of a victim’s safety planning and provides them security and the ability to reach out for help.”

The pilot project, ‘DV Safe Phone’, is being launched to coincide with Queensland's Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May and supports the no tolerance policy of domestic and family violence in Queensland communities.

Sunshine Coast residents are being urged to get behind the pilot project and find 300 unwanted working phones and cables in their drawers and cupboards at home or at work.

Domestic Violence Business Solutions CEO, Janine Lee said this campaign provides a simple and straightforward way to assist those in need.

“We are asking people to bring their phones – of any make or model - and cables into one of the three King IT stores located on the Sunshine Coast at Sunshine Plaza, Stockland Caloundra and Stockland Birtinya, when they are next doing their essential grocery shopping or alternatively post to PO Box 1440 Mooloolaba QLD 4557,” said Ms Lee.

“All phones will be completely wiped of personal details and then have pre-loaded emergency numbers for victims to access.”

Red Rose Foundation will be responsible for delivery of the phones and Ms Taylor said that the impact of these phones can not be underestimated.

Huge increase in DV enquiries prompts response from King IT 2020-10-20 14:00:00Z 0

5th Friday social

Social evening at The Hub

The last Friday in the month is a 5th Friday so we're having a social evening at The Hub with IFYS. For those who haven't seen this facility, this is a great opportunity to see what the great team at IFYS and its supporters have achieved during the pandemic for those who needed help. Its a marvellous story of what can be done quickly and efficiently and making real changes to peoples live by giving them an avenue for a roof over their head, and in more than a few cases, also finding meaningful work. 
5th Friday social 2020-10-10 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary - Inner Wheel - Meg Visits

Inner Wheel - a vibrant club for "Rotary ladies"

When you consider that not so long ago Rotary did no allow women members you wonder about hanging on to old ideas and cultures. We were reminded of this when Meg Newman came to talk to us on Friday morning and went through the history of Inner Wheel, and its beginnings in Manchester England. 
Before Rotarians feel too bad about excluding the women folk for so long, I am reminded from "The ladies in surf" relationship that it wasn't so long ago when Surf Life Saving had very similar views about women membership, and the hilarious tale on the Sunshine Coast of where the women decided to have a Surf Life Saving competition, and several locals (men) decided this was sexist and applied to join in. (true)
Thankfully we've progressed a bit, but it still makes you wonder about what other ideas we have at the moment that will be challenged for the better in future?
...and its great to see our former citizen of the year and amazing bloke Dave back from his sojourns. Apparently the panel beaters were let off lightly this year with Dave managing to negotiate those tricky static obstacles outback!
Dave obviously missed his favourite microphone while he was away..and soon swung into action (photo below).
Welcome back Dave, we missed you.
Rotary - Inner Wheel - Meg Visits 2020-10-10 14:00:00Z 0

Feedback on Surf Show and Shine 

Review and looking ahead on Surf Show and Shine

They say its not over till the paperwork is done, we hope to have it all done as soon as Treasurer Wendy gets through the mountain of bits and pieces involved in the show. 
An important part of the paperwork is reviewing and recording how it all went, and more importantly...what we can do better in future. 
Here's some of the feedback we've had and suggestions for next year..
"The art and artists were fantastic, a "must do" for next year"
"Good work on the gates, with health and safety and the cashless systems"
"Kombi info sheets were a great success- the Kombi owners loved them"
"Great work by SeaFM... and ALL the musicians were brilliant"
"The site worked well for the most part, but some missed the muso's..the long site really need a full site PA system"
"How are we going to manage next year - we'll never get a better site?"
"Kombi Parade was a huge surprise - the local Kombi's really got behind it" 
Feedback on Surf Show and Shine 2020-10-10 14:00:00Z 0
District Newsletter 2020-10-10 14:00:00Z 0

comedy corner

One for Tony

A turtle was crossing the road when it was mugged by two snails. The police arrived arrived saw the turtle belly up on the ground. "What happened?" they asked.
"I don't know"said the Turtle "It happened so fast"
comedy corner 2020-10-10 14:00:00Z 0

2020 "Lift the Lid" walk for Mental Health

Lift the Lid walk for Mental Health 

Great to see so many folks come out to support the walk for Mental health, hosted by Mooloolaba Rotary. Our Alex team was at the halfway point to encourage the walkers to continue on Maroochydore Surf Club and took a few photo's of the supporters who enjoyed a beachside walk in support of a great cause. 
Its always a great event, and more special when you hear the stories of those who have either battled with mental illness, or have been touched by this disease.  
The event is a permanent fixture in the Rotary Health month, and of course all the proceeds go to Rotary Health, which is just an amazing organisation where Rotarian Health professionals give freely of their time and expertise to make a difference to so many around the region. 
Not many families have managed to avoid mental illness and this is one group who faithfully come along to show their support every year...
There was a selection of shirts, and all sorts of body shapes, a certain scribe was caught in Usain Bolt posture (really?) below, along with another supporter of the club..who I swear was running past me a minute before...but maybe Scotty was just showing off..
..and then the regular Prue and Chris, who have supported the walk since its start..
and then some of the youngsters took advantage of the rest stop..
..and some of the youngsters have a bit of filling out to do before the shirt fits....
..and Councillor Natoli is becoming a regular at Rotary events...following his help with the Alex Rotary "Surf how and Shine"
and a big thanks to Team Alex, Wendy, Carmel, Craig and Tony behind the camera ..
and a special hello to Rotarians from Buderim Rotary and the Rotary Noosa Daybreak club...Passport club were also there so thank you all
2020 "Lift the Lid" walk for Mental Health 2020-10-10 14:00:00Z 0

Whats in a word

What's in a word?

A certain Rotarian is known for enjoying the jokes on other Rotary Bulletins, so we've decided to join in and create a comedy corner for our mate.
Last weeks Breakfast joke is below, but a warning - it contains medical terms in the Bill Bradley genre ...and btw this weeks joke now available on the website..
So we're starting off with a true (?) story from the club archives...and a big thank you to a Past President for keeping the club history alive. The names of the people have not been amended to protect the innocent. 
According to this past President a certain female Rotary member wanted to let everyone know how that her husband (who we will call Tom) was now on the way to recovery after a terrible bicycle accident. "Tom's scrotum was completely crushed in this accident and Tom was in incredible pain, and the doctors weren't sure if they could help him". At this there was a muffled gasp from the men in the audience as they imagined the pain poor Tom must have experienced. "Worse, every movement and step Tom took caused terrible pain. Thank fully the doctors were able to wire together parts of Toms scrotum".
At this point men were visibly upset as they imagined the pain poor Tom must have suffered during surgery with several crossing their legs as they imagined the pain. "but thankfully Tom is now on the mend" the wife said "and I want to express my gratitude for all the communities support during this time"...and sat down.
Then a man in the audience stood up and said.
"I'm Tom..... and I just want to tell my wife know that the word is "sternum"".
With thanks to SB. 
Whats in a word 2020-10-04 14:00:00Z 0

"Lift the lid" walk for mental health goes national

Walk for mental Health - rebranded 
The Alex Rotary club has been a great supporter of the Walk for Mental Health, now known as "Lift the lid" for mental health, so we were delighted when Vicky Stewart joined us on Friday to talk about the walk during October - Rotary's health month. 
The walk is now under the auspices of Australian Rotary Health - one of the truly great organisations "making a difference" to the sick in our community. So please show your support.  
This year mental health is getting a lot of airplay, which can only help after decades of brushing it under the carpet.
So please register for the walk and show your support by coming along to Mooloolaba SLSC on the morning of Sunday October 11th. 
You'll see the Alex team there and we'll be manning the half way tent at Alex SLSC if you want to stop by and have a chat. 
"Lift the lid" walk for mental health goes national 2020-10-04 14:00:00Z 0
World Polio Day 2020-10-03 14:00:00Z 0

Polio Fight Continues 

Polio walk in the news 

Eric Wood (PDG) has sent us through this note. Many will know Eric from his lengthy community service and work with Rotary. 
I have registered to walk a minimum of 100km during October in support of the "Rotary Walk With Us" campaign to raise funds and awareness of the End Polio Now campaign. My fundraising target is $4000.
To assist, I'm seeking support, either by way of donation OR as a Team member to walk and raise funds.
Full details available:
Please support...
Kind regards,
Eric Wood
...and of course the success of Rotary campaigns to eliminate Polio is always associated wit our very own Queenslander Sir Clem Renouf. Here's another story from Rotary down under..
And for a special's video FYI
Polio Fight Continues 2020-10-03 14:00:00Z 0

RDU - Hippo Rollers

Charmaine in the news 

A few months back readers may remember that Charmain spoke to the club about the "Hippo Rollers "...we'll what do you's another story about them from Rotary Down Under..
RDU - Hippo Rollers 2020-10-03 14:00:00Z 0

Kombi Show - just in time !

This sign was put up just the day after the "Surf Show and Shine" and a certain scribe has noticed a deal of council activity on the Headland, which means that Adam and his team are busy with the work that he spoke about to the club only a few weeks ahgo. 
So look out for those changes as the foreshore is "revitalised".
Kombi Show - just in time ! 2020-10-03 14:00:00Z 0

Message from Melissa

We received this touching note from Melissa Close that we want to share with all our readers and supporters.
To our friends at the Rotary Club of Alexandra Headlands,
Thank you for an amazing event on Sunday… Surf, Show and Shine!  The weather certainly turned it on for us all, it was a spectacular day.
We acknowledge all the hard work that went into the planning and execution by your members in the months, weeks, and days leading up to and including the event.  The volunteer helpers that were in abundance and very clear to see were also a credit to everyone.
We would really love to recognize all the sponsors, in particular Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Cricks, the donors, exhibitors, vendors, entertainers and everyone who made the day happen.  
There are so many worthy causes around and we feel privileged to join with Salty Souls and The Board Room as the recipient organisations this year.
We would like to reconfirm that all the funds that come our way this year are going directly to our Visa/Voucher project as part of our Christmas for the Bush.  The funds will help us get pre-paid visa cards and issue our Care Outreach vouchers to the many families struggling with ongoing drought throughout western Qld.  Being able to provide visas and vouchers means that we are supporting the small struggling businesses in these communities by ensuring that the money stays local.  It really is a win-win for the community as a whole.  
Thank you again everyone.  We appreciate the connection that we have with you all.
With kind regards
Bill and Melissa Close

Care Outreach
2/35 Dacmar Rd, Coolum Beach
Ph 5471 7636
Message from Melissa 2020-10-03 14:00:00Z 0

2020 Surf Show and Shine

2021 Surf Show and Shine gets a plug from Wendy and David on Sunshine Coast News


Click HERE for the whole story

Stay tuned, no date has been set yet by Alex Rotary, but thinking early November?...any suggestions from Kombi Clubs?

2020 Surf Show and Shine an amazing success

Well what a day! Great weather, big crowds, and an amazing Kombi, Surfboard, Art and Music show, all from the Sunshine Coast Community showing that it really does care for others who are "doing it tough". 
The day started bright and early with the SES helping to block off the event site for the Kombi's who arrived early, some travelling all the way from as far as Hervey Bay and Gold Coast.
The Rotary Arches Kindly donated and put up by Geoff Hopkins and his team at Mooloolaba Rotary
Then the artists were on the scene with some spectacular sculptures and paintings and a mini excavator (really!) on hand to place the sculptures in position. Then it was the turn of the vintage surfboards to put up their stands and show off these masterpieces of the surfing schools. 
The truly amazing "art precinct" organised by Owen Cavanagh's team of remarkable Sunshine Coast Artists 
Meanwhile further down the site Graeme's and Michelle's team were assembling the stage for the musicians, and Sabine and the Rotoractors were busy putting up the large gazebo's shade for the expected crowd, they were closely followed by the vendors of all things surf wear and of course the ubiquitous coffee vendor and "must have" jam factory donuts. We were delighted to welcome the IFYS coffee van this year, in healthy competition with Richard Lane's coffee cafe. Richard has been a supported for many years, while the IFYS coffee van is a new initiative to train up the youth as baristas and giving them customer service skills to help them find work. Once the vendors were in position Craig and Declan set to work with the social distancing plan and soon the vendors area was open for business. 
Rotary wishes to acknowledge the great support from Jody Perry and the North Shore Board Riders who were fantastic partners to us in making this event happen 
After Graeme and his helpers from Siena College had placed the Kombis in position it was time for Paul, John and Errol's team to drop off the tables, chairs and bins from our friends at Mooloolaba School. Now it was starting to look like an event site - and with a little more room than we had thought thanks to the fantastic work by our "site Architect" Steve 
Then it was time to open the gates, and the crowds were soon filtering through past our mates from Passport Rotary and underneath the Mooloolaba Rotary Arch into the event site where the Alex team led by Skye and Sean were manning "Rotary Central." Soon the queues were backing up and the newly found skills of Wendy's team in QR codes and EFT POS (didn't even know what that was a few weeks ago) were being put to the test. 
The next few hours were a bit of a a blur with Wallis seemingly everywhere keeping the public happy and safe. Where did he find the time to do those interviews with SeaFM who were broadcasting from the event site.
Tony found time to take a few snaps, and Carmel took over Rotary Central in the afternoon, with our wonderful volunteers. 
As the event unfolded it was great to see the conversations taking place between the crowds and helpers and artists and what an interest after lunch around the art Auction hosted by that ball of energy Owen Cavanagh. The scene had been set by the purchase of a work from Julie Chizzoni earlier for $500, and expectations were high for the mural that had been created by Owen and Rod Pickle at the show.
In fact the work was only completed a few minutes before auctioneer Tony called up the bidding. The mural was eventually sold for a bargain price of $1,000 which Owen generously contributed to the beneficiaries of the show. 
Owen with the mural that was created at the Surf Show and Shine
Then it was time for the Kombi of the Year and Peoples choice winners to be announced. MC Wallis introduced Councillor Natoli who made the presentations for "Peoples Choice" and "Kombi of the year" and two rather emotional, excitable Kombi owners accepted Myles Newton hand made trophies to show off to their Kombi mates. 
The trophies...unique momento's of a great day. Thank you Myles and Steve.
Our main sponsor and great community supporter Dean Stuart, Ashleigh Smith, Councillor Natoli, Nerrine Hooper with their trophies.
Here is Nerrine's story about Apple (APL 74) ..and this is what Apple looked like in 2006
“Apple’s Story”...... Apple was someone’s rubbish but my treasure. We found her under a tree in Redcliffe, knocked on the door and offered $600. Well when that little wreck arrived home I was so excited! I took my 4-year old’s hand and toddled down the driveway and said “We need to find a name for her”. Well wIth a big grin on her face she chuckled “SHE LOOKS LIKE A BIG RED APPLE!”. Apple! What a perfect name, found under a tree too. Since then she’s been totally restored right back to bare metal and gone a shade of green. And now there’s lots of love, lots of adventures and many more still to come following @reenys_kombi
and here is Ashleigh's story. This little beauty is called "Gem" (DC 61) and Ashleigh has had her for 6 months. 
1961 Dual Cab Kombi. Originally owned by Stan and Thelma Atkinson, owners of the Gembrook General Store in Victoria. “Gem” was used solely to deliver groceries to the surrounding area.
After several hours of great fun and fundraising, a certain scribe was so happy that it all came together and a wonderful team effort by the club and its amazing helpers.
Here is a classic "End of the day" shot. 
Sun going down and a Kombi full of character. Iconic. 
2020 Surf Show and Shine 2020-09-28 14:00:00Z 0

2020 Surf Show and Shine Kombi Parade

2020 Surf Show and Shine Kombi Parade

Well what a turn out...a Fantastic Kombi Parade left Mooloolaba beach on Saturday night, with our great sponsor Dean Stuart from Cricks Volkswagen out in front, and an amazing "Komvoy" of Kombis close behind.
On Saturday many of the local visitors joined us in the car park to see the Kombis off on their coastal trip.
The sight of these lovable vehicles heading off was something to behold. 
The route was changed slightly to include the Mooloolaba Spit, and the convoy was so big that it allowed the outgoing Kombis to meet the incoming Kombis as they went down the Spit. Quite a show. Thank you to everyone who participated, and a big thank you to everyone involved. 
2020 Surf Show and Shine Kombi Parade 2020-09-28 14:00:00Z 0

Sea FM on site from 9 - 12am

SeaFM Broadcasting and MC'ing from 9 am - 12 on Sunday 

Our mates at SeaFM will be onsite and broadcasting from the glorious beachfront car park. Be sure to say high to Edie, Sophie, Mel and Ethan. 
Sea FM on site from 9 - 12am 2020-09-21 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Virtual Conferences

Rotary Virtual Conference 

The Virtually Alice Zone 8 Conference had an excellent line up of speakers from Rotary International and local presentations. You can access it on the Zone 8 website soon. Jennifer Jones spoke about “Modern Rotary” and how throughout the pandemic Rotarians have shown their ability to adapt. Clubs are inducting members and chartering new clubs. Grants have provided much needed PPE and ventilators to communities. The videos from the finalists in the Zone competition gave us an insight into various club projects and the standard was very professional. Mike McGovern spoke about Polio Plus and the annual target of $50 million funds to be raised and matched by the Gates Foundation. This target translates to $1,500 per club. Polio cases have been reduced by 99% which is an amazing achievement for Rotary and our partners.

Rotary Virtual Conferences 2020-09-21 14:00:00Z 0

Comedy Corner

Most Rotary Club bulletins have a comedy section, and a certain reader of our "bully" keeps sending through clips from other clubs here is a selection.  "Enjoy" as they say in all the restaurants...

The bookie at the racetrack registered complete surprise when a horse stepped up to the window, and asked to bet on himself.
“What's the matter?” snorted the horse. “Are you astonished that I can talk?”
“Not at all,” said the man. “I'm surprised that you think you can win.”

The young man at the flower shop was taking an unusually long time to place his order. When the clerk asked how she could help, he explained that his girlfriend was turning nineteen and he couldn't decide whether to give her a dozen roses or nineteen roses -- one for each year of her life.
The woman put aside her business judgment and advised,
"She may be your nineteen-year-old girlfriend now,
but someday she could be your fifty-year-old wife."
The young man bought a dozen roses.

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Kerry & Mark talk to club

On Friday we heard from Mark and Kerry how their brilliant community work commenced, and it was a revelation. Mark's group started out with a small group of surfers (3) getting together to help with wheelchairs and the like to grow into a group running "legends of Surfing" lunches and the like raising over $100,000 for kids and mums in need. Then NDIS came along and Mark and his team took on board helping out with the things that NDIS does not support that make life that little bit more bearable for those who need a bit of help. Interestingly Mark and his team are now turning their attention to mental health issues and helping out in that area. 
Mark's team will be running an amazing raffle on Sunday from their kiosk showcasing a hand made surfing board. And dont forget the "online" raffle is available from their website.
Also on Friday Mark mentioned that his team were now running a kids minibus to help parents with disabled kids get to the hospital and other treatment areas without having to negotiate the numerous buses that are needed from the Coast to get to them.
At that point, Dean Stuart, who is a great supporter of many community groups on the coast came to the rescue with a generous offer to service the kids bus!...Thankyou Dean, you're a champion. 
The IT gremlins contrived to defeat Kerry with his talk on the genesis of Salty Souls. Here is a couple (Tamara & Kerry) who have turned a 2017 family tragedy into a legacy for "disengaged kids" and boosting their self worth through surfing programs, and most importantly lifting kids up and setting them on the right course to be good citizens. The Covid year has been a challenge for Kerry and Tamara but though it all they have been able to run programs of kids (5-17yo) taking around 16-18 kids at a time and running refreshers and the like. Actually they have 35 kids organised for 3rd October, so they'll have work cut out there. 
As always with Kerry, you feel the passion for helping kids and when he tells the personal stories, it is truly inspiring what the Salty Souls team does. Very happy to support these two great community causes.
..And our major sponsor Dean from Cricks Volkswagen joined us for breakfast and stayed on to hear how preparations are going for the Surf Show and Shine. 
Dean's crew will also be escorting the Kombis on Th eSaturday Parade, which is promising to be quite something with a Cavalcade of Kombis (is that the collective noun ?) heading up and down the beach front to generate interest for the AMAZING Sunday show. 
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Transition to a home and to work ..too much to ask?

On Friday secretary John briefed the club on the ZOOM meeting with IFYS and Holly Humphrey from Passport Rotary. Its early stages, but hopefully in the next few weeks IFYS will have funding for a "job club" at the Stadium Hub to help the folk there transition to a job - most likely in the hospitality industry. The team at IFYS have been engaging with some special employers who have put their hand up to help the clients at the Stadium get into work. 
Rotary have been asked to work with IFYS to help fashion a basic advanced modules in work preparation areas, giving practical advice on getting and staying in work. 
Regular ZOOM meetings have been set up by the Project team, so stay tuned, and we hope to detail how this will all work in the next week or so. 
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Whats that club?

It took a while but a few sharp eyed members realised that another Alexandra Rotary had hacked our web presentation..
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Signs are Up !!

Surf Show and Shine Signs (try saying that out load) go up

An intrepid band of volunteers headed out on Sunday to put up the car park closed signs and the corflutes for the show. They must have worked because on Monday morning the Secretaries in box was full of enquiries, and apparently the Facebook communication went up a notch.
So Paul, Tony, Errol, Craig and John managed to put out 40 corflutes and 50 metres of banners before the sun went down. Now hopefully we can remember where we put them as we'll be taking them back down in a weeks time !!
This car park will be full of Kombis, Music, Artists, Surfboards, sculptures, the latest in VW vehicles and hundreds of visitors on Sunday 27th.
Our old signs came in handy to attract the passing traffic.
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Rotary Surf Show and Shine Bands confirmed

Bands at the Rotary Surf Show and Shine 
The following entertainment has been confirmed for Sunday 27th Sept........stay tuned for more info on the amazing Sunshine Coast Surf artists headlined by Owen Cavanagh 
  • Siena School Band...
  • Karrie Hayward....
  • The Dreggs.....
  • Tay Oskee.....
  • Anna & Jordan......
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Mooloolaba Revitalisation Project Manager talks to club

Mooloolaba Revitalisation about to start 

The club welcomed Adam Stewart from Sunshine Coast Council and visitors James from NSW and Paul from Mooloolaba Rotary and James Baldwyn to hear Adam provide and informative talk and an amazing "fly through" of the future shape of Alex - Mooloolaba.
The work of revitalising the beachfront will start at the old caravan park car park after the Surf Show and Shine is over, and we'll see new walkways and geenspace and amenities flow from North to South until in a few years time all the beachfront will be an amazing recreational space for the community. The program should take place over 5 years or so, and is being scheduled to progress steadily without causing too much inconvenience as the foreshore is set up for the next 50 years. 
Thank you Adam for your talk, it was much appreciated. 
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Surf Show and Shine Kids area

Green Frogs Adventures putting on a show

While the mums and dads are enjoying the Great Rotary Surf Show Kombi show, the kids will be kept entertained by Green Frogs adventures who will have climbing walls and all sorts of kids adventures at the park in front of the car park.


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Fridays speakers - Salty Souls and Board Surf Charity

Fridays speakers 

This Friday we'll be hearing from Mark Skinner and Tamara & Kerry Smith about the great work their groups do in the community. We'll be doing our best to support these guys by having a HUGE fundraiser on Sunday 27th at the Mooloolaba Beach car park...did I mention that there will be a Kombi and Surfboard and entertainment thing going on?
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Bunnings - but not as you know it Jim

Bunnings is Back !!

On Saturday we were at Bunnings and we can report that we survived a very very busy day with some great work by the team. Here's a few pics taken by Skye (where did she get the time to take pics?) 

Under the mask is super chef Steve, who handled the morning shift, and our amazing master chef Tony did the afternoon shift.

Both never stopped all shift, and we understand slept very well on Saturday night. 

Below is our mate Stuart. I think the dark glasses, framed by the wire fence describes Stuart attitude to crowd control very well. Stuart is going for the border guard look. 
The queues were kept suitably subdued by his good looks and natural "take control" attitude. Some reports from the public about over aggressive spraying were ignored. 
Now this guy below is one of our volunteers who we couldn't have done without on the day, Steve P would normally be in China at the moment, but their loss is our gain, and our amazing ex-treasurer showed some fantastic teamwork with Skye on the morning shift. Big thanks to all our "ring ins".
Finally, a big thanks to everyone involved, it is certainly a bit harder work with the Covid restrictions but Sandi, Paula, Steve P, Steve N,  Craig, Tony, Stuart, Carmel, Wendy, Skye, Paul, Errol, Sean and a certain scribe did a fantastic job, and now we have some funds to pass onto the community. 
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Weekly Humour from Buderim

Joke of the week 

This joke from the Buderim Rotary newsletter caught the fancy of Tony...

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Officer asks a young engineer fresh out of the graduating from university "And what starting salary are you looking for?"

The engineer replies, "In the region of $125,000 a year, depending on the benefits package." The interviewer inquires,”

Well, what would you say to a package of five weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and den- tal, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every two years, say, a red Corvette?"

The engineer sits up straight and says, "Wow! Are you kidding?" The interviewer replies, "Yeah, .....but you started it."

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Bunnings - but not as you know it

Bunnings on Saturday - Same but different

Errol, Craig, Michelle, Tony and a certain scribe trooped along to the Bunnings information night to find out what "the go" is now that Bunnings have opened up their community BBQ's at the weekend. 
I'm sure all Rotary clubs are very appreciative of Bunnings doing this. It is a great community activity and one that (as a Bunnings shareholder for many years) is an excellent company initiative.
So its all changed with Covid, and Sue took us through the new rules and roles. It's all very well organised, even if the roles do sound like people out of a Cluedo game. 
There's the Captain, who must be an inducted person and their all the time to make sure everything is going smoothly and safely. Then there is the Cook, who does must wear heat proof gloves all the time and keep the inventory of sausages on the go, then there is the order volunteer who assembles the orders, as the public are now no longer allowed to touch sauce bottles or the like, and then the Collector who receives the order and takes the money and also must wear gloves all the time. And finally their are the crowd controllers (or Bouncer as Stuart likes to be known) who are in charge of queuing and social distancing. 
Sue also explained the rules concerning the operation of the BBQ and that this is a trial for Bunnings but that provided everyone remains super aware of keeping everything clean and safe it should continue to be the great community support that it has become. 
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Mooloolaba Foreshore Revitalisation 

Project Manager of major beach renovation speaker on Friday 

Fridays speaker will be Adam Stewart who is the project manager for the Mooloolaba Beach revitalisation. This major work will totally change the foreshore from the "old caravan car park" through to the Mooloolaba Surf Club. The work is expected to take several years and several million dollars. 
Some of the artists impressions are remarkable. Have a look at THIS LINK 
Adam has been very helpful to the club with preparations for the Kombi Surf Show and Shine and will talk to the club about the program of work and how it will change the face of this part of the Sunshine Coast, and what we can expect when its all finished. 
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Bill & Melissa visit club

Care Outreach comes to visit 

Bill and Melissa from Care Outreach reminded us on Friday morning why we're so keen to support them with our fundraising. These amazing folks and their army of volunteers go to the far flung districts of western Queensland (don't ask me to repeat them) to provide practical support to farmers and their families "doing it ought" in the outback. We were amazed at the coverage Bill went through on "questions without notice".
We've also managed to drag Bill and Melissa away from their work on Sunday 27th, and they'll be putting up a Care Outreach stall at the Mooloolaba beach car park to let our visitors know what Care Outreach does for the farmers and their families, who are still suffering after 8 - 9 years of drought, and the crushing day to day lives that many of them have endured during that time. 
A film documentary is being made of what Care Outreach do in the outback, and Bill related a "normal day" for one of his visits which ended after almost 20 hours on his feet, up to his neck in mud trying to pull a steer out of a waterhole. 
Craig gave a vote of thanks to Melissa and Bill on behalf of the club..
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Volunteers Needed, Bunnings, Kombi Show, Worklife

Can you help?

Bunnings Saturday Sep 12th
The club is looking for help at the Bunnings BBQ this Saturday. Shifts are from 7.30 - 11.30 and then 11.30 - 3.30. 
Rotary Surf Show and Shine Sunday Sep 27th
The Rotary Surf Show and Shine is at the final step of approval, with the submission of our Covid plan for Sunday 27th September. We will need help with crowd control and general roustabout work.
WorkLife (Oct - December)
Alex Rotary and IFYS and Thrive are about to launch a WorkLife program where we'll be mentoring folks either from a homeless situation or youth and helping them with improving their job preparation and application skills.
These will be conversational, classroom like activities where your experience in the workplace will help support others who may be a bit out of touch with what employers are looking for, and need some reassurance and some new skills in presenting and communicating themselves for work and at work. 
If you would like to help with any of these Rotary Projects please contact us at
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Rotary Passport Club at Breakfast meeting 

Welcome Sunshine Coast Passport Club

We welcomed Brian Wallace and the team from Sunshine Coast Passport Rotary to our Friday breakfast meeting. 
The Pasport club is a relatively new Rotary club with members from all over the region , all of whom are interested in "making a difference" to the community, and for community minded citizens whose lifestyle does not suit regular meetings. So if this sounds like something our readers would be interested in please get in touch with the club at and to see whats going on go to
Brian and the Passport members are always on the look out for opportunities to help out at Rotary and Community events, and so it was very timely visit, with President Wendy grabbing the Passport volunteers to help "man the entrances" to the Rotary Surf Show and Shine.
And it was especially good as we had Melissa and Bill as guest speakers, where the Passport members could hear about the fabulous work that Care Outreach does in Queensland outback.  
"The Rotary Club of Sunshine Coast Passport (Provisional) is the proposed new, innovative Rotary club based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.
The club we're planning to build will look and feel a little different to many traditional Rotary clubs as we are focussed less on meetings, and more on community service." 
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Bands at Surf Show and Shine 2020-09-06 14:00:00Z 0

SSS Newsletter

Hi Folks,
The arrangements are going well for the Parade on Saturday and the Show on Sunday 27th September. 
We think that having state borders closed all through September is a positive thing for the event, and we’re very confident of getting an approved Covid plan. 
The site has been planned in detail, so every lot on the car park has been allocated to a particular Kombi or Vendor or Supporter and we have ensured that safe distancing will enable everyone to enjoy the show. 
But of course it will be different this year, so we will be limiting the numbers on the car park according to our Covid plan. 
Like everywhere else we’ll be asking everyone to register and taking your details. We’ll have event and traffic marshalls to help you and sanitising stations etc. will be in place.
So this is just to update you and let you know about the access arrangements. 
Saturday Parade 26th September late afternoon / early evening
50 - 100 kombis will meet at the car park and will travel along the beachfront to create interest in Sundays big event.
They will be escorted by some top vehicles from Cricks Volkswagen, and we will have SeaFM on board providing a roving commentary on th eKombi parade along the beachfront. 
We’re asking all Kombi’s…even if you can’t make the show on Sunday to come along for an amazing photo shoot. Channel 7 TV are expected to be there. 
If Kombis could asssemble in the car park from about 4 ish…and we’ll head off around 5 -ish. More details coming so stay tuned.
Sunday 27th September (early to late afternoon) 
We’ll be setting up early so everyone will not only have a spot to park given to them before they arrive, but we’re asking everyone to be in plave well before 8am to allow for the expected early rubber neckers. 
The Mooloolaba beach car park will be full of Kombis, vintage surfboards, Musicians, Sunshine Coast artists and street vendors to celebrate the Sunshine Coast lifestyle while giving back to the community. 
Our beneficiaries of this fundraising event are Salty Souls  The Board Meeting organisation  and Care Outreach  So bring some spare cash for raffles and some amazing food. 
SeaFM will be broadcasting the event from the foreshore mid morning. 
The North Shore Board Riders will have their fantastic vintage surfboards on display, including some never seen before. 
The Kombis will be competing for the best renovation, and the people’s choice, and we’ll have a celebrity judge from Cricks Volkswagen to make the call. 
There will also be two display Kombi’s on show from a Sunshine Coast Collector that will create a lot of interest. 
Owen Cavanagh, world famous surf artists and his colleagues will be showing off their amazing surf Art, and there will be a display at the old amenities block where Owen will be creating surf art while you watch…we’re expecting that to be one of the highlights of the show. 
Sunshine Coast bands, including Tay Oskee and other top line musicians will be playing, as will community bands such as Siena School Big Band.
Green Frog adventures will be running the kids play areas with some great kids activities.
Access to Surf Show and Shine 
 It is best to approach the event site from Alexandra Headland or Buderim Road. Approaching Mooloolaba from the south will be tricky.
 Mooloolaba traffic is in chaos as Brisbane Road has been dug up and detours are in place.
If you are approaching from Buderim Road or Alex Headland, simply take the traffic lane nearest the beach as you come down the Alex / Mooloolaba hill, and as you enter Mooloolaba Beach on the left, the first sharp turn on the left after the traffic light will take you into the car park.
Marshalls will meet you at the car park entrance and they will have your registered details and your site allocation. You will be escorted to your allocated site.
If you are approaching Sunshine Coast from the from the South, then the Brisbane Road detour will take you to the Alexandra Headland Hill. As you go up the hill take the U -turn at the traffic lights half way up the hill and then the beachside lane as you come down the hill and to Mooloolaba Beach, and hard left into the car park as above.
Overflow vendors and volunteers parking
If you have additional vehicles, we have parking for volunteers and vendors at Moololaba school. This car park is not open to the public. Marshalls will meet you at the entrance to the car park opposite Coles in Walan Street, and allow you in to the school car park if you are known to the organisers.
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Saara got accepted for NYSF

Way back in May we heard from Ainsley Lea about her fantastic experiences with National Youth Science Forum and how this had influenced her career choices. At that time your club also heard from Saara Silvola who had applied to go on the latest NYSF with support from Alex Rotary.
Well stop press...... we are delighted to let you know that Saara has been accepted from a strong field of candidates and we send her our congratulations and look forward to hearing about her experiences when she returns !! 
Here is part of Saara's application (its impressive) - and we also understand that her interview with the Rotary District team blew them away!
"I consider myself very STEM-oriented - I study chemistry, biology and psychology in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and am very interested in their study and research. I find science in general very fascinating as answers and explanations always exist, even if they have not been discovered yet. I am also interested in volunteering in the community through events such as the Mooloolaba Ironman, the Mooloolaba Triathlon (2019/2020) and LifePoint Baptist Church’s Christmas Lights (2017-2020). I also participate in fundraisers such as The World’s Greatest Shave and Cancer Council’s Relay for Life (2019). 
My hobbies include reading for leisure, swimming, playing the piano, playing netball and going to the gym to keep a balanced lifestyle. 
Over the past few years, I have discovered my true love for STEM through the various opportunities and extra-curricular activities I have been involved in, such as the QLD Regional STEM GirlPower Ambassador program in 2019 (alumni for 2020 and 2021), the 2020 UQ Science Ambassador program, USC’s STEM connect program in 2019 and ‘Meet the researcher’ webinar meetings through QUT’s STEM Internship program in 2020. 
My biggest achievements include being an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme academic scholarship winner in 2019 and 2020, receiving a Mountain Creek SHS Community Service and Leadership Award in 2019, being named the academic DUX of the grade in 2017 and 2018, participating in the USC Maths Modelling Challenge in 2018 and 2019 (1st place in 2018) and being a school leader since 2017. I anticipate that being a part of the National Youth Science Forum will be as rewarding as my previous experiences."
This is a young lady we wil be hearing a lot more about in future.
Congratulations Saara
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Vocational visit to Sports Hub

Vocational visit at Sports Hub

We visited the sports hub on Friday and saw first hand the amazing facility that has been such a success in helping the Sunshine Coast homeless during the pandemic. Renee and Vicki were our hosts, and we learned how quickly the IFYS team and others responded to the crisis, but also how the unique model that they set up has been successful in transitioning people from homelessness to a more permanent footing in our community. 
And all of this has been done on a relative "shoestring" budget. 
The average number of people now staying at the "Hub" every day is around 40 and the length of stay is just over 30 days, hundreds have been through the facility and thousands of meals. The model is to manage and mentor the "guests" to more permanent lodgings, and in some case to permanent employment.
The facility itself is well suited to the task for adult accommodation, with good size accommodation and common areas, and a fantastic outlook over Lake Kawana. So much so, the IFYS are looking to replicate the model in Sippy Downs where the land and build requirements are well advanced. 
Vicki and Renee also want Rotary to help out with supporting the hub guests transition to work by giving then preliminary work skills and encouragement to engage again work situations and with the community. This would be similar to a course the club did a few years ago at Maleny where older trainee community workers who had been out of the workplace for a while were given several sessions with club members on basic work skills. 
Conference room at the Sports Hub
Errol, Craig and Skye
Temperature checks before arrival...Secretary John so disappointed he didn't top the charts !
Wallis and Fiona in deep discussion
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Future Club Projects 

Club Calendar

While the Surf Show and Shine is taking up most of the Clubs activity at the moment we're also looking to keep the club active through the year ahead.
Its clear that the pandemic has hot many community organisations hard, and so we'll be looking to keep up our fundraising and community help. There are at least 3 potential projects that will come to fruition in the next few weeks.
Rotary & IFYS
  • WorkLife job skills. The club has been asked to help out at the Sports Hub with supporting the temporary residents in that facility with early job seeking and job keeping skills. Things like work preparation, interview skills, communication, etc. for 24-40 year olds.
  • Kitchen / Workshop. The club is also exploring how we could help with practical job skills around retail or small machine / bike repars
  • Major Youth sports / homeless facility. We're fortunate to have close relationships with IFYS and will be looking for wider Rotary (Cluster or District) support to support the developmemt and operation of the proposed Sippy Downs facility to help homeless or disengaged young sport people transition to a stronger relationship with the community, through mentoring and work skills transfer. 
  • The club has also been discussing with the Dept of Education on how we may be able to help support the youngsters that are in the THRIVE programs. This would be a much younger cohort of kids and be held in the Aerodrome Road THRIVE complex
We also recognise that we're a small club, so will be looking to use our network and other Rotary and volunteer clubs to help. 
Here's some of the things that will be going up:
12th - Bunning BBQ
26th & 27th - Surf Show and Shine 
11th - Walk for Mental Health along Alex Foreshore
Thrive & IFYS programs
6th - "Christmas at Alex" 
January 2021
Alex Rotary Charity "Solstice" Swim 
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Rotary / Toastmasters 

The Toastmasters / Rotary relationship continues

Mike Storkey’s wife Lesley Storkey has just been announced as an International Director of Toastmasters International.
This is a two-year appointment to the International Board of Toastmasters; she will be the Director from Region 12 which covers Australia, New Zealand, PNG, parts of Indonesia.
The Toastmasters Convention was scheduled to be in Paris during August and was converted to an on-line- “virtual” convention because of Covid-19.  Voting from around the world took place on Friday evening (our time) and results announced about 7.30 am today (Sunday) which would have been somewhat nerve wracking!
It is fantastic news for us given the new alliance between Rotary and Toastmasters.
On behalf of Alex Headland Rotary and District 9600, a big congratulations to Lesley.
Tony Freeman
Rotary / Toastmasters 2020-08-29 14:00:00Z 0

The Art Precinct is taking Shape

Surf Art is coming to Surf Show and Shine 

During the week Owen Cavanagh has been contacting his artistic mates and we'll be sending out a newsletter shortly with the artists who will be at our Surf Show and Shine event.

Also stay tuned for what Bands are coming and what the "special attractions" are at the kids area. 

Owen has exhibited his work in Australia, Italy & Spain and we're fortunate to have him on our Sunshine Coast. Here's a taste on what you can expect.

We're also hoping to attract some other artists to the show, and designer in chief Steve has created a mini art gallery on the SSS plan which will have some sculptures and some truly mind blowing surfboard art work. 

Also an honourable mention to Mark who helped the event out with putting Nathan from Sunrise skips onto the event. Nathan has done us a great favour by donating a skip for the event. We're on the look out for wheelie bins now...
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Bunnings is back on - but not as you know it

Bunnings on Saturday 12th September - anyone?

We're delighted that Bunnings Community BBQ's are back on. They are a great source of income for community clubs like Rotary. Of course there are some community causes that you see at Bunnings that do make you wonder "The three legged orphaned dog society" leaves me scratching my head for example. 
But COVID has meant that the BBQ looks a lot different. There are now designated roles and procedures for every volunteer;
The Captain must be able to watch the whole procedure the entire day and assist where needed or guide the team – they are the person in charge on the day.
The Greeter Volunteers (x3), effectively the crowd controllers / bouncers, to keep people socially distancing.
The Cook Only one allowed so three arms and nerves of steel and Masterchef training would be an asset. 
The Collector Three legs would be beneficials to ensure that food gets to the customer quickly. (preferably the correct order)
The Order Volunteer is the Eftpos user, stands and makes sure the queue is kept moving. 
So no pressure then!! Our first club BBQ of the season is on Saturday 12th September. Good luck everyone! 
Our club masterchef....
Bunnings is back on - but not as you know it 2020-08-21 14:00:00Z 0

Skip - anyone?

Skip Anyone?

If anyone of our readers knows of a community minded skip provider would they please let the club secretary know on  Thanks. 
Skip - anyone? 2020-08-21 14:00:00Z 0

Sunshine Coast Care 

Volunteering on the Sunshine Coast

John James from Suncoast Care was our speaker on Friday. John is no stranger to Rotary, as he is a past Paul Harris fellow, but this was his first visit to Alex Rotary.
As it turned out we had a lot in common with Suncoast Care group as it has strong links to Bill & Melissa at Care Outreach and also works with "The Shack" on the the community problems on the Sunshine Coast. 
John gave a very positive and inspiring talk on the work that his team does on the Sunshine Coast every day of the week, rain hail or shine. We were reminded of the relentless nature of community work as John went through the food bank activities that his colleagues do every day of the week to provide support, physical and social to those in need. 
Trucks and utes and volunteers as far south as Rocklea markets then all around the Sunshine Coast to help out those who quite simply, would not manage without this kind of help. 
When you listen to people like John talk about what they and other community work leaders do ...then you realise what a debt the community owes to these selfless citizens who put in every day to "make a difference". Well done Suncoast Care. 
A little bird told President Wendy that John had lost his Paul Harris fellow badge, attracted a fine and which was corrected at the meeting, as you can see below.
Sunshine Coast Care 2020-08-21 14:00:00Z 0

Vocational Visit

No SLSC meeting this Friday ...we're at the Stadium HUB. 

IFYS have invited us to undertake a Vocational Visit in place of our meeting on Friday 28 August 2020.  To ensure that we can assist IFYS to provide access and facilities for us to meet at their Sports Hub can you please confirm your attendance by Wed 26thAug via return email to
Vocational Visit details:
Business:       IFYS
Time:           Friday 28th August 6.45am arrival for 7am sign in.
Venue:          Kawana Sports Hub Accommodation
                        26 Main Drive Bokarina 4575 (north end of Lake Kawana)
Parking:        Please use the underground parking directly ahead of you as you drive into the site.
                        NB: do not use the ground level parking as this is used by Building Owners
Entry:          Take the stairs from the car park to ground level.
                        As you exit you will come up facing the Lake.  
Turn right and follow the path until you are at the 2 story building with large Deck covered by a shade sail.
Entry is via a gate in the pool style fencing and head across the grass to the decked area (via steps in the middle of deck)
Congregate here and we will then head into the building and be signed in, temp checked and be directed to 
use hand sanitiser in accordance with IFYS COVID protocols.
Breakfast:      IFYS has offered to provide Tea/Coffee and pastries for our meeting and to provide a tour of the facilities before we are seated in their meeting room for our meeting.
Meeting:        Vicky and Renee will address us about a series of projects that IFYS are seeking to progress and will seek our assistance in considering these and any opportunities for 
                        further development of the partnership we have formed to provide services to some of the Sunshine Coast’s most vulnerable people.
Running Late:   please call Wallis on 0417767076 so we can make sure you are able to enter. (If I’m late you are on your own!!!)
Vocational Visit 2020-08-21 14:00:00Z 0

Club help needed

Volunteers and Skip Needed

On Friday "headmaster John" was keen to make sure everyone was included in helping out for the upcoming Rotary Surf Show and here is the cast members thus far. And remember, there are no demarcations, so if you can help out in any of the areas or have any ideas just jump in with your help, or hang around for the regular 8.00 am Friday meeting after the club meeting. 
We're looking good for go on the Sunday 27th Sept, but if anyone has a "relationship" with a skip provider we'd like to hear from them.....very important piece of gear for the show. 
The Cast
Wallis - COVID, MC, entertainment run sheet.
Graeme - Kombi's, entertainment, run sheet.
Wendy - All things financial, entry gates, hand stations, counters etc, 
Steve - Site plans, COVID layouts, trophies, 
Michelle - Media, entertainment, kids areas
Sean, Skye - Promotions, social media, 
Craig - electrical, sound, traffic SES, 
Mike, Errol  - Schools, volunteers, services, 
John - Back office, registrations, permits, vendors, project secretary
Dave W - Fundraiser, Council relations, traffic
Carmel, Sean - Rotary Kiosk -  First Aid tent, T shirt sales,  etc.  
Club Chorus Line - Anyone I've forgotten, plus help with promotion prior to event and on Saturday Kombi Parade, and site set up and take down. 
and of Course our great helpers :
North Shore Board Riders - All things Surfing, Artworks and promotion.
Mooloolaba Rotary - Arches 
SES - Traffic management 
Mark Skinner -Board Organisation - Raffles, stall  & promo
Kerry & Tamara - Salty Souls - Stall, entertainment. IT social media, 
Bill & Melissa - Care Outreach - Stall & promotion
IFYS - stall & promotion
and our major sponsor Dean Stuart - Cricks Volkswagen - plus - Saturday night Kombi Parade and Sunday judging. 
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Not so new "friend of Rotary" 

Welcome Steve "Friend of Rotary"

Steve has finally received his change of status badge, but not his engagement with the club, which if anything has increased, as he helps the club with the Surf Show and Shine. 
The plans that Steve has produced have been fantastic and his eye for detail impressive. We are up to version 11 of plans for the car park, an hopefully not to many more changes. He's also enlisted son Myles to help with the trophies (prototype below), as well as driving the ideas and shown a great passion for this event. 
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Rumour Mill

Club Rumours

Apparently "pocket dynamo" Vicky Meyer and her team have been thinking up plans for Rotary engagement with Youth, and its going to be HUGE!.
So if you know of any good citizens who would like to become Rotary members and help the club and cluster work on Youth and Community projects, please invite them along to one of our club breakfasts, and maybe what we do will be of interest to them. 
We're having a vocational visit to community youth in a couple of weeks, so expect more news then. 
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IFYS Stadium and a personal story involving teddy bears

One of the benefits that our club has with having a close relationship with IFYS is that Renee and Vicki keep us in close touch with whats happening in the community. 
Many will have saw the fantastic work that was done over the past months at the Stadium "Hub" where various groups and organisations helped out the community during the initial COVID crisis. One particularly sensitive group to the COVID changes are the Sunshine Coast homeless. When the various SCC amenities were shut down for health reasons, The IFYS team swung into action to take care of the homeless who were now more vulnerable than ever. 
On Friday Vicki went through some of the statistics, and perhaps one of the most emotional stats was that the team managed to house 40 kids during the past months who would otherwise be staying in cars, or in alleyways, or in tents in pretty ordinary conditions. Also concerning to hear that 371 folk were sleeping rough when the pandemic hit, heading into winter.
The team also found 146 temporary accommodations for hundreds of families and have delivered over 8,500 meals since April. A fantastic effort, and made possible by the IFYS team, many of the Outreach team working from 6am to 10 pm to make sure the less fortunate in our community had a roof over their head and some food on the table. 
These statistics are impressive, but behind every statistic is a story and we were fortunate to have Terry, who spoke to the club about his experiences with homelessness, and how he had turned his life around. Terry's story was AMAZING. From a chap who had hit rock bottom and told that he "should be dead" from the doctors, he has managed to not only work with IFYS to "get clean" of addictive waits and have a permanent roof over his head, but has now set off on a "Teddy Bear" business. 
Thank you Terry for sharing your story, and also Vicky and Renee and your colleagues for the fantastic work that they do, 
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What I saw on my morning walk...

It's Kombi & Surfboard time on the Sunshine Coast 

A certain scribe saw these two icons on his regular morning you know whats coming next month..
Yes the Rotary Surf Show and Shine !! check out the website for details...
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Youth Driving Schemes

Special Rotary Minute from Tony

The terrible road toll on our youth was Tony's theme on Friday and the Rotary Young Drivers Scheme (RYDA). Tony's Rotary Minute spoke to a personal connection where a young girls life was lost not long after receiving their driving licence.
This led to other discussion and some other memories, some from Steve and the beginnings of the RYDA scheme as "U turn the wheel" to teach kids of the risks of driving started in the Moss Vale club.
From the Rotary Club of Mossvale website..
"The U Turn the Wheel program for Year 11 students in the Southern Highlands is now funded by generous grants from IMB Community grant , Mittagong RSL Community funding and Moss Vale McDonald's. The program includes presentations from NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, Driving school, Trade Practices, Road Accident victims and Youth Solutions. The program is run over 3 days.  These Community members give their time freely to support the program and believe in the strong principles Rotary has instilled in the event. This has ensured the respect of the students listening to the message as well as the delivery of a quality, educational program with achievable goals.The U Turn the Wheel has always been provided to students FREE of charge. This has been a strong principle adopted by the Moss Vale Rotary Club which allows all students to participate and benefit from the important road safety event."
Then Graeme reflected on his experiences with Sunshine Coast kids when shown the horrific consequences of the road toll. And there are many other youth driving awareness schemes, including IFYS and PYC which the club has supported in the past. 
Good to know that there are Rotarians all over helping the youth with their driving responsibilities. 
Thank you Tony for a reflective Rotary "Minute" with everyone was pleased to contribute to.
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Birthday Boy & Girl

Happy birthday to Michelle and David

On Friday we celebrated the youngest and oldest members birthday. Hope you both had a great day!
Not sure if it was Dave's birthday that did it, but Dave's Rotary minute reminded us that there were precedents for long standing Rotarians in respect of recognising their service to the community, and then started to sound like a plea for a pensioners discount? 
Actually we're pleased to know that Dave has been recognised for his work as past Sunshine Coast Senior Citizen of the year, and his fundraising for the Helicopter rescue service that has been extraordinary.

Welcome Paul and Craig our newest members

Craig was our newest club member for all of 15 seconds before President Wendy welcomed Paul as a transferee from Maroochydore Rotary.
Welcome both of you, we're delighted to have you and look forward to using your skills, arms, legs, brains in the club projects. 


A big thank you to Steve - past treasurer and club auditor

Also with us win Friday was past treasurer, and all round (pun intended) good guy Steve Power. Many of us know how lucky we were to have Steve as a member, and how he continues to support the club through his Office of Fair trading support. Many thanks Steve, hope you enjoyed the breakfast. 
Club tasks for newest member Michelle seems to be sorted...have a look at this woodworking feat..
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First Female Rotary President

Rotary will have first female president in 2022 - 2023

Hot off the press and in your Rotary news....Some would say not before time. Rotary is to have its first female Rotary International President. Fantastic. 
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Club plans and butchers paper

Club Plans

Its that time of the. year again when we set club goals. And as we all know you can't have a strategy meeting without butchers paper.
So our chief strategist (Wallis) brought along his corporate tools to Fridays meeting and the club went to work on the butchers paper with coloured pens and lots of ideas...and some blank stares. 
We looked at what we wanted from the club, and developed some plans for guest speakers and visits and projects. 
Some of the guest speakers we plan to have are, Care Outreach (Melissa and Bill) , Salty Souls (Kerry & Tamara) , Board Organisation (Mark Skinner), Council Beach renovation Project Manager (Adam Stewart) aviation (TBC) , technology (Elon Musk), community speaker (Jodi Ryan?) and of course try and hold some club meetings in the community, perhaps through our contacts with IFYS and THRIVE and other supporters. Keep this ideas coming, and help Wallis out with guest speaker ideas. 
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Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the Park

The club held a very successful Picnic in the park, many thanks to Wallis, Gail and Declan for organising. The weather was brilliant and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. An added treat was that we had Sean's and Skye's kids to amuse the oldies!
Also good to see John and Lol join us and taking a break from their farm for a while. 
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THRIVE starting to take shape -  WorkLIfe anyone?

THRIVE and Alex Rotary

Things are starting to move with THRIVE and the club may be invited to participate in the second day of the Youth Program being proposed by THRIVE and 4 local schools. This will involve Rotarians for about one hour every week for several weeks at THRIVE's facility on Aerodrome Road. Its not confirmed yet, but looking promising, and will give Rotarians an opportunity to share their work experiences with kids who may be feeling a bit apprehensive about their work preparation and skills. 
Its all part of the WorkLife program that the club offers to schools to help kids improve their soft skills and transition into work. By helping them recognise the skills that they have and how academic results are not the only measure of employability we hope to build up their self confidence and preparedness.
If you are interested in helping out for an hour a week, just let Secretary John know. 
Also the club is keen to facilitate a small machine repair workshop to give kids an opportunity to learn new skills while mixing with older folk. This initiative was brought by Errol, and its had some fantastic results throughout Australia. We hope to engage mens shed, retired and working adults to spend some time on this worthwhile project. 
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Surf Show and Shine News


We held our first SSS meeting after the club meeting taking up where we left off before COVID. So things are extremely well advanced, and almost all of the Kombi's that initially registered have confirmed that they are keen to come along again to the event on Sunday 27th September, and most happy to take part on the Kombi parade on Saturday night also. 
Steve has been doing a fantastic job on the site layouts and we've had great support from our mate Dean Stuart at Cricks Volkswagen, and Sunshine Coast Council through our new Councillor Joe Natoli. 
Mike and the Mooloolaba Primary school have been brilliant, and we much appreciate their offer to host Kombi's overnight on Saturday and their offer of overflow parking on the Sunday. 
Wendy is in charge of all things financial this year we are offering electronic payments. Who-Hoo. Wendy has been given new POS device called a "square" which will keep her busy trying to commission!
Wallis has the hardest job in the team, developing a COVID plan for the event that everyone will need to follow. So we wish him well with his efforts, and will be supporting a safe site on the day through our marvellous volunteers. 
Graeme is itching to get started on the Kombi posters, and the trophies and artwork is coming along nicely. 
Jodi and North Shore Board Riders are organising the fantastic surf board displays, Mark is keen to get the community bus on show and Cricks Volkswagen will have a fantastic display on Sunday and escort the Kombi Parade on Saturday. 
Donations to help with volunteer T shirts have been fantastic. Our old mate and past President Scott Brimelow has been fantastically generous, as has Stuart Aird's CEO (Brad Henderson) at BFX , and Paul Morton (Push Productions) , and one of our newest members has a great friend of Rotary in Naomi at the 6th avenue art gallery who made a generous donation. What we weren't expecting was a donation from Kerry and Tamara at Salty we'll need to put in an extra effort for them as Salty Souls is a beneficiary of the event. Thank you all. 
So the car park is almost full of Kombis, Vintage Surfboards, vendors of surf gear, fantastic food,  community stalls and school bands and a kids play area....what's not to like?
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Dementia carer support and club news

Dementia Booklet a local success story

We were fortunate on a rather wintry morning at Alex Headland surf club to hear from a local man who has devoted much of his life to helping dementia sufferers and specifically the carer's. It was a great story from John Newson of how he saw a need for a practical information to be given to the partners of dementia sufferers to help them cope with this terrible disease. A great example of someone seeing the need and geting in and "making a difference".
John and his co-author Helen Petersen have produced a marvellous booklet, packed with practical advice and very touching stories of dementia and how it affects everyone in the patients circle. 
Want to know more? Then John's number is 0427 177 747

What a (Scottish ) morning 

This was the welcoming wind and rain on Friday, and photographer Tony caught this lonesome soul on the waves.

Poetry Lesson ?

Meanwhile Sergeant Dave excelled himself yet again, providing us with a poetry lesson (really?) and leaving poor Michelle and Skye somewhat bemused.
Never mind, Dave's month as sergeant is over and he did a fantastic job in raising $100 to help defray some of John's costs in publishing the dementia carer's booklet. 

Annual Club plans and club duties

Before the general mayhem that was the Sergeants session there was feedback from Wendy on the Board meeting and discussion on club duties and what the club goals will be for this year.
This will become a bit clearer as we go forward, but suffice to say that the first major project we're going to have is the Rotary Surf Show and Shine and we'll be looking for lots of help.
Mike Storkey is coordinating the school and volunteers. We've already had fantastic offers of support from Mooloolaba & Passport Rotary, and Mike had great success with his discussions with the school, in regards to overflow parking and overnight stays or registered Kombi's.
So stay tuned as we finalise the stakeholders, and Steve allocates the remaining Kombi and Vendor sites, and look out on your emails for help requests from the team!

T shirt sponsors - anyone?

If anyone out there knows of a business or organisation that would like to have their logo pn our fantastic volunteers T shirts, please let us know at

New club sign in Foyer

A big thank you to Alex Surf Life Saving Club for allowing us to put up our meeting sign in the foyer. 

No meeting this Friday its 5th Friday of the month

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Club History responses - what a turn up

Club History on the website 

We're fortunate that most of the early presidents have kept their history and we've been able to populate our club history on the website......and you know what they say about social media..."once its out there it out for ever"...
A big thank you to Scott Brimelow who excelled (as he always does) with providing Dave with the 10 year review of all the early Presidents. Plus a rather lengthy (6 pages - really) "Ode to our mate Gary".
There was some gems in Scott's review, not least his recollection (true or false?) about Carmel's story.
If you are a male and a bit squeamish you might not want to read, but if you get to the end of Carmel's story its hilarious ! Have a look here..Carmels story 
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Meeting survey results

Club Meetings 

The survey on club meetings confirmed that the majority of members are happy with the breakfast timing (it gets easier in the summer!...promise)...and much prefer Face to Face to Zoom, although there was a view that an occasional ZOOM meeting would be a good idea. Also while everyone thought that the SLSC was a fantastic venue, there is room for a community meeting now and then. So thanks for feedback.


President Wendy has taken the club decision on Ironman to the organisers and explained in view of the COVID crisis and Alex membership situation we will not be in a position to support the Gear tent this year. 
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New members inducted 

Welcome Michelle and Skye

On Friday morning (glorious picture below) President Wendy inducted 2 new members Skye and Michelle and we found out that not only are they both considerably reducing the average age of the club, but they are also boosting the Rotary heritage of the club with both Michelle and Skye having much to do with Rotary Youth programs previously. 
So welcome, and once Craig is feeling better we look forward to inducting him into the club. Also we have two new members as transferees, considerably bolstering our overall membership. 
The proceedings didn't go exactly to plan, with a bit of a mix up in identities, (you don't want to know!) ...but it all worked out well in the end. Here's Errol rescuing himself from the hole he has just dug for himself.

Sergeants session

The meeting continued with the sergeants session, and where David had been outstanding last week in generating revenue.....this week he took pity on us with only a small number of misdeeds punished..... so be warned for next week......and bring plenty of pocket shrapnel.

Next Weeks speaker 

Thank you to Wallis who has arranged John Newson to come and talk to the club about the work he is doing in the dementia care guide area. Many of us will know someone who has been affected by this terrible disease.
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The Surf Show and Shine is back on

Kombi and Surfboard Show 

The club is pushing on with the Kombi show for the 26th and 27th September. Steve and John have met with Council and we've been briefed on the likely impact of the redevelopment of the shorefront at Alex Walkway / Mooloolaba and it looks like we'll just squeeze in at this time. 
John handed out the Council drawings of the future shorefront...looks fabulous!!
So the format will be as planned pre COVOD, with the event being held at the lower car park beachfront, a Saturday night Kombi Parade, and a Sunday show for the community. 
The only exception being that there will likely be NO film show on Saturday night as previously planned. 
So we thank everyone for putting their hand up for the show in February, and we'll be in touch with them soon, if they have not already heard from us. Mooloolaba Rotary have already offered the use of their arches for welcoming the Kombi's. Thanks Mooloolaba.
For those who were not aware of the planning for the postponed show here are the key stakeholders:
  • Sunshine Coast Council
  • Dean Stuart and his great team at Cricks Volkswagen
  • MIX FM
  • North Coast Board Riders 
  • SES 
  • Mooloolaba Rotary 
  • The Board Organisation 
  • Our fantastic Vendors,  community volunteers, and supporters
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NYSF Update 

Update from Tino Baboa as our district NYSF Chair...continuing with this great Youth program 
NYSF Update 2020-07-19 14:00:00Z 0

ROMAC Update 

Here is an update from PDG Harold Sharp, who advises that even in these times, ROMAC has 20 patients approved to come to Australia for life changing surgery, 
ROMAC Update 2020-07-19 14:00:00Z 0
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Mobile phones help prevent Domestic Violence

Next time you are out shopping and near the great folks at King IT, be sure to take along your old mobile phone and support these great people who are providing life lines to those in a DV situation. Well done King IT. 
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New members

Welcome New Members

This Friday we'll be inducting 3 new members to the club, Michelle, Skye and Craig. Delighted to welcome new members and especially enthusiastic ones at that!!
We also welcomed (with their new badges) John and Lol White who were the greatest help with the Rotary Care Garden project at Landsborough from start to finish.
It all started with initial Garden design by John & Lol's daughter (Bridgit), and the final task on the project was by Lol putting in the last plants to the herb garden next to the new basketball court and the new and freshly painted cubby house.
Great work guys, and welcome as friends of Alex Rotary. 
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IFYS Volunteers making a difference

Our corporate members at IFYS have put out this short video which is fantastic for showing how volunteers really can get involved and "make a difference"...
Have a look, and as Molly says "do yourself a favour" 
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Mooloolaba Change -Over Dinner tonight

Its changeover season and tonight the Mooloolaba Club welcome in new President Geoff Hopkins. Many of us at Alex Rotary know Geoff from the Rotary Care Garden and the Kindergarten landscaping work that he and his team put in a great effort for.
We're pleased to see that with the lifting of some of the COVID restrictions, it looks like being a successful night for Mooloolaba Rotary.
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Christmas in July 

Rotary e-Club of South Africa hosts Christmas in July

Our club friend and supporter Charmain is hosting a Christmas in July Fundraiser. Its on ZOOM in keeping with the fantastic Rotary e-Club that Charmaine leads. 
Click on image to take you to more information...please support this worthwhile cause
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Blaze Aid today and club history then

Blaze Aid and Club History 

Members may recall that the club went out to Murgon several years ago to help out the Blaze Aid organisation at the time of Queensland bush fires. This great group of volunteers are still going strong, and were on ABC 4 corners last night showing how they continue to volunteer to help the bush fire devastated families around Cobargo.
Today the volunteers are still helping mend fences, repair yards, clear and repair damage, but most importantly showing that they care and are concerned about their welfare. This is something that I know many Rotary clubs support financially and physically.
Here's some photo's of the clubs visit and some stories from Blaze aid today...

Blaze aid is a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters such as fires and floods. Working alongside the rural families, volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed. Alex Rotary helped out in Murgon. Currently there are no Blaze aid camps in Qld.

As we know from our clubs involvement with Care Outreach, volunteers also help to lift the spirits of people who are often facing their second or third flood event after years of drought, or devastating losses through bushfires. BlazeAid volunteers work in a disaster-affected area for many months, not only helping individuals and families, but also helping rebuild the local communities.

BlazeAid volunteers:
"Not just rebuilding fences, but helping rebuild lives."

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THRIVE on hold till after holidays 

Alex Rotary & Thrive Project

The THRIVE project on Aerodrome Road is having a bit of a break over the school holidays, but we're please to say that they want to catch up after the holidays to discuss how the club may be able to help with small machine repairs or WorkLife coaching or how any of the skills within Rotary can be applied to this fantastic cause led by Mal Pratt and managed by Noel Boxer. 
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Maroochy Golf holding Australia Wide Golf Comp

Maroochy Rotary and AGFR

Students of Alex Rotary website will have noticed some changes. The sharp eyed will have seen that we've set up a web page for the Maroochy Rotary for the Australian Golf Fellowship of Rotary. This is an annual competition inviting Rotarians from all over Australia to come and play on the Sunshine Coast. So we wish Maroochy every success and look forward to a great Rotary competition the coast next year. 
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Club History  

Dave's Travails

Pleased to say that the Club history project is coming along nicely. You'll see from the website that there's an area under construction for Past President to tell their story of their year. One Past President has already been in touch and will dig out his photo's and memories that we look forward to posting.
Dave Woodrow has been busy trying to put together the Alex Rotary club history from various electronic sources. Unfortunately for Dave the world of technology has moved on since the club was founded and while there are records of the club on computer chips the necessary software to access this information has been superseded.
Added to that laptop batteries have died..... and computer connections have changed..... poor Dave has been pulling his hair out (who knew?). 
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2020 Changeover

2020 Changeover 

On Friday morning bright and early we welcomed new President Wendy and new President Elect Stuart at the "Changeover Breakfast". Here they are being introduced by President Wendy under the national and international flags exchanged by the club over the years. 
Tony expertly chaired the meeting where we welcomed guests, partners, past members and friends to the Bluff room decked in International and National flags to celebrate the event. (Thank you David and Errol) Past President Mike summarised the club efforts over the past year, and Errol gave the International toast, while Wendy had a few interesting awards to give out. 
Dave W had an iterating environmental award which seemed to involve some kind on metal taxidermy (don't ask). 
We were delighted to see a strong gathering, including Honorary member Fiona Simpson, who took time out from her hard working schedule to join us, as did Presidents from Mooloolaba (Geoff Hopkins) and Maroochydore (Paul Scott), as well as past members Denys, Bob and our new friend Steve. We also welcomed Val Saunders from Maroochydore and partners Paula and Cherie, Marilyn and Lesley. We also welcomed Sandi and Craig.  Thank you all. 
 and here are some interesting pics from the morning proceedings..
President Wendy, who has been the backbone of the club for several years now..
David W seems to be offering advice to Errol who gave the Rotary International toast..
Room looked fabulous..
President Wendy had arranged some unexpected awards, this one for Lesley's chauffeuring...
Sean was bemused and delighted to receive the "Silver Toad"  award. Not so sure the toad was quite as happy?
The club received a certificate of appreciation from Vicky Meyer for our support of IFYS's recent "Stadium Hub" project that saw 175 citizens housed during the COVD crisis - and a childbirth from what would otherwise have been a homeless couple I hear. Fantastic work by IFYS and the team at the Stadium.
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Change in Club Meeting times?

Change in club meeting times ??

The club is asking members whether they have any views on changing the club meeting times. I guess that with the COVID and ZOOM, and the cold mornings has made us question whether we should consider if a breakfast meeting is still appropriate for the full year, and what an evening meeting (if that was what the members wanted) looked like. 
So get your thinking caps on and let us know your ideas. And keep an eye on your emails to complete the survey. 
Change in Club Meeting times? 2020-07-05 14:00:00Z 0

David Woodrow 

Under Construction 
David Woodrow 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Bill Bradley

Under Construction 
Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Trevor Smith 
Bill Bradley 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Gary Lynch

Under Construction 
Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Denys Alt
From the 10 year history of the ode to Gary last pages (5 pages!! in total)
Gary Lynch 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Carmel Hulett 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Scott Brimelow 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Geoff Davies 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Russel Thompson

Under construction 
Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Fernand Michot
Russel Thompson 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Peter Andrews

Under Construction
From the 10 year history of the club....
Peter Andrews 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Bob Thompson

Bob's team
Bob's annual report to members.....
As we all know, it is difficult to compete on the Sunshine Coast with so many worthy volunteer organisations, which are seeking members, trying to attract corporate and public donations and also trying to identify new fund raising opportunities.  In response to this problem we have tried this year to supplement our traditional fund raising activities with some new service activities to provide variety and “hands on” activity.  I take pleasure in recognising the fantastic commitment by members to all projects and activities and also the excellent weekly meeting attendance – often in excess of 85%.  Thank you all.
A key objective for 2012/13 was to build membership, enjoyment and satisfaction to all club members.  Based on feedback, I believe that we have done reasonably well to cement a strong and enjoyable club culture.  However, we have not done so well in terms of building membership, which is a very difficult task.  Having said that, our recent membership function will hopefully add some new blood to the club soon and we inducted Andrew Conroy last week.  Thanks to Peter Andrews for his tireless effort.
We set out to work more closely with our community.  During the year we supported the Sunshine Coast Regional Council with their “Opera at Alex” event, Montrose Access with their “Walk with Me” event, Alex Surf Club with “Clean up Australia” and the Surf Life Saving Club Carnival.  We participated with the Alexandra Headland Community Association with their Christmas pageant and other community based service projects including support to the University of the Sunshine Coast, Science and Engineering Challenge and assistance with the staging of the USC Community Fund Awards presentation dinner.
RCAH has forged closer ties with Sunshine Coast Private Hospital via fund raising committee participation, plus physical support and patronage for the very successful “Opera on the Green”, last weekend.  This event attracted 300 patrons to this inaugural event at the Palmer Coolum Resort and raised enough funds to purchase two fully equipped intensive care beds for the hospital.
Again on matters medical, our club participated in “Hat Day” for mental Health Research and we have just completed potentially lifesaving CPR and First Aid training, provided by the Alex Surf Life Saving Club.
As usual we participated in the “Mooloolaba Triathlon” and “Clean up Australia”, thanks to the coordination of Colleen Dunn. A memorable service activity was the field trip by a team to Murgon, with BLAZEAID, to help flood affected farmers rebuild fences.  This represented a win for those who participated and a clear win/win for the farmers both in terms of actual fence rebuilding, but also psychological support as they had lost their fences three times in 18 months.  RCAH also responded to a plea for help from flood ravaged Bundaberg with a significant cash donation which was boosted by a very generous donation from John and Ngaire Roberts.
We also set out to work more closely with our Rotary cluster clubs on the basis that “a larger critical mass can make a bigger difference in our community”.  To this end we embarked on a joint Coastal Pathway Signage Project involving the Rotary Clubs of Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, which is soon to be completed, on our joint behalf, by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.  Our club has also been active in encouraging the Rotary Club of Maroochydore in the establishment of a new “Men’s Shed” to supplement the very successful shed at Buderim.  This project is proceeding very well.
RCAH organised a joint meeting at The Big Pineapple, where 65 Rotarians from six cluster clubs enjoyed breakfast, fellowship and a train ride.  A subsequent joint vocational activity involved the RC of Caloundra for a joint visit to the old Caloundra Lighthouses.  Yet another RCAH initiative, organised by Sue Quinn, was a very successful combined cluster visit to the QLD Parliament, including dinner with the Speaker of the House and Honorary RCAH member, Fiona Simpson in her private courtyard.
RCAH has placed considerable emphasis on the importance of youth programs and youth issues.  Our club supported “Peace Scholar” (Summer Lewis), RYPEN scholar (Chelsea), NYSF student (Ridge) and Sienna College Awards.  An important milestone during the year was the re-establishment of the INTERACT CLUB at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, thanks to Chris Baker.  Recently we assisted this club to transport donated goods to Fiji for their pending field trip in late June and on Friday 14th we will present them with a significant donation to help with expenses.
We have enjoyed a varied and busy meeting program with many interesting guest speakers and lots of fellowship time.  This has been supplemented by three social functions (plus one, stormed out), three vocational visits, two special membership meetings, three special dinners and several informal meetings at Alex beach.  Our end of year family lunch will be held next Sunday.
This year we have introduced understudies, or 2IC’s, in all key club roles as well as asking all members to take responsibility for various initiatives and routine meeting duties.  I am pleased to say that in all cases the nominees have taken their roles seriously and have provided back up when needed.  Several members participated in the District Conference and District assembly.  Prue, Marg and I enjoyed home hosting of PE delegates from PNG and the Solomon Islands.  Our club has also provided funds to support District initiatives in the Solomon Islands for water, education and sanitation projects.
Our Club Training Officer, Carmel Hulett, has guided talks on a variety of useful Rotary issues. We continue to formally monitor the feelings of members on a variety of procedural matters in order to keep us as current and relevant as possible.  We believe that an important issue is “looking after our own member’s welfare” and several members have been integral in looking after us as a family.  It is important that we do not become complacent, particularly as our membership grows and diversifies.
One issue that came out of discussions was, whether we should change the fee structure.  After a lot of discussion at general club meetings, the Board approved a six month trial of a new, all inclusive, monthly electronic payment system which commenced on 1st January, 2013.  After five months and a great deal of group discussion among members, a decision was made to basically change back to the old system, with a couple of modifications.  This was ratified at the Board meeting on 28th May and the changes have already been published to members separately.  They will take effect from 1stJuly, 2013.
I wish to thank everyone for their contribution, commitment and effort, plus their ideas and advice.  Your friendship and support during this Rotary year has helped me to achieve a great deal of personal satisfaction and enjoyment from my term as President.  I apologise to those who grew weary of my never-ending emails and sometimes anal approach to detail, but I know no other way to do it properly.  I also wish to thank Marg for her tolerance and her unflinching support.  Now I need to buckle down and do all those jobs around the house that have gone begging.  It has been a privilege to work with such a fine bunch of happy and talented people.  Please accept my sincere thanks for a great ride.
Bob Thompson
11th June, 2013
A newsletter, with some interesting comments in inimitable Bob's style
..and a change over dinner
Bob Thompson 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

John Malloy

Year               2017 -18 
President       John Malloy 
Secretary       Joy Cowan
Treasurer      Bob Lane
Location of meetings:
For my year I wanted to move to an Alexandra Headland location, so after much discussion (and angst) and help from the Alex SLSC we moved he club meetings to the Alex Surf Club. This wasn't without lengthy discussions but there really was little choice as the Headland Golf Club arrangement was on a "Take or Pay" arrangement whereby we had to guarantee 20 buffet breakfasts as a minimum to cover Headlands Golf Clubs cost. This was proving to be quite a drain on the club as we often had considerably less than 20 members at club meetings, so club was losing money every week. After some teething problems with breakfast logistics and not a little effort by our treasurer Bob, we settled into a level of breakfast normality.
We also wanted to give the members greater opportunity to be involved in the running of the club, so we held the Club Board meetings in the Alex SLSC straight after Fridays breakfast meeting. This proved to be quite popular with members, bu I did miss the glass of wine I'd enjoyed in previous years wih Peter and Linda Darnell and the rest of the previous board.
I was also keen to have vocation meetings and so we arranged to meet at different loacations around the community to show our support for other organisations and for a bit of variety. So we met at Scootty's "Sructures" office, as well at "The Shack" and at community cafe in Newspaper Place.
New members inducted
I don't recall inducting new members, but what gave me the most pleasure in this area was awarding PHF's to Peter Darnell and Prue Byrnes at my changeover the end of the year. Two great servants of the club. Peter for his steadying hand over 2 years, and Prue for her fantastic work with the social side of the club and her tireless youth activities.
The saddest part of my year was when Libby Schick passed away after her long batle with cancer. Libby was a lovely lady who bravely fought her illness and was always willing to help in whatever way she could.
Major projects, fundraisers and other activities
I'd received great support from the club with my passion to help youth transition o work, and so we were able to publish a "worklife" book and associated courses at Sienna College during the year 
Also we tried valiantly with Bill Bradleys help to hold a golf day for the club but it was difficult, and after not getting enough golfers to fill half the field we gave up. We later found out that most golf days were unsuccessful, and the club resolved not to run one again.
Also ran a "Surf Show and Shine" at the Mooloolaba school oval which was started a couple of years before and was growing in popularity. We were able o raise $20,000 which wen to Bill and Melissa Close's Care Outreach organisation, as the state was still in the grip of a drought that was in its seventh year. he money went to the farming community in the form of pre paid debit cards to be used locally.
he club also started the "Solsice Swim" which came from an idea by Bob Lane, one of the morning swimmers on Mooloolaba beach. 
Exchange students 
Prue took most to do with this...... Bianca?
Candidates for RYLA, RYPEN, RYDA, TSE etc
Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Peter Darnell, Prue Byrnes and Paul Morton
John Malloy 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Recognition Summary 

Paul Harris Recognition Summary
Denys Alt                             May 2009 *
Peter Andrews                   May 2012 *
Chris Baker + 1                  May 2012 *
Prue Byrnes                         June 2018 *
Peter Darnell                      June 2018 + *
Tony Freeman + 3             August 2003 #
Wendy Gilson + 1              June 2011 #
Gary Lynch                           June 2011 *
Fernand Michot                 December 2004
Paul Morton                        June 2018 *
Errol Richardson + 3         June 1988 #
Owen Scott                          Dec 1994 +
Trevor Smith                       September 2010 * #
Mike Storkey                      March 2011 #
Michael Sullivan                April 2005 *
David Woodrow                April 2005 * #
* Awarded by R C Alexandra Headland
# Current Club Member
+ Deceased
Paul Harris Recognition Summary 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Alan Walter 

Under Construction 
Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Wendy Gilson, Gary Lynch, Mike Storkey 
Alan Walter 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Wendy Gilson 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Mike Storkey 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Prue Byrnes 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Sue Quinn 2020-07-04 14:00:00Z 0
Chris Baker - Charter President 2020-07-03 14:00:00Z 0

Trevor Smith 

Trevor Smith - First RCAH President

Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Michael Sullivan, Dave Woodrow
Trevor Smith 2020-07-03 14:00:00Z 0
Peter Darnell - twice club President 2020-07-03 14:00:00Z 0

2020 changeover

We gathered for breakfast on a glorious sunrise at Alex Beach to welcome in our new board for 2020. Tony expertly chaired the meeting where we welcomed guests, partners, past members and friends to the Bluff room decked in International and National flags to celebrate the event, and here are some interesting pics from the morning proceedings..
President Wendy, who has been the backbone of the club for several years now..
David seems to be offering advice to Errol ...
Room looked fabulous..
President Wendy had arranged some unexpected awards, this one for Lesley's chauffeuring...
Sean was bemused and delighted to receive the "Silver Toad"  award. Not so sure the toad was quite as happy?
The club received a certificate of appreciation from Vicky Meyer for our support of IFYS's recent "Stadium Hub" project that saw 175 citizens housed during the COVD crisis - and a childbirth I hear.
2020 changeover 2020-07-02 14:00:00Z 0

Special Breakfast Invite

Hi Folks,
This Friday we are having a special changeover breakfast meeting to welcome in the Alex Rotary Board for 2020. All Rotarians and partners and friends are most welcome to attend.
Please see invite below and let us know if you can make it to a special morning breakfast meeting for the club at the Alex SLSC bluff room, as numbers will be limited. 
Special Breakfast Invite 2020-06-27 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary Ladies Morning Tea

On Saturday morning Rotary Ladies from Alex and Maroochydore Rotary had a "get to know you"  morning tea. 
By all accounts everyone had a lovely time and here's A few photo's...looks delicious !!
Rotary Ladies Morning Tea 2020-06-27 14:00:00Z 0

Alex Rotary looking for scientists of the future

Science Schools Foundation Experience

The club is pleased to subsidise 4 budding scientists from local high school, Chancellor, Grammar, Mountain Creek and Sienna to attend the annual Science Schools Foundation "The Science Experience" at Queensland Universities.
The experience consists of 3 or 4 day courses, where our scientists of the future mix with University researchers and gain insights into the latest STEM developments. 
In previous years we've subsidised 3 students to attend, and the feedback from the students has been that mixing with the professionals in their field of interest has been career changing. So we're hoping that even in this time of virus, there are budding scientists out there who would benefit from this fantastic opportunity.
Alex Rotary looking for scientists of the future 2020-06-23 14:00:00Z 0
This has got to be winner of social media comedy in time of virus 2020-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

Black Lives Matter

Rotary fighting Racism

Secretary John did some research into how Rotary was responding to the BLM issue in USA. Interestingly Chicago (our home Rotary International town) figures largely in the debate. 
As we know Rotary has since its inception been fighting Poverty and supporting Education - the main causes of not just Racism, but Tribalism and Sectarianism - the things that bring out the worst in Society. Many Rotary clubs have put on their website the Rotary statements on Racism and what Rotary stands for but their was one club that has really taken a strong interest. John noticed that the Rotary club of Kent, Washington state had not only supported the local BLM march but also invited the police and BLM activists to speak at their meetings. 
Well done Kent Rotary for getting involved in "making a difference" to their community and tackling the serious community issues.
Black Lives Matter 2020-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

Face to Face meetings Back ON 

This was the scene early on Friday morning to greet Alex Rotarians and was a bit of an effort to get up at the ungodly hour for the 6.45 start, but as well s this magnificent sunrise, we were also witness to hordes of surfers enjoying the ocean  made the effort worthwhile!
Thanks Tony for the pic..
So all going well (and thats certainly not been the experience of 2020) ...we'll continue with Face to Face meetings from here on in, until we find that elusive vaccine. 
Face to Face meetings Back ON 2020-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

District Newsletter

As it gets towards the end of the Rotary year, here is Darryl's last newsletter as District Governor
District Newsletter 2020-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

Donations in Kind back in business

As the community situation improves, so Rotary Community help is returning ...Donations in Kind are now coming back on stream. Here is their latest for more info
Donations in Kind back in business 2020-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

Teaching in the time of COVID

Teaching at the time of COVID

Our speaker on Friday morning was Leanne Jensen-Steel A/Executive Principal, Chancellor State College. After listening to Leanne on how Chancellor and the teaching profession more widely coped with the COVID restrictions, and the online training, I was full of admiration and regret. 
Admiration for a fantastic passionate educator who clearly loves what she does and truly " makes a difference" to those >1,000 kids in her care. 
Regret that she wasn't around in my mis-spent youth. 
Leanne covered the challenges and difficulties that schools faced with the virus restrictions, and how the teaching profession had responded and what the future impacts on the kids are likely to be, from "preppies" to grade 12's. Interesting to hear the spectrum of responses given the differences between well resourced schools, and others who are struggling. (An opportunity there for Rotary ?).
Teaching in the time of COVID 2020-06-21 14:00:00Z 0

Coming out of Restrictions

Restarting meetings

Good news. Alex Rotary breakfast meetings at the SLSC are restarting on Friday 19th June.
The Alex SLSC is gradually returning to full operation, and we'll have a ZOOM meeting on this Friday 12th. Also to note that at the meeting we'll be hearing from members on their thoughts on future meetings while partial restrictions are in operation, as well as how we get to know the folks at Maroochy Rotary better and build a stronger Rotary. 

Restarting the Solstice Swim

Winter has arrived (really!) We've also been getting emails from our supporters about what we're doing about the Solstice Swim. So we're discussing possibilities with Alex SLSC and Sunshine Coast Council to see what may be done about holding our annual charity swim.
Unfortunately we will not be able to hold it on the Solstice but hopefully the next few months we'll be able to hold the swim and have a fun day while helping the community. 

Restarting the Surf Show and Shine 

A couple of the members are meeting with Councillor Natoli to discuss opportunities to run in the show this year.
As we know plans were well advanced (Thank you Steve N) when we were told by Council that because of virus considerations we were unable to hold it. So we'll stay in touch with Council to see what their plans are for the re-opening community events.

Restarting Community Support

We've picked up the threads again with a few community organisations now that restrictions are being eased, and there's a few feelers out there to restart some "hands on" projects such as Youth workshops and physical community help on a project basis. Stay tuned for more info. 

Rotary Convention 

You can sign up now for the free Online event on 20-26th June to log on to the the International Rotary Convention - its open to ALL Rotary members and participants. 
Also visit the RI Convention event page on Facebook to connect with other members. You my care to use the hashtag #Rotary20 in social media posts to share or invite a friend. 

Hippo Rollers

Great talk from Charmaine on the work her team are doing in helping water supply to villages in Lesotho. See video below. An amusing, but not unexpected observation when her volunteer team saw how the "Hippo rollers" were being used to help villagers ...while women were using the barrels for water carrying or even washing clothes for their families ...the men were using the barrels to make BEER. Enough said. 

ROMAC says thanks

The club received a lovely note from Bryan mason thanking you all for the donation the club made to this great cause. 

Merger Talks

Wallis and Val Saunders from Maroochydore Rotary are our leaders and points of contact with the proposed merger between our clubs. So stay tuned for ideas and developments to build a stronger Rotary Club on the Sunshine Coast. 

Walk for Mental Health 

One project that is definitely ON at this stage is the Walk For Mental Health in October. Alex Rotary has a strong history of  helping out Vicki Stewart and her team with Community BBQ and the walk preparations and set up. So fingers crossed for no more virus restrictions and  a good turn out and keep this date free.
Coming out of Restrictions 2020-06-08 14:00:00Z 0
Sunshine Coast Hippo Helpers 2020-05-30 14:00:00Z 0

Merger Discussions, Fiona's gazebo's at IFYS hub, New members, Youth news, Free tickets to Hawaii

IFYS Hub at Stadium responds to crisis

If you are one of the volunteers helping out at the Stadium, where IFYS have set up with other supporters to respond to the COVID pandemic you'll notice that as well as helping out with volunteers, Alex Rotary has been able to provide gazebo's donated by our Honorary member Fiona Simpson as "isolation waiting rooms". 
..and here is an informative email from Vicky Meyer of IFYS...
Many thanks for all your support again at the Stadium last week. We saw 43 people (36 people the week before) many of whom were not connected to our temporary housing arrangements – word is spreading! It was great to hear about the delight one couple had in being able to shower and kit themselves out in clean clothes, never mind getting fed and gaining assistance from so many of the other services on site.
I know Clare is all over the roster for next week and has messaged that we have representatives from the Department of Housing’s media team visiting us on Tuesday morning, so please be aware they may want to talk with you as well as our volunteers in relation to what we are seeking to achieve through the Hub. They should be with us from around 10am. The video Unity Water produced is amazing if you haven’t already seen it on their Facebook Page, please use the media we are getting to let people know we are here.  
Its National Volunteer Week next week, with the theme “Changing Communities. Changing Lives” and our volunteers are certainly doing this. We would like to acknowledge and celebrate everyone helping us with this housing response, so please help us by jumping onto our Facebook page during the week and like our messages. 
We want to ensure the broader community knows this is a truly collaborative initiative we have embarked on, so if you didn’t see page 22 in the Sunshine Coast Daily yesterday, a copy is attached. I would also like to acknowledge the Alexandra Headland Rotary Club, who lent us their gazebos last week to keep us dry/shaded.  
Your ongoing role in supporting individuals and families experiencing housing crisis through the COVID1-9 pandemic is greatly appreciated, by those being assisted, and us as one of the agencies responding – we couldn’t do it alone!

Merger Investigations continue

The members survey results are in from Alex and Maroochy, and there is overwhelming support to continue to explore merging Maroochydore and Alex Rotary clubs to create a larger, stronger club. There is still a bit of work to do, and of course we're planning some "get togethers" so the the members can socialise and exchange ideas before any form decision is made. 

Toastmaster / Rotary collaboration 

We're starting to see some tangible outcomes from the Rotary / Toastmaster collaboration in the form of assistance with developing and presenting speeches. So there is a link on the web page if you wish to source these resources. 

Maroochydore Rotary hosting AGRF Competition next year

Next year, Maroochydore is hosting the Australia wide Rotary Golf Competition, and planning is well under way with the competition, which attracts hundreds of golfers and their partners from around Australia and overseas. 
Merger Discussions, Fiona's gazebo's at IFYS hub, New members, Youth news, Free tickets to Hawaii 2020-05-16 14:00:00Z 0

Youth Exchange Program 

During the history of the club, we have been hosted foreign exchange students ("inbounds") and also sponsored local students on their overseas exchange. We also host the complete group of Youth Exchange Students every year - called the "Youth Safari" at a getting to know you night at the Alex Surf Club. Here's some of their stories.
Marc Hohnhaus was the clubs very first exchange student in 2002-3. Marc is now a doctor in Stuttgart studying to be a Gynaecologist & Obstetrician. He attended Mountain Creek High School.
Chloe Ross Buzza was our latest "outbound" student who spent a year in Brazil with Rotarian families learning the Brazilian culture and experiencing life in South America. This picture was taken just before Chloe was about to set off to meet the other Rotarian students.
Bianca Aird - Bianca spent her Youth Exchange Year in Spain, Amy Fris from Denmark spent her inbound year on the Sunshine Coast and school at Sienna College. Here's epic where Bianca (left) caught up with Amy  at the end of Amy's year with us, just before she returned home. 
Hannah Binder from Austria was a Youth exchange student who we see here back in Austria where she is studying for her teaching degree. The picture was taken last year when she caught up with her host family while on the Sunshine Coast, Steve and Trish Power. 
Youth Exchange Program 2020-05-03 14:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Fellowships

During the history of the club, a number of or members have been recognised for their contributions to Rotary and the community (some more than once) by being named a "Paul Harris Fellow"
Here they are:
Denys Alt (2009)
Peter Andrews (2015)
Prue Byrnes (2018)
Peter Darnell* (2018)
Gary Lynch (2011)
John Malloy (2020)
Fernand Michot (2004)
Paul Morton (2018)
Owen Scott* (1994)
Trevor W. Smith (2010)
Michael L. Storkey (2011)
Michael Francis Sullivan (2005)
David Woodrow (2005)
Christopher K. Baker (2012)
Wendy Gilson (2011)
Errol Richardson (1988)
Anthony Freeman (2003)
Paul Harris Fellowships 2020-05-03 14:00:00Z 0

Club Discussions

Club Merger Investigations 

Club members will have seen President Wendy's note about discussions underway to strengthen both the Alex and Maroochy Rotary Clubs.
This initiative from both clubs is to investigate how we might be able to strengthen both clubs, either by working together on projects, common meetings, working together on Rotary programs, sharing networked contacts etc, etc, and possibly merging into a hybrid or singular club in the future.
One thing is for sure, both Maroochy and Alex have a great Rotary history of community involvement and see the need for Rotary to continue to develop Youth, support the local community organisations for those who need a helping hand, to support the fantastic Rotary Programs in Youth, and local and International communities.
Both clubs are determined to be clubs that "make a difference" to our communities near and far, and we understand that by being part of a club more can be achieved than as individuals. 
We are also aware that there are many demands on the good citizens of the Sunshine Coast and that membership has been decreasing at Alex for some time. So we are determined to find ways to strengthen the club and retain its commitment to the community.
Your help in supporting us to reach these goals is much appreciated. 
Club Discussions 2020-04-29 14:00:00Z 0


During the week we received this newsletter from ROMAC. Although Alex Rotary  (twice past winners of the much coveted Rotary ROMAC trivia quiz) did not compete this year, the club was able to give a donation to help out the amazing Bryan Mason and the ROMAC team.
ROMAC News 2020-04-29 14:00:00Z 0
April News from District 2020-04-29 14:00:00Z 0

 Rotary Golf Competition Coming

Maroochy Rotary hosting the 2021 AGFR

Next year the Maroochy Rotary are hosting the largest Golf Competitions in Australia. Did you know that Rotary has an association called the Australian Golf Fellowship of Rotarians? Well, now's the time to dust off the clubs so that you are in peak condition for the big competition coming to the Sunshine Coast! Here's some background on the organisation. More details to follow.

Australian Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians is a fellowship within the Rotary organization and is part of what Rotary is about, that is fellowship within its membership. It is also part of the 4th Object of Rotary: that is “The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service”.

Also it is part of the four way test: “will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?”

Our Rotary organization has many facets from service within our clubs to community and world service, but one of the most enjoyable parts of our Rotary life is the FELLOWSHIP within our Club, our Districts and the whole world of Rotary Clubs.

Rotary has many fellowships from fishing, caravanning, motor biking, bridge to various vocations, one of the more active fellowships is the Australian Golfing Fellowship. Each year we meet in a town or city somewhere in Australia and have a golf tournament over a week. This week is rotated on a State by State basis annually.

Rotarians travel from all parts of Australia, Hobart to Cairns, Victoria to Western Australia and Darwin for the week of golf and fellowship. Generally we have around 100 Rotarian golfers with 30- 40 playing partners and 20-30 non playing partners.

Each year there is an International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians, once again the tournament is held over a week and is held in various countries around the world. We travel to Europe, America, Asia and Australia and a wonderful week of golf and fellowship is had by all who attend.

Rotary Golf Competition Coming 2020-04-29 14:00:00Z 0

Summit for Sarcoma - Sad news

Summit for Sarcoma - sad news

Many of you will remember Andrew O'Connor coming to the club to talk to us about Children's Sarcoma and how it had affected his family. Andrew, and his son Ben, decided to do something to support the fight against this terrible disease that had affected Ben's cousin Tom Hardyman. They put together the "Summit for Sarcoma" funding call out, intending to raise $60,000 by climbing Mount Mera at $10 / metre. 
I'm sad to let you know that Tom succumbed to the disease last Thursday and that his funeral  is being held today.
Andrew and his sin Ben raised almost twice their original target  for Sarcoma research. Here's the link if you wish to donate to help eliminate Sarcoma. Everyday Hero. 
Summit for Sarcoma - Sad news 2020-04-29 14:00:00Z 0

2020 Anzac Day address by Dave Woodrow

Anzac Day 2020

For many, Anzac Day seemed more emotional and meaningful this year, and we're fortunate to have on our club Dave Woodrow, who led the ANZAC service on Facebook at Maleny Anglican Parish Church. Here's Dave's address. An emotional and informative speech. Well done David.
Anzac Day at Maleny 2020
I am not going to talk about the mud and blood and suffering and heroism of Gallipoli - that is remembered every Anzac Day at cenotaphs around Australia and in other parts of the world.  This year is memorable, however, because in marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in the pacific. It is also personally significant to me as my father served at Milne Bay at the first defeat of the enemy in the Pacific.
While the actual landing may have had some strategic significance, it has been described by military historians as a tactical disaster with many mistakes including landing at the wrong place and seriously underestimating the enemy defenses resulting in a terrible waste of life.  
The withdrawal, however, after the occupation was a masterpiece of planning and execution by the Australian and NZ commanders – with complete surprise to the enemy and no casualties.  This operation is regarded as nothing short of miraculous.
Instead of Gallipoli, I would like to concentrate on an overseas TV News report that showed a public rally against the country's compulsory military service legislation.  One protester, right in the front, fully exercising his democratic right, carried a large placard that read -
I know many people would regard that message as offensive, particularly on this day when we remember those who thought so differently - first at GALLIPOLI and then afterwards in a host of other places.
With EASTER so close to ANZAC day, those of us who are Christians thank God that he did not think nothing was worth dying for.
I prefer to remember another message from another place many miles from the demonstration.  The message is on a stone monument in the hills between INDIA and BURMA (now Meinma) and it reads -
                  TELL THEM OF US AND SAY:
The military action in BURMA is not the most significant in terms of the ANZAC tradition although many Australians and New Zealanders fought and died there.  What is significant is the message of the inscription - a message that is never more appropriate than on ANZAC DAY.
Many people today may not know the meaning of our ceremony. 
The Traditional Ode is the fourth stanza of a poem written by Lawrence Binyon in 1919. 
The Ode is recited at RSL clubs all over Australia at 6pm every day with all visitors standing to pay respect. The last line “We will remember them” is repeated by all present (as we can do today).
The Last Post is played on a brass instrument.  This originated with the British Army in the 17th century. 
At nightfall, or last light, the guard commander went around the sentry posts with a kettledrum to see that they were all alert for the night watch.  
The bugle was played at the last sentry post (the last post). 
This now signifies death and is played at all military funerals. 
It is the most solemn sound played on the battlefield and is heard by soldiers with the head bowed and Officers pay their respect by saluting.  
Men and boys remove their hats.
After the minute silence to reflect on the death and injuries we repeat “Lest we Forget”.
And then we hear the Rouse – the Reveille or awakening, signifying resurrection - the life in heaven after death.
This morning I will read two verses of the ODE.
They went with songs to the battle, 
They were young, Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow, 
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted, 
They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them
We will remember them
2020 Anzac Day address by Dave Woodrow 2020-04-29 14:00:00Z 0

Toilet Humour ?

Another Project from Box Hill 

An unintended consequence of Bruce's talk, was that he also mentioned that his club were also supporting "Operation Toilet" in India. Its worth a watch as it has a really positive ending and next time you're having a wine about washing your hands for the fourteenth time...well, lets just say after watching this video, you'll change. 
A Club member, Rotarian Mark Balla, visited India some years ago and discovered that many girls there don't complete secondary education because they stop attending school when they reach puberty. Why?  Because many schools don't have adequate toilet facilities and so the girls don't have the facilities or privacy to deal with their menstruation at school.  Our Club, working in partnership with the We Can't Wait Foundation and the Rotary Club of Nasik Road in India, started building toilets in schools in India and our Club has now been joined by other Melbourne Rotary Clubs who are bringing additional funding, capability and enthusiasm to the project. 
Toilet Humour ? 2020-04-19 14:00:00Z 0

Guest Speaker from Victoria joins RCAH on Zoom

Operation Cleft 

One of the few benefits of lockdown is that the club can now call on Rotary speakers from all over the world to join our "Zoom" club meetings. So it was on Friday when Bruce McEwen joined us from Victoria to talk about the SMILES project. 
WARNING - distressing image of cleft palette affected child.
Bruce, with the support of many Australian Rotary clubs has been changing the lives of Bangladeshi children through the SMILES project which arranges and pays for life changing surgery.  It is entirely supported through voluntary donations and treats 1,200 children every year. 
This is about one quarter of the affected children. Because the surgery is regarded as cosmetic, it is not supported by the government. We also found out that some Rotary Clubs in the USA are following Australia's example and starting up similar projects to help change the lives of these unfortunate kids. 
Bruce told stories of how many of the children die through associated complications, and those who do survive basically become outcasts in their society through the ignorance and superstition of the Bangladeshi villages. 
So well done Bruce and team, and while the images are very distressing its great to know that Rotary is making a difference and that there are fantastic Rotarians out there who provide that much needed support. 
What I didn't know, and its another thing to be grateful for, is that the birth rate of cleft pallets problems is around one child in 700...and that is true around the world including Australia..but we are indeed fortunate every Australian child born with this defect is attended to early on in life. 
Guest Speaker from Victoria joins RCAH on Zoom 2020-04-19 14:00:00Z 0
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Cluster donates defibrillator to Alex SLSC

Alex SLSC receives donated defibrillator

This is how Rotarians are donating defibrillators while maintaining social distancing...
Unfortunately after this photo was taken, Ashley was concussed by a butterfly (apparently a very large one).... you can read about it in Ashleys column the Sunshine Coast daily, but we wish him a speedy recovery.  
Cluster donates defibrillator to Alex SLSC 2020-04-19 14:00:00Z 0

History of AGFR

The History of the Australian Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians (AGFR)

The AGFR was born when Australian Rotarians who had been attending golf tournaments around the world organised by the International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians (IGFR) decided that an Australian version of the Fellowship should be commenced.

Australian Rotarians had been attending IGFR Tournaments since the first of these annual tournaments was held at St Andrews in Scotland in 1967, at which Stan Williams and Jack Fox from the Oakleigh Rotary Club in Victoria attended. To this date Australians have been represented at every IGFR Tournament since its inception.

It was not until 1976, however, that a group of Australian Rotarians attending an IGFR Tournament in Hawaii, that a meeting was held in Kevin Beaumont’s room at the Royal Lahaina Hotel in Maui to discuss the formation of an Australian version of the International format.

This meeting was attended by the following Rotarians:-

  • Kevin Beaumont – Clayton Rotary Club
  • Alan Fulton – Clayton Rotary Club
  • John Hood – Moorabbin Rotary Club
  • Dick Knuckey – Broadmeadows Rotary Club
  • Don McRae – Camberwell Rotary Club
  • Ken Phelan – Oakleigh Rotary Club
  • Les Sturzaker – Clayton Rotary Club
  • Bob Louis – Hornsby Rotary Club
  • Norman Ronalds – Hornsby Rotary Club
  • Murray Guille – Oakleigh Rotary Club
  • Graeme Wilson – Camberwell Rotary Club
  • David Wells – Kingston Rotary Club
  • Alan Guest – Camberwell Rotary Club

It was at this meeting that is was agreed that the Australian Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians (AGFR) be formed and the Foundation Committee elected was:-

  • John Hood – President
  • Don McRae – Vice President
  • Norm Ronalds – Vice President
  • Kevin Beaumont – Secretary/Treasurer
  • David Cleland – South Australian Delegate
  • Harry Clark – Tasmanian Delegate
  • Peter Goode – Western Australian Delegate

A constitution was drafted by Don McRae, Kevin Beaumont and John Hood and later adopted to form the basis of our current AGFR model constitution today. The original AGFR logo which was based on the IGFR style was designed by John Hood and Kevin Beaumont,  however the current logo was designed by Peter Raue of the Wodonga Rotary Club and was first used in 1993 at the Albury/Wodonga tournament.

Presidents of AGFR

  • John Hood (VIC)   1979 – 1984
  • Bob Louis (NSW)  1984 – 1987
  • Don McRae (VIC)  1987 – 1989
  • Kevin Beaumont (VIC)  1990 – 1994
  • Doug Barton (SA)  1995 – 1998
  • Lloyd Fleming (QLD)  1997 – 2002
  • Peter Partridge (TAS)  2002 – 2005
  • Bill Gurnett (VIC)  2005 – 2007
  • Robert Motteram (SA)  2007 – 2010
  • Greg Armstrong (NSW)  2010 – 2013
  • Wayne Nicolls (NT) 2013 – 2016
  • Alan Newstead (Vic) 2016 –

First Tournament

The first AGFR Tournament was held in 1979 at the Peninsula Golf Club on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Eighty-eight Rotarians accompanied by 28 partners played in the Inaugural Tournament, for which the Guest of Honor was the incoming President of Rotary International, James Boman and his wife. The first tournament was held over 3 days with 10 Rotary Districts and all States (except Qld) represented.


Sir Clem Renouf

The major trophy for the Rotarian team with the best total stableford score for the tournament was named after Sir Clem Renouf who was the current President of Rotary International, an Australian, and thus making it a very appropriate choice.

This trophy was manufactured by ‘Flynns of Kyneton’ and the $1750 cash was jointly shared between the inaugural executive of the AGFR (John Hood, Kevin Beaumont & Don McRae), as the AGFR had no funds of its own at that time. The Trophy has recently been valued at in excess of $5000 but is priceless to the AGFR.

And so the Trophies for the Tournaments were then gradually presented by each State or individuals as follows:-

Victorian Trophy – Rotarian Team with the second best total stableford score, was presented and made by John Hood.

Royce Abbey Trophy – AGFR Champion with handicap – Rotarian with the best stableford score, was purchased with AGFR funds.

West Australia Trophy – AGFR Champion without handicap – Rotarian with the best total stableford score without handicap, was presented by

Peter Goodes.

South Australia Trophy – Division 1 Rotarian with best total stableford score, was presented by David Cleland.

Tasmania Trophy – Division 2 Rotarian with the best total stableford score, was presented by Harry Clark.

Glen Kinross Trophy – Senior AGFR Championship with handicap – Rotarians aged 65 or over with the best stableford score, was presented by Alistair and Avil Ward.

Queensland Trophy – Division 1 Rotarian with the second best total stableford score, was presented by Ashley Harrison.

New South Wales Trophy – Division 2 Rotarian with the second best total stableford score, was presented by Bob Louis.

Northern Territory Trophy – Division 3 Rotarian with the best total stableford score, was presented by Wayne Nicholls.

Australian Capital Territory Trophy – Division 3 Rotarian with the second best total stableford score, was purchased with AGFR funds.

Following his term as Rotary International President, Clem Renouf was knighted and as we have had 4 Australians as Rotary International President it is fitting that we have an AGFR trophy named after each of them – Clem Renouf, Royce Abbey, Glen Kinross and Ian Riseley.

Since the 2007 Tournament the original trophies are now displayed in Bostock House (District 9630) in Queensland, as the trophies became to bulky and dangerous to be carried interstate on aeroplanes to the various tournaments – so today all trophy winners are presented with a medallion of the same named trophies.

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Covid 19 - Two Things - Can you help the Sunshine Coast Community?

Thank you everyone who has responded to this call for help...

If you can spare a few hours you could really help some folks in the community who are in trouble. The attached letter from IFYS is self explanatory, and identifies two areas you can "make a difference"
1. Join the phone contact / check in roster.
2. Get word out that IFYS have meals and support for folks who may be struggling. Put on your facebook page or let others in your circle know..
Willing to help? then email or phone 5438 3000 and they'll take it from there. Thank you. 

From Vicky Meyer, who many of you will know at IFYS, 

'Our response to COVID-19 is certainly starting to ramp up up since we spoke last week. We are generating 300-500 meals daily and have opened a second kitchen. We are getting volunteers to help us in relation to kitchen duties and deliveries, but have two things I wondered if you and the other clubs could help us with currently.
We are starting to see more enquires from older individuals in our community who are isolated with little or no supports, they are not going out to shop and are not seeing another human being to talk to. We had a referral yesterday for a 70 year old lady who only had enough food for a couple more days, and nothing in the way of fresh food or veggies, just tins left in her cupboard. We have resolved the food issue, got her fresh produce and meals, food for her cat and picked up her medication. But she could really benefit from a check in call twice a week to see how she is going, she misses talking with anyone. We have explained we can only drop off items and can’t come in for a chat for health and safety reasons. She is one of a few cases we have had this week. We have also been contacted about some individuals in an aged care facilities yesterday, similar story in relation to social isolation and loneliness. 
Is there any chance members of our club or others would be willing to go on a phone contact/check in roster. It’s not a lot of calls right now, but I anticipate it will increase. We can provide a pre-paid phone, so no one is out of pocket in terms of the calls. This can be done from someone’s home and if the call generates any requests for food assistance or other needs, we can then get these actioned through our team going out.
The second request is for you to help us get the word out that we have meals and supports should individuals in the community be struggling. We have put out an ad via Facebook and our networks, but know you and the clubs have also got extensive networks across the community. We can supply ads, but the main message is to contact us via email if possible or to call us on 5438 3000. Emails are preferable as we can manage the enquires better this way.
This is the Emergency Relief ad we posted this week and we will continue to post these and others. Additionally, we took on a billboard in Maud Street I thought you might appreciate seeing"
Covid 19 - Two Things - Can you help the Sunshine Coast Community? 2020-04-08 14:00:00Z 0

Elvis the security dog 

Elvis on Duty protecting the valuable Vino Collapso 

While most of us lock away our valuables, clearly Elvis, Dave Woodrow's dog understands what is important to Dave and Cherie. Here he is on duty protecting the all important seniors recreational drugs.smiley
Elvis the security dog 2020-04-04 14:00:00Z 0

What one Sunshine Coast man did to eliminate the last world virus

There's this guy on the Sunshine Coast who has been instrumental in defeating a previous global virus - and its not Kevin Rudd

Here's an extract from an ABC Australian Story...

SIR Clem Renouf thinks of himself as an ordinary bloke who, thanks to a life-long liaison with Rotary, got to do an extraordinary thing.


As Rotary prepares to mark another anniversary around the world, the former World War II pilot is unshaken in his belief the world is close to eradicating polio.

And the fact this unassuming accountant, who joined up as Nambour Rotary’s foundation secretary 60 years ago, deserves a lot of the credit is one of the Coast’s best little-known facts.

The program will detail how Sir Clem’s campaign has saved untold millions of people from one of the world’s most terrible diseases.

The opportunity came to him in July 1978 when he became only the second Australian to be elected president of Rotary International.

Sir Clem decided it was time for the legion of Rotary clubs around the world to focus less on parochial projects and tackle a big-picture problem that would leave an indelible mark on society.

He had been inspired by the World Health Organisation’s eradication of smallpox and came up with Rotary’s Health, Hunger and Humanity program that would initially see 6.3 million children immunised against polio in the Philippines at a cost of just $760,000.

Another offshoot of the project was providing free tetanus vaccines to 390,000 expectant mothers.

Suddenly Sir Clem realised there was a real power for good in the form of the ready-made Rotary network spanning the globe.

“A lot of people say I spearheaded the eradication of polio campaign, but that’s not right. I just happened to know the right person to talk to,” Sir Clem said.

The “right person” was Rotary district governor Dr John Sever, who was head of infectious diseases at the National Institute of Health in Washington DC.

Sir Clem put the question to him – was there another disease that could be eliminated after small pox?

He pinpointed polio, which was crippling 1000 people every day while an oral vaccine could be given for about 10 cents a dose.

“I had no idea where that simple question would lead us – others would build on it, none more so than John Severs whose commitment to the goal of eradication has not wavered for more than 30 years,” Sir Clem said.

He was not backwards in coming forwards when it came to seeking funding.

“I would see someone smoking and say to them ‘instead of ruining your health why not give that money to the Rotary polio eradication and help save 15 lives?’.”

The final blow against polio is now tantalisingly close with Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nigeria the only places where people can be crippled by the easily preventable disease.

“I used to say it would be eradicated in the next few years, but it gets harder the closer you get,” Sir Clem said.

“But I intend to die in a polio-free world.”

His eternal optimism comes from the support of people like US philanthropists Bill Gates and Ted Turner, who have poured millions into the campaign.

Sir Clem has been to India and other polio hotspots and helped give the oral doses, which WHO officials were not interested in when he and Rotary first offered to help.

“I guess they didn’t really think a non-government organisation should get involved, but they didn’t have our network,” he says.

“After they saw the effectiveness of our campaign in Central and South America, they came to us and asked us to work with them.”

Sir Clem said one story that hasn’t left him was the time his Rotary International successor was giving a dose to a girl when a boy crippled by polio said “thanks Rotary – that is my sister”.

“I couldn’t help thinking why we couldn’t have started sooner to spare victims like that boy.

“None of this could happen if people did not get together around tables at Rotary meetings.”

“I used to say it would be eradicated in the next few years, but it gets harder the closer you get. But I intend to die in a polio-free world.”

Clem's story and the support from John Severs gives us great confidence that the eradication of the COVID 19 Corona virus is just a matter of time, with folk lik eClem and John and Nayyar around. (see separate Virus Hunter blog)

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Classic Novel tells the story of Polio virus impact 

Looking for something to read in Lockdown?

You could do a lot worse than read the great American novelists Phillip Roths Nemesis where he explored the effect of a 1944 polio epidemic on a closely knit, family-oriented Newark Jewish community of Weequahic neighborhood. The children in the novel are threatened with maiming, paralysis, lifelong disability, and death. The novel is semi factual, very moving and a classic.

"Do yourself a favour" (Molly M) and read this...... its brilliant.  

Classic Novel tells the story of Polio virus impact 2020-04-04 14:00:00Z 0

Youth Programs

Youth Programs

The Rotary Youth Programs have been hard hit by the lockdowns, but we have heard from the National Youth Science Forum, and they are offering 600 places Australia wide in 2021. 
Our club has a great history of sending senior school students of on this program, which really is a "life changing" event for those that are successfully selected. So as soon as we're able we'll be seeking expressions of interest from our affiliated schools. 
Also Rotary Youth Leadership has been cancelled for 2020, but stay tuned for more information. 
Likewise International Rotary Youth Exchange Program has been thrown into disarray with the travel restrictions, so its also a "wait and see" for the moment. 
Youth Programs 2020-04-04 14:00:00Z 0

Club has first "Virtual" meeting 

The club has entered the new age of video conferencing.

We had our first virtual meeting on Friday morning, John dialled in from Sanfrancisco as you can see from pic below, whereas Steve dialled in from Beerwah, but forgot to tell his computer that it was no longer in NSW, so joined the meeting as it was about to close!
Anyway, a great first start and although there is NO MEETING this Good Friday, we will be continuing with video conferencing in the future. Maybe less frequently while we are in lockdown. Keep an eye on your email for invites. 
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Modern day Virus Hunter

The Corona Virus will end with people like Nayyar

Ever wondered how the Corona virus will end? What have we learnt from a previous global virus?

Here's how one amazing person and her team receiving support from the Rotary Global Polio Project to eliminate this virus....

Dr. Ujala Nayyar dreams, both figuratively and literally, about a world that is free from polio. Nayyar, the World Health Organization's surveillance officer in Pakistan’s Punjab province, says she often imagines the outcome of her work in her sleep.

In her waking life, she leads a team of health workers who crisscross Punjab to hunt down every potential incidence of poliovirus, testing sewage and investigating any reports of paralysis that might be polio. Pakistan is one of just two countries that continue to report cases of polio caused by the wild virus. 

In addition to the challenges of polio surveillance, Nayyar faces substantial gender-related barriers that, at times, hinder her team's ability to count cases and take environmental samples. From households to security checkpoints, she encounters resistance from men. But her tactic is to push past the barriers with a balance of sensitivity and assertiveness.  

"I'm not very polite," Nayyar said with a chuckle during an interview at Rotary's World Polio Day last year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. "We don't have time to be stopped. Ending polio is urgent and time-sensitive."

Women are critical in the fight against polio, Nayyar says. About 56 percent of frontline workers in Pakistan are women. More than 70 percent of mothers in Pakistan prefer to have women vaccinate their children. 

That hasn't stopped families from slamming doors in health workers' faces, though. When polio is detected in a community, teams have to make repeated visits to each home to ensure that every child is protected by the vaccine. Multiple vaccinations add to the skepticism and anger that some parents express. It's an attitude that Nayyar and other health workers deal with daily. 

"You can't react negatively in those situations. It's important to listen. Our female workers are the best at that," says Nayyar. 

With polio on the verge of eradication, surveillance activities, which, Nayyar calls the "back of polio eradication", have never been more important. 

Nayyar calls on Rotary for the everyday things that she and her team needs to do their job, everything from the vaccine, to bus tickets, train tickets, umbrella's, accommodation, clothing, basic essentials, educational equipment, everything that these amazing women need to do their job. "I ask Rotary and its there" says Nayyar.

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District news for you 

For this weeks club news we've taken the District newsletter on the Corona Virus..
District news for you 2020-03-29 14:00:00Z 0

Surprise award for JM, SSS postponed, Volunteer for Loo Paper?

Alex Rotarians receive Loo Paper in exchange for Bunnings volunteer hours

By now all past volunteer members and friends for Bunnings BBQ will have received their allocation of loo paper from the Surf Show and Shine surplus quantity.
Every volunteer received a "six pack" for every shift that they volunteered for in the past. We were able to do this because your club bought loo paper for the mobile toilets in anticipation for the 4,000 visitors to Surf Show and Shine.
Even more good news, we still have a large quantity available !
So if you find yourself in need, just write to the secretary volunteering to do "X" number of shifts (sic) at Bunnings and we'll get the essentials to you. Be sure to mark your request "Bunnings Scheme" or BS.

Surprise Award for Club Secretary

This is the look that you have when your club members arrange to surprise you with. Paul Harris fellowship. Modesty forbids this scribe for adding more to the words for everyone, other than a sincere thank you, and I'm very honoured. 
Also a big thank you to Prue, Linda, Gary, Denys, Bob and Duncan for attending the surprise award, it was great to see them and was much appreciated by everyone. 

Club helps out at Women in Surf 

We were delighted to help the women at the Alex SLSC with their recent celebrations of 40 years of Women in Surf. As well as donating the club trailer John was able to put Jackie and her team in touch with a few community minded people who helped out with the promotion of the event and the swim. We understand that the fantastic promo panels made by Paul Morton at Push Productions are now going to be. on permanent display in the new clubhouse. 
From Fiona's newsletter......

Surf Show and Shine Postponed

We really need to get this Kombi to our next Surf Show and Shine !!

Rotarians and their Travails

Steve thought he had dodged a bullet when he managed to get into NZ just before the government insisted all visitors self isolated for 14 days. Visions of 14 days in a motel in NZ before starting his tour were not good. However, things got even more interesting when a day later Australia insisted that all returning residents spent 14 days in self isolation on their return from overseas. What to do? 
Pleased to say that Steve had a short tour of the North Island before returning to Queensland where he is enjoying (?) self isolation in Beerwah. North Island was great, but Beerwah has never looked to attractive I'm told. 
John had a similar escape on his trip to Tasmania, where he observed cruise ship passengers deserting their cruise ships to get back to the safety of their home countries.
Late news: Steve is going well, and in a few days he'll be able to wander through the sights of Beerwah!

ROMAC Quiz champs no more 

The club relinquished the ROMAC trivia quiz trophy, held for the past 2 years as winners of the prestigious ROMAC Trivia quiz, to give the other clubs a chance. You'll be pleased to know that nevertheless we have made a $500 contribution to this fantastic cause. Well done Bryan and the team. 
I'm told that Caboolture were this years winners. Well done Bryan Mason for the fantastic work he does in raising funds for the medical help of islanders through this great event and cause. Apparently no one has noticed the "modifications" to the trophy. Yet. 

Club Meetings

No more club meetings till further notice, but we will be having Video Conferencing, which may come as quite a shock to some, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger (Lisa Simpson). 
" Take care out there"
(Hill Street Blues) 
Surprise award for JM, SSS postponed, Volunteer for Loo Paper? 2020-03-19 14:00:00Z 0

Whats happening with club projects?

Surf Show and Shine Postponed

We really need to get this Kombi to our next Surf Show and Shine !!

The Surf Show and Shine has been postponed and is on hold for now, whil ewe wait to get over the virus and Sunshine Coast Council permit community events sometime in the future. All the entrants and vendors and stakeholders have been very understanding and we'll be ready to fire it up again as soon as we have the all clear. 

Solstice Swim 

The swim would normally be in late June, but its anyone's guess what things will look like then. The latest advice is around September things should start to clear and lets hope thats correct. When we have the all clear we'll chat with the great folks at Alex SLSC and see how they are placed and make a decision then. 
The great news is that the large buoys from the Mooloolaba Yacht club worked at treat at the "Ladies in Surf" swim and we've been given the OK to use them at the Solstice Swim. 


There's no doubt that employment has taken a battering and JM's been talking to the folks at THRIVE about the possibility of evening sessions at their facility on Aerodrome Road where Rotarians could help those looking for work to improve their chances of getting work though improving their CV's, improving their interview skills, and also help them identify what work skills they have when they lack that all important first job. 
We'll fire this program up when the situation has cleared. We're sure that there will be plenty of people looking for work, and just need a hand to know where to look and how to. present themselves to their new employer. 

Club Donations

Your club has donated $1,000 to the Rotary University of Sunshine Coast Community Fund to sponsor students and $500 to the folks at ROMAC for their fantastic medical / surgical work for the most needy. 

Defibrillator donation 

Our Cluster group is donating a defibrillator to the Alex Surf Life Saving Club.
This is an initiative close to several Rotarians heart (pun intended) and a great life saving device. smiley
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Bunnings BBQ 2020-03-03 14:00:00Z 0
Surf Show and Shine Update 2020-03-03 14:00:00Z 0

Solstice Swim is Coming 

We're not over the Surf Show and Shine yet, so its a bit early to be talking about the Solstice Swim, but we've locked in the date with our friends at Alex SLSC.
So Sunday 28th June is the date when we'll be holding our annual swim, which just gets bigger and bigger every year. 
Already Mooloolaba Yacht Club have chipped in with a loan of VERY large buoys to help with the swimmers.
Here's a pic from past swims
..and one of our China correspondent...our wonderful Stevo..take care mate. 
Solstice Swim is Coming 2020-02-25 14:00:00Z 0

Surf Show and Shine almost booked out in first 3 weeks

Our Surf Show and Shine Kombi and Surfboard show is being held at Mooloolaba Beachfront this year on Saturday 18th April and Sunday 19th April. 
A BIG thank you to Sunshine Coast Council for allowing us to be the first club to host a community event at the old caravan park car park, which is destined to be the community events centre in the future.
An another BIG thank you to Dean and his team at CRICKS VOLKSWAGEN for their ongoing support of the event. 
More details are on our website. 
The Saturday night event is the GIANT Kombi parade, and the regular Kombi show will be on Sunday. Here's just one of the beauties that will be on show. 
Surf Show and Shine almost booked out in first 3 weeks 2020-02-25 14:00:00Z 0

Footnote to scientists of the future story

A few years ago Peter Darnell was approached by a student from one of the high schools where the club had been running our worklife program to help the students transition to work. This lad stopped Peter to say thank you for Peters talk to his class and it helped him become "more professional". I mention this because we had another situation of people influencing others perhaps without realising it. 
In this case it was our very own David Woodrow. David's ears picked up when the students who went on the Conoco Phillips Science experience mentioned Professor Brendon Jones, an academic at UQ, who was a great inspiration to them. "I taught Brendon physics when I was science master at St Peter's College". said there you are, obviously Brendon was so taken by Dave's physics teaching enthusiasm that he went to from a high school student to science Professorship. 
The moral of these stories is that you never know what effect you're having on take every opportunity to make sure you're impact is a positive one. 
Footnote to scientists of the future story 2020-02-25 14:00:00Z 0

Scientists of the future

The speakers on Friday were the young students that the club sponsored to go on the Conoco Phillips Science Experience. 
Its always great to hear from the younger generation, but the talks and enthusiasm from Oscar, Emily and Isabella are just amazing. It was obvious that they had made the most of the opportunity to mix with the University and scientists and in some cases this has helped them decide what branch of STEM (pun intended) the students have decided to pursue, which is just fantastic.
Oscar is interested in robotics and electro mechanics.
Scientists of the future 2020-02-25 14:00:00Z 0

Care Outreach news from Melissa

"A belated Happy New Year to you and all our friends at Rotary Alexandra Headlands. 
We are happy to report that there have been a few regions that have had some really good rain, some that have had quality falls that have seen green covering the dust and sadly others that have for the most part missed out on any meaningful falls.    The change in the optimism of many has been so good to see. 

Regarding feedback for projects – for our teams overall (including ourselves), the Christmas run was tough. 
Everyone was struggling which added to the necessity of the visit by our volunteers.  Bill was personally told of a long-term client who had fallen ‘into a hole’,  Bill went and spent quality time with him, working alongside him pulling a bogged cow out of a dam, loading cattle onto a truck so he could transport it to another property 1 1/2hrs away that had a bit more feed etc and generally hung out with him giving him an opportunity to talk.

With Christmas, even though we were on the lookout for projects, we found we were just ‘trying to keep people alive’ and support them right where they were then.  
I have again sent a message to our area leaders a month ago about identifying potential projects with Rotary funds in mind.
On a Care level, if there was funding for our use we have thought for a while we need to to start looking at upgrading our trailers one by one. We would also like to change the internal shelving in our pantry/toiletry area to a pallet-racking type where the shelves can be adjusted etc.
Anyway, we are really keeping an eye on the weather patterns and are rejoicing each time we hear of one of our families getting some quality rain.  

Bill & I are heading off on 2 weeks leave from Mon (our delayed Christmas break), so we would love to be in contact again after we return."
With kind regards
Care Outreach news from Melissa 2020-02-21 14:00:00Z 0

4 way test - how it should be used

This particular Rotary article resonated with me, as I have personal experience of. Rotarians who use the test for all the WRONG reasons. As I get older it seems to be that there are more people in the world ready to criticise and put down, and less who start with the belief that everyone is trying to do their best, and willing to help. 

Whats been your experience? 

The Four-Way Test isn’t a tool to judge others

Posted on 
Martin Postic Jr.

Martin Postic Jr.

By Martin “Marty” Postic Jr., past governor of District 5750 and a member of the Rotary Club of OKC Sunrise, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

In our contentious society, I see friends who are members of Rotary use The Four-Way Test to support opposing political and social arguments and to criticize the thoughts, statements, and actions of others. I see members with completely opposing viewpoints use the same Four-Way Test to both support their argument and demean others. Rotarians and others are using all forms of social media to share their opinions about perceived violations of The Four-Way Test, causing others to pile on additional comments and insults, all with little thought to how this affects our public image.

Which leads me to this basic premise:

The Four-Way Test is a mirror, not a window 

Rotary members should not use The Four-Way Test to look at others but rather to look at themselves in considering the ramifications of a thought, statement, or action. It should not be a window through which we look to judge others. It is a mirror at which we look to judge ourselves.

The argument I’ve heard Rotarians make is that if they determine some thought, statement, or action violates any part of the test, it is their duty to declare that thought, statement, or action wrong. I have heard The Four-Way Test used to support any number of topics, some which readers would find hard to support. Yet through the Internet, one can cobble together any sort of argument to back any thought or concept with a plethora of “facts.”

I do not believe that is what The Four-Way Test is about. I believe the test is more about how we treat each other than how we measure ideas.

Of course, it is a challenging standard. It’s difficult to keep from thinkingsomething. But what is more important is how you act on that thought. If you think to yourself, “I don’t like this person,” it becomes a matter of what you dowith that thought. You can try to dispel it as well as any urge to take some negative action to satisfy your dislike of the person. You can also decide whether you say something to that person or tell others what you think.

This is where social media distorts things, because society now seems to embrace negative, vitriolic, or fake comments – as long as the comments agree with our own views. Posting such comments even in the name of The Four-Way Test is certainly not FAIR to all concerned and definitely does not build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS.

This brings me to the realization that using The Four-Way Test to argue political and social issues is in itself contrary to the test. We must never use the test to support a position while opposing or berating someone else’s position. We should not use The Four-Way Test to support or oppose contentious “hot button” issues, to comment on political discord, or to respond to another’s comment.

We need to teach The Four-Way Test to all of our friends. We don’t need to preach it. Rotary takes pride that it is a non-political, non-religious organization. That has allowed us to make inroads in parts of the world where governments and religious organizations can’t. Let’s not sully Rotary’s reputation by using these 24 words of ethical and moral thought to tear each other down.

4 way test - how it should be used 2020-02-21 14:00:00Z 0

ROMAC quiz 

Unfortunately, the reigning champions for the past 2 years...(thats us, Alex Rotary ) ....are unable to get a team together for this years ROMAC, but we wish Bryan and the rest of the team at ROMAC well with their fantastic trivia night. 
Still it will give another Rotary club the chance to win...but not the same trophy (??) 
ROMAC quiz 2020-02-20 14:00:00Z 0

cluster news

Sunshine  South  Cluster  Report  December 19 / January 20
Membership of the Sunshine South Cluster  (members last month)
Alexandra Headland                           16        (17)
Buderim                                                19       (19)
Caloundra                                             33        (33)
Caloundra Pacific                                48         (48)
Maroochydore                                    25         (25)    
Mooloolaba                                         36         (36)
Sunshine Coast Central                     10          (10)   
 RC Alex Headland
  • 4th December, Rotarian Graeme took the first delivery of desks from Sienna Catholic College to DIK. There was a second delivery on the 15th January.
  • 9th December we hosted the Inbound/Outbound Exchange students at a games and BBQ dinner at Alex Surf Club.
  • 13th December was the AGM. We have a team for 2020/2021 !!!! At night we gathered at the Uptown Gastropub for the ‘adults’ Christmas party and on the 20th we had the ‘kids’ Christmas party breakfast with games and party hats.
  • 15th December the club ran a sausage sizzle at the Alexandra Headland Community get-together at the SLSC.
  • Throughout December, Rotarians, especially Errol, Steve and John were quietly renovating the garden and play area for the Alambie St House for IFYS, supplying an excellent ‘mud kitchen’ and outdoor furniture. Club members pitched in with painting, planting turf and restoring the sand pit area.
  • Meetings resumed on January 10th and Wendy presented Steve with a specially created certificate for his brilliant ‘mud kitchen’. On the 17th we welcomed back our exchange student Chloe, and listened to her interesting presentation (with a lot of her newly acquired Portuguese thrown in). The 21st our Board meeting was postponed until the 24th because of huge storm warnings. Peter Morley gave a talk on Club Development ideas on the 24th January.
  • Our Bunnings BBQ was postponed due to fundraising on that date for fire relief, we have three dates coming up.
RC Buderim
  • One new member inducted into the club, this member has transferred from another club as has retired to Buderim.
  • We have one member who is currently on Leave of Absence for 6 months and may eventually move to Brisbane.
  • We had a Bunnings BBQ on 16th January which was a very successful day and we have another booked in March.
  • The Club’s big event is the Buderim Australia Day Parade, a number of members have put their names down to assist on the day.
RC Caloundra
  • BBQ series at Aura completed, out of 4 scheduled events 2 were cancelled due to the weather, club profit was nearer $1,600 as opposed to the expected $3,000 – disappointing turnout from the public for events but good support from club members.
  • AGM in December, James Condon will take on the PE role for the current year and will take over on the 1stJuly 2020. Two positions still remain unfilled, PE and Public Image. Board agreed to review the size of the Caloundra Board.
  • Club Assembly chaired by James discussed membership, meeting format and projects. Healthy discussion and some points to follow up, only decision was that the members present wanted to continue to meet weekly.
  • Meeting at Grahame Stewart Park re Sensory Play area was successful and support is clearly growing, three divisional councillor candidates attended along with the Chief Executive of STEPS. Channel 7 looking to do an interview in February.
  • General activity within the club is currently reduced due to the Christmas break.
  • students
RC Caloundra Pacific
  • We now have a large TV screen and our slide show is complete and looks fantastic, different slides can be shown depending on the meeting, leaving the base structure in place. As a result of having the screen presentation running in the background, we have also streamlined our meeting procedures with a run sheet so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Christmas trailer raffle was drawn on 19th December and was won by a Sydney lady who donated it back to the club. We contacted Adopt a Wife Lady (through my daughter) and the trailer was picked up, the items were wrapped and distributed and the trailer is being used for the community.
  • We have collected the 4 collection boxes which we had in local businesses for donations for fire affected families in Qld and NSW, although not a lot collected, it all helps.
  • Planning for our annual ROMAC Trivia night is well under way and flyers will be sent out to supporting clubs shortly. It will be held at the same venue and the same time.
  • Golf Day sub committee being formed to ensure that there is sufficient planning carried out. Each member asked to out for likely sponsors.
  • A strong call has been made to members to come up with nominations for Directors. Evelyn was re-elected for another term, our secretary will resign after 7 years and Christine Craig is stepping up, Bryan Reith is Treasurer again and Ross Harrison Club Service. We now have 2 Public Relations Officers to ensure that our club gets media exposure on Instagram and in the local press, to promote our club in the community and help with our upcoming membership event.
  • Possible project under consideration: A women’s Shed – no decision yet, being investigated further.
  • Project accepted by the Board – Bush to Beach: Give children from out west a stay at the beach in a Youth Camp with trips organised by local Rotarians while they are here – project accepted and headed by Peter Higgs.
  • We have registered with Containers for Change and club members and members of the public can use this account when they recycle their containers. The registration number is posted on our website and face book page.
  • We also have 2 new members who are transferring from an Interstate Rotary Club they are a very enthusiastic couple who have been integrating with our members well over the last 4 meetings, they will be inducted in February along with a past member who is back on the coast and is going to rejoin.
RC Mooloolaba
  • The Christmas Trailer Raffle generated $21,473 profit. 
  • The club has been approved for a District Grant of $5,000 towards the purchase of a car for Cittamani and also a Grant for $1,921 towards the purchase of a container for storage which will be kept at the Alex Surf Club’s storage yard.
cluster news 2020-02-16 14:00:00Z 0

Mooloolaba Yacht Club to Rescue

As regular leaders will know on the 7th March as part of the 40th Anniversary of "Women in Surf" the club is helping the Alex SLSC with their. preparations for the celebrations. 

We're donating the BBQ trailer, and have been helping with some promotional material, and last week we heard from the Mooloolaba Yacht Club who have donated the extra large safety buoys to Alex Rotary for the Ladies swim on the 7th March, and also for the Solstice Swim in June.
So that is fantastic news as these safety buoys are very expensive. So thank you so much Mooloolaba Yacht Club. 
See - networking does work, as the Rotary Logo shows!
Mooloolaba Yacht Club to Rescue 2020-02-16 14:00:00Z 0

Ironman - Its on 

Colleen is looking for volunteers to help out on the Ironman event. This is something the club and its friends have supported for years, so if you can spare some time please let Colleen know
Here's Colleens note to the club. All help gratefully received. 
Based on the number of members willing to continue with supporting this community event, our club is going ahead to provide volunteers for the Mooloolaba Triathlon on Sunday March 15th. Please consider putting up your hand this year to help out. It is not a hard task and it is only for 3 hrs. We will continue to receive a honorarium payment, not a large payment, but at least it is something and we are helping our community out and getting our faces out there for people to see the voluntary work we do. Plus, it’s a lot of fun with the right positive attitude, smile and inspiration, the competitors appreciate us very much. 
I have attached a link to register online, for those that are willing to commit to volunteering for this event. However, I will need you to indicate to me what time you prefer to assist so that I can fill the rostered times accordingly and ensure that we have enough volunteers. The online registration is not hard. This is what all volunteers are expected to complete now to register. If you are having trouble, please let me know ASAP so that I can assist. I have attached a Volunteers Information sheet and the link to register online. The following are the rostered times:
04:45 to 08:00….
05:00 to 08:00
08:00 to 11:00
11:00 to 2pm
I look forward to hearing from everyone soon as information needs to be in this week so that Fiona has the orders for the T-Shirts.
Ironman - Its on 2020-02-16 14:00:00Z 0

Bunnings BBQ Bonanza

Hi Folks we have two Bunnings BBQ's this month.
On the 11th and on the 28th.
The one on the eleventh went really well thanks to our fantastic volunteers, visitors and members, especially Treasurer Wendy who did two stints before she set off on the big metal bird. 
Here's some photo's below, and expect to be contacted by Secretary John who is now looking for volunteers for Friday 28th February
Left to right, Charmaine, now in South Africa for next few weeks on Rotary projects, John White, now busy at Canecutters rest, Phillip Gordon, our "ring in" from Pontefract and our tireless treasurer Wendy, now having a well earned holiday. 
 Wendy, Phillip and John 
Bunnings BBQ Bonanza 2020-02-16 14:00:00Z 0

Bill Bradley - All creatures great and small

Bill Bradley spoke to the club about his experiences as a vet in the animal kingdom, and very interesting it was too. From his early years in Sydney to his retirement to the Sunshine Coast.  
Bill still keeps up to date with the latest advances on Veterinary Science and has a large vocabulary of latin words....... usually from the vulgaris family!
As anticipated there were lots of vet stories and vet jokes told in Bill's inimitable style, and usually involving some activity in the "nether" regions. 
It's also fair to say that we learned a more about Bill allergies to certain animal fluids than we probably needed to know.
It was a fascinating insight into a vet's varied life from caring for large animals in the outback, to returning to Sydney and running one of the largest practices, before leading the Sunshine Coast fight against the equine virus, and then eventually retiring here on the Sunshine Coast. 
Thank you Bill, some amazing stories, most of which would make a maiden aunt blush!
It was pleasure to hear from someone who knew what he wanted to do in life, made a success of it, and still retains a tremendous curiosity for science and medicine. 
Bill Bradley - All creatures great and small 2020-02-16 14:00:00Z 0

Charmaine off to South Africa

We also say good luck to Charmaine who went off to Africa on Saturday to continue her fantastic work with the disadvantaged just south of Johannesburg, where she and the team are helping orphans and also villages more widely with water supply. 
Bon voyage and we look forward to seeing you when you return. 
Charmaine off to South Africa 2020-02-16 14:00:00Z 0

Big Waves on the front

Th recent rain depression and cyclone swells have been dramatic, and given great hope to farmers who have suffered through 8 years of drought. 
So we're hopeful that the suicide rate will be dropping and also that Bill and Melissa will be coming to the club soon with lots of suggestions for Projects that we can help them with.
Meanwhile the rain is playing havoc with their delivery teams, but its a nice problem to have and our best wishes to out to all the folks at Care Outreach. 
Big Waves on the front 2020-02-16 14:00:00Z 0


We're delighted to be able to donate a defibrillator to the Alex Surf Life Saving Club. 
Defibbrillator 2020-02-16 14:00:00Z 0

Salty Souls visits the Club 

Kerry Smith from Salty Should spoke to the club about their fantastic initiative to improve disanvataged, specifically disconnected kids lives though a pathway to surfing. 
It was a very emotional talk, as Kerry's drive for this began after a family bereavement, and following that he and his team have been running the Salty Souls and their surf program to "make a difference" to those kids who need a bit of a help in finding their way in life. 
Bravo Salty Souls, and also to our partners IFYS who are working with Kerry to identify kids who need this help at such a crucial time of their lives. 
Judging by some of the feedback, Kerry can be assured that the legacy he is working hard to create, (while bringing up a family) is just brilliant. 
Salty Souls visits the Club 2020-02-16 14:00:00Z 0

Clean Up Australia Day 2020

We hear a lot about concern for our Environment and Climate Change its probably no surprise that Rotary as "People of Action" are actively involved in Clean Up Australia Day. Alex Rotary has again registered for the clean up day at Alex Beach on Sunday 1st March where we host a BBQ and encourage community groups to come along and do their bit ...but most importantly show their support for caring for our environment. 
Alex has a long history of this event, and we're proud to see it continuing. 
A warm welcome is extended to anyone who wishes to come along on Sunday morning. 
Here's a picture from memory lane of past members and helpers who's legacy continues.
Clean Up Australia Day 2020 2020-01-27 14:00:00Z 0

Tanya's good deed

Tanya delivers

Our very own Tanya Murphy is not only brilliant at fundraising for the club, but is also always on the look out to help the community. Recently she became aware of a seat for disabled person available at one of her properties. Tanya, being a person of action grabbed the chair and reached out to find out who was in need. Through Rotary contacts we were able to put her in touch with Mark Skinner, from the board organisation who was only too glad to receive it and put to good use. 
Tanya's good deed 2020-01-27 14:00:00Z 0

Fisher Community Award

Local Community Award

We have also received an invitation from our local MP Andrew Fisher to apply for a Community Award. If any club member has a suggestion, please let a board member know and we'll take it from there..
Good Afternoon,
I am writing to encourage you to make a nomination for the third annual Fisher Community Awards.
As an organisation so embedded in our community life you will know, better than most, those local people who are giving something back. As you are aware, throughout our community we have leaders of all ages and walks of life who inspire us and who set the example for all of us to follow.
That is why I started the Fisher Community Awards in 2018. Over the last two years we have received more than 200 nominations, and our awards nights have been a fantastic celebration of our local community spirit. In 2020 I want to see even more recognition for those individuals and organisations who are leading the way in making the Sunshine Coast the place to be for education, employment and retirement.
I need your help to find those unsung local people. Please visit by 21 February and let me know about an individual or organisation that you think deserves to win an award in any or all of my ten categories and why. The categories cover a wide range of people from students to aged care providers, including an overall award for community groups.
After the closing date of 21 February I will be convening a panel made up of representatives from the community to help me choose shortlisted nominees and winners from among the people who have been nominated. Winners will receive a trophy and a prize at a special awards night on Tuesday 31 March.
I hope that you will be able to make a nomination. Please contact my office if you have any questions about the process, or if there is any further information you need.
Kind Regards,
Andrew Wallace MP
Federal Member for Fisher
The Edge, Unit 11 (L2) 10 Lake Kawana Boulevard, Bokarina QLD 4575
PO Box 1224, Buddina QLD 4575
T    07 5493 5556
Fisher Community Award 2020-01-27 14:00:00Z 0

Helping Bamboo Projects 

Your Club Helps out Bamboo Projects 

The club received this email from Kirsty during the month...FYI..we're pleased to let you know that we have made a donation of $500 on your behalf to help Chris and Kirsty with their great work. 
Good afternoon John, 
Hope you and the team are well. I just thought I would touch base to see if there would be any financial support in the future? 
We have expanded our programs even further to have a specialised cleaning up the waterways boat, which involves a "back to work" program with mentoring and mateship involved. Our boat is due to have completed construction in July this year. 
We continue to run our wheelchair access boat which takes out between 50-70 people each week for free. It's been amazing. 
We are trying our best to do fundraising programs and at the moment into our Keep Moving Forward Project where we are holding mental health events all around Australia for a 12 months period, while Chris runs rides and kayaks the whole way around. We have so far made it nearly 7000kms into the journey. 
Our wheelchair boat is the main item we need to ensure we keep afloat (pun intended 🙂). As the runnings costs (fuel, insurances, mooring fees, free monthly events/open days) continue to drain our own personal pockets. If there was a way that Alex Rotary could look at supporting us further with funding any of these costs; we would be very grateful for any support. 
Kind regards, 
Helping Bamboo Projects 2020-01-27 14:00:00Z 0

Website Update 

Club Website Update

We're updating the website and seeking articles from members who wish to promote their passion, so if you have some words and a photo or two, please send them through to the secretary and we'll put it on the website with links to our Facebook Page. 
Check us out on
Website Update 2020-01-27 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary - what can we do for you?

New Theme " Rotary Opening Opportunities" and breakfast talk from Peter Morley - who knew?


Coincidentally there was a strong link between Peter Morley's talk to the club on Friday about, helping people with their "passion" or what drives then, and the Rotary theme for 2020 "Rotary Opening Opportunities"



Rotary International President-elect Holger Knaack is encouraging Rotarians to seize the many opportunities Rotary offers to enrich their lives and the communities they serve.

Watch the theme address at

Knaack, a member of the Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany, revealed the 2020-21 presidential theme, Rotary Opens Opportunities, to incoming district governors at the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, on 20 January.

Rotary isn’t just a club for people to join, but rather “an invitation to endless opportunities,” said Knaack, who becomes president on 1 July. He emphasized that Rotary creates pathways for members to improve their lives and the lives of those they help through service projects.

“We believe that our acts of service, big and small, create opportunities for people who need our help,” Knaack said. He added that Rotary creates leadership opportunities and gives members the chance to travel the world to put their service ideas into action and make lifelong connections. “Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere,” said Knaack.


Rotary - what can we do for you? 2020-01-27 14:00:00Z 0

Projects in the New Year

By any measure this has been an awful start to the year with drought, bushfires, flood and now Corona Virus. As a club we'll be harnessing our resources together to make sure that we stay safe and continue to look for areas where we can "make a difference" to our community. 

At recent board meeting we acknowledged that our two major fund raisers are in danger this year, the Surf Show and Shine Kombi show, and the Winter Solstice Swim. 
Nevertheless, our members have been looking at how do we come out of this stronger and in better shape to help the community and there are a couple of initiatives that we'll be discussing at our club meetings that President Carmel will be raising. 
Also, not all help has to be financial, and we've been blessed by great volunteers and friends who help out in whatever way they can. Already we're investigating a community landscaping project, and also had discussions with a youth group about helping youngsters with job searches, interviews and work practices through our WorkLife program. 
So while things are a bit quiet, have a think about your passion, and what you would like to see Rotary do in the community to help repair ourselves once this disaster has passed.  
IFYS, Board Organisation, THRIVE, Community  
The relationships formed by the volunteer work and the community is blossoming and its something the club would like to continue to support, and hopefully continue on as a Cluster activity. On Friday some ideas were aired about how we could facilitate providing support and aid to the Sunshine Coast Community
Surf Show and Shine 
The Sunshine Coast Council have withdrawn community events permit for the event, but we're wanting to get the vent back on as soon as possible. 
Drought Relief
The club has a long history if drought relief support, and in 2020 we're sure the demand will still be there. At the end of the year President Mike, Tony and John met with Care Outreach to explore ways to support their work via Rotary grants. We expect information will be coming forward in the next couple of months that we'll bring to the club meeting. 
The two BBQ's thus far this year plus one in May will allow the club to donate community funds. If you have a special cause, let the club know and we'll see what we can do. 
Solstice Swim 
The swim has become a feature of the Sunshine Coast winter season, and this year we've approached Salty Souls as a beneficiary, which we expect to be a long term relationship where we can help Kerry and the team with their great work. 
Projects in the New Year 2020-01-13 14:00:00Z 0

People Story 

Rotarians - people of Action 

For the next few weeks we're getting some updates from our members on their interests and what motivates them. This week Graeme and Carmel came prepared with their 10 minutes on "all about me" ...but first we welcomed back our very own Dr. Bill Bradley who has been MIA after a knee operation that took a bit longer to mend than anticipated. Good to see Bill back and we look forward to his (non politically correct) veterinary stories.

Graeme and Carmel - The Sienna Connection

We are truly lucky to have two such devoted community achievers as Graeme and Carmel in our club, and on Friday they gave short presentations on their lives, family, and community involvement.
Both Graeme and Carmel come from a teaching background, and also share a long history of community work outside of the education system, which has continued after their retirement. (At least I think Graeme is retired, but I'm not sure Gae would agree!)
People Story 2020-01-13 14:00:00Z 0

A Christmas Story  

A Christmas Story and some great work by our very own Christmas Elf 

As followers will know, prior to Christmas a great group of volunteers were busy refurbishing a children's play area for young mums.
Well, our very own Steve, decided that he'd add the icing on the cake and went off and made this "mud kitchen" for the kids.
What a fantastic gesture and one that totally blew away the community workers, and quite a few at the club as well!
Brilliant work Steve.
So our very own working bee volunteer and caterer made up this "Elf award" to a truly deserving Rotarian. 
But the Christmas cheer was not over yet. Through our network, Gary Davis (ek Kunda Park) came to hear about the kids play area and offered the club outdoor furniture and a whole lot more.
I say offered, our erstwhile Errol, never known to refuse anything but blows, took up the offer and the young mums have new outdoor furniture and a DIY project for the young Dads to put together the donation from Gary and Stratco. Brilliant, thanks everyone. 
The DIY assembly project. 
The new outdoor furniture, courtesy of Gary Davis and Stratco. 
A Christmas Story 2020-01-10 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary and University of Sunshine Coast Community Fund

Rotary and University of the Sunshine Coast Community  (RUSCCF)

The next Committee meeting of this great Community Fund, that has supported the will be held on Friday 7th February 2020
Commencing at 5.45 pm. If you are interested in attending, please let Wendy know.

A Short History of the fund

In 1996-97, the Rotary Club of Nambour and other Rotarians proposed that all Rotary clubs on the Sunshine Coast join together to support Australia's newest public university, the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC or the University).
At the same time, founding Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Thomas AM was promoting his strong vision that the University should be an integral part of the community.
The Rotary and University of the Sunshine Coast Community Fund (RUSCCF or the Fund) was created and the relationship is now well established.
Contributions to the Fund now exceed $168,900 and Scholarships granted total $146,000.  54 scholarships have been presented.
Not a bad effort from all the clubs! Thanks to Les Walsh at Caloundra for the piece. 
Rotary and University of Sunshine Coast Community Fund 2020-01-10 14:00:00Z 0

Rotary & Toastmasters

I am excited to share some good news: Rotary International and Toastmasters International are working together to provide our members with even more opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Toastmasters International is a global nonprofit organization with more than 16,800 clubs in 143 countries. Its members attend club meetings where they give speeches, evaluate the speeches of others, and perform other club duties, with the goal of ultimately becoming more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders. Our organizations are complementary in many ways, but we are each unique in what we offer our members.

I hope you will join us in supporting this alliance in your community. You can start by learning more about Toastmasters, exploring its resources and public speaking tips, or visiting a local Toastmasters club. Although the structure of club meetings is consistent, Toastmaster clubs are similar to Rotary clubs in that they each have their own personality. If you do not have a club in your area, you can watch a video to learn what happens at a Toastmasters meeting.

You can also invite members of Toastmasters to visit your club and learn more about Rotary. If you have a Toastmasters club in your area, consider meeting with its members to explore opportunities to collaborate or inviting a member of Toastmasters to participate in a service activity or speak at your club.

Toastmasters will create a leadership development program for Rotarians and Rotaractors. A structured, robust leadership and communication curriculum can help members develop practical skills that will serve them not only in Rotary leadership roles, but in their professional and personal lives as well. Effective leadership skills can strengthen our clubs and increase our impact. We will provide updates about this program when we have more details.

Many of us joined Rotary to make a difference and connect with others in our communities. By working with Toastmasters, our members can discover new ways to network and learn from others, while finding even more value in their Rotary membership experience.

Learn more by reviewing these frequently asked questions. You can also send your questions and your stories about local collaboration efforts to

Mark Daniel Maloney
President, Rotary International 2019-20
Rotary & Toastmasters 2020-01-10 14:00:00Z 0

Bushfires impact NYSF program 



Dear Rotary Colleagues,


It is with great sadness that the National Youth Science Forum announces the cancellation of Session C of the 2020 NYSF Year 12 Program. This cancellation is unavoidable due to the impact of the current Australian Bushfires; NYSF must protect participant and volunteer safety above all else.

As you are all aware, Australia is in the middle of a bushfire crisis, with widespread devastation and loss across many states.

As the health and wellbeing of participants and volunteers is our first priority, the National Youth Science Forum has no option but to cancel Session C of the 2020 NYSF Year 12 Program. This comes shortly after the unavoidable cancellation of Session A of the NYSF Year 12 Program, the evacuation of those 200+ program participants, and cancellation of the Canberra session of the National Science Teachers Summer School (NSTSS).

Canberra is still experiencing hazardous air quality with smoke from the Australian Bushfire Crisis continuing to be a health risk. A significant number of bushfires surrounding Canberra are still burning, and as such the potential for smoke and the threat of a fire reaching Canberra during the program cannot be ruled out.

This difficult decision has involved close consultation with our host university in Canberra, the Australian National University (ANU). Today, ANU has only permitted essential staff to return to the Acton Campus due to continuing issues with smoke levels and air quality. This has resulted in a number of buildings being closed indefinitely, including many of the laboratories where NYSF STEM Visits would normally occur. Due to fire damage of nearby electrical infrastructure, large institutions in Canberra are being required to reduce their power load, resulting in forced outages of essential services such as lighting and air-conditioning in ANU buildings. The severe smoke has also been continuing to trigger the smoke alarms at the residential college where NYSF houses our students, leading to regular evacuations forcing residents out into the hazardous smoke. The decision to reopen these facilities and services rests with the ACT Emergency Services Agency and thus the issues are unlikely to resolve while smoke and fire risk continues.

We are deeply saddened to cancel the program, however safety and wellbeing of our NYSF participants, volunteers, providers and staff always comes first.  

Given the conditions, we have been touched by the resilience and understanding we are seeing amongst our participants, parents, Rotarians and Student Staff volunteers, and would like to thank you for your ongoing support and understanding during this difficult time. We would also like to thank our Partner Organisations for their tremendous support, understanding and assistance over this difficult period.

Once we have addressed the immediate impacts of this unique situation, the NYSF will begin to work through the complex implications of these cancellations. Rest assured, further information about next steps will be available once this initial period of bushfire emergency has passed and the NYSF is able to consider refund and insurance matters. We will be getting in touch with participants, parents, Rotary and supporters in the coming month to discuss future contingency options.

This cancellation only impacts Canberra NYSF Sessions. Brisbane NYSF Year 12 Program and Brisbane NSTSS will proceed as planned. 

NYSF will organise the travel plan cancellations for students and we ask that they please monitor your emails for further updates.

Kind regards,

Dr Melanie Bagg, CEO, and the NYSF Team


Bushfires impact NYSF program 2020-01-10 14:00:00Z 0

Rotarians respond. to bush fires 

Rotarians respond to Australian brushfires 
More than 100 separate brushfires in Australia have damaged hundreds of homes and forced mass evacuations. Rotary clubs are taking action to provide immediate relief to those affected by the fires. Rotary has a Disaster Response Fund which following a natural disaster like the fires in Australia ensures we can deliver supplies, provide health care, and support rebuilding efforts. By making a donation today, you can help Rotarians respond swiftly and effectively, bringing hope to those whose lives have been affected by disaster.
Rotarians respond. to bush fires 2020-01-10 14:00:00Z 0

Roo's and Loos (warning - Graphic) drought relief

Frontline on the Drought (Warning - Graphic story

On the coast we have "loo with a view" drought affected western Queensland they have "loo with a roo" ...or rather several Bill was telling us that one of the Care Outreach projects was to refurbish a community meeting place, to improve the mental health of those suffering from nearly 8 years of drought.
So with Care Outreach's help the team started to clear out the hall and make the place more secure. But what was that smell? It turns out that several Roo's had been attracted to the the smell of water in the toilet cubicle and had broken into the hall where they had perished, several on top of each other in the toilet cubicle.
The bodies had to be removed (by a pregnant farmers wife no less) and the toilet block demolished and rebuilt.
So next time you hear talk about " doing it tough" think about our fellow Australians out west. 
Pallets ready to go !!
...and their destinations.


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AGM Notes

AGM Notes

Delighted to see at our AGM on Friday, John and Lol White from Canecutters at Rosemount. This was especially apt as John & Lol are our first "Friends of Alex Rotary" which is basically for folk who want to show their support for the club, but for whatever reason can't make the commitment to support the wider Rotary Work and specifically the Club Membership expectations. 
Committee for 2020
Your new committee from July this year was elected at the AGM and will be:
President - Sean Lues
President Elect - Stuart Aird
Vice President - Errol Richardson
Treasurer - Wendy Gilson
Secretary - John Malloy 
..and your incoming President from 1st January is Carmel. 
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Christmas at Alex - photo bombed.

Christmas at Alex 

Here's a pic of some of the team who helped out at the "Christmas at Alex" celebrations on Sunday night. A big thank you to Josie and John for inviting us to be part of the Alex Community celebrations yet again. It was a lovely night with some great singing acts and of course the man in the big red suit made an appearance. 
Notice something in the background?
Yes that's Renee's little helper photo bombing our fantastic Honorary member John Connolly's Xmas pic. !!!
Unfortunately John Connolly forgot to put on his sausage frying clothes again this year, (maybe next year John) ......and sometime after this photo was taken by Errol, the not-so-smart organiser in chief (JM) remembered where he had put the Rotary aprons for the team.  (doh!)..but really it was great effort by everyone, and a special mention to Lesley who looked after the front desk for the whole night. 
Christmas at Alex - photo bombed. 2019-12-15 14:00:00Z 0

Speaker of the Year?

Speaker of the Year?

It never fails to surprise me how many great speakers this club attracts. I don't mean great orators, I mean people who are happy to come along to the club and share their stories, with our club. This year we have had some amazing speakers on all sorts of subjects, many polished speakers representing larger organisations.  We've also heard from many individuals who have a passion to make a difference to their community, or perhaps how they have become an ambassador for a particular cause, like male health, or homelessness, domestic violence, or sarcoma in children, or multiple sclerosis or just want to let us know that they've received help from Rotary in some way. 
Your club often finds ways to support these speakers financially or putting them in touch with the appropriate people in Rotary. 
Here's some of the speakers that we've had this year ...and a big thank you to Wallis for organising our speakers in 2019.
Yolanda Dagupta - an truly inspiring young lady on th eSunshine Coast with a stunning record of disaster aid activities, incredibly insightful into global issues while passionate about practical help for local communities. 
Andrew O' Connor - Summit for Sarcoma - Andrew shared his passion for supporting research into the fight against Children's sarcoma, and how he and his son were raising funds through support for their "Summit for Sarcoma" journey to the Himalayas. His families personal tragedies with this disease touched everyone at the club. We're pleased to let you know that Andrew and his son have well and truly exceeded their original target. 
Bamboo Projects - Chris and Kirsty would be the first to admit that public speaking is not their thing, but their passion for helping out led them to go beyond their work in disability access on the Sunshine Coast to embarking on an amazing journey around Australia in support of addressing the issue of depression and suicide. What an amazing couple. 
A big thank you to all our speakers who came along early on Friday morning to share their story with us. It is very much appreciated. 
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Gastro Pub night out 

Gastro pub social 

Whats not to like about a meal at the (in)appropriately named gastro pub?. As it turned out the food (and the company) were excellent. Unfortunately we don't have any photo's of the night, but we can thoroughly recommend the pub food (very reasonable pricing before 6.30) and the selection of beers on offer is excellent. 
Yours truly didn't sample from the wine selections, but I understand a second mortgage might be prudent for some selections. 
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IFYS and Alex Rotary 

Vicky Meyer speaks to Alex Rotary 

We were delighted to host Vicky and Renee on Friday at our breakfast meeting, where Vicky spoke to the club about some of the great work that IFYS does in the community. Also we heard about some of the challenges that still face the Sunshine Coast, and how IFYS are working hard to try and quantify and measure what is being done, and what still needs to be done. While we recognise that Rotarians can only "make a difference" here and there while IFYS tackle our social issues, we are delighted to be involved and always ready todo what we can to show our support to the challenging work that Renee and Vicki and the team do day after day for our community. 
Vicky reminded us that it all started with "Worklife" and a popcorn machine and since them we (and other cluster clubs) have been able to help out with the Care Garden and more recently the kids play area upgrade. It was a timely reminder about what we can do as a club in our own back yard to let the professionals know that we appreciate their efforts. 
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2019 Youth Safari 

Youth Safari

Ever wondered how Rotary prepares our future leaders for their international youth exchange year?
Well, a part of that is a Youth Safari experience where Bernie and her team take the kids to various Rotary clubs in the district to meet Rotarians and in that process establish friendships with each other to provide support in what will be a life changing ...but stressful year ahead. 
So it was that Alex Rotary hosted this years kids on Monday night at the Alex SLSC with lots of activities to let the kids have fun and enjoy themselves. So a big thank you to Graeme, Stuart and Carmel for looking after the kids, and no your not seeing things Bianca was also there to provide support and share her experiences as our Youth exchange student with the new crop of leaders of the future. 
..and it looks as though our fantastic MC on the night has not forgotten his "Headmasters pose"..... I have it on good authority that the Youth Safari team that Alex Rotary is one of the few clubs who engage the youth in game activity and that Bernie and the great youth team much appreciate the Alex Rotary "games night" and especially how Graeme and the team manage to get the teenagers to let their hair down. 
Well done everyone involved. And also a special thanks to Alex SLSC for their fantastic staff, and their donation towards the Youth Safari, it is much appreciated. 
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kids play area project

Local Rotarians have continued their fantastic work on the Rotary Care garden and over the past few weeks have been improving the IFYS child care facilities in Maroochydore. Some pictures below, and a big thank you from Vicky Meyer and her team for the smiles that we have been able to add o the mums and kids who now have a completely refurbished play area.
So well done everyone involved from Alex and Mooloolaba Rotary and really fantastic to hand over the facility just in time from Christmas.


"Fantastic work, what a difference. It was lovely to hear from Renee and Sheree, who coordinates the program, the reactions from the children to the cubby upgrades, can’t wait for them to see these latest enhancements! 
Thank you so much for all your support."
Vicky Meyer
Executive Manager 
Community Services IFYS
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Hat Day

As October is health month we also celebrated Hat day ...we'll some of us tried more than others..
There was the blues brothers...
The Indiana Jones look..
Is that a cake on Wendy's head?
And the microscope on head from the trivia king
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Brewery Invitation 

Is a Brewery invitation an oxymoron to an Australian (or a Scot)?

Anyway, keep the 11th November free, as there is a planned vocational visit to the Ten Toes Brewery and an invitation coming your way.
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Sunshine Coast Hospice - Bev Barton 

It was appropriate that Wallis had arranged Bev Barton to come to the club to talk to us about the progress on the Sunshine Coast Hospice. Bev is such a passionate advocate for the establishment of a modern hospice on the coast to provide patient care in the last days of people's lives on the coast. Bev also reminded us of the rise of youth suicide and how younger people were more and more in need of palliative care. Sometimes the length of care can vary from a few days, to one case where Bev and her team provided care for 6 months. Thank you Bev and wishing you every success in providing this service to the community. We were reminded that not all of us are able to pass away in a dignified fashion without the dedication of the hospice workers. 
and here is bed with the plans for the new hospice to be built on the coast.
Sunshine Coast Hospice - Bev Barton 2019-10-14 14:00:00Z 0

2019 Walk For Mental Health wrap

2019 Walk For Mental Health

The walk had brilliant weather on sunday morning, and it was great to see so many walkers out showing their support for Mental Health. The great thing about the walk is that it also brings out the stories around people's battle with mental health, some of them very personal. Our very own Prue was marching for a relative who recently took their own like, and we know from the cold hard facts that suicide has now overtaken road accidents as the leading cause of death among young men.
So here's some pics from the day of those who made that special effort.
Love those tutu's.
2019 Walk For Mental Health wrap 2019-10-07 14:00:00Z 0

Final Garden Meeting 

The garden project team had their final meeting at Wendy's, and shared a few stories on the project and all agreed that the project had been successful on many fronts. 
Of course the biggest achievement was the garden itself, and what a transformation has been made. But also its been great to see the clubs working together to achieve something that will leave a lasting legacy for all the kids who will be staying at the IFYS Care Home.
Its also been a great activity to bring other community minded volunteers in to the project and their help has been fantastic. 
Also the suppliers and contractors involved have been great, many donating and most doing "at cost" to help us out. 
And then there is the reputation of Rotary. By getting our name out there and "getting our hands dirty" we have enjoyed ourselves (mostly) and added to the reputation of Rotary in the community, which can be no bad thing. 
..and here are some of the committee members. Note the wine bottles in the corner!
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Train Ride to end Polio

Rotary has been at the forefront of eliminating polio, and the Rotary foundation is urging clubs to go on a train ride and help TRF raise $1,000,000 towards the "End Polio Now" campaign. Here's a note from Eric Wood, District Foundation Chairman. 
We will be riding the SEQ Train network on 24th October – World Polio Day – 221 station stops!
Attached you will find a certificate of donation for your Club to complete and I request you bring to a station near you and hand to us.
Please support us as we aim to raise $1 million for End Polio Now across Australia! Let this be the “End of the Line” for Polio!!
Details to follow....